1104 TOMORROW IS A NEW BEGINNING :Sleep Programming


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Sleep Programming is as powerful as hypnosis for programming your mind with life-changing suggestions!
And all you have to do is listen to the tape as you go to sleep

A program to support the primary qualities of self-renewing adults. You're encouraged to accept and adapt to change, establish priorities, decide what you want, pursue your best options, become committed to values and goals, communicate, seek intimacy, learn from the past, make decisions with enthusiasm, distinguish essentials, focus time and energy, master your skills, gather information and more

Positive affirmations to support healthy, intelligent weight loss, also programs you to lose weight now, stick to your decisions and your diet, eat only at meal time and to draw upon the regulating power of your mind to assist you in fulfilling your weight loss goals. Also: You take the necessary steps to support your weight loss goals. Eat healthy foods. Eat more fiber. Manage stress. And may more suggestions.

You are programmed to define success by what provides you with satisfaction, and to create success in all areas of your life. Also: You deserve love, happiness and properity . You accept that it's all right to be powerful and successful. Cast away your fear-based emotions. It's all right for life to be easy and joyful. You manifest abundance. You are clear about what you want. And many more suggestions.

Positive affirmations program you to be confident and secure, to forgive yourself and others. Also: Allow your Higher Self to guide you into the future. You allow the light of awareness to cleanse your mind of negativity. You have within you everything required to make your life a joyous experience. You draw upon higher guidance to transform your life.

You are encouraged to be self-disciplined and to accomplish your personal and professional goals. Also: You now direct your time and energy to manifest your desires. You do what you need to do to accomplish your goals. You control your thoughts and thus your actions. You are assertive and you now feel good about yourself. You commit yourself to your goals. You do a job one step at a time until its done.

A program to accept and approve of yourself, to release your fears and manifest your desires. Also: Your sense of peace doesn't depend upon anyone else. You rise above the need to impress others. You are confident and secure in yourself. Where you are now is perfect for your growth. You now release the past and embrace the future. You forgive yourself and others for what happened in the past. Much, much more.

Programming to be secure and confident, and filled with independence and determination. Also: You feel powerful and in control. You retain a calm, optimistic outlook. You are peaceful, balanced and harmonious. You project a positive self-image. You can do whatever you set your mind to. Your mind is calm and you have great inner courage. Every day, you feel more confident. Much, much more.

Positive affirmations support healing acceleration. You focus the unlimited power of your mind upon healing your body. Every cell in your body is filled with Divine healing light. Perfect health is your Divine right. Every breath you take contains positive healing energy. The blue healing ray of the Universal light is entering your crown chakra and healing your body and mind. Much, much more.

Programming example: A Zen Master never opposes things by resisting them. Instead, he yields to their full force and pushes them out of direct line or move them around in the opposite direction without encountering their direct opposition. This is the principle of controlling things by going along with them. You yield, realigning the force of your opposition and use it to your advantage. Much more.

1104 TOMORROW IS A NEW BEGINNING :Sleep Programming


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    Approx USD$10.25
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