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The functions of your subconscious mind are mostly hidden from you. (Meaning of Subconscious=the part of the mind below the level of conscious perception.) you are not consciously aware of them.

"Your subconscious mind makes use of all the neurons in your body to store the information it requires to function and each neuron in your body is like a hologram (mirror image containing about 90% of the entire information of the mind according to quantum physicist David Bohm) of the whole neural network. So all your memories, emotions, habits, programming, and instincts are stored throughout you entire body and every cell in your body is affected by them. When you have a lot of unprocessed Negative Emotions like anger, frustration, sadness, fear, hurt, doubt, hate, shame, anxiety and guilt that have not been resolved, they will have a negative impact on your whole body and not just your mind. That can cause a lot of unwanted behaviours, symptoms and diseases. Unprocessed negative emotions are like little black bags polluting your entire body and mind. If you do not deal with them, they will start to rot and cause all sorts of emotional problems and can even manifest as physical disease.

Your subconscious mind determines your Behaviour, which determines your end results. The life results we achieve are a result of our behaviour. What we do, or don’t do, determines the outcomes. So ultimately, our subconscious mind determines our end results. To change our current results we need to change our behaviour, which means we have to work with our subconscious mind in order to get different results"

There was a Little Frog who lived at the bottom of a deep, dark well,the Little Frog had been living at the bottom of this old well since he was born. He had never been to the outside world. Whenever a bird or birds flew by and stopped at the edge of the well, the Little Frog always looked up and bragged, "Hello! why don't you come down here and play with me. It's so pleasant down here. Look, I have cool water to drink and countless insects to eat. Come down! At night I can watch the twinkling stars, and sometimes I can see the beautiful moon, too."
Sometimes the birds would tell the Little Frog, "Hi, Little Frog! You see, the outside world is much bigger and nicer. It's many times more beautiful than your little well at the bottom. " But the Little Frog would not believe them. "Don't lie to me, I don't believe there is any place that could be better than here.

Moral: Some people know nothing aside from their own Tiny world and hide inside their comfort zone.

When we were children, our parents guided and conditioned us with their ideas, beliefs, fears and restrictions. They imprinted in us what they want us to do and what not to do. What we should do and what we should not do. Father’s voice keeps on echoing in our mind. Mother’s fears keep on shadowing our everyday decisions.

"We have in us, so to speak, a very big and very fine organization, only we do not know how to use it. we have in us a large house full of beautiful furniture, with a library and many other rooms, but we live in the basement and the kitchen and cannot get out of them. If people tell us about what this house has upstairs we do not believe them, or we laugh at them, or we call it superstition or fairy tales or fables."

For years, we go on behaving in ways we cannot explain, reacting to a situation in a way we do not like, doing things that we think are right for us. But if we look closely, we will see that this pattern of behavior is how our Mother used to behave. We will see that our reaction is the same one our Father used to have when he would get angry. We will realize that the way we behave is mainly influenced by the internalized important adults of our childhood,which is deeply inprinted in our subconscious

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Operant conditioning

The unconscious mind controls what is created in our lives.
It is through our belief systems that we create our own reality

The power of the subconscious mind is a concept espoused by new age and analytical practitioners and seems to be able to do just about anything, from giving you psychic abilities to helping you with your weight loss.The powers of the subconscious mind are real and have been long recognized by many cultures around the world throughout the ages. It is also a useful tool for people today.

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, 'Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?' Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of Creation that is within us. It's not just in some of us; it's in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others."
— Marianne Williamson

The idea originated in antiquity, and its more modern history is detailed in Henri F Ellenberger's Discovery of the Unconscious (Basic Books, 1970). The term was popularized by Sigmund Freud. He developed the idea that there were layers to human consciousness: the conscious, preconscious, and unconscious. He thought that certain psychic events take place "below the surface", or in the unconscious mind. A good example is dreams, which Freud called the "royal road to the unconscious".

Divide in yourself the mechanical from the conscious, see how little there is of the conscious, how seldom it works, and how strong is the mechanical - mechanical attitudes, mechanical intentions, mechanical thoughts, mechanical desires.
By P.D. Ouspensky  The Forth Way

Carl Jung developed the concept further. He divided the unconscious into two parts: the personal unconscious and the collective unconscious. The first of these corresponds to Freud's idea of the subconscious, though unlike his mentor, Jung believed that the personal unconscious contained a valuable counter-balance to the conscious mind, as well as childish urges. As for the collective unconscious, also called "the archetypes", this is the common store of mental building blocks that makes up the psyche of all humans. Evidence for its existence is the universality of certain symbols that appear in the mythologies of nearly all peoples.

Sir Isaac Newton acquired the knowledge of physics and mathematics with no conscious efforts. Mozart said that beautiful symphonies just came to him. Marie Curie discovered radioactive elements through spontaneous flash of light.

Think of a pond. Now, imagine throwing a pebble into the pond. If the pond is still and calm, the pebble creates clearly visible ripples. If the pond is turbulent when the pebble goes in, any ripples the pebble might make are hidden amongst the churning waters.

Your mind is like the pond. When you are calm and you mind is quiet, it is like the still pond. The pebble is a question or problem you have. When you pose this question to your still mind, your subconscious creates possible answers. These answers are the ripples on the water. When your mind is calm, you can actually 'see' all the solutions your mind is giving you.

On the other hand, if your mind is going wild with thoughts and stress, it is like the turbulent pond. When you throw in the question or problem, even if your mind comes up with answers, you will never be able to see them for all the turbulence.

BUT Now you can Access the subconscious mind on your computer

Health begins in the mind, as a thought, which over time will manifest as a physical symptom.

Subconscious Mind facts:
• It controls 97% of our perception and behaviour.
• It averages 10 billion actions/calculations per second!
• It sees in pictures and patterns.
• Its impulses travel at more than 160.000 km/s.
• It doesn’t know the difference between truth or a lie. It accepts everything as the truth.
• It can’t tell real from imagined - it believes everything to be the absolute truth, whatever you send it - either an image or an idea.
• It works in an orderly manner.
• It stores memories using the Time Line (it uses a Time Line to store memories chronologically, so you can know the difference in time between the events that have happened last month, five years ago, 10 years ago, etc...).

Is not being able to Access Your Subconscious Mind Holding You Back?

There are a number of incidents of great inventions or miraculous survivals that confirms the power, which is beyond comprehension of our conscious mind. According to Dr. Jung our subconscious mind contains all the knowledge that it has gathered during the life of the individual. In addition it also contains all the wisdom of past ages. By drawing upon its wisdom and power the individual may possess any good thing of life including health, wealth, happiness and success.

Biofeedback is not a treatment. Rather, biofeedback training is an educational process for learning specialized mind/body skills. Learning to recognize physiological responses and alter them is not unlike learning how to play the piano or tennis - it requires practice. Through practice, we become familiar with our own unique psychophysiological patterns and responses to stress, and learn to control them rather than having them control us


Subconscious mind has unlimited power. It regulates all involuntary vital processes like digestion, assimilation, elimination, circulation and all the gland secretions. It is responsible for building your body, repairing and operating it. If you can guide your subconscious mind, you can heal yourself. Subconscious mind can put you in health and keep you in perfect health. Not only that, it can also help you acquire all the good things in life.

Consciousness basically just means "awareness." Therefore, the conscious mind is what a person's mind is actively aware of, the totality of their perceptions, thoughts, and feelings. On the other hand, when someone is "unconscious," such as when they are asleep or anesthetized, they are unaware of their surroundings, perceptions, thoughts, feelings, etc.

"Subconscious" is a separate category in between these two states of consciousness. It is a state of being simultaneously conscious and yet unconscious at the same time. A person may be actively aware of certain perceptions, thoughts, and feelings on the surface, and yet unaware of other perceptions, thoughts, and feelings that are nonetheless happening at the exact same time. Hence the name "subconscious," a term implying a secondary layer of perception occurring behind or beneath the surface layer of conscious thought that we are aware of.

Subconscious mind has immense wisdom and power. It never sleeps or rests. One drawback of subconscious mind is that it cannot decide on its own. Conscious mind is required to command and direct your subconscious mind. It can acquire anything you ask. It can fulfill all the desires of your heart.

Maybe you've had a goal to lose weight. You know there isn't any "secret" to loosing weight. The real secret to losing weight is to get your butt to the gym and stop eating so much; but following through takes more than will power - so you never bother to go.What thouights or fears do you think are really stopping you?

The sole reason of all the disappointments and failures in this world is ignorance of the power of subconscious. If you could involve your subconscious mind in your day to day activities and personal affairs, no goal would be impossible to achieve.

Every disease either, physical, emotional, psychological or spiritual, has roots in repressed emotional-bound memories.

Defense mechanisms are patterns of feelings, thoughts, or behaviors that are unconscious. These mechanisms can be either healthy or unhealthy, depending on what they are and how they are used. They are meant to reduce stress, anxiety, and internal conflict—a way to cope with the world.

Physical problems: Worry, anger, jealousy, hate, ill will, grudges, vindictiveness, irritation, resentment, guilt, depression, anxiety, lack of joy and happiness, and all other negative emotions and thoughts have a negative effect upon the body and open the door for sickness and disease. There are now quite a number of cases where a disease or sickness or altered health can be traced back to a MIND state,,now you can see just how much these thoughts and imotions effect you

Common defense mechanisms include:

Denial—refusing to face or perceive an unpleasant reality
Projection—attributing one's unacceptable characteristics or motives to others
Displacement—changing the target of built-up emotions or feelings, often anger, onto those (usually people or animals) who are less threatening
Rationalization—making up "logical explanations" to conceal the real motives of one's thoughts or behavior
Reaction formation—adopting the opposite point of view or acting in a contradictory way than one really feels in an effort to hide from unacceptable emotions or impulses

Emotional problems: Negative emotions left unattended breed greater mental or emotional problems. This often results in sickness and sometimes death. Even though people experience negative results from their negative emotions, they often fail to trace their problems from cause to effect. The repetition of the same problem over and over again should lead them to seek answers that would totally eliminate the tensions, irritations, anxieties, etc., but instead they go right back to taking temporary solutions in the form of drugs or various medications.


"the subconscious mind stores these negative emotions in your body for later processing. Since EVERYTHING is made of energy, including our thoughts that means that these unprocessed negative emotions are also made of energy, as we mentioned before. Since these emotions are a physical presence, your subconscious mind has to store them within the body. These unprocessed negative emotions stored within our bodies cause stress to our organs, hurt the body, and make the easy flow of communication between all your internal systems rather difficult. This affects our health and is the primary cause of the stress doctor’s talk about when they say that 80% of all our diseases are cause by stress. This is the primary reason why some off us are battling with unnecessary illnesses. "

1. Low self confidence.
2. Low self esteem.
3. Low self worth.
4. Feeling defective in some way.
5. Feeling guilty.
6. Feeling like a failure
7. Feeling depressed
8. Feeling hopeless
9. Feeling empty
10. Greater fears of intimacy.

The subconscious and unconscious levels of the mind stores and knows what the conscious knows not. We actually access only 10% of our subconscious mind through the course of our everyday waking and functioning state. It is exactly those levels creating our lives. It is the memories and beliefs held by the subconscious and unconscious minds that literally dictate, dominate and control all areas of life, creating everything that is manifested in our realities. It is the neurons in the brain that are continuously communicating these messages. These stored beliefs and thought patterns hinder and block us from living from our highest potential in perfect health and happiness - preventing us from living life fully, "joy" fully - in all areas of our lives.

– Sub-conscious

There are clear scientific studies that state how the mind, body and spirit are all interconnected. The neurons in our brain acts as messenger signals. The very moment a negative thought enters our mind our bodies respond through the energy field created around that thought form. Results have shown that in that instant vitality (energy level) is decreased. When our energy levels are decreased, our immune system becomes weakened, thereby allowing the potential of a illness to be created.

Clearing Your Subconscious

There are many activities specifically embarked upon for the purpose of personal transformation and self-actualization. These include hypnotism, psychotherapy, meditation, fire-walking, all sorts of healing practices, religious rituals—and yes, drugs. To what extent (and under what circumstances) can the term “Clearing” be extended to these practices without stretching the definition of Clearing so much as to make it useless?

According to Clearing practitioner and author Homer Smith, Clearing technology is “a growing collection of experimental and established therapeutic techniques designed to help people locate, contact, confront, relive and release otherwise hidden moments of suppressed anguish, pain, anger, fear, sorrow and apathy resulting from loss, deaths, departure, reversal and other trauma in their lives. The result of this activity is the healing of body, heart, mind and soul from psycho-traumatic conditions created by the being to deal with the trauma.”

Presented by Hank Levin

How would you like to learn to use the Clearing Biomonitor to rid yourself, your associates and loved ones of the barriers to self fulfillment, health and happiness?

You have probably already heard about biomonitor-guided Clearing, the cutting-edge technique for finding and handling the inner boundaries of your infinite abilities. If you are reading this, you have probably already had momentary experiences of being your true self, "in the zone"—in other words, completely in present time.

If you have, you know that just under the surface of your "normal" self lies the awesome power of your true beingness –

Amazing intrinsic insight
Profound ability to heal yourself and others
Powerful intention to make things go right, and
Infinite patience, understanding and love!

You may even be among the few who have experienced unusual paranormal phenomena, like remote viewing, out-of-body experiences or even past-life memories.

If so, you have probably wondered what would have to happen to stabilize such states of higher awareness, or at least invoke them at will! Or perhaps, like others among us, you have already invested much time and money in trying to achieve them by following those who have promised these higher states as rewards for following specific programs and/or joining organizations at great personal expense.

The truth is that there are only five things that hold you back from attaining these goals and more. They are upsets, quandaries, guilt, fear and misownership. If you were to simply become an expert in these five things, you could be, do and have whatever you dreamed of!

You see, the "normal" human mind (including yours) is ridden with these dysfunctional thought patterns. Unfortunately, they reside in an area of the mind considered to be inaccessible—the so-called "unconscious." Indeed, throughout the ages there have been many systems and disciplines designed to rid us of these five barriers. However, in my forty-five years of searching, I have never found anything as effective and elegant as Clearing with the biomonitor.

You see, the modern biomonitor has the amazing ability to detect and identify upsets, quandaries, guilt, fear and misownership—and distinguish them from the conscious, deliberate, useful thought patterns that are essential to our everyday lives. This ability makes it possible to address and discharge each of them that have accumulated over enormous periods of time. Such an advantage has never existed before in the history of the planet!

As these five areas become handled, each person finds themselves moving toward their own divine purpose for this lifetime. The result of handling these things is the exponential increase in your awareness of self as spirit, and your connection with your own divinity.

The inward manifestation of this is joy, certainty, and a growing sense of purposefullness, well-being and belonging.

The outward manifestation (seen by others) is confidence, self-esteem, synchronicity (luck) and ability to make others feel good. Sometimes this manifests as great success in a conventional sense. Other times it manifests as significantly changing the world for the better.


The subconscious is much more powerful than the conscious. The subconscious handles thousands of things every minute. The conscious mind can only focus on one. Even when you think you multi-task, you are actually switching your focus very quickly between different things.

The real power of creativity lies in the subconscious. Your creativity comes out of all the things you are not aware of - memories you don't remember, things you have seen but have not noticed, and feelings within you that naturally occur. All of your new great ideas are lying inside of your subconscious, right now. The trick is in figuring out how to access them.

The subconscious mind has a remarkable talent for finding solutions to problems. It can also assist us with self-evaluation and providing practical guidance for any question we may have. It even makes it possible for us to have psychic experiences.

How many good ideas you have had while driving or in the shower.
When you are relaxed yet slightly distracted, your mind is often at its best

Our subconscious is the core of us. It is what we truly, deep down believe. It is our default reactions. It is how we interconnect with the universe, with everyone else out there. It is the part of you responsible for dreams, for premonitions, for awareness.

Delving into your subconscious will…

Improve your motivation.
Help you become happier.
Increase your emotional intelligence.

Are there things in you now you would consciously chose to change

Accessing your subconscious is a powerful tool for by-passing belief systems and habits that have been ingrained for years and adjusting them or, eventually, eliminating the ones you don't want altogether. Now, if you are a shy person learning how to access your subconscious will help with some of the social anxiety you feel but only practise, practise, practise will allow you to overcome your shyness or any other characteristic that you want to work on.

Remember, the subconscious is more powerful and sneaky than your conscious mind. If there is a conflict between your conscious and your subconscious, the subconscious will win every time. Have you have done something and afterward wondered 'What was I thinking?', your subconscious could answer that question for you. It holds all the programming, learning, habits and baggage that you've accumulated throughout your life and any of it can wash up unexpectedly in your day to day activities.
Accessing it directly can be a powerful aid when you're trying to accomplish a goal. With your subconscious directed to help accomplish your goal you will not fail.


Digital Trutester Pro

Muscle Testing: The Truth in the palm of your hand!When in Doubt Muscle test

Nutritional deficiencies,
for nutrition and dieting by testing which emotions trigger the cravings for certain foods, to test which ingredients a person is allergic to and for asking the amounts of raw fruits and vegetables that would be best for the body. More information here

Digital Trutester Pro

Muscle Testing: The Truth in the palm of your hand!When in Doubt Muscle test

Nutritional deficiencies,
for nutrition and dieting by testing which emotions trigger the cravings for certain foods, to test which ingredients a person is allergic to and for asking the amounts of raw fruits and vegetables that would be best for the body. More information here

How would you like to learn to use the Clearing Biomonitor to rid yourself, your associates and loved ones of the barriers to self fulfillment, health and happiness?

You have probably already heard about the cutting-edge technique for finding and handling the inner boundaries of your infinite abilities. If you are reading this, you have probably already had momentary experiences of being your true self, "in the zone"—in other words, completely in present time.

If you have, you know that just under the surface of your "normal" self lies the awesome power of your true being-ness

The general idea is to attack your issues, fears, insecurities,
bad programming head on at maximum speed.

Wouldn’t it be great to be in control ?
In fact,You can.


with Notebook

Software, USB input device, USB cable Set of 2 standard (two-hands) sensors plus sensor cable 6 months of technical support Clarity Biomonitor Instructional DVD Free upgrades to the basic software for a period of 6 months

more info

Laptop NOT included


Software, USB input device, USB cable Set of 2 standard (two-hands) sensors plus sensor cable 6 months of technical support Clarity Biomonitor Instructional DVD Free upgrades to the basic software for a period of 6 months


Solo (1-handed) sensor for self-Clearing

The optional Solo Sensor works with one hand only, leaving the other hand free to take notes, adjust the meter, etc. for solo work. It is also preferred by some clients who are more comfortable having one hand unrestricted--a must for clients who gesticulate a lot! (The wire leads are not included; it uses the same leads as the regular sensor set.)


AutoReset™ Footswitch
Designed especially to be used with the AutoReset™ meter, for those who prefer the manual reset mode to the fully automatic mode. This totally quiet footswitch allows you to reset the needle to the ready position, the same as the Reset button on the meter, without any chance of distracting the client. It easily plugs into the side of the meter. When plugged in, either the footswitch or the finger-operated Reset button can be used. Especially useful for solo sessions, where one hand holds the sensor and the other holds a pen.


Virtual Clarity Meter


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