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Banish Stress & Attain Peace of Mind
Price : USD $14.99

Banish Stress / Attain Peace of Mind

Banish Stress &
Attain Peace of Mind

TRINARY BRAIN/MIND PROGRAMMING -- Six tracks using unique and ultra-powerful techniques. Track 1: Path To A Tranquil Pond Relaxation -- Accompanied by soothing music and 3-D sound effects, Dick Sutphen directs the visualization of a walk through sand dunes and patches of marsh grass to a tranquil pond near the sea. As you walk, he relaxes your body, one part at a time, until you are in a meditative state and receptive to suggestions. Followed by 5 tracks of life-changing brain/mind programming.



a great memory
Price : NZD $5.00


With Superlearning Music

With Surf Sounds


Accelerated High-Speed Learning
Price : NZD $14.99
Accelerated High-Speed Learning RX17 Audio Track 1: Alpha Level Programming. Track 2: Subliminal Programming embedded in relaxing music. Uses the most powerful mind-programming techniques. Example of suggestions: * The power of your mind is limitless. * You focus your energy and concentration to accelerate learning. * You now develop a photographic memory and remember what you learn. * You instantly comprehend complicated data. * You now triple your learning speed. * High-speed learning now becomes your reality. "High-speed learning" are your key words for conditioned response. * More. * 60 Minutes.

Alpha Waves/Theta Waves
Price : USD $14.99

Two Tracks to Induce Different Altered States of Consciousness
These vibrational sound waves will ease you into an altered state of consciousness -- a mid-range meditative state (alpha), or a deep-level state (theta).

For 25 years, Dick Sutphen has been experimenting with trance states. And in that time he has introduced many concepts now in general use. This CD is the result of the latest research by the Sutphen staff. And according to Dick, it is also the most powerful.

Simply follow the instructions inside the cover and use the sound waves as you would while conducting a self-hypnosis or meditation session. Once you’re in an altered-state, here are some ideas: 1) Simply open to receiving ideas, images or inspiration. 2) Communicate with your spirit guide via “thought language.” Simply ask a question with a thought and then listen as another thought comes to you as the answer. 3) Explore the memory banks of your mind by regressing back to past events in this life, or your past lives. 4) Program your mind by visualizing what you desire as an already accomplished fact. Also give yourself positive suggestions. 5) Use the waves as a background sound while studying and give yourself the suggestion, “I will remember and easily recall everything I am reading.” 73 minutes.


Artists/Painting Zapper
Price : USD $14.99

Artists/Painting Zapper

ZAPPER PROGRAMMING SERIES: The powerful “Zapper” mind technology combined with audible suggestions. Some of the Spoken Suggestions
You are a highly talented and successful painter. You now focus your energy upon fully developing your painting talent. You draw upon an unlimited inner source of creativity You master imagery, composition, color, and style. You master light, shade and space. You develop your own unique style. You’re inspired to paint. Intensely inspired. You are. You paint. Paint. Paint. And your paintings communicate exactly what you desire to share. You refine your unique painting technique. You produce acclaimed works of art. Every day in every way, you become a more masterful painter. People who see your paintings want to buy your paintings. Your paintings generate art-gallery interest. You visualize a successful one-person show and it becomes your reality. It does. Visualize. You become an award-winning painter whose work is in demand. More.


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