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The goal of acupuncture is to establish healthy body function by restoring the natural circulation of energy, or life force known in Chinese medicine as Qi. (This is pronounced as "chee" and is also commonly spelt as ch'i, chi or ki).


The ancient Chinese techniques of acupuncture and acupoint therapy can be used to help heal the body from any illnesses and also promote general health. If you haven't looked into these methods of healing, you may want to look into it.

Acupuncture has been used for centuries to provide healing, pain relief, and relief from other symptoms and illnesses. Traditional Western medicine experts are beginning to realize that it has merit and produces results.

East Meets West

Two very different theories exist as to how acupuncture works. According to Chinese philosophy, the body contains two opposing forces: yin and yang. When these forces are in balance, the body is healthy. Energy, called "qi" (pronounced "chee"), flows like rivers along pathways, or meridians, throughout the body. This constant flow of energy keeps the yin and yang balanced. However, the flow of energy can sometimes be blocked, like water getting stuck behind a dam. A disruption in the flow of energy can lead to illness.

The goal of acupuncture is to establish healthy body function by restoring the natural circulation of energy, or life force known in Chinese medicine as Qi. (This is pronounced as "chee" and is also commonly spelt as ch'i, chi or ki).

Qi is a fundamental concept of everyday Chinese culture, most often defined as "air" or "breath" and, by extension, "life force" or "spiritual energy" that is part of everything that exists.

The pathways through which this vital energy flows are known as meridians.

If disease, imbalances develop in these energy meridians, causing some of the points to become irritated or congested. This results in pain or weakness in the surrounding muscles. Stimulating these points with special electro-acupuncture helps to normalize impaired conditions.

It is quite common these days to hear about people who turn to acupuncture as a last resort to find relief from chronic nagging and debilitating pain. Those suffering from long-standing low back and neck pain, headaches and migraine, fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel syndrome, and pain related to arthritis and cancer are likely to benefit from acupuncture treatments.

" Too much anger injures the Liver
Too much fear injures the Kidneys
Too much sadness injures the Lungs
Too much thinking/worrying injures the Spleen
Too much emotion injures the Heart"

According to Chinese medical tradition, theres constant interchange between the Qi of the body and the Qi of the environment: external Qi, which can be good or harmful. Within the body, Qi is said to perform several functions, one of which is protection against harmful Qi. If this protective Qi is strong, it acts as a defence. If it is weak, resistance is lowered and you may become ill.

Influenza Like Infection
Head Ache Occipital & Temporal
Muscle and joint pain Knee, back and Tennis Elbow
Menstrual Pain
I was impressed at just how effective the Diagnosis Therapy Device performs

Acupuncture Points for Heart Conditions

A recent study published on March 2 by The Lancet Neurology shows that Acupuncture is as effective as drugs for treating migraines. It was found 47% of those receiving traditional acupuncture, compared to 40% of those in the drug treatment group had been migraine-free for at least 50% of the time. Full details of this research can be found here.

4. Principles of electric power moxibustion moxibustion treatment of the physiological effects of electricity on the human body, instead of using bio-wave stimulation, especially to deal with persistent symptoms refractory to choose functional electrical moxibustion treatment has good effect.

Illustrated locations of 12 Acupuncture Points That Can Save Your Life

For thousands of years, the Chinese have known that beauty comes from the inside. At least as early as the Sung Dynasty (960AD-1270AD) Acupuncture rejuvenation practices were employed for the Empress and the Emperor's concubines. The Chinese discovered and utilised ways to change the energy flow from within the body to initiate the healing process for rejuvenation. According to a famous Chinese axiom, "Where Qi goes, blood flows." Even for those unfamiliar with the principles of Chinese Medicine, it is known that increased circulation helps the body to look and feel better. Commonsense would tell us that treating the underlying cause of why someone is ageing is preferable to masking the outward symptoms and allowing further decline and dysfunction to continue within the body. ...

Acupuncture for Sexual Dysfunction and Decline

Acupuncture and Chinese herbs have been used to strengthen and promote optimal sexual health for centuries. Chinese Emperors took their sexual health quite seriously and would consult with a team of physicians if they experienced any difficulties in the bedroom. While Oriental medicine is well know for improving men’s sexual performance; in fact, there have been medical textbooks devoted to the subject; acupuncture can quickly increase male and female libido and restore sexual desire

Osteoarthritis. A 2004 study in the "Annals of Internal Medicine" found that acupuncture significantly reduced pain and improved function in people with osteoarthritis of the knee that couldn't be helped by medicine. The study included 294 patients with chronic osteoarthritis. After eight weeks, participants who received acupuncture reported far less pain in their affected knee than those who didn't receive the treatment.

Acupuncture Modulates the Limbic System and
Subcortical Gray Structures of the Human Brain:
Evidence From fMRI Studies in Normal Subjects

Fibromyalgia. A 2006 Mayo Clinic study of 50 patients found that acupuncture significantly improved the symptoms of fibromyalgia, a condition that causes muscle pain, fatigue, and joint stiffness.

Acupuncture Made Easy

Acupuncture has been reported to help women
with breast cancer going through chemotherapy.

Breast Cancer

Chemotherapy-induced nausea. A 2000 study in the "Journal of the American Medical Association" found that electroacupuncture plus an anti-nausea medication relieved nausea and vomiting caused by chemotherapy better than medication alone. The study included 104 women with breast cancer who had been given high-dose chemotherapy. Women in the electroacupuncture group had a third of the vomiting episodes of those in the medication group. An earlier analysis of 11 studies also found acupuncture to be effective for nausea related to chemotherapy, as well as surgery and pregnancy.Home Hospice Care

The One Acupuncture Point
Everyone Should Know?


Amazing electronic Diagnoses and acupuncture without the needles and discomfort!

Diagnosis Therapy Device is designed for simple and convenient home/clinic use for the best results and to enjoy a safe hi-tech electronic acupuncture without the use of a needle. Electric Acupuncture Stimulation is based on the ancient knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine concerning acupuncture repackaged in modern western technology. This Diagnosis Therapy Device is a dual-purpose device for personal use that provides an acupuncture point locator function with an electrical current stimulation of acupuncture points.


Point to Point test detection alarm, easy no pain, no side effects, 1-2 minutes to identify the general malaise. This is because the human body corresponding points of local lesions will have "positive points", such as tenderness, nodules, deformation, discoloration, blisters, dislocation, and decreased resistance phenomenon.

Tinnitus is defined as a sensation of sound perceived by a person regardless of an external stimulus. It is generally compared to the sound of hissing, of a whistle or a waterfall.1,2 Studies have shown that the prevalence may reach 32% of individuals;3 in 0.5% of individuals,

1. Acupuncture had an effect on otoacoustic
emissions (OAE) in tinnitus patients.
2. Acupuncture had an effect on the suppression of
otoacoustic emissions (OAE) in the left ears of tinnitus patients. More

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Diagnosis Therapy Device

Diagnosis Therapy Device
Power Adapter all countries
Three Detector/treatment Heads


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Diagnosis Therapy Device

Diagnosis Therapy Device x2


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