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Bob Beck's qualifications as a researcher is that he's a physicist and formerly a consultant to the Sandia Corp, Senior Staff Scientist at Eyring Research Institute, and consultant to the US Navy. Besides his impressive qualifications this is a man you have to admire just for his courage. Although the USA is a country whose government does all it can to make its citizens submissive unquestioning sheep, amongst them are a few who think for themselves and stand head and shoulders above the rest because of the strength of their spirit which must speak the truth they have discovered.

They are like John the Baptist shouting in the wilderness, living to tell it like it is though ridiculed and oppressed by the governing powers. Such a man is Bob Becks. He choose to live on the edge and proclaim what he knows about this miraculous breakthrough in bio-technology that threatens to undermine one of the major financial pillars of the USA, the drug based medical system.

As Bob Beck has said, the only thing keeping the devices and procedures mentioned in these pages from working is if a person doesn't use them. Too many times I have listened to people complain repeatedly about their health problems, declaring they are willing to do almost anything to get relief. Yet these same people somehow never quite manage to actually do anything.

Its a Blood Zapper

Blood Electrification..
For Informational and Educational Purposes Only. Not intended as Medical Advice.
Climaxing centuries of medical research, an "accidental" re-discovery at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in 1990 resulted in a reliable, positive, reproducible and recently patented (U.S.#5,188,738) cure for "incurable" diseases including AIDS, cancer, gulf war syndrome, biological warfare plagues plus emerging viruses. Essentially it consists of passing microcurrents through flowing blood, which is now proven to eliminate all infections and quickly restore damaged immune systems. This appears to have been suppressed because electromedicine instead of pharmaceuticals drastically limits cartel profits and re-empowers patients' sovereignty over all diseases. Strangely, it was never again mentioned except in Science News, March 30, 1991, page 207. After obtaining simple instruments described in this paper, there are never any other costs .

A Brain Tuner

..."Bob Beck Brain Tuner/Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation* invented in the early 1980s. There are later BT's that have been refined. The Brain Tuner balances the left and right brain hemispheres, balances brain chemistry thereby neutralizing addictions and allergies and reduces stress. It neutralizes depression, anxiety and promotes endorphin production. It seems to promote formation of dendrites resulting in a higher IQ. Over thirty years of research all over the world shows that this type of technology can neutralize hard-core alcoholism in appox 5-7 days for most individuals. Most people are no longer addicted after that time. Cocaine, heroin and meth-amphetamines/ect., ect. is cleared in 5-7 days generally speaking. Cigarettes are more difficult to neutralize quickly because research has proven nicotine to be three times more addictive than heroin. Usually within 2-3 weeks nicotine addiction is neutralized."...

Mental and emotional benefits
Some research suggests that subtle energies may be linked to improved memory, creativity, learning, and intelligence. Using the Brain Tuner requires no special effort, training or discipline. The Brain Tuner is preset to run for a 5-10-20 minute sessions. Most individuals describe the experience as being one of focused deep relaxation, even when high emotional tension has been present. Following the normal 2 to 3 week application routine, many individuals experience significant positive changes in their lives and in their relationships with others. Many users experience a more positive, energetic outlook, better mental clarity and feelings of improved self-esteem. The many daily challenges of life seem easier to handle and negative reaction to environmental stress and tension are diminished. Many individuals have reported that previous negative habits and behavior patterns gradually diminish with time.

Cumulative beneficial effects in 1-3 weeks
The numerous benefits of the Brain Tuner tend to be cumulative in nature and gradually reveal themselves over a period of 1 to 3 weeks. Change is spontaneous and effortless. Since 1985, thousands of individuals have discovered the Brain Tuner relaxation system. Join them now and discover today's most powerful technology for positive change and well-being

The Full BT6-BT11 Beck Protocol
1000.00 Hz + 111.00 Hz

Built in frequencies
0.5 Hz
1.5 Hz
5.0 Hz
7.83 Hz
100.00 Hz

Over 500 Harmonic frequencies

Colloidal Silver Generator
This is another treatment that does get to the cells. Colloidal silver is an antimicrobial nutrient and is relatively safe for humans, pets and plants. When the colloidal silver is absorbed by a cell, it will probably kill the microbe inside the cell, thus allowing the cell to revert back into a normal healthy cell. It greatly assists in eliminating pathogens and guards against opportunistic infections. It can be used anywhere in or on the body. More
Possible ways of Enhancing the action of Colloidal Silver
Other Established uses of Colloidal Silver
How is silver used today in medical applications?

Natural health practitioners have for years recommended taking one tablespoon daily, for four days, to establish a level, then one teaspoon daily for maintenance (proportional to body weight for children). After six weeks, a pause of several weeks has also been recommended by some natural healing arts doctors. Also, colloidal silver can be applied directly to cuts, scrapes, and open sores, or on a bandage for warts. It can be applied on eczema, itches, acne or bug bites. To purify water, add one tablespoon per gallon, shake well and wait six minutes. Mixed this way, it's tasteless.What Exactly Is Colloidal Silver?

In "Use of Colloids in Health and Disease", author Dr. Henry Crooks says that colloidal silver is highly germicidal. In laboratory test he found that "all fungus, virus, bacterium, streptococcus, staphylococcus, and other pathogenic organisms are killed in three or four minutes. In fact, there is no microbe known that is not killed by colloidal silver in six minutes or less in a dilution as little as 5 parts per million. Dr. Crooks found colloidal silver particularly effective in intestinal problems, and tells us there are no serious effects whatsoever from normal concentrations.

In "Colloidal Silver" by The Association for Colloidal Research, it is reported that: "Medical Journal Reports and documented studies spanning 100 years indicate no known side effects from oral or I.V. administration of properly manufactured and sensible use of Colloidal Silver in animal or human testing."..."There has never been a reported reaction with Colloidal Silver and any prescription medication..."

In Perceptions Magazine May/June 1996, Mark Metcalf states: "I made a 16-ounce solution of well over 250 PPM and drank it. I repeated this procedure four days in a row, daily ingesting at least the equivalent of a 5-ppm solution! I did not eat yogurt or acidophilus or compensate for friendly bacteria loss in any way. The only side effect was that I seemed to feel better!"

The evidence appears to support the theory that colloidal silver is highly effective against all strains of pathogenic bacteria, while any one antibiotic is only effective against a few certain bacterial strains. Furthermore, antibiotics have never been effective against viruses, yeast, or fungi. Yet, researchers are telling us that colloidal silver has produced phenomenal results in tissue healing and reconstruction as well as reducing scar tissue in clinical tests. Severe cuts and wounds have healed in much less time."

The BBZap offers the following features and also enhancements compared to the previous models

LED Screen
Built-in 5-60 minute digital timer
Very simple operation
Advanced microcomputer operation. The software routine is written by Altered States to ensure consistent and reliable output.
Compact and lightweight
Low battery warning
Fully Rechargeable Batteries
Intensity Control
Silver Contacs
Wrist strap, Cotton Sleves
Saline Bottle
Pair of silver wires plus leads
Warranty is 1 year



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