New: LightWeave technology, compact and super easy to use, with 50 relaxation, meditation, learning, peak performance and sleep sessions.

The latest in our product line, the Luma 10 is our newest model that has the most variety of session versions. It includes 50 built in sessions 35 of which are using the new LightWeave TM technology and 5 Improv sessions.

"It's been a while since I've seen visuals like these on any AVS

Jeff Labno, product specialist.

If you just want to select a session, press play, sit back and enjoy, the Luma10 is best suited for you with a sampler of all that we have to offer.
Compact, light and super easy to use. A great starter system at a great price.

The Improv sessions are created fresh and original at each playing each with its own frequency range. Endless variety within a frequency range.
Six octaves of pitch control, all the sound capabilities of the Nova pro 100.

True sine wave sound and sine wave light modulation.

New: complex intensity control of LightWeave (TM), the lights always on for smooth, non-jarring stimulation. With the intensity focus moving from high to low and from eye to eye and delivering the full frequency range, the LightWeave technology is a floating like experience.

The Luma 10 also has auto power off, pause feature and session run time adjust.
Gentle on-off, seven tones: pulsed tone, pulsed pink noise, pulsed chords, binaural beats, binaural beats with surf, dual binaural beats, dual monaural beats.
Packed with features yet very easy to use machine to sample and enjoy all the variety our technology has to offer.

Luma10 features:

  • 50 Built-in sessions, 35 with the LighWeave (TM) technology- See Session Library
  • Tone Selections/Capabilities and Range:
    • pulsed tone
    • pulsed pink noise
    • pulsed chords
    • binaural beats
    • binaural beats with surf
    • dual binaural beats
    • dual monaural beats
  • Frequency control from .25 to 42 Hertz
  • Four octaves of pitch using the Just scale
  • Sine wave sound, unusual in this price range.
  • Pitch ramping, unusual anywhere.
  • Session run time adjust.

What you get:
System unit, stimulation glasses, stereo headphones, 4 AA batteries, stereo cord, manual. 1 year warranty.

Accessories and replacements:
Note: The Luma10 glasses are the "CG" polarity, see All about PHOTOSONIX Stimulation Glasses

USA and Canadian Customers, Freight approximately $30.00 usd