Chakra Chants

Combines the seven Sacred Vowels with Bija Mantras from the Vedic traditions with Pythagorean tunings, Elemental and Shabd Yoga Sounds, Male and Female choral Voices and Sound Current Toning and more for an extraordinary hour long psycho-sonic experience. Designed for meditation and deep sound healing! It initiates a new level of the therapeutic uses of sound. Unlike anything you've ever heard or experienced! Try this recording and be ready for something new and exciting!
WINNER! 1999 Visionary Awards
Best Healing-Meditation Album
Best Album Of The Year

Track Listing:
Primal Ground ( Base Chakra) ( 8:38)
Sacred Union ( Sacral Chakra) ( 9:22)
Solar Fires ( Navel Chakra) ( 8:37)
Wings Of The Heart ( Heart Chakra) ( 8:49)
Spirit Voices ( Throat Chakra) ( 8:31)
Mind's Eye ( Brow Chakra) ( 9:02)
Crown Of Creation ( Crown Chakra) ( 9:26)
Total Time : 62:23

Chakra Chants
Price : USD $9.95