NEW AGE MUSIC (part 2)

2 Kinds of New Age Music from Vally of the Sun
Available on Cassettes and Compact Discs
(CDs only available on some titles)
Valley of the Sun New Age Musicis labeled either Progressive or Inner-Harmony so those not familiar with the artists will understand better what they can expect, and choose music to fit their personal listening tastes.
Progressive Music: Mellow yet high energy music, usually combining acoustical and electronic instruments-a combination of relaxing jazz and synthesizer effects. Stimulating without being distracting, it usually has a central theme around which the music revolves.
Inner-Harmony Music: Gentle, flowing, sustained environmental music without tension or resolve that has been scientifically proven to produce dramatic changes in consciousness. It is ideal for altered-state-of-consciousness work.

The OM is all sound and silence throughout time, the roar of eternity and the essence of pure beings. Soothing uplifting and spiritually inspiring, the OM invokes the ALL that is otherwise inexpressible and it is the highest spiritual sound on the earth. Synthesized voices intone the OM at the prescribed vibrations. Ideal for meditation or to deepen concentration.

The spiritual voice has the therapeutic effect of generating serenity and personal power. The melodies and voices have been electronically synthesized to capture the essence of the chants without the distracting words. The effect is ideal for meditation, self-hypnosis or to deepen concentration. The chants are a powerful energy source.

TRANSITION by Natopus.
Inner-harmony music created to be used in a LaMaze birthing environment. This is the most mellow, soothing metaphysical musical album we have ever offered. It is the ultimate anti-stress music; use it for massage, meditation or lovemaking. The music is free-form improvisation dedicated to exploring the inner harmonies of body, mind and spirit.

Beautiful and inspiring high-energy music created to generate the sensation of channeling Divine Light. An exciting, ethereal experience that will stimulate you without distracting. Contains subliminals: "You are a channel for the light. You walk in the Light and are harmonious and self-fulfilled." "You radiate the Divine Light ,"and many more.

Is inner-harmony New Age music at its best. This is the most beautiful, soothing, creative way to reduce stress and relieve tension that you will ever experience. The gentle keyboards and synthesizers soothe and relax you as you close your eyes and cross the bridge into tranquility and serenity. This is the essence of healing, balance and harmony.

SEDONA Video soundtrack by Robert Slap.
The music captures the essence of Sedona and the vortex areas, ranging from gentle and dreamy to a musical interpretation of Dick's protection ritual. Some of the video pieces are extended to flow together as a visualization fantasy. Robert Slap: Guitars, keyboards, percussion and synthesizers. Additional keyboards: David Naegele.

WHEN I BECOME THE WIND by Gloria Thomas.
Beautiful New Age songs with Iyric written by Gloria and music by her husband B. Thomas and others. The ' AM" meditation is performed by Gloria and the songs are sung by Zig Dick Sutphen has use some of these wonderful songs as "awakenings from altered-state-of-consciousness sessions on this seminar tours.

AEROBIC EXERCISE MUSIC with Subliminal Suggestions.
Six long aerobic exercise compositions - 5 with driving beat, 1 for stretching or cool-down. Suggestions: Every day, your body becomes firmer. You will attain and maintain your ideal weight. You feel better when you exercise. You love to exercise. Your stretching ability is increasing. Contains many more suggestions.

TRANSCENDENCE by Steven Cooper.
An inner-harmony album of beautiful stream of-consciousness music that is highly conducive to an altered state of consciousness. Three synthesizers, various keyboards, assorted percussion instruments and an antique autoharp create a masterpiece of New Age music. Use it to generate a soothing, healing environment for meditation or massage.