P110 Strengthen Self -Confidence :Probe 7 Cass


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Probe 7 is enough to put your mind into a spin," said one of our test subjects. The technique is a unique new kind of 21st Century Brain Mind Programming using digital 3-D sound effects to relax you by synchronizing both brain hemispheres. There is no verbal induction but the follow response cycle-per- second effects generate an eyes-open, light- level altered state conducive to accepting suggestions.

Use the tapes while doing routine tasks, while going to sleep, or as an altered-state tape. (Don't use while driving, operating equipment or doing anything requiring real concentration.) You11 hear about 30 seconds of paced suggestions, followed by 60 seconds of 3-D effects, then more suggestions, and so on. Dick Sutphen's voice has an eerie, futuristic quality as he speaks the suggestions. To increase the life- changing power, subliminal suggestions are hidden behind the 3-D effects. You won't hear them but your subconscious mind will.

Be sure to use headphones to get the full blown effect. The headphones, won't increase the effectiveness, but they're sure a alot of fun. This is the first time we've been able to build the power of our Video Hypnosis program. Probe 7 tapes work in the following four ways to induce an altered state and effectively program your mind suggestions; 1) Dick's voice pacing the suggestions; 2) cycle-per following-response technology is used to slow down the cycle-per second activity of your brain (a different follow response from that used on our RX17 tape line); 3) verbalized suggestions; 4) subliminal suggestions. Thats four times the power of our competitors' tapes- and they're still using the recording technology of the 1970's. It's the 1990's now. why settle for less? Each tape is packaged in a color full book-sized case.

Lose Weight
Examples of Suggestions
  • You have self-discipline. You lose weight and attain the perfect weight for your height. You do it. It's right. You accept this. It works for you.
  • You take control of your body and your life. Control. Talk control.
  • You eat healthy. It's best. You know this. You do it.
  • You are getting thinner, thinner, thinner. Yes, you are. You accept this.
  • You lose all the weight you desire to lose. Lose, lose, lose.
  • Lose weight.

Smoke No More
Examples of Suggestions
  • You now quit smoking.
  • You quit because it works for you. Let it go. e Quit. Quit. Quit.
  • You quit. Yes you do. You accept this.
  • You never touch cigarettes. Never again.
  • You lox all desire to smoke. You do. It's better.
  • You feel better mentally. " You feel better physically.
  • Your health improves. It does. Your health improves".
  • Cigarettes disgust. They gag you. Yes, they do.
  • Cigarettes leave a terrible taste in your month

Learning Acceleration
Examples of Suggestions
  • No limits. Your mind has no limits.
  • You can instantly comprehend complicated data.
  • Yes, you can. You accept this. It works for you.
  • You have the power and ability to learn, Fast. Fast. You do.
  • Accelerate. Faster.
  • You focus your energy and concentration at will.
  • You accelerate learning.
  • Every day, you learn faster.
  • You develop a photographic memory.
  • You can. You do. You believe. You achieve.

Eliminate Stress
Examples of Suggestions
  • A quietness of spirit permeate your body and mind.
  • Let go. Be peaceful. Detach and be at peace.
  • You are. It works for you. It's better Your mind is like calm water. You accept this.
  • You feel balanced an, harmonious.
  • You let it happen.
  • It is. Tranquility. Peace. Love. Joy.
  • You experience tranquility. Yes you do. You accept this.
  • You rise, above the need of approval.
  • You let go of the need to control.

Strengthen Self -Confidence
Examples of Suggestions
  • You are self-reliant. self-confident. Yes. Yes, you are. You accept this.
  • You are independent and determined, and it works for you.
  • Every day, you become more self confident.
  • You profit a positive self-image. You do.
  • You do it because you are very sure of yourself.
  • You are. You have inner courage. Yes. You know this.
  • You can do whatever you set your mind to. What can. You do.
  • You're self confident.

P110 Strengthen Self -Confidence :Probe 7 Cass


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