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There are neck massagers and there are neck MASSAGERS,,this is the optimum system for healing

A tension headache is the most common type of headache. It is pain or discomfort in the head, scalp, or neck, and is often associated with muscle tightness in the neck.Tension headaches occur when neck and scalp muscles become tense, or contract. The muscle contractions can be a response to stress, depression, head injury, or anxiety.

Any activity that causes the head to be held in 1 position for a long time without moving can cause a headache. Activities may include typing or other computer work, fine work with the hands, and using a microscope. Sleeping in a cold room or sleeping with the neck in an abnormal position may also trigger a tension headache.

They may occur at any age, but are most common in adults and older teens.

Neck Headache, or as it is known medically - Cervicogenic Headache, is a secondary headache disorder. In other words, your headache is caused by a neck joint problem. The good news is that by fixing your neck problem, your neck headache can be alleviated. Researchers feel that neck headache accounts for up to 22% of all headaches seen clinically. (Racicki et al 2013; Watson 2014)

Symptoms and Signs

Neck pain can feel like any of the following:

Stiff neck that makes turning the head difficult
Sharp or stabbing pain in one spot
Soreness or tenderness in a general area
Pain that radiates down into the shoulders, arms, or fingers; or radiates up into the head
tingling in the arms,
muscle pain,
stiff neck,
throat pain,
weakness of the arms.

Your neck headache can originate from a variety of musculoskeletal and neurovascular structures in your upper neck; including the upper three neck joints, C2/3 disc, spinal cord coverings and neck muscles. A dysfunction in these areas can trigger pain signals that travel to your trigeminocervical nucleus (TCN) in your brainstem. This information is then transmitted into your brain and interpreted as a headache (Bogduk 2003).

Neck Muscles

Your neck and shoulder muscles that originate from your neck will cause pain if they are overworking, knotted or in spasm.

A stiff neck is typically characterized by soreness and difficulty moving the neck, especially when trying to turn the head to the side. A stiff neck may be accompanied by a headache, shoulder pain, or arm pain and cause the individual to turn the entire body – as opposed to the neck – to try to look to the side.

Do You Have Computer Neck?

When we sit in front of a computer, books, drafting plans, or whatever forces us to hunch forward continuously, we go into—and perpetuate—a physical state requiring low energy to sustain. The body, over time, will adapt to this state, shortening muscles, ligaments and fascia in response to saving energy. It’s efficient, but entropy increases and breakdown/deterioration speeds up—this leads to a hunched forward posture and the spine also molds to accommodate the other tissue changes. I call this posture: computer neck syndrome.

Obviously, this gravity-induced posture will lead to pain, muscular imbalances and increased deterioration...Source


Some of your neck muscles overwork when protecting injured neck joints. Other neck muscles become weak with disuse, which places further demand on your overworking muscles resulting in muscle fatigue related symptoms.

Your neck muscles work optimally when they have normal resting tension, length, strength, power and endurance.

Risk factors for neck pain include injury from involvement in contact sports, motor-vehicle accidents, bull or bronco horse riding, etc. Prevention of neck pain in the context of these activities should include neck strengthening exercises and often regular neck massage.

Does Massage help Neck, Pain ???

How Massage Helps

Regular neck massage helps keep your entire neck free of pain, When you're suffering from neck pain, the neck massager will focus the treatment,for deep penetrating relief,,way more efficent than trying to massage yourself :)

A Few years ago the question used to be – Does massage help neck pain? Since then there have been numerous studies which have led medical practitioners to advocate neck massage therapy as a safe, non-invasive, low risk method for controlling neck pain. Massage provides physical benefits by manipulating soft tissueswhich leads to pain alleviation. In addition to physical benefits Neck massage provides psychological comfort by release of ‘endorphins’ (feel good chemicals) in the body.

Remember that after a neck strain/sprain, the muscles in the neck will often become tight, guarding the affected area and limiting motion and mobility. Anything that can be done to safely alleviate muscle tension, improve range of motion, and promote blood circulation to the affected area, is going to help the healing process.

Massaging for neck Pain

Improved blood circulation: When you use The Ultimate neck massager, it results in faster blood circulation that helps release toxins faster from the body and provides nutrition to tired muscles and tissues. This aids not only for neck relaxation and rejuvenation but also helps fight soft tissues injury and muscle soreness.

Sports persons use massage therapy tools on a regular basis to help recover from a hard day’s training....

Reduced muscle tension –Generally a neck massage once a day is good to keep your neck muscles happy. But if you have a busy or stressful lifestyle, which makes you drive long hours, or spend long hours standing or worse, spend continuous long hours working on screen, you are putting your neck and shoulder under considerable stress. To take care of your taut & overworked muscles you need to use a neck massage therapy unit frequently.

"Neck pain is common among adults, but it can occur at any age. In the course of a year, about 15% of US adults have neck pain that lasts at least one full day.1Neck pain can develop suddenly, such as from an injury, or it may develop slowly over time, such as from years of poor posture or wear and tear. "

For many living with chronic neck pain, conventional treatments such as medications or physiotherapy care won’t always provide relief.

"The Ultimate neck massager" massages the pressure points in your neck and thereby increasing blood circulation in the neck muscles. It’s known to be incredibly beneficial in relieving the neck pain as well as helping the body regain energetic homeostasis thereby improving the overall health of the person..

Some benefits
Relaxing your body muscles
Reducing stiffness and soreness of neck muscles
Improving the flexibility of muscles
Providing relief against headaches, migraine headaches, and neck pain
Relieving whiplash pain
Improving neck function
Reducing stress, depression, and anxiety

The Ultimate Neck massage


The Ultimate neck massager is a new generation of innovative health care product based on developments in physics,bionics and micro electronic technology.It combines a large number of clinical practices to produce a personal massager experience for the user.The massager unit has a steamlined design,:it can help alleviate neck discomfort and neck fatigue,and has a micro heat function through three-point pressure massage plus vibration massager.

The Ultimate Neck Massager

Vibration massager
Micro heat function
power supply

Ultimate Neck Massager


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