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Why do some people snore?
Snoring is the sound made when the upper airway partially obstructs. The lower part of the airway, that is, the larynx, trachea, and bronchi are stented open by rings of stiff cartilage in much the same manner as a vacuum cleaner hose's wire reinforcement keeps it from collapsing when the vacuum is turned on. The upper airway, which includes everything from the nose and mouth down to the level of the larynx, does not possess the same intrinsic reinforcement. The upper airway is kept open by the actions of the muscles of the mouth and throat and normally remains patent or open throughout the breathing cycle. Since the same level of resistance to obstruction or collapse is not present in this portion of the airway, in the face of negative pressure (inhalation) there is a tendency for the airway to collapse or obstruct when drawing in a breath.

A good analogy is to imagine trying to suck water through a hose. If the hose is reinforced (as the rings of cartilage do for the lower airway) the hose will not collapse. However, if the hose is not reinforced, when enough pressure is applied it will eventually collapse on itself, eventually occluding. This is similar to the mechanics of snoring and sleep apnea. When trying to breath through a partially occluded airway, pressure, especially negative pressure, will cause the partially blocked off airway to vibrate, producing a noise. This is the classic sound of nocturnal snoring, namely the vibration made as air is drawn through a partially closed off upper airway. So, in short, snoring results from breathing through an airway that has collapsed somewhat. This is illustrated below.


Snoring has been the subject of much humor.

But as anyone who has slept with a chronic snorer can tell you, it is not funny.Snoring has been measured to be at about 100 decibels. This is roughly equivalent to heavy traffic noise or a diesel freight train. Despite this loud noise, most snorers never are aware of their own snoring.

Is snoring bad for you or dangerous?

Why snoring could be more dangerous than you think

By Catherine Scott

It might be the butt of many a joke, but according to new research snoring can really damage you health.

The research by The British Snoring and Sleep Apnoea Association reveals that both snorers and their bed partners are more likely to suffer adverse health conditions than non-snoring couples.

Snorers are at a much higher risk of adverse health conditions such as high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes and high cholesterol and with snoring sounds reaching up to 100dB, it's little wonder that bed partners are suffering from excessive tiredness, headache, gastro-intestinal irritability, nausea and palpitations.

"Sleep deprivation caused by snoring can have a devastating psychosocial effect on the bed partner," says Marianne Davey, association director.

"Our research found that 97 per cent of bed partners suffer from chronic sleep deprivation as they are prevented from getting to sleep and are constantly woken during the night.

"They claim to have just three to five hours sleep every night.

"Conditions such as lack of concentration and motivation, anxiety, depression, irritability and being argumentative are more apparent in bed partners of snorers than those of non-snorers."

Mrs Davey said with 15 million snorers in the UK Alone, more and more bed partners are complaining of sleep deprivation and the consequent health effects.

More than three quarters of bed partners believe their bad health would improve if the snoring stopped.

"Our research shows that 12 million snorers know they disturb their bed partner's sleep, yet two million of them say they don't care. A good night's sleep is a key part of our well-being."

This Amazing tool will
show you how you can easily:

Stop getting complaints and jibes from your husband/wife/partner about your snoring.

Stop being the butt of jokes about how you "sound like a chainsaw" if you go on a fishing trip with your buddies.

Stop sleeping in separate beds because of your loud snoring.

Stop being embarrassed about staying over at friends or relatives because you are afraid you might keep everyone awake with your snoring.

Stop feeling tired even after you think you have had a good night's sleep.

Stop feeling drowsy and losing concentration during the day.

Reduce the possibility of health problems such as high blood pressure (hypertension), strokes, heart disease, depression, impotence, heartburn (acid reflux), obesity, diabetes and memory problems.


Snore stopper that wears like a watch!


Snore stopper machine is a revolutionary and innovative design, patented design biological feedback mode, reducing the frequency and volume of snoring. With a Specially designed micro-organisms sense detector match with control IC, When it detects a user's snoring above 65 db more than three times, the Snore Stopper issues a four second weak pulse stimulation automatically to the user's skin, The subconsciouse picks up these signals/pulses and sends a message to the mind , with a little practice users will change change their sleeping position, as the pulse start,,and we all know what a relief that causes every body :)

The product can detects snoring, then sends out weak electrical impulses. The snorer feels these impulses, and changes his sleeping position, without waking up and stops snoring.

Size: 6 * 5.5cm
Weight: 100g
Color: Dark Blue
Power: AAA battery * 1 (not included)

Features and Benefits:
1. Absolutely no side effects!
2. Weak pulse does not affect the quality of normal sleep.
3. Automatic filter background and environment noise, effective detection and identification of users snoring.
4. Intelligent power-saving devices
5. 8 hours automatically power off design.
6. Stylish watch type designs.

Applies to:
1. Mild intermittent snoring
2. Due to snoring, apnea wakeup
3. Due to snoring, seriously affect sleep quality of your partner or family
4. Snoring repeated, apnea, cerebral ischemia and hypoxia crowd
5. Severe snoring, cardiovascular, neurological diseases crowd.

Package Details:
1* electronic snore Stopper
1* small screwdriver,
1* wristband
1* conductive sheets package (a bag with two pcs)
1* English manual


Watch appearance.
Automatic work and easy to operate.
Improve sleep quallity.
Unique designed biosensor for automatically detects snoring.
Utilizes the body's natural biofeedback mechanism by stimulating the nerves in the wrist area.
Nerve stimulation trains the user to reflexively reduce snore frequency and volume, users experience no harmful side-effects, non-invasive method.

Stimulation does not disturb or wake the user from normal sleep.

Wristband designed for maximum comfort and convenience.

Output intensity: 180uA
Serving time: 8 hours(automatic off)
Power supply: 1 * 1.5V AAA battery (Not included)
Package weight: 213g / 7.52oz

Package list:
1 * Snore Stopper
1 * Wrist Band
1 * Screw Driver
1 * Self-Adhesive Electrodes
1 * User Manual



1 x Biofeedback snore stopper



2 x Biofeedback snore stoppers



5 x Biofeedback snore stoppers



Please note the application of the Snore Stopper is NOT a medical treatment. It is unsuitable to use during pregnancy or for someone with a cardiac pacemaker. Please consult your physician in any case of pain or illness before using this Snore Stopper.

As there are many causes of snorring and every person reacts differently we cannot gaurantee this will work for you

Biofeedback Snore Stopper


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