SE-5 1000 Intrinsic Data Field Analyzer

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The SE-5 1000 is the newest generation of the SE-5 legacy of Intrinsic Data Field Analyzers

SE-5 1000

The SE-5 1000 will surpass your wildest expectations. If you are a Radionics enthusiast you will find the SE-5 1000 may be the answer you have been looking for. The SE-5 1000 takes you beyond the realm of Radionics...

The all new SE-5 1000 has its own built in computer processor with a very easy to use soft touch keypad. It comes with many internal programs at your disposal with the touch of a button.

Complete USB interface allows you to control your PC via the included IDF32 software, right from the SE-5 1000 unit.

SE-5 1000 Intrinsic Field Analyzer

The SE-5 is an experimental research electronic instrument designed to accurately detect and help balance Intrinsic Data Fields (IDFs).

Intrinsic Data Fields can be described as informational fields that are the basic blueprints for all living and non-living things. You could think of it as the software of your computer. The series of zeros and ones in your software would look very random to an untrained eye, but given the proper tools to "decode" this information, it becomes your most powerful ally. The same is true with IDFs.

The SE-5 is a consciousness interactive instrument that has been used experimentally to detect and balance the IDFs of plants, animals, minerals, and virtually all animate and inanimate objects. Some people have experimented with the IDFs of psychological states, Chakra balancing and other non tangible areas. IDFs are sometimes referred to as subtle informational fields and are the fundamental blueprints of the third (and other) dimensions.

Some experimental areas include: Health Business Animals Minerals, Mining Homeopathics Acupuncture at a distance Map Dowsing Subtle Energies (Aura, Chakras etc.) and Household uses. Many types "protection" products such as jewelry, pendants, holograms, etc. use the SE-5 to "program" these products to achieve their unusual and effective results.

The Institute of Resonance Therapy in Cologne, Germany has done many studies to determine the effectiveness of the SE-5 at a distance. Here is one example:

They connected a plant to an EEG, and with a photograph sample of the plant, drove with the SE-5, fifty Kilometers away, (about 30 miles). They then began balancing IDFs with the SE-5 and as you can see from the chart in Fig. 6.10 , there is a sharp increase after beginning the balancing, and it then continued to climb. The plant certainly was aware of the SE-5. The institute is continuing to do research in this area and is expanding in their work.

.............Balancing begins

Fig. 6.10

Distance Balancing Experiment The IRT continues research in Germany, Austria, Russia, Czechoslovakia, and elsewhere. Many projects are forty thousand hectares or more. The most important aspect of this research is that we realize we must stop the deterioration of our ecosystem!

Another experiment that they carried out, was by done by taking a picture of one group of trees in a forest, and then sending IDFs to only this group. They monitored these trees for three years. They used a light meter and walked under the trees each year to see how much light was blocked by the tree's leaves. The second year was a drought year, but as you can see from the chart in Fig. 6.7, the 'SE-5' trees were still improving, getting more leaves each year. To make the test even more difficult, the SE-5 trees started out in worse shape than the 'normal' trees. The normal trees had a huge decrease the second year and let through much more light. This is attributed to the drought. The third year, the 'normal' trees improved over the drought year, but were still in worse shape than the first year. The 'SE-5' trees steadily improved over each year. They have done many such studies and now government agencies from several different countries are now hiring the IRT to use the SE-5 on their forests.


Before Balancing..............................................After Balancing (3 years)

By using the SE-5 on plants, one can immediately rule out any kind of placebo effect.

The SE-5 1000:

Se-5 1000 Legend of unit

Se-5 1000 Legend of unit

1. ON-OFF SWITCH Turns the SE-5 1000 power ON and OFF.
2.100-1000-10,000 SWITCH Selects range of amplitude measurement, either 0-100 or 0-1000 or 0-10,000.
3.NORMAL-SCAN SWITCH Selects alternate mode for scanning. NORMAL position allows the AMPLITUDE READOUT to be used for amplitude readings. SCAN allows scanning of new tunings and use of Scanning Probe.
4.MEASURE-BALANCE SWITCH Selects measuring or balancing mode. MEASURE is used for measuring IDFs. BALANCE is used for IDF patterning experiments.
5.AMPLITUDE READOUT Shows amplitude strength as set by the AMPLITUDE KNOB. When the 9-volt battery is low,
an "LB," appears at the left of the AMPLITUDE READOUT.
6.CELL (on back) Holds a sample to he analyzed. The Input Plate and Input Probe also insert into this CELL.
7.AMPLITUDE KNOB Rotates to set amplitude as shown on the AMPLITUDE READOUT.
8.DETECTOR PLATE The sensor used to determine amplitude readings. Also used for replicating or duplicating IDFs to a material placed on this PLATE.
9.USB CONNECTOR (on back side) Connects the SE-5 to a PC for use with SE-5 1000 Software.
10.AC ADAPTER JACK (on back) Accepts plug from AC power adapter that connects to the AC power line. The AC
adapter supplements the 9-volt battery. Using the AC adapter prolongs battery life.
11.BATTERY COMPARTMENT (on right side) Holds the 9- volt alkaline battery that powers the SE-5 1000. When an "L" appears on the AMPLITUDE READOUT, replace the SE-5 1000 battery within the next four hours of use. To replace
the battery, see page 29. Keep a good battery installed at all times.
12.BNC JACK For connecting the Output Cable to the SE-5 1000.
14.SCANNING PROBE JACK For connecting the Infra- Red Scanning Probe to the SE-5 1000.
15.AUDIO JACK For connecting the Audio Cable to the SE-5 1000.
16.REPLICATOR BUTTON To activate the Replicator.
17.COMPUTER FUNCTION BUTTONS To control the internal computer and also the SE-5 1000 Software in your PC.
18.BATTERY COMPARTMENT TAB Press to open the Battery Compartment to change the battery. (See page 29)

NOTE: Individual experiences are different. We make no claims as to how this product may benefit or affect you.

SE-5 1000 Overview

If you're new to subtle field systems, you'll find that the SE-5 1000 delivers sophisticated solutions to your research needs.

It can deliver a perfect interface to IDFs, Subtle Energy and Biofields most often found in Radionic research. Moreover, it is often the system of choice for small business or home users who want a professional instrument that's simple to understand and use.

So what's the catch? How much does this system cost? Well, there's good news ... and more good news!

Many so called Radionic and Subtle Energy systems can cost easily tens of thousands of dollars. Often times these systems are so complex that you need to spends thousands of dollars more for training.

The SE-5 1000 retails for only "POA" , complete with enough basic training (both recorded and "live") to put you well on your way to becoming an expert in the field. Advanced training can be purchased in the form of DVD training courses or through seminars, but is not required.

Here are some of the new features of the SE-5 1000:

  • High level Scalar circuitry for long distance balancing.
  • Back-lit digital display for easy reading
  • Automatic Potentizer for quick and easy remedies
  • USB interface for PC connectivity
  • Infra Red Scanning probe for accurate Scanning
  • Audio input for sound broadcast
  • Electro-Luminescent output cable for enhanced balancing



The SE-5 1000 INTRINSIC DATA FIELD ANALYZER is based on the premise that everything which exists emits and absorbs energy at specific vibrations.Vibrations or rates of oscillation appear to be the common denominator which describes the various states of energy from matter to thoughts.Rates of vibration can reveal what is occurring in any energy field.Vibrational energies can be measured and appear to be altered by instruments designed to neutralize abnormal or enhance normal vibrational patterns.

The SE-5 1000 INTRINSIC DATA FIELD ANALYZER operating mechanism can be explained in terms of known laws of physics.

1.Everything that exists is fundamentally an energy field which contains vibrational information about the contents of that field. All fields involve IDFs.

2.The interchange of matter and energy in a subtle information field can be measured in terms of wave form and amplitude.

3.The content of a wave field is based on its amplitude, wavelength and energy.

4.Every substance has a resonance which will provide increased energy proportional to its being stimulated at its resonant energy or conversely less energy if stimulated with energy opposite its resonant vibration.

The SE-5 1000 INTRINSIC DATA FIELD ANALYZER electronic mechanisms operate through a unique integrated circuit chip system which converts word and numerical commands into subtle informational fields.The instrument analyzes input signals from a given sample and compares them against baseline standards to determine the amplitude strength of desirable or undesirable vibrations. From this analysis an output broadcast signal is selected which may either neutralize, strengthen or balance subtle energies. This process is accomplished through a series of steps:

1.Subtle radiation containing energy information from a sample is input to the translator circuit of the SE-5 1000.

2.Information is entered into the computer.

3.Numerical or word commands are converted by the computer into a binary code called ASCII (standard language of computers.)

4.The ASCII code is sent to the SE-5 1000 translator circuits.

5.ANALYSIS:The collective information from the input sample (step 1) and the entered instructions from the computer (step 2) are then modulated at a specific amplitude wave form into one signal for analysis.

6.A resonating signal pulsed at 7.1304 Hertz is sent to a high gain amplifier designed especially to amplify IDF signals that researchers report are supportive to the overall energy field of the sample being analyzed.

7.BALANCING:The resonating signal is driven into antenna coils that output IDFs when the SE-5 1000 is in the balance output mode.The process is reported to employ gravitational-like energies to return the energy signal to the sample.

8.The output signal modulation appears to initiate a reduction in the difference between input and output.The modulation continues until the instrument indicates an equilibrium between the actual measure and the operators desired measure.The process is similar to that of a tuning fork or turning a thermostat to the appropriate setting.

NOTE:The SE-5 1000, although containing electronic circuitry and components, does not function according to known electronic or electromagnetic mechanisms.Rather than cycles per second or Hertz resonance the SE-5 1000 operates with geometric resonance or pattern amplification. Information entered into the SE-5 1000 computer serves to tune into patterns of energy similar to morphogenic fields existing as a blueprint in the prephysical state prior to manifestation of physical phenomena.

Manufacturers of IDF instruments are not allowed to make claims.The SE-5 1000 INTRINSIC DATA FIELD ANALYZER is an experimental device to be used for research purposes only.No claims are made for the diagnosis or treatment of disease.It is the responsibility of each researcher to make their own conclusion.


IDF research, as with any discipline is based on certain tenets, principles, postulates and assumptions.Some of the more important ones are noted below and serve as a conceptual aid in conducting your research experiments.

The law of life is motion, a rhythmic cyclic pulsation of energy which tends to preserve and restore balance and harmony.Subtle information is innate intelligence.

All objects have natural frequencies of vibration.

Disorders are altered functions and the natural response to strain and stress or imbalance.Altered function is nothing more than a change in vibration caused by the source of stress -- whether chemical, mechanical, germ, etc.Sources of stress such as germs also have characteristic vibrations of their own.

The application of the right energies may neutralize stressors and change altered function because all objects have the tendency to return to their original patterns if given the opportunity.

Objects can either absorb or reflect energy vibrations according to the need.

Changes in vibration of one part of the field can effect changes in the entire biofield as the whole and the parts are inter-related.

As all parts of a biofield are interrelated, researchers report that it is important to:neutralize all negative or interfering energies (stressors) in the system; balance or re‑ establish the normal vibrations of the whole; in addition to the specific problem or imbalance.Stressors become a problem only when the biofields natural balance is disturbed.

The greater the harmony between the universal mind and the individual mind, the more rapidly the biofield or specific conditions can be normalized.Mind and matter are inter‑ related.A change in one results in a change in the other. Attitude is most important as energy follows thought.Thought is affected by the energy contained in matter.Frequency is thought in action.

Being able to measure the presence of a particular energy rate or signal allows one to observe changes in that signal resulting from application of balancing energy, be it from allopathic, homeopathic, radionic, laying-on-of-hands or other sources of therapy.

Researchers report being able to differentiate between signals from normal or healthy tissue and from diseased or potentially abnormal tissue.Obviously, when measuring human signals, the healthy energy rates would be present to a normal degree, while the abnormal signals would be absent or read very low.

Where abnormal signals are present, the healthy signals are generally weak.It is reported that when abnormal signals are corrected, the healthy signals return to a normal level. Conversely, when healthy body signals return to normal levels, most abnormal signals tend to decrease.

The imbalanced or disease-like signals appear to be reduced by application of proper balancing energy.The research charts and rate book numbers for conditions show instrument settings to signal-process the energy from the subtle bodies to provide experimental balancing energy.

Tunings are also available for healthy signals to allow experiments to either boost or balance their amplitudes where the presence of imbalanced signals or pathogens appear to have reduced the normal readings.

Researchers claim to be able to detect the presence of abnormal radiations in the subtle body signals using instruments, and to measure the intensity of such imbalances. The amplitudes of healthy body signals are claimed to be sensed in a similar manner.

Where imbalanced energy is present, researchers have reported correcting such imbalance by application of the listed energy numbers for the conditions or organs and tissue involved. Analysis after such subtle body balancing has shown the correction of the energy imbalance to have taken place.

Our intent and concentration of our attention on the research question and balancing rate is of primary consideration in IDF experiments.The SE-5 1000 detects and amplifies our thoughts or intent.The instrument helps, to focus, to collect and hold conscious, unconscious and superconscious energies.Because energy follows thought, as you think so shall it come to pass.We just have to be in alignment with the purpose of our efforts.

The more knowledge we have of a particular subject matter the more clarity in our intent.

Price On Application.

SE-5 1000 Intrinsic Data Field Analyzer

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