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Electrosmog from Computers and Laptops

"Electromagnetic pollution (or EMF pollution) is a term given to all the man-made electromagnetic fields (EMFs) of various frequencies, which fill our homes, workplaces and public spaces. When we call something in our environment a pollutant, we are implying that it is somehow harmful to nature and to ourselves"

You probably are reading this on a computer. Who doesn’t use a computer today? I happily live without a cell phone but I’d find it very hard to get by without using a computer.In fact, you probably spend many hours a day in front of a computer at work or home. And that exposes you to potential health risks from EMFs emanating from both your computer itself and your monitor.

EMFs and Radiation from Your Computer

Computers are not as harmless as they might seem.

Your computer, whether it is a desktop or a laptop, emits EMFs. The closer you are to the computer, the stronger the electromagnetic field. Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) don’t only come from your computer screen. The electronics inside your computer generate a powerful EMF. The main low-frequency emitters inside your computer case are the power supply, and the disc drive motors. The power supply generates a constant EMF. The disc drive only generates an EMF when it is busy reading or writing data, which is pretty much all the time if you are using your computer.

Just because the EMF only extends 18 iniches does not mean it is weak or harmless. Right at the source, the EMF might be very strong, perhaps 40 or 50 milligauss (mG). A borderline safe level is 1 mG

"Exposure to emf fields, cause nerve and muscle stimulation and changes in nerve cell excitability in the central nervous system."

External drives generate as much EMR as those inside a computer

Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) produce some of the largest EMFs found in the office

Routers, modems and network hubs and switches – if used wirelessly will produce a powerful radio-frequency EMF which extends for many meters. If they are used in wired mode, they still produce low-frequency radiation

Transformers and charger units for all of the above (and also for anything else) produce a low-frequency EMF which can be powerful, especially with older units.

In tests It has been found that laptops do not necessarily emit higher levels of radiation than desktops. EMF emissions vary from brand to brand and can even vary between different models of the same brand.
• The only way to know for sure your exposure levels is to measure with an EMF meter. To get a complete picture you need to measure the RF radiation levels, magnetic fields and electric fields, which usually means buying several meters. Start by buying a basic EMF meter.


Close Proximity of EMFs

All computers emit radiation or electromagnetic fields (EMFs) on many different frequencies. These EMFs can be extremely harmful to your health. Cancer and other serious diseases have been linked to these exposures – studies indicate pregnant women and small children are particularly vulnerable.

Potential long-term effects

"Much of the scientific research examining long-term risks from ELF magnetic field exposure has focused on childhood leukaemia. In 2002, IARC published a monograph classifying ELF magnetic fields as "possibly carcinogenic to humans". This classification is used to denote an agent for which there is limited evidence of carcinogenicity in humans and less than sufficient evidence for carcinogenicity in experimental animals (other examples include coffee and welding fumes). This classification was based on pooled analyses of epidemiological studies demonstrating a consistent pattern of a two-fold increase in childhood leukaemia associated with average exposure to residential power-frequency magnetic field above 0.3 to 0.4 µT. The Task Group concluded that additional studies since then do not alter the status of this classification."
World Health org

It’s been shown that EMF strength decreases with distance. Studies have shown that exposure above two milliGauss (mG) can begin to harm biological organisms. At a distance of three feet, you probably are above that level of exposure. If you are four inches or less away – such as when you are holding your laptop on your lap – your exposure might be as high as 20 mG. This level of exposure has been linked to many problems, from fatigue to immune suppression to cancer.

Is Computer Radiation Damaging Your Health?

Computers today generate both low-frequency and radio-frequency EMR. Both types of radiation are potentially harmful – even the World Health Organisation now calls them possible carcinogens (i.e. they may cause cancer).

In fact, this radiation has been linked with many serious diseases:
Heart Disease
Hormone imbalances
Damage to nerves, immune system and reproductive systems
Laptop Radiation & Male Infertility The use of laptops (especially when situated on the lap near the reproductive organs) has been connected to male infertility (Journal of Human Reproduction). Theories why include the heat from the machine itself on the scrotum, or radiation from the EMF at such a close distance.

There are five major sources of EMF exposure that we are surrounded by on a daily basis and they are 1.Electric fields (emanating from anything containing electricity including lamps, wiring, computers , outlets, electrical appliances)
2.Magnetic fields (a major source is the main power meter for the house, also electric clock radios) 3.Power lines (both above and underground)
4.Metal plumbing (older metal plumbing carries a current)
5.Wireless communications (including cell towers, cell phones, wireless routers, cordless phones).

Emergency Room Physician Discusses Electrohypersensitivity

Symptoms of EMF Exposure

Symptoms of frequent and prolonged EMF exposure are often dismissed as being caused by stress, overwork, or just getting older. These include
Sleep disturbances
Concentration and memory disorders
Skin prickling, itching, burning or flushing sensations on the face or elsewhere
Uncomfortable, dry or swollen mucous membranes in the throat, ears or sinuses
Muscle and joint pains
Heart palpitations

Many people work with their laptop actually on their laps, in trains, planes, or just at home. This is the way to get maximum EMF exposure, especially to the reproductive organs.

Whether you are electrosensitive or just eager to take protective measures to protect you and your family

Many people feel so overwhelmed by this issue of EMR that they just give up on it. They think that it really is not possible to live in the modern world without being exposed to radiation from one source or another, all day long.

But with a little knowledge, it is possible,

Any source of EMR creates a field of energy around it, called the electromagnetic field, or EMF. This field is strongest right at the source and gets progressively weaker the further away you are from the source — like heat from a fire

The good news is that electric fields exposure can be helped fairly easily by using Computer Radiation Suppressor on or near your computer equipment – you can expect a reduction in many symptoms and a gradual reduction in other symptoms simply by using the Computer Radiation Suppressor.


.Watch this video and see how effectivly this Computer Radiation Suppressor works,,its in chinese but watching the meter used makes it quite obviouse that this is a magor break through Click here

Computer Radiation Suppressor

The first computer radiation suppressors in the world

Computer Radiation Protector
All leads and usb conections
Automatic detection
Voice prompt

Watch the video


LCD Digital Electromagnetic EMF Meter Tester

Maximum reading low-frequency 1999V/M / High Frequency 1999µW/cm2.
Level: low-frequency V/m, high-frequency: µW/cm2
Measurement time intervals: 0.4 seconds
Operation voltage: 9V
Power by : 6F22 9V battery (not included)
Measure frequency range: 50HZ-2000MHZ
Dimension: Approx. 132 x 70 x 30m
Easy and Convenient to use
for measuing houshold magnetic fields



TECMAN Genuine electromagnetic radiation radiometer instrument measuring the magnetic field radiation tester gauss meter


Electromagnetic Radiation Tester Electromagnetic EMF Magnetic Electric Field MicroTesla V/m Tester Meter Detector .

This EMF meter has the following features:
• One instrument with two uses. It can test the electric field and magnetic field radiation at the same time
• Sound-light alarm, when the test resilt exceeds the safe value, the instrument will alarm automatically
• Data locking, one-key lock of the radiation value

Technical Parameters:
• Unit: electric field: V / m, the magnetic field: µT
• Accuracy: electric: 1V / m, magnetic 0.01µT
• Range: electric: 1-1999V / m, magnetic 0.01-19.99µT
Not including the batteries


Sensitive Pen Shaped Electromagnetic Radiation Detector Tester

1.For the environment electromagnetic radiation testing: bedroom, office, computer room, control room, cable, power lines, monitors, transmitters and other sources of test analysis.
2.Used in home electrical equipment, measurement of electromagnetic radiation: GMS cell, High-tension wires, Circuit Obstructed Computer, hair drier, Circuit Obstructed TV, induction cooker and other sources of test analysis.

1.Simple operation, fast measurement of the electrical appliances, wires and industrial equipment around the intensity of electromagnetic radiation.
2.Test band width can be divided into high-frequency, low-frequency two steps of measurement.
3.Test accuracy, the lowest frequency of measurement of electromagnetic radiation up to 5Hz.
4.Value for money, easy to carry.
5.Designed to meet CE industrial standard.

Detect range: 50uw/cm?2;
Power Supply: 1.5V(AAA) x 2 (not included)
Size: 148 x 20 x 25mm

MicroTesla EMF Meter


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