P112 Detach From Your Emotions :Probe 7 Cass


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"I have now learned the literal meaning of "sensational." These tapes are actually breathtaking. Words can't adequately describe the intensity of the delivery. The messages are spine-tingling in the most positive sense"
- LaVae Hoffman
Phoenix, AZ

"Wow! I love them! They are so effective for me. I love the beat and rhythm. The incredible sensations they create - its like being pulled through prisms of color beyond space."
- JoAnne Gallagher
Woodland Hills, CA

"My initial reaction to these tapes were awe-inspired shivers. I've never experienced anything as powerful and soul-touching as these tapes. Any hypnosis audio tape, any subliminal, any video - my mind-chatter edges in periodically. Not so with the Probe 7 tapes. Whether through earphones or played into the room, I was instantly `with' the tape, never interrupted by a passing thought, totally entranced and centered on the message. I must admit - I'm very impressed with Probe 7 tapes!"
- Carol Hoffman
Eugene, OR

Maximum Success
Examples of Suggestions
  • You now focus your energy upon attaining great success, success, success.
  • Yes. You do. You accept this. Do it. Do it now.
  • You are powerful and confident. You succeed. Succeed. Yes. Do it.
  • You know exactly what you want and you go for it. Go for it. It's right for you.
  • Yes. You can accomplish whatever you want to do. Do it. Do it now.
  • Be ultra successful. You are.
  • You do. You do it now.
  • Ultra success is yours.

Goal Commitment
Examples of Suggestions
  • You take control of your life and commit to your goals.
  • You accept this. It works for you. You do it. " You are self-disciplined.
  • You are goal oriented.
  • You know what you want and you get it.
  • You set and accomplish goals. You. Success.
  • You are successful.
  • You spend each moment doing the most productive thing you can.
  • Yes, you do. You succeed. It's right.
  • You accomplish your goals, goals, goals. Yes. Do It. Do It Now.

Relationship Improvement
Examples of Suggestions
  • Your relationship gets better and better.
  • You openly communicate and share yourself. Yes, you do.
  • You totally commit to your relationship and support your lover in ways that increase self-esteem.
  • You accept this. You accept your lover's uniqueness without expectations.
  • Do it. Let the little things go.
  • You experience relationship aliveness, excitement, joy, and pleasure.
  • You communicate directly and honestly.

Sexual Aliveness
Examples of Suggestions
  • Sex gets better and better for you. You are open to this.
  • You let go of sexual expectations and enjoy whatever you experience.
  • Your body performs perfectly during sex. You don't have to think about it. Don't think. Enjoy it. Let it happen. Let your body go wild.
  • You openly discuss your sexual needs.
  • The more sex you have, the more sex you want and the more you have sex.
  • You are open to new sexual experiences with your lover.

Radiant Health
Examples of Suggestions
  • You use the power of your mind to generate perfect health. Yes, you do.
  • You accept this. It works for you. Radiant health is yours.
  • Every day, you become healthy.
  • You are peaceful and tranquil. A positive, loving attitude keeps you healthy. You accept this.
  • You are calm. You are positive. You are loving.
  • You choose perfect health. Do it. Perfect health.
  • Visualize perfect health. Accept this It is. Yes.

Super Concentration
Examples of Suggestions
  • Total concentration is yours when you want it. When you need it. Yes. Yes, it i5. You accept this.
  • You have the power and ability to focus your concentration at will. Focus. You do.
  • You remain alert and focused. Yes. You do it. It works for you.
  • You block all thoughts but those related to what you are doing. Block them. Yes.
  • You are a winner who accomplishes your Goals. " Your goal is a super level of concentration.

Detach From Your Emotions
Examples of Suggestions
  • You mentally detach from negative people.
  • You detach from everything that doesn't work for you. Yes. You do. You accept this. It works for you.
  • Detach. Detach. Detach. Let it Go You don't care.
  • You feel optimistic and confident about your future. You do.
  • You feel self-assured. Peaceful.
  • Negativity flows through you without affecting you. It does.
  • You draw joyous new experiences into your life

P112 Detach From Your Emotions :Probe 7 Cass


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