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"I was having one of the worst years of my life when I heard a reporter talk about these tapes on the radio.

My entire life has turned around. I am happier, I have more money, I have a better relationship with my kids, I have a best friend who is a perfect companion for me."

Paraliminal Tapes
These are some of the most intelligent, carefully produced tapes we've seen. Paul R. Scheele, developer of Paraliminal Tapes, has based them on the most advanced research in NLP, Whole Brain Linguistics, and hypnotic learning. In most of his Paraliminal Tapes, Paul Scheele begins his lesson by offering a hypnotic induction to both ears. Soon however. music begins. and a series of gentle, barely perceptible transitions eases you into the heart of the tape, where you are listening to two voices at once (both Scheele's). The right ear (which is linked to the brain's more linear left hemisphere) hears step-by-step hypnotic instruction, while the left ear (linked to the intuitive, spatially oriented right hemisphere) hears a metaphorical story The inspirational music "anchors" the messages. The two tracks reach different aspects of your being, and their combined effect is to move you wholly and strongly in the desired direction. At times the two tracks converge, the left voice finishing a sentence or an idea begun by the right, or vice- versa. Your subconscious lights up with the message!

The feeling of the Paraliminal Tapes is unique: they make an uncomplicated: beeline toward accomplishing their; stated purpose. Scheele's approach is unique in another way also. The exercises on the right track of the tape are usable separately from the left track: turn the balance all the way to: the right and the tapes can be used to engender a behavior-changing NLP reframing exercise.

Which Paraliminal Tape are the best? I particularly enjoy the unique, refreshing l0 Minute Supercharger (It works!) and the excellent, rich New Behavior Generator: - TP

Individual Titles:

New Option Generator
Discover new solutions and options when faced with a dilemma or double-hind. Free your ability to generate success.