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Angelic Vision
Price : NZD $21.95

 (KCD 382)

Celestial Music for meditation and contemplation. The first in a new spiritual series with truely elevating music which takes one into a sacred space. The realm of the holy enlightened.


Breath of Heaven
Price : NZD $21.95

(KCD 406)

The long awaited sequel Album to Ishmael. Elevated spiritual singing in tongues performed in angelic beauty by Edwina Francesca. Six new tracks ideal for Relaxation and Meditation.


Garden of Delights
Price : NZD $21.95

(KCD 019)

Meditation for attaining inner peace. Come into the garden, the garden of delights, your true home where all things exist together in peace and harmony


Price : NZD $21.95

(KCD 001)

A raptuous uplifting of the Human Spirit. Unique Spiritual singing in tongues depicting the rising of the soul towards eternity and the creator.
A very beautiful vocal expression of love an rapture sung with intense feeling in angelic beauty by Edwina Francesca.


Journey into light
Price : NZD $29.95

Journey into the light

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