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I am well aware of the fact that the human race has known about the existence of a universal energy related to
life for many ages. However, the basic task of natural science consisted of making this energy useable.
This is the sole difference between my work and all preceding knowledge.”

Wilhelm Reich M.D. 1897—1957


Orgone energy, the creative force in nature

Orgone energy is a term coined by psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich in the late 1930s for a proposed universal creative substratum in nature. He claimed that orgone was the massless, omnipresent medium for electromagnetic and gravitational phenomena, a Luminiferous aether from which all matter arises. It is in constant motion, is attracted to itself and “contradicts” the law of entropy. It forms units that are the foci of creative activity, whether bions, clouds and galaxies, causing spontaneous generation of living organisms out of non-living matter. It can be accumulated in an insulated Faraday cage called an "orgone accumulator" and directed by a cloudbuster.Reich held that certain forms of illness were the consequence of depletion or blockages of the orgone energy within the body.


John Stuart Mill said that "mankind can hardly be too often reminded, that there was once a man named Socrates, between whom and the legal authorities and public opinion of his time, there took place a memorable collision [so that Socrates was] put to death as a criminal."

In a similar vein, Americans can hardly be too often reminded that there was once a man named Wilhelm Reich who died in an American federal prison on charges which today would be laughed out of any court.

Visibly seen by Reich, Orgone was observed as a bio-electrical charge whose flow within the body could be seen as waves passing through his clinical patients as they experienced intense emotional breakthroughs. Later, in the 1930s, to confirm his visual observations, Reich was able to objectively measure the movements of this energy.


To better understand the flow and functions of this energy, Reich sought to observe and study simple microscopic protozoa. While preparing the conditions that would produce the protozoans (a simple grass infusion), he saw small, round, blue-glowing vesicles, (a vesicle is a small bladder, cell, bubble or hollow structure) form along the grass edges. These small vesicles, which Reich later called ‘bions’, actually broke free, regrouped into clumps, formed outer membranes, and eventually swam off as new amoebas and paramecium. Further, he found that sterilising the preparations only accelerated the biogenesis – the creation of living organisms from matter. (Reich is not the only person to document this phenomena, although it is yet to reach the text books of orthodox western science & medicine. See L. Kervran, Biological Transmutations.)

...unlike Sir Isaac Newton, Reich was not willing to stand upon the shoulders of giants. He stood only as high as his own experiences would allow, and from this low perch imagined himself to be a lone eagle soaring higher than any other man had ever reached. --Roger M. Wilcox

Discovery of Orgone Energy
To isolate the culture dishes from other sources of possible radiation, Reich built a wire Faraday Cage (an electromagnetically shielded enclosure) and covered it with cotton and wood. After looking at several culture dishes inside this box through a small opening, he observed flashes of light and bluish vapours originating from the bion cultures. More remarkably, when he took the culture dishes out, this visible radiation could still be seen with the naked eye. Reich called this radiation, Orgone Energy.

Accumulating Orgone Energy
Further experimenting revealed that certain organic materials cold attract and hold Orgone energy, while other materials would also attract but then repel it. Reich then built a layered enclosure and accidentally found that free-form atmospheric Orgone could be accumulated and concentrated inside. Several experiments later confirmed that there was “something different” about the atmosphere inside an Orgone accumulator that didn't conform to standard physics. Orgone Accumulator Building Plans

Orgone and the Human Body.
In the human body, Orgone energy is naturally replaced by eating food, especially raw food, which breaks down into bions through digestion. Breathing also takes in Orgone energy directly from the atmosphere. When done consciously, this breathing is called Pranayama and is well practiced in many Eastern cultures. The skin also absorbs Orgone energy, especially when exposed to sunlight, which Reich felt was a major source of Orgone energy in the atmosphere.

These sources refuel the energy at the biological core and the natural metabolism cycle of tension-charge-discharge-relaxation throughout the body. In a healthy individual, these functions are uninhibited.


Orgone is the universal Life force, the basic building block of all organic and inorganic matter on the material planet. Coined by Dr. Wilhelm Reich, Orgone has been called by the Great mystics and philosophers; Chi, Prana or simply the Force. Dr. Reich, an Austrian scientist, philosopher and psychoanalyst; developed a technology to tap into the Cosmic Orgone Sea to provide a continuous stream of Life-force energy.

The possible uses for this device are only limited by your imagination. for less than the cost of a Doctor’s visit, you could have in your hands, a device that could lead to the end of all disease. Reported to help Cancer, Aids, not to mention a few more mundane illnesses like Allergies, Asthma, Chronic fatigue and Candida. Why have I not heard Orgone? Money and power pure and simple, the AMA scared of losing it’s monopoly on medicine ($$$$), conducted a witchhunt which ultimately led to Dr. Reich's death in jail for this cutting edge technology.

First the Honeybees, Now the Birds, Next … Humans?

Throughout history, humans have used life force for many purposes. This use of life force, or orgone, was always the result of practical experience.

We can safely assume that early humans felt life force, just as most humans of our days can feel this energy, once they have been made aware of its existence. In many cultures, they also noticed that life force can be directed. The practices of yoga and Chi Gong emerged from such knowledge. Some people realized that it was life force, which was the "motor" of anything that is callaed "paranormal" in our otherwise "enlightened" times. In fact, nothing that is the result of appplied orgone energy is "para" (beyond) normal. In fact, it belongs to the normal interaction of humans, if not all living beings that we know of, with their environments.

Why an Orgone Zapper?

Why not try something that you only have to purchase once, and causes no negative side effects.As we have read Orgone is the platform from which all life originates; you are healing from the ground up. Not only will you heal the disease with the Orgone zapper but with continued use begin to lay the foundation for true health and happiness. The positive side effects of repetitive Orgone use are; increased physical energy, sound restful sleep, reduced anxiety, the rising of the libido and the enhance-ment of your mind. Positive states of consciousness require more energy than cynicism, anger, fear or grief. If you are frustrated, bitter and generally disillusioned in life, you fundamentally have an energy problem. The solution is more Life force or Orgone.

I ordered a zapper from you and have been wearing it for around 2 months now. I am not normally one to write testimonials, but I have been so impressed I just wanted to let you know. I am an acupuncturist/herbalist and so I'm no stranger to complementary medicine.
I had been meaning to try the zapper for a while, but it Was Rayelan's message about it on RMN that finally convinced me to buy it. I have no major health issues, but from the first day I used it I have been enjoying profound, restful sleep (I had a sleep disorder for about the past 6 months), And extraordinary dreams
Mary C.... more >>>

Benefits of Orgone Zapping

The Orgone Zapper Destroys Parasites(Viruses, Bacteria, Worms, Yeast, Fungi, etc.)Throughout The Body! Combining the research of Dr. Hulda Clark and Wilhelm Reich, inventor Don Croft has combined developed a revolutionary new electro-medicine device, the Orgone Blood “Zapper.” This small, hand held device introduces a small electrical current into the blood thereby killing parasites, fungus, viruses, yeast and bacteria in the blood. A Reichean orgone generator has been added which restores vital life energy to the body. Great for parasite, bacterial or yeast related illnesses, or for general detox and cleansing of the blood. Smaller, more convenient and more effective than conventional zappers. Can be worn on the body.

Zapping for an hour in the morning and an hour in the evening, daily, for three or four weeks will destroy even the most severe infestations of pathogenic organisms in the body, as Dr. Clark has claimed, but will not harm human tissue or beneficial flora. Most people have found relief from a variety of chronic and acute conditions within days and even minutes of zapping.

Although Dr. Clark recommends holding copper-pipe electrodes in the hands during three cycles of 7 minutes on, 20 minutes off, Don Croft, manufacturer of the Orgone Zapper, noticed long ago that if one simply puts the electrodes anywhere securely against the body for an hour, exactly the same results are obtained. He now uses pennies as electrodes because the political statement is too good to pass up.

The Center for Disease Control recently discovered that the average American has 2 pounds of parasites (around 300 species). Why not unload these passengers? There are several versions of zappers on the market from at least 4 inventors. The original circuit from which Dr. Clark's was most likely developed was invented in the 1970's by Clifford Harrelson, who lives in Ashland, Oregon. In particular, we have found that the very low current (4.5mA, max) put out by this zapper is more effective, overall, than the higher current put out by some of our competitors' versions.

This principle (that very low electrical current kills parasites) was discovered accidentally by researchers at Albert Einstein Medical School when a bare wire accidentally fell into a human tissue culture of the AIDS virus, destroying the virus but not harming the human tissue.


Cuts,scrapes,wounds,infections heal rapidly
Eliminates sinus infections quickly
Quickly reduces pain
Flu and colds gone in record time
Improved mental clarity
Improved sleep and better dreams
Stops Ulcers
Dead tapeworms in the toilet after a week or so
Carpel tunnel syndrome gone in a day or so
Yeast and Candida-type fungi within a month
Eyes less bloodshot
Skin tone immediately improved
Helps remove heavy metals and organic toxins
Establishes normal PH within a few days (Smokers
Acne disappears in a short time
Psoriasis short time
Earache disappears
Improves Organ efficiency when zapper is placed over
Reduces symptoms of PMS
Less more migraines
Less more depression
Stops itching
Ringworm gone the next day
Breathing improves
Less body,breath and foot ordor.

Many people notice positive emotional effects in the presence of orgone generators. Mood and emotions tend to elevate. Some people who have trouble falling asleep report that they can sleep better and more soundly with an orgone generator in the bedroom. Many people have noticed that plants grow more vigorously in the vicinity of an orgone generator.It's fascinating to observe its effects on people unaware of its capabilities. Some people bring them to work and notice that the office environment becomes friendlier and less competitive.

The Orgone Zapper

An Orgone zapper created by Don Croft is an advancement of Dr. Reich original technology. The zapper consists of two components the Orgone and a modified electrical circuit. The Orgone is layers of Organic and metallic matter. The combination of the two creates a very concentrated amount of Life-force energy, driven into the body by an earth magnet. The electrical component contains a mobius coil, (a sacred geometric symbol representing the intersection of two dimensions); a 9V battery modulated by two crystals an amethyst and a garnet gemstone. The coil stimulates the latent Kundalini energy in the body, the current kills the parasites and the viruses in the body and the Orgone infuses Life-force within the immune system and the physical body; increasing the overall energy levels and thereby the functionality of the mind and the body.

My Mini-Zapper is performing flawlessly...I believe my system is de-toxed, I feel more energetic...this past week-end I drove to NH and back, 1,600 miles and felt good when arriving back at home. Also, for the past 2 years, I have had a pain in my lower neck on the right-hand side, nothing serious, just aggravating at times...that condition has disappeared.
Wayne B.
... more >>>

Croft's zapper

Micro Zapper

A basic zapper utilizing a 9 volt battery generating 15Hz. 15 Hz is apparently the target frequency to which the Schumann (earth) resonance has been increasing for the past several years. This zapper will eliminate all Parasites and viruses like the Orgone zapper. It is a lower cost alternative. In our lifetime we may see a dramatic shift in human consciousness which will no longer allow parasitic energies to influence us in the world at large as well as in our bodies. Discernment will return! Comes with a velcro strap and cable for radionics applications.

The Large Orgone Pyramid

The Original Orgone Pyramid


The substances that are placed in the Orgone mix vary from Gold, Silver, platinum, copper, brass in addition to the traditional steel.They never use Aluminum as that can attract DOR according to Reich. Every Pyramid is unique, They never replicate formulas and make them based on intuitive inspiration.

The Manufacturer has seen Orgone Pyramids clear homes extremely effectively, There was even a building in the East Village that was haunted that had not been rented in over 15 years. On a lark, They were given an opportunity to clear a landmark building in the East Village in Manhattan; the German Polyclinic on St. Marks. The building rented two weeks later. Autistic kids respond well to Orgone, they calm down in it's presence. Orgone has been known to promote lucid dreaming, it even made the transition for his mother to the etheric plane a peaceful process.

Thank you !!

I must say that the pyramid is more powerful than, I could ever Imagine. Since I ordered the pyramid we sold our apartment which had been on the market for over a year. The same day we were offered a rental apartment much bigger and nicer than the one we have for half the money we pay today. Now we are about to sell our restaurant which have been for sale for over two years now. Suddenly we have two buyers interested! I didn´t have so big expectation on the pyramid, I just wanted it to create harmonic energy in my home for me and my family. I´m very grateful!!!!!!!


The Orgone devices are now made where they will keep evolving and growing in power, this is something that other Orgone practitioners have not been able to do." I clear all my units that I have ever made periodically, this is in addition to any work with them that you may be doing." Orgone has it's own consciousness so pay attention to what it is telling you and give it some feedback too! The making of Orgone is an Alchemical act, the consciousness of the artist is embedded in the devices. This is why I do not out-source the making of Orgone.

6.5" high and 4" at the base. Please specify color, variation;. Orgone has been used in the past by the US government for weather control. It was soon abandoned when it could not be adapted as a weapon. Orgone will only create balance, the crystals act as a convertor for dor or negative energy to orgone. It is always good to periodically run water over Orgone to completely clear your device.

Orgone Healing Disc

Orgone Healing Disc - 7 inches in diameter and a 1/2 inch thick, these Orgone discs can be used to purify food or water or as a tool to reduce chronic pain for healers or personal use. Orgone was originally discovered by Dr. Wilhelm Reich; a psychoanalyst who trained under Sigmund Freud at the Vienna Institute in Austria in the early 1920's. These beautiful discs contain steel, copper, silver as well as crystals and high quality epoxy resin. The metals refract the Chi or cosmic energy, while the resin captures the frequencies to contain high quantities of life force energy that can be used to clear a home and heal the mind and the body. High levels of life force energy lead to abundance and happiness over a period of time.

Orgone disc


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