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Demonstrate and Measure: The strength of the human body field, the energy content of foods, water, liquids and soils, the vitality of plants, etc. The model LM4 Experimental Life Energy Meter features greater stability of readings at high amplification.

The following superb article, from the March 13, 2003 issue of The Idaho Observer, is offered as an important extension in conjunction with this month's front-page feature story. Dr. Wilhelm Reich is mentioned in that story (along with Dr. Royal Rife) as another significant trailblazer whose advanced research was viciously attacked and suppressed by those with financial interests in "other" systems

Reich's research opened up vistas of possibilities with such far-ranging implications—well beyond "just" the simple curing of illnesses—that his work held the keys to nullifying the core forces of coercion utilized by the world controlling elite to keep the rest of us in line. You can imagine how many big-ego toes he stepped on— whether he realized it or not!

The Idaho Observer introduction to this article states Reich's situation well:

"Before dismissing what you are about to read, consider that the FDA did everything in its power to eliminate the knowledge of orgone energy from the world because, it claimed, 'it doesn't exist.'

" If orgone energy does not exist, it is, therefore, not a threat—is it?

" Rather than ignore this thing that does not exist, the FDA effectively sentenced Dr. Wilhelm Reich to death and, for at least a decade, actively pursued a campaign to destroy all the books, notes, and research papers it could find containing the word 'orgone'. Judging by the government's actions, orgone energy does, indeed, exist"

Their extreme actions against him only served to reveal beyond any doubt just how important Reich's research actually was.

Dr. Wilhelm Reich (1897-1957) is still noted historically for his work in psychiatry and psychoanalysis. However, Dr. Reich's work in biophysics has been stricken from the historical record.

Have you ever wondered what it is about living things that distinguishes them from non-living matter? Evidence from many sources today demonstrates that living creatures are charged with a life-energy, and possess a measurable energy field; in fact, all matter and substance, whether living or not, contains some quantity of this same energy, which is not electromagnetic in nature, and cannot be easily detected by conventional methods. In the 1940s, the scientist Wilhelm Reich developed an orgone (life-energy) field meter, using high-voltage induction coils to excite a detector plate, by which he demonstrated the existence and quantity of life-energy charge in people, plants and various objects. Our new Experimental Life-Energy Field Meter uses a similar principle, but with modern solid-state circuitry and much lower voltages which eliminate the need for bulky induction coils as used in Reich's original apparatus.

Wilhelm Reich´s Orgone Energy Field Meter
In his book, „The Discovery of the Orgone, Volume 2: The Cancer Biopathy", the psychotherapist, Wilhelm Reich describes on pages 162 to 165 (in the German edition) his own measuring instrument and claimed that this instrument was able to produce and even measure the orgone energy fields.

After several years of development, these amazing engineers are proud to introduce the Experimental Life Energy Meter. Based on the Orgone Field Meter of Wilhelm Reich, this unique device detects a new type of energy field known by several names including Orgone, life energy, Chi and Zero-point energy. They have developed the basic operational principle of the Orgone Field Meter into a compact, benchtop monitor. It provides quantitative readings of the energy content of humans, animals, plants, solutions and even space itself. The meter provides five ranges to detect from the strongest fields such as those found in humans to the weakest fields encountered in ambient surroundings. Zero controls are provided to allow the user to "zoom in" and make detailed comparisons between samples as well as to provide the user the possibility of measuring as a field strength meter or as a positive/negative comparison indicator.

The Experimental Life Energy Meter.

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The Experimental Life Energy Meter.

An Introduction to the history and use of the LM4 Experimental Life Energy Meter.

Reich concluded that a natural energy which was neither electromagnetic nor nuclear was responsible for the life process and could be witnessed in the ambient surroundings and atmosphere as well as in the laboratory. Many simple and controversial experiments were performed and led to the invention of many devices for observing and controlling this energy which he named Orgone. Notable amongst these are the famous Bion experiments where innate matter was converted into simple life forms. The Orgone accumulator which concentrated this energy is still used today by many practitioners. The Cloudbuster, a device for weather modification, was extensively used by his group for dessert reclamation and is also currently used by a few modern researchers. A less understood line of research which began with the Orgone Field Meter and led to the invention of the vacor tubes and the mysterious Orgone motor claimed to utilize a omnipresent pulsatory energy for lumination, and mechanical work. His research in the 1950's brought him more and more into conflict with the US government whose MaCarthyism could find no acceptance for radical energies and controversial treatments of Cancer. Reich continued to pursue his research even after his imprisonment on contempt charges and the burning of his books and destruction of his Orgone accumulators at the hands of the FDA. Reich's work touched upon many possible alternate explanations in science and medicine which still have not moved significantly forward in spite of the leaps in technology since his time.

Preliminary results of Life Energy Field Meter evaluation of "Bio-Organic" versus commercial (pesticide) apples, as determined by Mr. Ivan Duchini, of the EWO Water company in Italy. He states"We replicated the test 3 time in 3 Days with the same result." This form of evaluation needs tighter experimental controls (the two apples do not appear to have identical sizes or weights, for example) and additional replication, but is indicative of the potential experimental use of the meter.

2. Proof of Orgone Energy Part 1.

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Proof of Orgone Energy Part 1.


The LM4 is used to measure the Life Energy of bakers yeast growing in a test tube using time lapse photography

The Life Energy Field Meter

The Life Energy Field Meter responds mainly to the presence of living organisms, and also more weakly to liquid water, and to moisture-bearing or metal-containing materials which as Reich demonstrated, are strong absorbers and reflectors of atmospheric orgone energy. The Life Energy Field Meter will, for example, respond strongly to the field from a nearby orgone energy blanket, or orgone accumulator, with a general indication of the relative strength of charge. A human weighing 150 pounds standing on the Large Plate Electrode (see the YouTube videos) will yield a stronger reading than a large container of 150 pounds of water. Growing yeast in a sealed tube will yield a slow increase in readings, proportional to the growth. A dying leaf will show a slow decline in readings, even if sealed inside a plastic bag to preserve its moisture content. And so on. However, much research is needed before we can be too declarative, beyond these general statements. Consequently we consider it an experimental device. New controlled laboratory experiments are being conducted today, as seen in the YouTube videos above, for later presentation in scientific journals.

By moving people or objects towards or away from the various electrodes (ie, your hand), one can get an objective measure of the extent and strength of their energy field. By setting the meter in a fixed location, and setting people or objects near to it at a set distance, one can develop a quantitative sense for the relative strength of the energy field, or note variations in the readings over time. Under controlled conditions, comparisons between one person or object, and another, are also possible.

Living creatures such as people, animals and plants yield stronger readings than inanimate objects composed of metal, weighing just as much (ie, a refrigerator yields lower readings than a person, and a jar of water yields lower readings than a potted plant of equal weight). A large and lethargic person yields lower readings than a smaller lively person. People who work outdoors using their hands usually will give stronger hand-readings than people who work indoors doing primarily intellectual work, who instead might have a higher reading at the forehead. And your dominant hand (right-handed versus left-handed) will generally give a slightly higher reading, of around 5%, than the other hand. All of these factors reflect the generally higher levels of work-functions, which are in themselves an expression of life-energy.

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Proof of Orgone Energy Part 2.


We also see that fresh foods yield higher readings than the same food allowed to sit out for a period. A green leaf freshly cut yields more than the same leaf, still green, a few hours later, just as greens for your salad yield higher readings when fresh from the refrigerator, but lower readings later on, even if kept sealed in plastic to retain moisture content. A test-tube filled with whole milk or half-and-half yields higher readings than an identical test tube filled with non-fat or 2% milk. However, that is only when they are fresh. Older milks yield similar readings, no matter what the fat content, and oils yield uniformly low readings by comparison. Chilling a preparation will also restore some of its lost readings. For example, a test-tube filled with milk will yield higher readings when taken from the refrigerator, then lower readings after warming to room temperature, but the original higher readings may be restored, at least partly, by chilling it again. Also, if you hold a tube of warm milk in your hands for a minute, with the intention to "charge it up" as done by a healer, it yields higher readings again.

Visualizing Chakras Using the Experimental Life Energy Meter

The Life Energy Field Meter also registers the day-to-day changes in background energy level as originally noted by Reich, and by other researchers such as Harold Saxton Burr. Working in the 1960s, Burr made graphs of changing energy levels in living trees, and in the background atmosphere as well, using sensitive millivoltmeters. He noted changes which cycled in accordance with the weather, and with lunar and sunspot cycles -- bright sunny days gave stronger readings than rainy and overcast days, while full and new moon periods, as well as the peak times of the sunspot cycle, always gave higher readings than the mid-points or low-points of the lunar and solar cycles. Burr also noted that states of disease and illness were characterized by lower bioelectrical skin potentials in humans. Reich noted similar phenomenon, in that orgone accumulators would lose their charge during rainy and overcast days, in coordination with a general lowering of energy levels at the Earth's surface. Under bright sunny conditions, his accumulators as well as people and animals would regain energy and become more active, due to the increased availability of atmospheric energy. Diurnal cycles also exist, with a peaking of energy level generally at solar noontime. Reich also noted the effects of weather, daily solar motion, lunar cycles and increased sunspot activity, very much in keeping with what Burr and Brown observed and documented in later years. For those who are serious about understanding life-energy functions in nature, and who wish to use the Life Energy Field Meter with more precision and understanding, it is important to review the published works of Dr. Reich, as well as those by Dr. Burr, and those of Dr. Frank Brown, who observed and documented similar biological energy phenomena in the laboratory.

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Connecting the LM4 to a Computer.


This is a first-generation research instrument, for the life-energy enthusiast, scientific experimenter or clinician interested in bio-field phenomenon. Each meter is hand-made by our associate scientist-engineer, who firstly developed this solid-state replication of the original larger induction-powered Orgone Energy Field Meter of Wilhelm Reich. They are housed in a plastic case with rubber protector, as pictured, similar to a standard multi-meter.

Experimental Life-Energy Field Meter

* Field strength indicated by analog meter in relative units, 0 - 100%.
* Supplied grounding wire boosts the sensitivity overall by double or triple.
* Detects body fields at around 2 foot distance with provided Glass Tube Electrode under grounded conditions.
* Detects body fields at around 1 meter or yard distance with optional large metal plate Electrode (must be ordered separately, see below).
* Sensitivity selector switch, five different ranges: x1, x10, x100, x1K, x2K.
* Fine and coarse zeroing calibration dials.
* Table-top instrument with easy-to-read analog meter face.
* Portable use in the field, while being held in the hand. Grounding wire can also be used in field conditions, by hooking to any large nail pushed into the earth, or small nail in a tree or fence-post, etc.
* Ideal for experiments and demonstrations.
* Optional Large Plate Electrode and Labware Accessory Kit available separately -- see below.
* Operates via 4 AA batteries.
* Data Acquisition to computer for graphing and analysis through external analog output port, 0 to 4.5 volts DC.

The meter comes with a standard glass tube with a 2.25 sq in plate area for general purpose sensing. We also offer a diverse range external probes and accessories. Refer to the applications section for further information about using the Experimental Life Energy Meter.

Ranges: x1, x10, x100, x1000, x2000
Sensing plate area:
Tube setting
2.25 sq. in. metal plate (included)
glass tube (included)
Plate setting
2 sq. ft. metal plate
Sensor connectors: standard banana jack
Recorder output: 0 - 2.5V standard 1/8" mono phono jack
Power: 4 "AA" batteries (included)
Sensing distance ie. human body
vacuum tube - up to 2 ft
2 sq. ft. plate - up to 6 ft

Since 2003 our customers have used the Experimental Life Energy Meter for a wide range of applications. Some of the earliest work focused on comparing the vitality of organic produce compared to conventionally grown foods. This can be achieved using the LM4 and the standard probes included with the meter. Similar plant studies also possible with the basic life meter apparatus include measuring moisture absorbtion or leaf mass, qualities that otherwise cannot be easily observed without killing the specimen.

The New LM4 Model of the Experimental Life Energy Meter is fully portable and battery powered. You can hold it in one or two hands, and scan objects or people with it, without the interference of power-supply wires as was the case with earlier models. It can also be used on a desk or bench-top, and has the shape and feeling of a typical multi-meter. A heavy-duty rubber cushion protects the units against bumps.

The LM4 is obviously the ideal choice for Reichian research. Some popular applications include:

studying Orgone objectively in living things and the atmosphere
reproducing Wilhelm Reich's Orgone field meter experiments with high sensitivity
studying the growth cycle of Bion and cell culture without a microscope
testing Orgone, Radionic and Chi generators for their effective outp

Model LM4, Fully Portable and Battery Powered.
Comes with:
Built-In "Blue Square" Electrode (see photos)
External Glass Tube Electrode
Grounding Wire, for boosted sensitivity
Instruction Manual.


The introduction of our new Fluid Probe System opens up further exciting possiblities: perform the Reich blood test for organismic vitality

measure holistically induced effects in water quality control for the production of: bottled water water filtration systems unpasteurized fruit and vegetable juices all-natural organic extracts energy and 'smart' drinks and these are only a few examples...

Experimental Life Energy Meter

Introducing the Latest model LM4

The Experimental Life Energy Meter model LM4 includes a built in small flat plate electrode, 4 "AA" batteries, external tube electrode, and users manual including examples.

Data Acquisition System
The LM-05AC connects between the Experimental Life Energy Meter recorder output and a personal computer, providing real-time data logging.
6" x 4" x 1.5"
USB interface
includes graphing + logging software

Large Electrode Plate
The LM-03AC has a surface area comparable to the plates used by Wilhelm Reich in his original Orgone Field Meter. This electrode is especially suitable for measurements of human body fields when the subject stands on the plate. Other large objects such as plants, fish, animals and water samples can also be conveniently measured. As well, the LM4 meter's sensitivity to energy fields is increased when this plate is used.
15" x 20"
flexible composite electrode, ideal for the measurement of large subjects
water resistant and easily cleaned

Warranty: All our meters are warranted against defects of materials and workmanship, excluding abuse or misuse or breakage of parts by the purchaser, for a period of one year from the date of purchase. We will either repair or replace the meter with one of equal quality. Click here for our full Warranty and Returns Policy.

Be Gentle with your LEM! The rubber case will absorb shocks, but may not be sufficient to prevent breakage if it is dropped from any height. DO NOT discharge electrostatic or other high DC or AC voltage into your LM4, which may destroy the sensitive electronics, and void the warranty. Likewise, the Glass Tube Electrode is breakable if dropped or forced! Insert any external electrodes into the input jacks with gentle care. Don't force anything! You are responsible for breakage due to mis-handling or neglect. Each meter is individually hand-constructed, tested and quality-controlled. They are not "mass produced". Handle it carefully and it will give you many years of useful operation

The Experimental Life Energy Field Meter is not sufficiently developed to be used with confidence for any kind of diagnostic purposes. We do not yet know its capacities or limitations. We have been asked, for example, if the meter can be used in place of subjective "muscle testing", to show more objective and measurable changes in human energy field strength before and after a person has been given a specific remedy, or exposed to a toxin. Or, we are asked if the meter will measure the difference in field strength of the liver area versus the kidney, etc. Or, if the meter will measure the difference in charge at different acupuncture points. The short answer is: We do not know. While we have some preliminary indications the meter may ultimately be utilized for all of these purposes, at present, we cannot make any such claims. What is needed is for clinicians with an interest in the subject to test out the meter, and publish their results in scientific journals, after which a knowledge base can be built up. At this time, however, our emphasis is upon the word "experimental".

Life Energy Meter


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