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Angel & The Goddess
Price : USD $9.95

The Angel & The Goddess presents two very different sonic compositions that invoke and honor Shamael and Saraswati. These are two different releases, "Angel of Sound" and "Song of Saraswati," presented together for the first time. Since both recordings are divine invocations of celestial beings of sound, it is only appropriate that they at last appear together.

Track Listing:
Song Of Saraswati ( 26:29)
Angel Of Sound ( 27:18)
Total Time : 53:53


Celestial Reiki
Price : USD $9.95

by Jonathan Goldman & Laraaji

A magical offering of instrumental music created to enhance and assist the listener in the healing process and to induce states of deep relaxation. Co-created by Jonathan Goldman and Laraaji Nadananda, internationally renowned musician and teacher of sound consciousness. Composed of 3 separate pieces, the instrumentation includes synthesizer, guitar, zither and bells. "Celestial Reiki" is a musical experience perfect for Reiki work, yoga, massage, or any kind of healing, mediation or guided visualization. This album was voted: "Best Sustained Trance Music" by Yoga Journal.

Track Listing:
Equinox (23:17)
Quiet Space ( 23:07)
Light Of The Ocean ( 23:04)
Total Time : 69:28


Celestial Reiki 2
Price : USD $9.95

by Jonathan Goldman & Laraaji with Sarah Benson

In this follow up to the highly successful “Celestial Reiki”, Jonathan Goldman and Laraaji again unite to create a extraordinarily hypnotic music that channels the energy of reiki for healing and transformation. Performing on synthesizer, guitar, bells and zither, .Jonathan Goldman and Laraaji create ambient and fluid music that’s also great for relaxation and meditation. Joining them on flute is sound healing pioneer and musical master Sarah Benson. Feel the loving energy of this album as it subtly shifts and changes you.

Track Listing:
Convergence ( 23:37)
Dreamtime ( 23:32)
Reverence ( 23:56)
Toal Time : 71:14

Celestial Yoga
Price : USD $14.95

“CELESTIAL YOGA” is gentle and soothing instrumental music designed to assist all aspects of yogic practice, including meditation. It features synthesizer, guitars, choral voices, bells & zither creating a sonic landscape which allows you to float in the Sound Current, transcending space and time. The 3 musical compositions are ideal for relaxation. They will calm you, assisting in achieving the primary yogic goal of “samadhi”-enlightenment or union with the divine. Feel your consciousness expand as you listen to this recording. “CELESTIAL YOGA” may also be used simply as background music to soothe and relieve stress and as a tool to enhance sleep induction. It is also ideal to enhance any form of bodywork or healing such as massage, Reiki or guided visualization.

Track Listing:
Inner Light ( 22:37)
Journey To Samadhi ( 22:55)
Awakening ( 21:38
Total Time : 67:10


Chakra Chants
Price : USD $9.95

Combines the seven Sacred Vowels with Bija Mantras from the Vedic traditions with Pythagorean tunings, Elemental and Shabd Yoga Sounds, Male and Female choral Voices and Sound Current Toning and more for an extraordinary hour long psycho-sonic experience. Designed for meditation and deep sound healing! It initiates a new level of the therapeutic uses of sound. Unlike anything you've ever heard or experienced! Try this recording and be ready for something new and exciting!
WINNER! 1999 Visionary Awards
Best Healing-Meditation Album
Best Album Of The Year

Track Listing:
Primal Ground ( Base Chakra) ( 8:38)
Sacred Union ( Sacral Chakra) ( 9:22)
Solar Fires ( Navel Chakra) ( 8:37)
Wings Of The Heart ( Heart Chakra) ( 8:49)
Spirit Voices ( Throat Chakra) ( 8:31)
Mind's Eye ( Brow Chakra) ( 9:02)
Crown Of Creation ( Crown Chakra) ( 9:26)
Total Time : 62:23

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