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CES is the anti-drug—the non-pharmacological alternative for the Addictions withdrawal and the treatment of anxiety, depression, and insomnia. It is a unique and viable "bioelectric" approach which seems to enhance the homeostasis (Balance) of the biological central nervous system—the tendency for intrinsic balance within a system. Its ethic is that of self-regulation. Its goal, wellness—a state of proper alignment—the balanced interplay of body and mind attained through personal empowerment rather than dependency.

Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation:

A Non-Drug Neuromedical Treatment

"Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation (CES) is the application of low-level pulsed electrical currents (usually less than 1 milliampere) applied to the head for medical and/or psychological purposes. There is now better than 20 years of medical experience with CES in America. Presently, its use requires a prescription by a licensed health practitioner in the United States. It is available without a prescription throughout the rest of the world."

CES in the United States has received Food and Drug Administration marketing clearance for the treatment of anxiety, depression, and insomnia. CES devices are sold over the counter in Europe and other parts of the world. Mood disordered alcoholics have shown increased activity of the enzyme MAO-B in the spinal fluid after 20 CES treatments. (3) Patients with treatment-resistant depression have shown significant (P < 0.0089) elevations in plasma serotonin. (4) Increases in cerebrospinal fluid levels of [beta]-endorphins up to 219%, plasma endorphinsendorphins (endôr`finz), neurotransmitters found in the brain that have pain-relieving properties similar to morphine. There are three major types of endorphins: beta endorpins, found primarily in the pituitary gland; and enkephalins and up to 98%, and cerebrospinal fluid serotonin up to 200% have been demonstrated in normal volunteers receiving 20 minutes of CES. A recent annotated bibliography of CES by Kirsch details 126 human and 29 experimental animal studies of CES conducted over the past 40 years. More than half the studies cited are from the peer-reviewed literature. The majority of the studies were double-blinded and conducted at major American universities. In aggregate, there were 6,007 patients treated under varying research conditions, with 4,541 actually receiving CES treatment. One hundred twelve (89%) of the studies reported positive outcomes. Seventeen studies followed up the patients to assess any continued results after 1 week to 2 years, and all the patients showed at least some residual effect after one or a series of treatments.

We Sing The Mind Electric

To date, several thousand Americans are treated with CES annually and more than eleven thousand persons own CES devices, which have been prescribed for their home use. Possibly the most exciting application of the CES is for drug addiction. Further studies are needed to fully document use of the device for these purposes. In this technological age when we are surrounded by electromagnetic fields and currents, CES treatment may be necessary as an antidote and for maintenance of fully optimum health. Electromagnetic “ pollution” from video screens, televisions, stereophonic equipment, microwaves and phone lines may be destroying our health and may require a device of this type to counter these negative effects.CES may provide natural levels of supplementary current to keep the brain healthy in the electrical age.
Eric Braverman, M.D


"Double-blind studies were done at the University of Wisconsin on the Brain Tuners’s capabilities to overcome drug-withdrawal symptoms and it did the job. Studies at both Wisconsin and the University of Louisiana showed it could boost IQ from twenty to thirty points. Brain Tuners stimulation appears to enhance neural efficiency," researchers stated.
'Users report the BT Tuners reduces stress, improves short and long term memory, helps learning, increases energy, improves concentration and reduces pain, anxiety, depression, and sleep requirements."

Reference to Dr. Meg Patterson: "Scottish surgeon Margaret Patterson studied Wen’s methods in Hong Kong. Back in England she developed highly sophisticated machines that produced neurotransmitters by electrostimulation of the brain. Then she set up her own treatment center in California. Famous clients were flown in, some on stretchers – rock superstar Peter Townshend for one, guitarist and composer for The Who and creator of the hit rock musical Tommy. A drug addict for years, Townshend had spent a fortune trying to kick his habit. Within forty minutes of applying the device, the heroin was counteracted. Ten days of treatments later he was over his addiction to heroin, alchohol, and cocaine, with no withdrawal symptoms."
OMNI Magazine, Volume 5, Number 4, January 1983 an Article was written by Kathleen McAuliffe, "The Black Box: Secret Drug Treatment of Rock Superstars" described how a "Brain Tuner" black box was used by Dr. Margaret A. Patterson, MD., to cure British rock star Pete Townsend of "The Who" of his addiction to heroin.

This paper reviews the scientific literature on cranial electrostimulation
(CES) as a non-chemical means to alleviate opiate withdrawal symptoms
Cranial electrostimulation (CES) use in the detoxification of opiate-dependent patients.

The microcurrent, delivered in a unique waveform, moves electrons through the brain at a variety of frequencies, collectively known as harmonic resonance. This normalizes the electrical activity of the brain as measuredby an electroencephalogram (EEG).
This explanation sounds a little suspect and I can't vouch for the veracity of the claim. We did a search in PubMed to see if any recent studies have been performed using CES. Apparently they recently tested this device for generalized anxiety disorder with some promising results.
A pilot study of cranial electrotherapy stimulation for generalized anxiety disorder.

It is also believed that micro-current stimulation restores cellular electrical balance by changing potentials across cell membranes. This may alter the levels of certain ions and molecules toward a desirable equilibrium. Other physiological effects are believed to be produced: reduction of alkalinity proximate the passage of electrical current and the production of low levels of hydrochloric acid which can scavenge free radicals; attraction of oxygen to the region; localized vasoconstriction and vasodialation; reduction of local hemorrhage; sedation; increased tonicity of local tissues; antisepsis; production of desirable fibroplasia; and reduced neuromuscular irritability

Cranial Electrical Stimulation

So, it is believed that, if electrical stimulation is provided to the cells before they die, blood vessel permeability is increased, a more normal cellular electrical potential will be achieved, the ATP levels will increase, and protein synthesis will occur again.


Treated patients showed a 28% improvement in tender point scores, and a 27% improvement in self-rated scores of general pain level. The number of subjects rating their quality of sleep as poor dropped from 60% at the beginning of the study to 5%. In addition, there were significant gains in the self-rated feelings of well-being and quality of life, plus gains in six stress-related psychological test measures.
The treatment of fibromyalgia with cranial electrotherapy stimulation.

One study reported an average 67% effectiveness in treating sleeping disorders among 648 patients, while increasing daytime vigilance.
- Smith RB, Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation, Oklahoma: Tate Publishing and Enterprises, LLC. 2007, pp 37-43.

They have also done a study to reduce pain in patients with spinal cord injury.
Using cranial electrotherapy stimulation to treat pain associated with spinal cord injury.

In animal studies at the University of Tennessee Medical Center, researchers used drugs to deliberately upset the homeostatic balance among the brain's neurotransmitters in canine subjects. In this way they induced Parkinson-like behavior in the dogs. Once all drugs were removed from their bloodstream, and the animals were put back on normal feeding schedules, they returned to normal behavior within 3-7 days. If CES treatment was applied at the time the drugs were removed, all animals returned to normal within 2-8 hours. The researchers concluded that CES was effective in bringing back to pre-stress homeostasis, neurotransmitters that had become

If that were a mechanism of action, then many kinds of medical conditions should respond to CES, and research soon found that CES was effective in the treatment of addictions, (11-13) in head injury, (14) in various types of cognitive dysfunctions, (15-16) and more recently in reflex sympathetic dystrophy. (17-18) In addition, the use of CES in the treatment of many types of pain patients has been documented, (19,20) and ongoing studies are documenting the effectiveness of its use in treating patients suffering from the difficult fibromyalgia syndrome. (21-22)

Still, it came as something of a surprise when within the past 12 months, two testimonial letters arrived in our office from MS patients describing highly positive experiences with CES. One woman noted, "I have used the CES for about three weeks. It relieves intense pain and puts me in a very relaxed state. I use it at least three to four hours a day." A man wrote regarding his wife's use of CES for her MS, "My wife suffers from MS. She is classified as a chronic progressive patient. Within a few days of using the (CES device), my wife was not getting tired as fast as before. She could hold up to eight hours of activity instead of 3-4 hours ... my wife has cut back dramatically on the amount of medication she used to take." (23)

Ray B. Smith "The use of cranial electrotherapy stimulation in the treatment of multiple sclerosis".




Learning causes changes in synaptic connectivity between one neuron and another. Dendrites increase in length, change branching patterns, and the number of spines alter. Connectivity is altered not only by increasing the actual number of synapses but also by altering the size or position of any particular synapse.
Johnson, George. In the Palaces of Memory:

Memory loss probably affects the majority of us in one way or another. More often than not, it is a momentary memory lapse; nothing to worry about – it happens to the best of us. However, when memory lapses begin to become a regular occurrence, it is wise to dig a little deeper and seek .more

Alzheimer's Disease

Brain Cell Growth affected by Stress

Brain May Grow New Cells Daily

Salk Institute Study Finds Brains Can Grow New Cells

Memory loss probably affects the majority of us in one way or another

" Imagine how your life and career would improve if you could learn faster and retain much more without constant revisions ?"
Research shows that the key to speed learning is your state of mind before, during and immediately after your learning session.
It is when you are in a state of relaxed alertness that you will achieve the greatest improvement in memory together with increased concentration and creativity.
You Can
Improve memory and retention of study material
Enhance understanding during learning sessions
Accelerate new language learning
Increase maths ability

Besides the more everyday ways memory fails, there are many diseases which can affect it. Alzheimer's is probably the most well-known of these. Alzheimer's impairs judgment and changes personality as well as affecting memory .. It occurs most often in older people, who make up about 50% of the population with the disease, and is very rare in individuals under 40 .. The memory loss in this disease, as well as in other brain-altering diseases, comes form changes in the physical structure of the brain, rather than from normal brain mechanisms.

"Beth was given anesthesia when she gave birth to her first baby and later found that she had lost part of her memory. She was forced to give up her job in an aerospace plant. Years later a friend gave her a small cranial electro-stimulation (CES) device and she began using it.

‘Almost overnight,’ she said, ‘all my memories started coming back, including everyone’s telephone extensions at the plant. It was uncanny – all those old extension numbers of people I hadn’t thought of in years.’

The brain shrinks as we age, some of the shrinkage is due to cells dying, but cell death is less of a factor then previously thought. Cell death begins as early as 40 but measurable intellectual slowing does not begin until age 60 and does not accelerate until age 80. Other cells take over the dying cell function and cell death alone does not significantly effect memory. The neuro transmitter acetylcholine decreases over time and may contribute to age associated memory impairment

"Many studies have shown that low-level electrical stimulation actually promotes cell growth and regeneration. A recent NIH study showed that low-level electrical stimulation of neurons increased the production of the all important myelin cells in the brain. This could be an important discovery since myelin is shown to be decreased in patients with certain disorders and diseases, including bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and multiple sclerosis."


Safe Effective Nondrug Treatment of Chronic Depression: A Review of Research on Low-Voltage Cranial Electrical Stimulation and Other Adjunctive Therapies

What's 3 times better than Prozac?
CES was found to be two times more effective in treating depression than the most effective antidepressant drugs on the market. In fact, CES treatment is 3 times as effective as fluoxetine (Prozac) in the curing of depression, compared to placebo (fake treatment).
- Gilula MF, Kirsch DF, Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation Review: A Safer Alternative to Psychopharmaceuticals in the Treatment of Depression, J Neurotherapy, 2005: 9(2), pp 7-26.

Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation Review: A Safer Alternative to
Psychopharmaceuticals in the Treatment of Depression

One study reported an average 92% increase in beta-endorphins in the CSF after only 20 minutes of a single CES treatment.
- Shealy CN, Cady RK, et al., Cerebrospinal Fluid and Plasma Neurochemicals: Response to Cranial Electrostimulation, J Neurol Orthop Med Surg, 1998, 18, pp 94-97.


One study reported an average 92% increase in beta-endorphins in the CSF after only 20 minutes of a single CES treatment.
- Shealy CN, Cady RK, et al., Cerebrospinal Fluid and Plasma Neurochemicals: Response to Cranial Electrostimulation, J Neurol Orthop Med Surg, 1998, 18, pp 94-97.

Cerebrospinal Fluid and Plasma Neurochemicals- Response to Cranial ...

Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation (CES), Chi,Homeostasis, and the Bioelectrical System

The Research Studies section starts with an article on CES and chi, homeostasis and the bioelectrical system. Following this are some articles by Ray Smith, Ph.D. that are recently completed summary studies or meta-analyses of different cogent CES topic areas. Following these articles are broad range database literature search results. I hope you enjoy these readings.
And an extensive Research / Studies Section provides much of the solid scientific documentation for the claims

Possible range of benefits are based on 20 years of experience and observation

Reduced Pain
Ability to Focus
Lucid Dreaming
Deep Relaxation
Alzheimer's Disease
Chronic headaches
Centering and Calmness
Reduced Nervous Energy
Deeper, more Restful Sleep
Better Sexual Performance
Improved Mental Abilities
Traumatic head injuries
Short Term Memory Improvement
Increased Mental and Physical Energy
Reduced Negative Behavior Patterns
Heightened Alpha Brainwave Patterns
Improved Attention Span and Concentration

FAQ Everything you wanted to know about CES...


Cranial electrical stimulation, and stimulation at selected points of the peripheral nervous system, have been shown to modulate brain neurochemicals, such as endorphins, serotonin, ACTH, epinephrine and norepinephrine. Some of these neurochemicals act as natural morphine-like agents to inhibit pain, while others raise the pain threshold in a natural manner. Studies have shown that serotonin, beta-endorphins and ACTH levels have continued to change up to four hours following treatment. However, the positive effect of the neurochemical changes on patient pain level has been reported to last up to 48 hours after treatment.

Transcutaneous Cranial Electrical Stimulation (Limoge’s Currents) Decreases Early Buprenorphine Analgesic Requirements After Abdominal Surgery

A study done in Texas reported an 83% positive response after CES treatment in patients suffering from severe aggression attacks that could not be managed by drugs. 67% of these severely aggressive patients that had been permanently institutionalised were well enough to be discharged after three months of daily CES treatment.
- Childs A, Price L, Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation Reduces Aggression in Violent Neuropsychiatric Patients, Primary Psychiatry, 2007: 14(3), pp 50-56.


Other brain wave activity such as Alpha (8-12 Hz) and Delta (0-4 Hz) are generally not focused on by ADHD-Neurofeedback research. Worth noting is that in normal development, Alpha increases between the ages of 12-14, while Theta levels decrease at this time (Swartz, 1995). This maturational stage is delayed in ADHD population throughout the 12-14-age range. For example Mann, et al. (1992) found that ADHD boys showed continued increased levels of Theta representative of brainwave activity in younger children. More

Transcutaneous cranial electrical stimulation


There are other reasons to choose CES over medication in the treatment of anxiety. Side effects and addiction are not uncommon with use of these medications. And whereas anti-anxiety drugs may leave the patient in a stupor, CES produces a state of relaxation combined with mental alertness and creativity. This is referred to as the alpha state. CES is superior to medication in another way. CES improves both state and trait anxiety. State anxiety is situational; for example, the stress many experience in undergoing a dental procedure. Trait anxiety is more engrained in the personality. Drugs only work as long as they are taken but CES has demonstrated excellent long-term effects on trait anxiety. Dr. Ray Smith, a leading researcher in CES, shared some amazing statistics. He has measured the effects of CES on anxiety and depression in hundreds of patients. He has used daily one-hour treatments, five days per week. After seven treatments, 96 % of anxiety patients are free of anxiety! After ten to thirteen treatments, 94 % of patients have resolution of depression! Dr. Smith has seen these results maintained for twelve months after treatment in 111 patients! Thirty-three patients were followed for thirteen to twenty months after treatment and were still cured!

82% of participants in one study suffering from an anxiety disorder reported a significant improvement in their symptoms after treatment with CES.
- Kirsch D, Gilula MF, Electromedicine: CES in the Treatment of Anxiety Disorders, Practical Pain Management, March 2007, pp 40-47.

Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation (CES):A Safe And
Effective Non-Pharmocological Treatment for Anxiety

Hi Barry,.My BT plus has been one of the best investments I have ever made ! There is a saying that goes " Good health is the greatest gift, Contentment the greatest wealth ,faithfullness the best relationship " Well regular use of the BT plus is really helping me to be a more contented person. Any thing so simple that can help relive stress is worth its weight in gold ! Thanks very much Barry. Gary Baxter. USA

How does CES work?

As with a number of medicines, the mechanism of action (how it works) of CES is not fully understood. Research has led to the hypothesis that it has a mild effect on the hypothalmic area of the brain. Researchers also have noticed rapid increases in serotonin, also associated with relaxation and calmness, and decreases in cortisol, one of the primary stress-related biochemicals. Interestingly, CES also increases levels of norepinephrine and dopamine, both associated with alertness and feelings of pleasure. This may be why so many CES users report feeling both relaxed and alert and slight to moderate euphoria after use.

Wide variety of Applications

Possible Explanations
The microcurrent, delivered in a unique waveform, moves electrons through the brain at a variety of frequencies, collectively known as harmonic resonance. This normalizes the electrical activity of the brain as measuredby an electroencephalogram (EEG).

The exact physiological mechanism by which CES works is not fully understood and is still the subject of research study. It is hypothesized, however, that CES acts by indirectly stimulating brain tissue in the hypothalamic area, causing the brain to manufacture various neurohormones and restoring them to pre-stress homeostasis.

Is CES safe?
CES has an unblemished safety record. A broad reading of published literature on the subject shows no negative effects or major contraindications from its use, either in the U.S. or in other parts of the world. The National Research Council has deemed CES a non-significant risk modality.
The unit's sole source of current are common 1.5 volt batterys. Its intensity is limited —no more than is required to run a small toy or a penlight. Even when turned to maximum intensity, it is not harmful. It is suggested, however, that until you become fully acclimated to your unit, you maintain the intensity at a lower setting.

It appears that CES influences areas of the brain called the thalamus, hypothalamus and the reticular activating system. It also seems to stimulate the vagus nerve, producing a state of parasympathetic nervous system dominance. The parasympathetic nervous system has a general calming effect on the body. This is certainly consistent with the effects observed with CES. CES has been documented to normalize the body’s electrical fields. This has been measured on EEG (brain wave tracing). For example, people with moderate to severe pain from osteoarthritis were found to have abnormal brain wave activity. After five minutes of CES treatment, brain waves were virtually normal and pain was reduced by more than fifty percent. It has been found that individuals whose brain waves improved the most had the greatest pain relief. It is postulated that CES restores normal electromagnetic communication between cells. This may have the effect of regulating cellular differentiation, tissue repair, and immune function.

Case Studies / Vignettes Section

The efficacy of CES has been demonstrated in many different ways. Studies have used twenty-seven different psychometric (pencil and paper) tests including the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory and the State/Trait Anxiety Inventory. CES has consistently demonstrated reductions in anxiety on these tests. Other studies have measured the physiological manifestations of anxiety before and after CES treatment. Slowing of brain waves and respiration rate, as well as reduction in blood pressure are physical signs of stress reduction that have been documented with CES treatment. One placebo-controlled study evaluated the effects of CES treatment in twenty individuals with chronic stress symptoms of at least a year’s duration. All of them had failed to respond to medication. Muscle tension, heart rate and finger temperature were measured before, immediately after, and one week following a single twenty minute CES treatment. Muscle tension and heart rate decreased and finger temperature increased immediately after treatment in those receiving active CES treatment but not in the placebo (sham CES) group. One week after treatment, those who had received active CES treatment still had significantly reduced muscle tension and heart rate! This is one of the many advantages of CES over medications. Whereas medications only work as long as they are taken, CES effects are long lasting and cumulative.

Its An Alpha theta Stim and a BT11 all in one

BT+ has combined functions of the best units

State of the art Micro processors control this amazing new unit

Time: 5, 10, 20, 40 mins timer

Rechargable Batteries

Smaller more portable

Intensity Controls

High quality ear clips

5 Built in frequencies Plus the Full BT6-BT9-BT11 Frequencies

Size aprox 2 inches x 3 inches x 3/4 inch or 5 cm x 7.5cm x 2cm
Power Supply Rechargable Batteries, supplied with Recharger
Timer 10, 20, 60 minutes and continuous
Frequencies 0.5 Hz The 0.5 Hz. setting DELTA brainwave frequency, normally associated with deep sleep and release of deeply embedded stress patterns. Pain relief (temporary) - natural opiates released; lymphatics assisted Reported Mitosis reduction or inhibition of rogue cell activity; Stress buster
1.5Hz Pain, Quiet sleep
5.00Hz In the Palaces of Memory they suggest 5hz as being the optimum learning frequency.
Even as you read these words, a tiny portion of your brain is physically changing. New connections are being sprouted -- a circuit that will create a stab of recognition if you encounter the words again Read: In the Palaces of Memory

Increased DNA synthesis; cellular signalling; repair and healing

7.83Hz The 7.83Hz ALPHA THETA( border) brainwave frequency and is associated with a relaxed, but very focused mental state
100.Hz Feel better, Blast those moods

Plus the Full BT6-BT9-BT11 Frequencies

Current 10 to 600 µA
Waveform Bipolar asymmetric rectangular waves, 50% duty cycle
Earclips High Quality Ear clips Supplied
Intensity Control 20 Different Steps
Light Weight and fully portable

Homeostasis can be defined as the tendency for intrinsic balance within a system. Application of a range of CES appears to enhance the Balance of the biological central nervous system. A change in one system within the individual will have correlative effects upon other systems. Improvements in mood, cognitive function, self image, shift of locus , control to oneself, and sense of well being can be measured. When CES works, it enhances one's ability to handle or deal with situations that were previously beyond the range of one's control.

The BT Plus is a combination of these Two amazing units


Bt Plus



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