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Spring Forest Qigong for Health
Spring Forest Qigong
Spring Forest Qigong for Health

This ancient Chinese "practice" can take away stress, pain, and sickness from your body at speeds that will amaze anyone...leaving you with more energy

         You have seen people on television who could heal others with their touch. Or people who could pass healing energy to other people.

         Introducing the Spring Forest Qigong Personal Learning Course.

         Finally, you can learn to make use of this healing energy that many say results in modern-day miracles.

         A respected Medical Doctor at the "University of Minnesota Medical School" writes about Spring Forest Qigong...

"I would place this equal in importance to the incredible and simple discoveries in the forties called antibiotics and in the fifties called immunizations."

Do you suffer from...

  • General pain: neck, shoulder, knee, postoperative pains, arthritis, joint pain
  • Migraine headaches, sinus problems, allergies
  • Spinal problems
  • Weight Control
  • Hearing or sight problems
  • Female or male organ problems
  • Kidney or liver dysfunction
  • Strokes
  • Glandular dysfunction such as thyroid problems
  • Anxiety
  • Diabetes problems
  • Gall or kidney stones
  • Heart disease: heart attacks, congestive heart failure, recovery from heart surgery, and general heart dysfunction
  • Circulation problems
  • Depression
  • Cancers
  • Lung problems
  • Digestion problems
  • Autoimmune dysfunction such as AIDS and lupus
  • Bone marrow problems
  • Mental disorders: post traumatic stress disorder, panic attacks, addictions, obsessive/compulsive disorder, hyperactivity, dyslexia
  • Comas
  • Stress

         See the incredible details below...

Amazing Testimonials - Medical Endorsements

         It is absolutely true: you can learn to alleviate pain and sickness from your body using an easy-to-follow method from China.

         We spent the years working with a master from China to develop a breakthrough personal learning course called "Spring Forest Qigong."

         Wait until you read what may seem like medical miracles in the next few pages and see the endorsements from the doctors who support this course. Even Dr. Neil Kay, a medical doctor and cancer researcher from the famed Mayo Clinic, strongly recommends Spring Forest Qigong.

         Researchers say that "almost everyone can learn Qigong exercises for maintaining health and self-healing."

         If you have any health issues, if you would like to be less susceptible to the flu or colds, if you would like to bathe your body in healing energy, or if you would like to be free of pains, then read read the following letter below.

         No one can guarantee your results, but the testimonials, review of scientific studies, and six-month guarantee make it worth a few minutes to explore Spring Forest Qigong by Master Chunyi Lin.

World ClassHow to use your mind to alleviate sickness and pain ...while boosting your energy

Dear Friend,

         This healing method is absolutely for real. I’ve used it myself—not once, but many times. As a matter of fact, I’ve even helped remove pain and sickness from other people. And, I want you to try it for yourself.

         Over 7,000 people have already learned this healing method in special classes taught on the campuses of two Minnesota universities and one college. Now, after two years of intense preparation, we are pleased to offer you what may very well become the most significant self-study course of the new millennium. Stay with me to read every word of this letter. My life has changed dramatically since I first experienced Spring Forest Qigong, and maybe yours can, too. Look at some of these stories...

  • Wayne Kassera suffered a heart attack. The doctors were able to clear only three of five blood vessels going from his heart to his lungs. Two remained nearly completely blocked—until he used Qigong.
  • Stacy Langager had a lump the size of a golf ball in her left breast—until she used Qigong.
  • Sue Sivula could turn her head, but her eyes wouldn’t move. A blood vessel bled on her brainstem—until she used Qigong.
  • Esther Trejo was on oxygen 24 hours a day—until she used Qigong. For over five years now she has been without the oxygen tanks.

         These are just a few of the dozens of people I have met who have been affected by the methods and techniques of Spring Forest Qigong—you will hear more about them in the enclosed brochure.

         "Can you imagine the possibilities?"

What is Qigong?

         An easy-to-follow combination of controlled breathing, focused concentration, and simple movement.

         Qigong works with the body’s energy. Ancient Chinese wisdom calls this energy "Qi" (pronounced "chee," sometimes spelled "chi"). Qi has been called the "mother of blood."

         "It is believed that by moving Qi through the body, you can heal yourself of many ailments," says medical doctor Richard Gerber, author of the definitive text for energetic medicine, "Vibrational Medicine: New Choices for Healing Ourselves" as well as "Vibrational Medicine for the 21st Century".

How Qigong works

         According to the Chinese model, sickness, pain, and other health anomalies are caused when Qi energy is blocked. When Qi cannot flow through the body, two things happen:

First, excess Qi builds up where it is not needed or wanted. This is like water damming on a river and flooding a neighborhood.

Second, other parts of the body do not receive enough Qi. This is like the riverbed drying out on the other side of a dam, destroying river life.

         Qigong exercises remove blocks and increase the flow of energy through your body. When it flows free, Qi energy heals and restores the body.

         Use your new Spring Forest Qigong Personal Learning Course as a guide for learning simplified exercises to improve your health and well-being. This is our most ambitious project to date, with six audio tapes, a video tape, an extensive course manual, and a bonus CD. Additionally, this course complements all of our other programs.

Qigong was born in China

         For thousands of years Qigong had been a guarded secret of the Chinese elite. Only in the recent half century has it become known to the Chinese people and the rest of the world. Today over one hundred million people practice Qigong.

         Qigong is the grandfather of Chinese medicine, Tai-chi, acupuncture, Shiatsu, and Reiki. The Qigong exercises look similar to the meditative movements of Tai-chi. Many try to cloak Qigong in mystery. A Master often teaches just a little at a time, giving the student, the grasshopper, only what the Master feels he should learn. Spring Forest Qigong takes off the cloak to de-mystify Qigong because of its potential value to the health and well-being of people who practice it.

Here are the successful experiences of some of our staff:

         We practice Spring Forest Qigong in the office each day, and many of us have seen amazing results:

  • Monica Wagner, Customer Service, was in her first trimester of pregnancy when her back pain, neck pain, and headache was eliminated in 12 minutes.
  • Paula Winchel, one of our Customer Service Representatives who recently moved to California to explore her natural brilliance, had back pain go completely away in 20 minutes.
  • Kathy Curphy, who works with us on our Accelements program, saw a nagging back pain vaporize in 10 seconds.
  • Dana Hanson, PhotoReading Coach, had a knee pain leave in seconds.
  • Caroline Schumacher, Customer Service, saw her cholesterol count drop 25% after just a few weeks of practicing Qigong.
  • Patrick O'Neil, who is in charge of our PhotoReading classes, had an intense headache clear one of the first times he was exposed to Qigong. A couple of weeks later, after multiple experiences, he said:

    "Pete, the results are real. They are tangible. I had pain and then I actually felt it move out of my body. This Qigong is incredible!"

         You will continue to read remarkable stories in this package including a fascinating summary of scientific studies that reveal the healing power of Qigong. I can't tell you what results you will receive personally—only time will tell—but I look forward to hearing about your successes.

How we came to know the secrets of Qigong

         Caving in to the insistent urging of a friend, I attended a Qigong workshop in the fall of 1997. I've attended many workshops in my day, and this one was remarkably different. It was led by a kind gentleman named Chunyi Lin, who demonstrated a profound ability to move Qi in the bodies of the participants.

         As a young man in China, Master Lin was stricken with debilitating arthritis. He reluctantly tried Qigong. Within hours of beginning his first workshop, nearly all pain was gone.

         Master Lin spent the next 20 years studying with China's advanced Qigong Masters. He uncovered secrets of Qigong that had even eluded the Masters. His discovery led to the development of a new form of Qigong called Spring Forest Qigong.

         Master Lin has been here in Minnesota since 1995 practicing the healing power of Qigong with persons individually and also teaching Qigong to thousands of people. He has also been working with medical researchers to establish the efficacy of Qigong

         Many times since I have been glad I attended that workshop. My experiences were so surprising and profound that I personally paid to take two more levels of Qigong training. I found Qigong complements and supports everything else I have learned through the years and everything we've put into our products and training.

         I knew immediately that this healing method was something we would have to share with our customers. We are extremely proud to bring you the Spring Forest Qigong Personal Learning Course, by Chunyi Lin with an introduction by Paul R. Scheele, Chairman of Learning Strategies Corporation. (By the way, "Chunyi Lin" in Chinese translates to "The Peace and Beauty of the Spring Forest.")

         Chunyi's ability to move energy is awe inspiring. My mom suffered from severe arthritis in her knees. The pain had grown so bad that she had to stop and rest on the landing whenever she climbed the stairs in her home. Within five minutes of first encountering Chunyi, the pain in my mom's knees disappeared. And it never came back. (That's mom in the picture on the next page!)

         With Spring Forest Qigong you can learn a method to relieve pain in yourself. When I was bodysurfing on the Big Beach in Maui, I took a tumble that injured my shoulder. The pain was sharp and intense. As I lay on the beach, I tried to relax to reduce the piercing pain, but it did not disappear. Only later did I remember to use Qigong, and—voila —my shoulder felt like new. It took just ten minutes of Qigong exercise to remove the pain. Completely.

         While I'm not always able to eliminate every pain I get, I come pretty darn close. I wonder how you will do!


A healer in every family; a world without pain

         Connie Seale works for Sexton Printing in St. Paul, Minnesota, the firm that prints our course manuals. For three days she had had a pain in her shoulder blade that was so intense she had considered staying home in bed. I spent three minutes moving Qi through her body just like is taught on the video tape that is included with your new course. Her pain went away. Two days later she called to say the pain was still gone. "Please tell people about it in your newsletter," she said. "You may even give out my telephone number."

         I spent a day gardening in Shakopee, Minnesota, with my friend Ann Naas. After dinner she complained about neck and shoulder pain. Fifteen minutes later she was pain-free. My sister-the-skeptic, Jolette Gregorich, of Duluth, Minnesota, saw tightness and pain in her shoulders melt away in five minutes. Dan Sihocky, of Minneapolis, was mightily relieved to have his uncontrollable hiccups disappear after just three minutes.

         We here at Learning Strategies Corporation as well as many medical professionals and scientists ardently believe that Qigong works. With this course you can see whether you, too, can move pain out of your body and move pain out of other people.

         Isn't this exciting? It shows what you can do when you put your mind to it.

         Again, Qigong is controlled breathing, focused concentration, and simple movement.

My Mom's Story

         All but one of the sixty patients who underwent a lung volume reduction surgery at the University of Michigan Hospitals during the summer of 1998 had to spend at least ten nights in intensive care, if they survived the surgery. My mom, Ruth Bissonette, healed so quickly, she was released from the hospital after three nights. Here she is with her surgeon, Dr. Fernando Martinez, who attributed mom's rapid healing to her Qigong exercise.

         Mom had been practicing Qigong for eight months. She started Qigong when I showed her a television news videotape of Esther Trejo, who I have mentioned elsewhere in this letter and who you will meet in the enclosed brochure. Esther needed oxygen 24 hours a day because of a rare lung disease. After just eight weeks doing the same Qigong exercises that my mom had followed, Esther gave up oxygen completely. "That had been five years earlier!" She was still without oxygen when the newsreport aired in 1997, and Esther is still healthy and without oxygen to this day.

         Mom suffered from emphysema, so she needed to be on oxygen also. Within a month of beginning Qigong she began breathing deeper. When she said, "I can notice the difference," she was amazed. And I fought back tears.

Many doctors support Spring Forest Qigong

         Master Lin teaches at one of the largest medical clinics in Minnesota where his students include doctors and other members of the medical staff. He is currently working with various research organizations and physicians studying Qigong's effect on cancer, torticollis, and ADD/ADHD. Doctors from around the country have written glowing letters of support for his work—you can read some of their comments in the enclosed brochure.

         In a 1999 television documentary, "Qigong: Ancient Chinese Healing for the 21st Century", that aired on PBS, Dr. Wang Chong Xing from the Shanghai Institute of Hypertension said that after thirty years of study, "we think Qigong can cure every kind of disease, some responding better than others."

         The same documentary showed an interview with Dr. Wu Jin Xi from Yuan Hospital in Bejing. He said, and I quote, "We have conclusive evidence that Qigong can assist in the treatment and recovery of most every disease. Post operative recovery time was shortened dramatically in patients using Qigong over people that recovered from standard western techniques."

"I would place Qigong equal in importance to our incredible simple discoveries in the forties called antibiotics and in the fifties called immunizations. The two healing modalities revolutionized medical care in the world, and, I believe, energy healing such as Qigong will also revolutionize medical care in the next thirty years. Chunyi Lin is one of the few Masters in the United States who can help make this form of healing available to the people."

Bill Manahan, M.D.
Assistant Professor of Family Practice and Community Health, University of Minnesota Medical School
author of the bestselling "Eat For Health"

Health Benefits of Qigong

         Books and research papers are filled with the health benefits of Qigong, such as:

  • Improve your metabolism, digestion, and elimination. Qigong is great for weight control, youthful appearance, and balanced energy. (Remember, Corrine Vahle has lost over 40 pounds since starting Qigong.)
  • Stimulate the lymph system. Qigong builds a stronger immune system so that you become less susceptible to flues and other viruses and recover faster if you do get sick.
  • Improve your circulation. Qigong alleviates conditions such as arthritis and chronic fatigue.
  • Retard the aging process by giving your organs an "inner massage" to restore your body systems to healthy functioning.
  • Reduce tension, blocks, and stagnant energy by increasing oxygen supply to your tissues.
  • Lubricate your joints for pain-free movement and greater flexibility.
  • Soothe the nervous system to feel contented and serene.

"Qigong may have saved my life after a heart attack"

         Wayne Kassera, of Stillwater, Minnesota, suffered a heart attack in September 1998.

         The doctors at United Hospital in St. Paul performed an angiogram and discovered blockages in five vessels leading to the lungs from the back of the heart.

         Wayne underwent angioplasty. The procedure cleared two vessels and the doctors inserted a stent in the third. The remaining two vessels were too blocked for the doctors to help Wayne.

         Wayne heard about Chunyi Lin and immediately enrolled in the class that provides the foundation for the Spring Forest Qigong Personal Learning Course. He also met with Master Lin three times.

         "The two vessels are now 85% clear!" he says.

         "I practice Qigong every day," says Wayne. "I've seen many, many changes in my life, the most noticeable being more energy and greater life comfort."

         Wayne says he was a "meditator" before meeting Chunyi Lin, "There is no comparison. I am more confident and feel more powerful as a result of his guidance."

         Wayne Kassera lives at 731 Fischer Circle, Stillwater, MN 55082.

Esther required oxygen 24 hours a day–until
she practiced Qigong

         Esther Trejo of St. Paul suffered from a rare lung disease.

         She was on oxygen 24-hours a day. "It was so debilitating that I was gasping for breath during the few moments it took me to change oxygen tanks," said Esther.

         "The doctors said my only choice was a lung transplant. I refused," she said.

         Her son heard about Chunyi Lin's class that is at the base of our new Spring Forest Qigong Personal Learning Course.

         "I did not go willingly, believe me," she recalls.

         "I took a class on Chinese breathing for eight weeks. At the end of the eight weeks I did not need all of the oxygen, and I did not have to take any medicine. And, that was over five years ago," said Esther.

         And, top of it all, she received a bonus: "I am no longer a crabby S.O.B.!"

Let's look at two more incredible stories...

Seven years of nonstop arthritic pain ended when
Doug started using the self-study course

         "There was not a moment in the past seven years that I was without pain," says 52-year-old Doug Williams of Liverpool, England.

         He suffered from severe arthritis. "I tried every pain killer, every treatment known, and nothing gave me relief. I've taken thousands of tablets. Nothing worked."

         Then he received a mailing, just like this package that you are reading.

         "I thought it was just another one of those products with wild claims that never work." He read and reread the stories and decided to buy it expecting to return the course to get his money back.

         But when he listened to the Sitting Meditation tape and practiced the "Small Universe," the pain left his body.

         "It defies logic. I am completely without pain. No pain at all. When I woke up this morning, I got right out of bed. It use to take me two to three hours because the pain was so intense. Some days I couldn't even get out of bed."

         He continues, "I'm walking as I was ten years ago. I have two wheel chairs, but they are in the corner. I don't understand this. It is completely amazing. I did not even think it would work, but I have no pain at all. I want to meet Master Lin personally so I can give him a big hug."

Heart fibrillation stopped and blood pressure dropped

         Dick Conner, retired executive from Eagan, Minnesota, found himself in the emergency room numerous times since 1992 because of atrial fibrillation.

         Instead of beating properly, the top of his heart would begin to quiver and was not able to pump enough blood to meet his body's needs. "I would feel dizzy and get a pain in my chest. I'd have to lie down," says Dick.

         It forced him to quit exercising, because exercise would bring it on. Other than that, it would be unpredictable.

         Dick suffered many episodes during the fall of 1999. "I had a constant feeling of pressure in my chest," he says. Then, a friend recommended Chunyi Lin.

         "I had one session with Master Lin in January 2000 and began practicing his Spring Forest Qigong exercises. I have not had one episode since then. It has been six months. Since 1992 I have not had one month without an episode," says Dick.

         Dick follows one of the audio tapes and practices Qigong every day with his wife. "We do at least ten minutes and try to do thirty minutes every day. I've noticed many other side benefits to Qigong. My blood pressure is down, I'm exercising much more, I'm no longer Type-A, and I feel fantastic."

You'll receive all of this when you order..

Spring Forest Qigong

  • 4 audio tapes, giving you the fascinating background of Qigong and a strong foundation to begin harnessing the power of Qi in your life.

  • 1 audio tape with two sets of Qigong exercises, one on each side of the tape. Play this tape while you learn the exercises. Master Lin gently guides you through the different movements to build confidence.

  • 1 audio tape with two Qigong meditations. My favorite is called "Small Universe."

  • 1 video tape with Master Lin demonstrating the exercises. We produced the tape in the tranquil Noerenberg Gardens on the shores of Lake Minnetonka. The calming natural surroundings offers an ideal setting for learning Qigong. Master Lin also demonstrates how to send energy to heal others.

  • 1 course manual. This manual provides you with the key points of Spring Forest Qigong, descriptions of each exercise, and photographs to aid your learning.

    And, as a bonus for you...

  • 1 compact disk of inspiring original music, called "Inner Beauty", which you can play in the background while exercising or meditating. The music came to Master Lin during a five-hour early morning meditation. "A diamond studded piano fell from the heavens like a shooting star," he said. After the meditation he copied the music he heard and gave it to musicians to play.

Extended 6-Month Satisfaction Guarantee

         We guarantee your satisfaction with your course. If you are dissatisfied for any reason, you may return any time within six months for a full refund, less shipping and handling. That should give you plenty of time to try it out.

         If you are intrigued, then you owe it to yourself to check it out. We’ve done what we can to make it risk-free.

Tom Gow’s remarkable story

         Tom Gow, of Two Harbors, Minnesota, had been battling a pre-leukemic condition and was looking for a bone marrow donor. He had grown tired of waiting when he heard about Qigong. He figured he had nothing to lose and everything to gain.

         "I was getting nowhere with the blood donors," said Tom. "Out of the 500-plus who were tested, only a brother and a half-sister were a half-match. That’s hardly a 40% chance of success."

         Since Qigong does not involve ingestion, injection, machines, invasive procedures, or manipulation, Tom concluded it was worth a try.

         After three months of Qigong, Tom said the chromosome damage he had sustained had gone down from 80% to 10% on his "monosomy 7 site." Tom’s doctor had expected to see damage increased to 100% on that site with further damage on the next site. His doctor said that recovery was, "according to Western medicine," impossible without a bone marrow transplant.

         Tom began driving from the north shore of Lake Superior to the Twin Cities for weekly sessions with Chunyi Lin on November 6, 1999.

         Tom immediately noticed that a nagging back pain had disappeared. After a couple of additional visits, however, he hadn’t noticed any other improvement and wondered whether he was wasting his time. Then things changed.

         "After the six-hour round trip drive to visit Master Lin, I worked in the barn until 11 that night," said Tom.

         "That never would have happened before. Then I realized I had quit taking naps after my daily shift of delivering mail. I have a five-mile route and always ended up home on the couch exhausted. My doctor tells me I should not have this kind of energy!"

         Tom’s doctor supports Qigong practice. He had attended a class on Qigong in medical school. "He told me he watched a surge of energy actually raise the hands of other medical students who were there with him."

         In addition to his sessions with Master Lin, Tom has been practicing Qigong using one of the recordings of the Spring Forest Qigong Personal Learning Course. He continues to take his medications and does whatever his medical doctor prescribes.

Qigong might even save you money

         It is expensive to get sick, even when you have insurance. Co-pays, time away from work, time wasted in bed, visits to the chiropractor, or other complementary practitioners—it all adds up. Remember Stacy Langager? She was the woman with a lump in her breast. She also suffered from seasonal allergies. Her problems disappeared completely, and she hasn’t spent money on allergy medicine in over a year.

         I had blood drawn for a physical to get life insurance. The lab discovered an anomaly suggesting a malfunction in my liver. This resulted in a high premium twice as much. I increased my practice of Qigong from three sessions a week to seven, one a day. I then returned to Wayzata Internal Medicine for another blood test. Happily, my two abnormal indicators had moved into the healthy range—exactly in the middle of the range that medical science expects for my age. I look forward to seeing the new rates.

         I’ve also spoken with several people who previously had suffered such bad migraine headaches they couldn’t go into work. No more. They said their migraines are completely gone!

With all that I said in this letter, we must be smart about our health. This self-study course is not intended as a replacement for any medical treatment you are now receiving. As you will hear on the first audiotape, Master Lin encourages persons receiving medical treatment to use Qigong as a complementary practice with current medical treatment. Certainly, you should not change or discontinue current treatment without advice from your physician or licensed health care practitioner.

Easy movements that you will love

Chunyi's Movie!         "Breathing of the Universe" is one movement of Spring Forest Qigong. Practicing this movement heals the lungs and skin while balancing energy outside and inside the body. Master Lin demonstrates each movement on the video tape, filmed at the Noerenberg Gardens.

Pure, unadulterated pleasure

         Last weekend a friend, whom I was telling about Qigong for the first time, could not believe I spent an hour and a half a day doing Qigong exercise. I told him that I had practiced only 30 minutes a day, two or three days a week for a long time, and I had always felt good. But, when I had increased to daily practice I had felt much better. Then Master Lin suggested I increase my practice still more—to one one-hour session and one thirty-minute session a day. Almost immediately I changed from good feelings to pure pleasure. I do Qigong now because I experience bliss in every cell of my body.

If you only take one piece of advice from me, this is it:

         Maybe you don’t have time to practice Qigong as much as I. Maybe your health is good, and you have other priorities in life. Get the course anyway. You can never be sure what improvements will happen, until they do. This is a valuable course for your personal library, standing ready for your use.

         One morning I had painfully clogged sinuses. No amount of blowing gave me relief. But two minutes of Qigong had my sinuses draining and completely pain-free. For me, these common occurrences have made the course valuable beyond estimation.

         I strongly recommend that you order the course today—right now. Health is too important not to try it out. We have not found a better Qigong course focused on health at any price. And, remember, if you are not completely satisfied with it, return it within six months for a refund. Spring Forest Qigong was designed to be easy-to-use so that you can experience the healing benefit of Qigong.

  For Your Personal Best,

  Pete Bissonette


Spring Forest Qigong
Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the people written about on the website saw Master Lin privately. Do I need to see him privately to experience significant results?


How much should I practice?

Once a day for five minutes is good. Three times a week for thirty minutes is better. One to two hours a day for two to three months is best.

Are the exercises of the self-study course the same as those taught in Master Lin’s workshop?

Yes. There is no difference. All information from the workshop is included in the course.

Can I experience results similar to those in the testimonials?

Yes, but people have varying experiences depending on many factors. While the testimonials are accurate, they may not indicate what will happen for you.

I am under doctor’s care. Should I tell my doctor that I am practicing Qigong?

Yes. And, consult with your physician or other licensed health care practitioner before changing or discontinuing any current treatment. Qigong should be used as a complementary practice for medical care—not as a replacement.

What is the difference between Level 1 and Level 2?

Level 1 is the course offered on our website. It contains all that you need to practice Spring Forest Qigong personally. You will also learn the basics to break up blockages in other people and give them energy. In Level 2 you will learn how to locate blockages in other people as well as exercise to do to increase you ability to give energy to other people. We hope to have the Level 2 personal learning course out during the summer of 2001.

When you have no health concerns

Professional Entertainers “Tom” and “Beth,” who wanted to share their story and remain anonymous, purchased the Spring Forest Qigong course even though they had no major health concerns.

“We didn’t have lumps, cancer, or heart problems, but we wanted to see how Qigong could work on health annoyances,” said Tom.

“We’ve had the course a few weeks, and already we are impressed. I injured my little fingers years ago, and I often strain it when doing minor things such as washing my hands. Since I’ve been practicing Qigong, I can wash my hands vigorously. I don’t have to baby the finger, and I haven’t had any surprise ‘ouches!’.”

“My wife has been able to cut her allergy medicine in half. And, it has only been two or three weeks!”

They were hired by a major U.S. corporation to create a “Who Wants to be a Millionaire” spoof for a convention. “It was last minute, so we got the big bucks,” said Tom, who played Regis Philbin.
“My wife and I noticed that neither of us had the stress that normally accompanies rushed events. We can only attribute it to our Qigong practice,” he said.

“Stress had always been an issue. Once the stress was so bad that my wife was hospitalized. I don’t think that will happen again!”

He called us to share their story because there are a lot of people out there without major health concerns who could benefit from Spring Forest Qigong.

His final answer? “Get the course. You might be surprised!”

Scientific Studies of Qigong

This document presents summaries and excerpts from various studies of Qigong.

The commentaries excerpted are impressions and conclusions of the authors of the referenced articles and are provided for your information and your study of the practice of Qigong.

Medical Applications of Qigong

         An original paper by Kenneth M. Sancier, Ph.D, "Medical Applications of Qigong," was published by "Alternative Therapies" in January 1996.

         "This article focuses on internal Qi, because almost everyone can learn Qigong exercises for maintaining health and self-healing," writes Dr. Sancier. ("Internal" Qi involves self-practice, whereas "external" Qi involves, for example, a Qigong Master emitting Qi to someone.)

         Dr. Sancier writes, in the practice of Chinese therapies such as Qigong, "the flow of Qi is regulated, and blockage of the flow of Qi is removed. Energy blocks or excess or deficient Qi may result from disease, injury, or stress."

Stroke and Mortality Rates decreased with Qigong practice

         Dr. Sancier reviewed a 30-year follow-up study on hypertensive patients who were divided into a Qigong group and a control group. All patients had been given drug therapy to control blood pressure. The experimental group also practiced Qigong. The mortality rate in the Qigong group was nearly half of the group who did not practice Qigong. The incidence of stroke as well as death due to stroke was half for those who practiced Qigong. In other words, people who did not practice Qigong suffered a stroke or died from stroke at a rate twice that of those who practiced Qigong.

         "Researchers also reported that over the 20-year period, blood pressure of the Qigong group stabilized, whereas that of the control group increased. Remarkably, during this period the drug dosage for the Qigong group could be decreased and for 30% of the patients, could be eliminated. However, the drug dosage for the control group had to be increased."

         (Citations for this study as well as other other studies noted in this section can be found in the above-mentioned article.)

Sex Hormone Levels improved with Qigong

         Dr. Sancier cited three studies that indicate the trend of estrogen increasing in males and decreasing in females with age "can be reversed by Qigong exercise."

         In an auxiliary study, "changes were accompanied by improvements in symptoms such as soreness, dizziness, insomnia, hair loss, impotence, and incontinence associated with Kidney deficiency hypertension (a TCM diagnosis.)"

Bone Density increased with Qigong

         Dr. Sancier reviewed a study related to aging that found, "bone density was found to increase in male subjects who practiced Qigong for one year."

         He conjectured, "That Qigong therapy also would help restore the bone density of women, especially menopausal women, seems likely."

Cancer and Drug Treatment improved with Qigong practice

         Dr. Sancier referenced a study of patients with "medically diagnosed malignant cancer." They were divided into two groups, and all received drugs. One group, however, practiced Qigong. "Both groups improved, but the [Qigong] group showed improvement in strength, appetite, freedom from diarrhea, and weight gain four to nine times greater than the control group." Additionally, a measure of the immune function improved for the Qigong group and decreased for the control group.

Senility symptoms improved with Qigong practice

         Dr. Sancier reported, "To study the mech-anism of keeping fit by Qigong, a controlled study was made of 100 subjects classified either as pre-senile or with cerebral function impaired by senility."

         The control group, which did not practice Qigong, exercised by walking, walking fast, or running slowly. "Criteria for judging outcome were based on measuring clinical signs and symptoms including cerebral function, sexual function, serum lipid levels, and function of endocrine glands."

         The results: "After six months, eight of the 14 main clinical signs and symptoms in the Qigong group had improved more than 80%, whereas none of the symptoms in the control group had improved more than 45%."

Mind-Body Regulation

         Dr. Sancier wrote, " A tenet of Qigong is that the mind leads the Qi, and the Qi leads the blood. This somewhat mysterious statement can be interpreted to mean that intention (the mind) can direct the Qi within the body."

Alpa Brain Waves increase with Qigong practice

         Dr. Sancier referenced two studies that show alpha brain waves dominate beta waves and spread to the frontal areas of the brain during Qigong practice.

         One study found differences between the practice of Zen and and the practice of Qigong. Dr. Sancier writes, "According to Kawano and Wang, these differences in brain function suggest that internal Qigong is a semiconscious process that involves some awareness and activity, whereas Zen meditation is a neutral process that releases the meditator from all concerns. Perhaps because of this difference, Qigong is considered a healing art, whereas Zen is generally not."

         "A Qigong master can emit Qi to heal a patient. The interaction between Qigong masters and subjects has been followed in double-blind tests in which masters and subjects were simultaneously assessed by EEG, polygraph tests, biochemical blood tests, and psychological tests. The EEG studies showed that a type of brain waves and their location were synchronized in the brains of masters and subject. Such synchronism may be required for healing by emitted Qi."

Bloodflow to the brain increased; Memory improved while dizziness, insomnia, numbness, and vertigo headaches decreased

         Dr. Sancier reviews two studies where Qigong exercise has been shown to increase bloodflow to the brain. For subjects "with cerebral arteriosclerosis who practice Qigong for one to six months, improvements were noted in symptoms such as memory, dizziness, insomnia, tinnitus, numbness of limbs, and vertigo headache. During these studies, a decrease in plasma cholesterol was also noted."

Combination of Qigong and drugs is superior to that of drug therapy alone

         Dr. Sancier referenced six studies saying, "There is ample evidence in the literature that therapy by a combination of self-applied Qigong and drugs is superior to that of drug therapy alone."

         "The mechanism of this apparent synergism is not known but undoubtedly relates to the fundamental mechanism of Qigong. Qigong is believed to relax the body, promote the flow or Qi (energy), blood, oxygen, and nutrients to all cells of the body, and promote the removal of waste products from cells. The increases in flow of Qi and microcirculation nourished diseased or stressed tissue. We may assume that Qigong also promotes drug uptake by tissue and cells by means of increased microcirculation."

Conclusion: "Qigong enables the body to heal itself"

         In the conclusion of the paper, Dr. Sancier writes, "This review encompasses only a small number of studies from a large collection of research using medical applications of Qigong, mainly in China. The main conclusion from many studies is that Qigong enables the body to heal itself."

The effects of the Qi of Qigong

         This next section excerpts abstracts of scientific research that studied the affect of "external", or emitted, Qi on various substances. The subject was Qigong Master, Dr. Yan Xin of China. Specific citations are available on request. The abstracts were published by Springer-Verlag in Berlin on April 22, 1999.

Qi caused a structure change in tap water, saline, glucose, and medemycine solutions

         The purpose of these experiments was to investigate whether external Qi could cause measurable changes in the property of tap water and some aqueous solutions.

         Laser Raman spectroscopy is a well-known technique in the study of molecular structure. Each sample has a characteristic spectrum at a given state. A change in the spectrum is an indicates a change in the molecular structure.

         "All the results showed some structural changes of the test solutions treated by external Qi, as indicated by their Raman spectra."

Qi significantly affected the processes of nucleotide polymerization, protein crystallization, and enzyme activity

         "These data indicate that Qi emission is detectable using biochemical techniques and that the effects are not necessarily uniform. This suggest that the nature of Qi is more akin to particles or information than a homogenous energy field."

Qi increased the ultraviolet absorption of nucleic acids

         "The UV absorption spectra of calf thymus DNA sample placed in closed lead bottle with a change of 12%."

         "The observed hyperchromic effect could only be caused by the external Qi, which has provided certain basis of the objectivity of Qigong healing."

Qi caused the bromination in solution of n-hexane and bromine

         "It is well known that chemical reactions play a significant role in life processes. The study of the influence of external Qi on certain organic chemical systems will provide useful information about the mechanisms of Qigong healing since the nature of Qigong and Qigong healing is highly related to life processes."

         "The preliminary results revealed that the external Qi of Qigong not only caused a bromination in a n-hexane/bromine mixture, but also this effect was produced from remote distances."

Qi changed the Radioactive decay rate of 241Am

         "Based on the success of the external Qi experiments at the molecular level, an experiment at a deeper level, namely, the atomic and nuclear level was designed. Radio active decay rate was chosen as an experimental object."

         "The decay rate of a radioactive source is usually extremely stable and cannot be altered by such physical or chemical processes as high temperature, high pressure, high electromagnetic field, strong acid, etc."

         During the experiments in the laboratory, the changes of decay rate were detected much beyond the experimental uncertainty.

         "While maintaining the same configuration and procedure, the experiment was conducted in six rounds. During four of the six, Qi was emitted from outside Beijing, specifically at the cities of Kunming, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, and Chengdu, 1,500 to 3,000 kilometers away from the laboratory where the sample was kept. The coordination of Qi emission was done via telephone. The results also showed significant changes on 241Am radioactive decay rate obtained when Qi was emitted from ultra-long distances."

Additional Medical Applications

         To follow are excerpts from an article that appeared in the "American Journal of Acupuncture", Vol. 19, No. 4, titled, "Medical Applications of Qigong and Emitted Qi on Humans, Animals, Cell Cultures, and Plants: Review of Selected Scientific Research." The article was written by Kenneth M. Sancier, Ph.D., and Bingkun Hu, Ph.D.

         "Abstract: In the past few years, many studies have been conducted to investigate the scientific basis of Chinese Qigong and emitted Qi and to document their medical benefits. Most of this information has been generated in China and published in Chinese. For the benefit of Western scientists and medical practitioners, we discuss selected scientific reports pertaining to the effects of Qigong exercise and emitted Qi that were presented at two international conferences held in 1990. The reports document the medical benefits of Qigong exercise and some of the significant changes produced when Qigong practitioners or ‘masters’ emit Qi to living systems: humans, animals, cell cultures, and plants."

One mechanism by which Qigong practice can cure disease

         A study of the effects of Qigong exercise on changes in blood chemistry and mortality of patients with hypertension. "Commentary: The researchers concluded that Qigong played a major role in improving the self-regulation and relaxation of the multiple cerebro-cardiovascular risk factors. Further, they suggest that this may be a mechanism by which to prevent stroke. The study shows the benefits of Qigong in combination with Western medicinal practice."

         A study of the effect of Qigong exercise on the blood chemistry of human subjects. "Commentary: The researchers concluded that Qigong exercise had stimulated the increased activity of the enzyme, SOD, which in turn resulted in better control of the aging process by decreasing the estrogen level for men and increasing it for women. ... We believe that these results suggest one mechanism by which Qigong exercise can promote health, improve the condition of the aged, and cure disease."

         A study of the effect of Qigong state on the nervous system. "Commentary: The researcher suggests that Qigong meditation may bring about excitatory or inhibitory effects of the central nervous system, thereby unmasking or enhancing the functions that are not part of the normal repertoire of the nervous system."

         A study of the effects of Qi processes related to healing on body energy of human subjects. "Commentary: In Chinese medicine, healing is achieved by balancing the body energy, i.e., by dispersing or tonifying the energy along certain meridians. Such balancing is often achieved by using external or internal Qigong. The present study indicates that the Qigong Master’s intent, which affects his external Qi, and subject’s visualization, which affects his internal Qi, can be potent forces in affecting muscle strength and balance of body energy. The results affirm the often stated belief that visualization and positive thinking are an essential part of the healing process."

Tumors reduced or eliminated

         A study of Qi on tumors implanted in rats. "Commentary: The researchers suggest that emitted Qi damages tumor cells, inhibits their growth, promotes the regenerative function of the lymph system, and increase anti-tumorigenic function in rats. ... Therefore, such studies provide support for the numerous claims that emitted Qi and personal Qigong exercise can cure or inhibit cancer growth in humans."

Qi affects cell cultures

         A study of the effects of a Qigong master’s intent on biochemical reactions of cell cultures in vitro. "Commentary: ... We believe that this in vitro study provides strong support for the reality of emitted Qi and its potential for changing the metabolism of living cells. The dependence of the outcome on the intent of the Qigong master has profound implications for medical Qigong in clinical applications. Similar studies with tumor cells are in progress in the United States."

         A study on pulmonary cancers cells in a cell culture. "Commentary: The researchers conclude that Qi-treated lung cancer cells tend to lose their neoplastic character, but they exhibited less of this tendency than liver cancer cells, which they also studied."

         A study of human peripheral blood lymphocytes and natural killer cells. "Commentary: ... We observe that the emitted Qi affected all the functions of cell-mediated immune systems that were measured, not just one part of the system. Thus, the study offers a mechanism by which Qigong helps cure disease and promote health in a holistic way. This study provides scientific support for the popular assertion that emitted Qi can significantly change the biochemistry associated with the immune system of humans and animals."

Qi even benefits plants

         A study of the germination rate of rice seeds. "The results of germination rates for three batches of seeds treated by a given Qigong master in a given 30-minute period of time were averaged. ... The results show that the percentages of seeds that germinated were generally greater for the Qi-treated seeds."

Qigong and AIDS

         In the article "Meditation, T-Cells, Anxiety, Depression, and HIV infection," William Koar, Ph.D. wrote, the practice of meditation, specifically Qigong, was hypothesized as being helpful to HIV-infected individuals. The intervention was assumed to be stress-reducing. Anxiety, depression and T-cell counts were measured. A statistically significant increase in T-cells and a statistically significant decrease in anxiety and depression were found. A control group was not included in this study.

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

         Wen-hsien Wu, M.D. is professor of anesthesiology/pain medicine and the director of the Pain Management Center in Newark, New Jersey. The article, "The Effects of Qigong on Late-stage Complex Regional Pain Syndrome," was published in "Alternative Therapies" in January 1999.

         Dr. Wu studied patients who were taught to practice Qigong and patients who were taught an exercise that resembled Qigong (the control group). After ten weeks, "91% of the Qigong patients reported a transient drop in pain compared to only 36% of the controls. A long-term reduction in anxiety in patients suffering from treatment-resistant CRPS-I was found."

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