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Personal learning

PhotoRead at 25,000 words per minute!
Learn a few new tools - simple but sophisticated techniques - and your mental powers will take a leap forward. This course teaches a series of conscious mind techniques plus the inner mind process of "mentally photographing" printed pages. Then it shows you how to combine them to handle your learning and reading needs.

Students are astonished by the power of this course. It really works! And it's not about feeling rushed; it's about being fully present and using untapped powers of your mind. Transform your brain from the "empty bucket your teachers had you passively fill, to an active and purposeful searchlight for learning.

Speed-reading courses cannot come close to what PhotoReading offers you. Imagine being able to do hours of reading in minutes, reading full books in about 5 minutes - without feeling as if you are speeding up! Then imagine asking yourself, "If my mind is capable of PhotoReading, what else is it cable of doing?

Paul Scheele, creator of the renowned Paraliminal Tapes (see p. 57), developed the revolutionary PhotoReading system. A recent survey of PhotoReading graduates reveals that PhotoReading can help you reap strong benefits in four areas:

Newly afifordable!
PhotoReading formerly was available only through live seminars at nearly three times the cost of this Personal Learning Course.

What you get:16 PhotoReading instruction sessions on 8 audiotapes, plus 4 books: The PhotoReading Whole Mind System by Paul Scheele, Learning to Learn by Tinadad Hunt, a manual, and a pocket dictionary. Free bonus: the great Paraliminal tape, Memory Supercharger.

"PhotoReading" is a world-wide registered trademark of Learning Strategies Corporation, Paul Scheele,chairman. Pete Bissonette,President.