Powerful person :RX Cass


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Powerful person
Example of Suggestions
  • Every day, you become more aware of your inner strength
  • You now unleash your potential to direct and lead others
  • You have the power and ability to attain your goals
  • You are a powerful negotiator and you get what you want
  • You are as forceful and dyanmic as you need to be
  • You look others straight in the eye and project a powerful image
  • "Power" is your key word for conditioned response
Powerful person - RX101-

Attracting Perfect Love
Example of Suggestions
  • You now create the space in your Life for the perfect love relationship.
  • You are now ready to meet the perfect lover.
  • You project warmth and openness, which attracts others.
  • You are ready to give and receive unconditional love.
  • You now focus the power of your subconscious mind upon drawing the perfect lover into your LIfe.
  • "Goal focus" are your key words for conditioned response.
Attracting Perfect Love - RX102 -

A Calm & Peaceful Mind
Example of Suggestions
  • You are at peace with yourself, the world and everyone in it.
  • A quietness of spirit permeates your body and mind.
  • You accept the things you cannot change in Life.
  • Your mind is Like calm water, and you have all you need.
  • You now feel peaceful, balanced and harmonious, and you experience tranquillity, love and joy.
  • "Peace, balance and harmony" are your key words for conditioned response.
A Calm & Peaceful Mind - RX103-

The Good Life
Example of Suggestions
  • You now focus the power of your subconscious mind upon attaining health, wealth and happiness.
  • What you believe, your mind can help you achieve.
  • You are now open and receptive to the good life.
  • You are deserving of the best life has to offer.
  • Happiness and success are self-bestowed.
  • Everyday in every way, you are more successful.
  • "Good life" are your conditioned response key words.
The Good Life - RX104-

Accelerated learning
Example of Suggestions
  • The power of your mind is limitless.
  • You focus your energy and concentration to accelerate learning.
  • You now develop a photographic memory and remember what you learn.
  • You instantly comprehend complicated data.
  • You now triple your learning speed.
  • High-speed learning now becomes reality.
  • "High-speed learning" are your keywords for conditioned response.
Accelerated learning - RX105-

Dream Solutions
Example of Suggestions
  • You have the power and ability to find your answers in your dreams.
  • Before going to sleep, you focus on what you desire to resolve.
  • When seeking answers, you ask to receive them in dreams.
  • You receive solutions in vivid dreams and remember them when you awaken.
  • You dream of positive solutions while you sleep.
  • "Dream solutions" are your conditioned response words.
    Dream Solutions - RX106-

    Powerful person :RX Cass


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