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You Know More Than You Think

Literally. Our bodies know infinities. The ancient subconscious mind does not think. It does not question. It simply knows - instantly. Without words. And what it knows is nothing short of miraculous.
Applied kinesiology and the extraordinary database of subconscious information we all have is now available to everyone - anytime and anywhere they want.

TruTester lets you know things that defy description or explanation

TruTester activates the ancient part of your brain so that you actually perceive reality before consciousness separated us from the world. You will see energy. You will experience in real time the magnificent state of silent knowledge as described by my teacher, Carlos Castaneda. This unforgettable event finds you in a state where you "know everything." And it is life-changing.

You will understand things that cannot be explained
but you will prove them to be 100% true.

I will show you how to "see" the contents of unopened packages. You will learn how to read minds over great distances. I reveal secret techniques you can use to find cheating spouses and expose duplicitous salesmen as you tap into an amazing ability you don't even know you have: to know virtually anything you want - even from the ancient past - secrets of the pyramids, UFOs and alien beings plus more...

Prepare To Be Amazed

Use TruTester as a remote lie and truth detector. TT accesses Thought Energy and makes you go weak if the person tested is lying - and keeps you strong when they're telling the truth. No lie!

Thoughts are REAL. The first test you'll perform will show how you go 17% weaker when you say the word No. You will learn how to read minds in 5 seconds using a secret technique plus much more...

Abe Rennison was offered a better job at better pay but TT said, "Don't take it!" Just one month later he learned that the owner was in rehab & the company had filed for bankruptcy! TT paid for itself in just one quick test!

I lost 20 pounds in thirty days when I used TT to discover a core belief that was keeping me overweight. It was one of the most exciting discoveries I've ever made.

TruTester saved my life when it diagnosed a cancer on my back. What makes TT so important is that I never would have gone to the doctor for a simple test. But because I had a TT I could make this life- saving diagnosis!

Use TruTester to determine what foods, vitamins, supplements, herbs, essences, are good for you. TT can locate the sources of your allergies and ailments in just a few seconds.

Everett Ling found a great house at an incredible price. But strangely TT said No. Hunh? He still decided to buy and then just two weeks after closing he found black mold - a problem that has cost him thou$ands.

More on Kenesiology


30% OFF!!

You get TruTester, 2- hour Video CD, Guidebook & Game!


TruTester owners include Sting, Paul Shaffer, Sammy Figueroa, Sting's wife, Trudy - even the Pentagon!

Teach your kids how artificial sweetener makes them go weak!

How name calling makes you, them and anyone watching instantly lose all strength.

Kids learn to trust and use their intuition - so they don't lose this valuable tool when they become adults.

In 1964 Dr. George Goodheart made the amazing discovery that the body cannot lie to itself. When we lie, we go weak. When we hold something that is bad for us, we go weak. When anyone looks at a picture of Adolph Hitler, he goes weak. When anyone listens to rap music, he goes weak - even the rappers themselves!

He called his discovery Applied Kinesiology, and in 2001 TIME magazine cited him as one of the top 100 innovators in medicine of all time.

For over forty years AK has been a powerful diagnostic tool used in the exclusive realm of doctors, chiropractors and psychiatrists. Now my invention lets anyone tap into the powerful database of the subconscious mind and INSTANTLY USE THE OTHER 94% OF OUR BRAINS!


All-Knowing is a natural state -

not knowing is unnatural

You get TruTester, 2- hour Video CD, Guidebook & Game!


AMAZING UPDATE: Users are reporting that when they use TT to investigate their core beliefs a "very strong thought" interrupts you and speaks to you with a profound insight.

This is what Carlos Castaneda called "the voice of seeing." And this is the most incredible advancement in applied kinesiology I can possibly imagine. No longer is AK restricted to simple Yes and No answers! Now you can get in-depth knowledge of the most personal nature imaginable from your higher self -- in plain English!

As one user was investigating her panic attacks the voice came out of nowhere and said, "Fear is not fact."

She was stunned! That night she went to bed feeling the most amazing sense of calm and self-assurance she's ever known. She realized her fears were her own creation: not fact.

And this is only possible with TT. During self inquiry with TT you enter into an amazing state of focus as you privately speak with your omniscient self. After just a few minutes you complete some extraordinary connection -- and it speaks back! This is a connection that you cannot create using standard two-person AK. I call this new therapy A.S.K. - applied self kinesiology.

We are in the process of conducting further research in preparation for publication of a paper in a peer-reviewed journal as this stands to be the most remarkable advancement in self-help therapy of all time: talk therapy from your own higher self!

The TruTester Game is the original "Moment of Truth" game seen on Fox. Would you wear a bathing suit to work for $500? Would you rather have fashion model good looks or a 180 IQ? Would you rather be able fly or have a million dollars? Make up any question you want! No one can lie to TruTester. And what makes the game REALLY fun is that the subject doesn't know the question she's testing with TruTester! So everybody else knows that she's testing if she's ever stolen something over $100 - but she doesn't! This means she can't fake the answer! A great game for kids - and adults can make the questions as racy as they want...You've been warned!

If you are ready. If you are looking for answers that have always eluded you - the wait is over.

You get TruTester, 2- hour Video CD, Guidebook & Game!



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