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We have just developed an amazing system,The "LifeStim",it transmits 270+ of the best known Royal Rife, Bob Beck, John Crane, Hulda Clarks,,tumor, parasite Candida fungus Lyme and detox frequencies / harmonics etc directly to the two arteries in the wrist,,for as long as you wish to wear it. The unit is an amazing addition for any Rife machine users, or detox parasite protocols,,this unit allow the most effective frequencies we have used to be run 24/7 if so desired. It is also light weight , fully portable and rechargable.

How does it work

In the Fall of 1990, two medical researchers, Drs William Lyman and Steven Kaali, working at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York City made an important discovery. They found that they could inactivate the HIV virus by applying a low voltage direct current electrical potential with an extremely small current flow to AIDS infected blood in a test tube. Initially, they discovered this in the lab by inserting two platinum electrodes into a glass tube filled with HIV-1 (type 1) infected blood.

Several recent U.S. and international patent documents report that extremely small amounts of electricity are beyond the tolerance level of microbial life. These electrical forces have been proven to kill or devitalize bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites in blood and body fluids without adverse effect to normal healthy cells and/or the biological usefulness of the blood or body fluids.

U.S. patent 05188738 granted in 1993 and held by the Albert Einstein Medical Centre

They applied a direct current to the electrodes and found that a current flow in the range of 50-100 microamperes (uA) produced the most effective results. Practically all of the viral particles were adversely affected while normal blood cells remained unharmed. The viral particles were not directly destroyed by the electric current, but rather the outer protein coating of the virus was affected in such a way as to prevent the virus from producing reverse transcriptase, a necessary enzyme needed by the virus to invade human cells.

Hey there,
Lovely talking with you. Forgot to mention how much I am liking the LifeStim unit I got. Find it really usefully that while using it I can still go out and do the daily chores Portable light and robust. Will get back to you with further updates
Dee S ymond Alberta Canada

Reverse transcriptase allows the virus to enter a human T cell line (called CEM-SS) and commandeer the DNA reproduction machinery. After using the host cell to reproduce itself into thousands of new virii, the swollen host cell (now called syncytia or giant cell) will burst and spew the contents into the bloodstream or lymph system. This is how the virus spreads, but lacking reverse transcriptase, the virus can't invade the host cell and it becomes vulnerable to destruction by the body's immune system. (The details of this experiment can be read from Kaali's patent application.)

Similar effects were found by Dr. Robert Beck,.

The following is based from Don Croft's account and our own Clinical Experienes, ,

All parasites and diseased tissues are positively charged. The zappers introduces negative ions through the skin and into the body's living tissue, killing the parasites by reversing their polarity and also helping to heal the diseased tissue. Healthy tissue is negatively charged. The zapper's circuitry is built around an integrated circuit which emits a nice, positive offset square wave current . "Positive offset" is a wave form that has alternating current characteristics. This may be important in the long run because it won't alter the body's natural electromagnetic field polarity.

Many researches have discovered by different paths that very weak electric current eliminates parasites. They can't defend their positive polarity (shortage of electrons) against the introduction of a simple current, however, and they die very quickly in its presence (the worms in the picture below were freshly killed in the colon after a few minutes of zapping during a colon irrigation).

Just a quick note to let you know how much I Like the LifeStim. I haven't found any discomfort while using it and being able to have it going for a continuous period is great. Like the cuffs supplied as the keep it securely on my wrist
Mrs L Carson SA Australia

Parasites not only die when subjected to electricity, but disintegrate and are easily eliminated or assimilated as harmless nutrients. Viruses and fungi inside the cells, parasites in cysts, parasites with exoskeletons (like hookworms in the peripheral tissues), etc., will take longer to kill, but clearing the blood and lymphatic fluids, major organ ducts, intestinal and stomach lining, brain and central nervous system, of parasites early on will give your immune system a tremendous, immediate boost and when the hidden parasites come out of cysts and protected areas they are in for an unpleasant surprise.

Rife Frequencies

The Rife machines utilizes the law of resonance and produces possible health benefits for varied diseases, both chronic and infectious. Though the first Rife machines were used on diseases such as tuberculosis, arthritis, and ulcers, its more commonly know for its use on cancer, described by authors such as Barry Lynes, as "the cancer cure that worked."

The University of Southern California preformed clinical trials in 1934 with Rife machine technology on 16 terminally ill cancer patients and all 16 were cured within the trial period of 3 to 4 months. It is claimed that the treatment was painless, did not have side effects, did not harm healthy cells and did not include pharmaceutical treatment for the cancers

Rife machines work because of a principle in physics called sympathetic resonance.

It states that if there are two similar objects, and one of them is vibrating, the other will begin to vibrate as well, even if they are not touching. Take the tuning forks in the picture above. They are identical, tuning forks. If you tap either one, it will sound like the note "C" on a piano.

Most bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens, etc., have very weak outer cell walls and when the right "frequency" is aimed at them, they will dissolve and fall apart. For practical purposes, there is no danger to mammalian cell membranes and cell organelles, because they do not have structures that are permanently disrupted by Rife type type frequency technology.

You may recall the commercial where Ella Fitzgerald sings a high note and causes a crystal glass to shatter. This is the same principle at work. Sympathetic resonance, if strong enough, can cause the receiving object to explode.

The LifeStim has been a very useful adjunct to all the things that I work with. The freedom it offers because of its portability, and no wires to get tangled while I am trying to get things prepared is so useful. I will stay in touch . Thanks for being available.
I Popivich


The technique is simple. First you find somebody with perfect pitch and leather lungs. Then get a crystal glass and tap it with a spoon to determine its natural frequency of vibration (this varies with the glass). Next have the singer let loose with precisely the same note. When he or she is dead-on pitchwise, the glass will commence to resonate, i.e., vibrate. Then turn up the Vol. Bingo, instant ground glass.

John Crane, Philip Hoyland

"It has been well known by Rife, myself and others that a specific cancer virus causes the cancer which was long ago isolated by Royal R. Rife and cancer was cured by Rife in animals and in clinical tests with people and was published by the Smithsonian Report for 1944 on pages 193-220 as written by R. E. Seidel, M.D. (and see U.S. Government Printing Office Publication No. 3781 which has 5 plates of Rife’s microscopes). It was observed that electromagnetic energy utilizing a frequency of 2127 cycles per second, The audio frequencies that were used in the Rife Clinical Rife machines came about because Dr. Rife's engineer, Philip Hoyland, used audio frequencies to create high RF frequency sidebands that would hit higher harmonics of Dr. Rife's original high RF frequencies.

Hi Barry, Have received all my items - thanks so much. Have to say that I have already noticed how using the Lifestim seems to enhance the benefits I get from both the MWO and the Rife unit. Just such a great adjunct to the other units . I am really blessed to have access to these units and will certainly share the knowledge.
Mr R Lasiter Ohio

The Hulda Clark Parasite Zapper

.While there are many versions of Zappers available, I have found that both 30 kHz and 2.5 kHz frequencies are important. Actually the greater the number of frequencies that a zapper can produce, the better the chance of finding a frequency that can really help

A common thread among all electro-medical practitioners is that the treatments are completely safe and appear to stimulate the immune system, thereby heightening immune response to all invaders. So do electrical treatments kill off the dis-eases directly allowing the immune system to revive, or does heightened immune system response kill off the invading organisms?..they say it appears a mixture of both, although apparently no one really knows for sure, as yet.


Thank you for this little gem. I have been using it with my clients who have complimented me on its ability to free them from being confined to one spot while still allowing them to experience its benefits
MS K Barberent Ontario Canada


Life Stim

Two electrodes cover the two arteries on the wrist



We have added a carrier frequency 2.5 kHz that has long been used in electric acupuncture for years This is done to efficiently move the "LifeStim's" current through the skin, which is the body's capacitor and protects our inside from random electrical charges, like static.

273 of the most widely used and accepted Royal Rife, Bob Beck, John Crane, Hulda Clarks,,tumor, parasite Candida fungus Lyme and detox frequencies / harmonics ,,frequencies run one after the other,,program loops continuosly, as lomg as its turned on.

Light weight and compact,,easy to use

Fits snuggly on the wrist,,and the contacts are wide enough to fit most wrist sizes

Option for modulation On or Off

Wrist cuffs

No wires to tangle

Fully rechargable batteries and charger


Life Stim

Multiple frequency System

270 plus Frequencies
2.5 kHz carrier frequency
Light weight and compact,,easy to use
Fits snuggly on the wrist,,and the contacts are wide enough to fit most wrist sizes
Option for modulation On or Off
Wrist cuffs
No wires to tangle
Fully rechargable batteries and charger

Special Price


Measure Life Energy

The LM4 is obviously the ideal choice for Reichian research. Some popular applications include:

studying Orgone objectively in living things and the atmosphere
reproducing Wilhelm Reich's Orgone field meter experiments with high sensitivity
studying the growth cycle of Bion and cell culture without a microscope
testing Orgone, Radionic and Chi generators for their effective outp

Model LM4, Fully Portable and Battery Powered.
Comes with:
Built-In "Blue Square" Electrode (see photos)
External Glass Tube Electrode
Grounding Wire, for boosted sensitivity
Instruction Manual.


unit may be black or light grey
Units made to order



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