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A nebuliser is a device that converts liquid into aerosol droplets suitable for inhalation.Nebulisers use oxygen, compressed air or ultrasonic power to break up medication solutions and deliver a therapeutic dose of aerosol particles directly to the lungs.

Pressurized air passes through the tube and turns the liquid treatment into a mist. During an asthma attack or an infection, the mist may be easier to inhale than the spray from a pocket inhaler. When your airways become narrow — like during an asthma attack — you can’t take deep breaths. For this reason, a nebulizer is a more effective way to deliver things like colloidal silver etc than an inhaler, which requires you to take a deep breath.

The expanding clinical challenge of respiratory tract infections due to resistant bacteria necessitates the development of new forms of therapy. The development of a compound composed of silver coupled to a methylated caffeine carrier (silver carbene complex 1 [SCC1]) that demonstrated in vitro efficacy against bacteria, including drug-resistant organisms, isolated from patients with respiratory tract infections was described previously. The findings of current in vitro studies now suggest that bactericidal concentrations of SCC1 are not toxic to airway epithelial cells in primary culture,

In the nineteenth century, colloidal silver -- also known as Argentum colloidale, Argentum crede and collargolum -- was a prominent treatment for everything from colds to skin infections. In the 1940s, the FDA began its decades-long oppression of medicinal silver under the guise that it was unsafe; however, in reality, the FDA banned silver because of the threat it poses to the antibiotics industry, rather than any threat it poses for your body. Some countries completely dissagree with the FDA

'We are constantly filtering all kinds of bacteria

As Phyllis A. Balch and Dr. James F. Balch write in Prescription for Nutritional Healing, colloidal silver can safely and inexpensively protect you from infection in a wide variety of ways: "Topically, it can be used to fight fungal infections of the skin or nails and to promote the healing of burns, wounds, cuts, rashes, and sunburn. It can be used on toothaches and mouth sores, as eye drops and as a gargle to fight tooth decay and bad breath. It can also be used as sterilizer and can even be sprayed on air-conditioning filters and air ducts and vents to prevent germs from growing." In addition to those found in air conditioning vents, germs make many other aspects of our environment both unhealthy as healthy as it can make your body.

Getting Colloidal Silver Into the System,
Quickly and Effectively

"Like werewolves and vampires, bacteria have a weakness: silver. The precious metal has been used to fight infection for thousands of years — Hippocrates first described its antimicrobial properties in 400 bc — but how it works has been a mystery. Now, a team led by James Collins, a biomedical engineer at Boston University in Massachusetts, has described how silver can disrupt bacteria, and shown that the ancient treatment could help to deal with the thoroughly modern scourge of antibiotic resistance. The work is published today in Science Translational Medicine "

“Resistance is growing, while the number of new antibiotics in development is dropping,” says Collins. “We wanted to find a way to make what we have work better.”

"Collins and his team found that silver — in the form of dissolved ions — attacks bacterial cells in two main ways: it makes the cell membrane more permeable, and it interferes with the cell’s metabolism, leading to the overproduction of reactive, and often toxic, oxygen compounds. Both mechanisms could potentially be harnessed to make today’s antibiotics more effective against resistant bacteria, Collins says.
Many antibiotics are thought to kill their targets by producing reactive oxygen compounds, and Collins and his team showed that when boosted with a small amount of silver these drugs could kill between 10 and 1,000 times as many bacteria."

Science and Medicine

Infectious diseases, accounts for over 7% of the deaths in the US, and major expenditures.
Antibiotic resistance is a major problem

The CDC estimates that 76,000,000 get sick from food borne illnesses. Influenza, rotavirus and RSV each sicken and hospitalize thousands of kids every year. About 100,000 to 135,000 people are hospitalized with pneumococcal pneumonia every year. And about 30% of these patients have bacteria resistant to antibiotics.

Is There Some Other Way To Get Colloidal Silver Into the Body, Quickly and Effectively?

Inhalation of Silver Nanoparticles Results in "Miraculous" Protection Against colds, flu, pneumonia and other upper respiratory infections

Our report on the use of aerosolized silver as an antimicrobial for pulmonary infections joins a recent resurgence in interest in silver compounds that includes the development of several different preparations for topical use, some of which incorporate nanocrystalline silver (5, 10). This report is the first to investigate the direct nebulization of a silver carbene complex in solution as a potential therapy for pulmonary infections. Given that SCC1 appears to be safe and effective in these animal models of lung infection, further studies of SCC1 and other silver carbene compounds, either directly aerosolized in solution or in a nanoparticle suspension (17), appear to be warranted. Nebulized silver-based antimicrobials may serve as useful adjuncts to the current therapies for difficult-to-treat pulmonary infections.

This work was supported by awards to C.L.C. and S.L.B. from the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (awards HL04277 and HL077382, respectively); to C.L.C. and W.J.Y. from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (award AI067856); to C.L.C. as a Scholar of the Child Health Research Center in Developmental Biology at the Washington University School of Medicine (award HD01487); to W.J.Y. from the National Science Foundation (award 0315980); and to the Children's Discovery Institute of St. Louis Children's Hospital and the Washington University School of Medicine for support of the lung epithelial cell core. Source

Microbe Tested: Candida albicans [ Example of Candida albicans ]
Results: Reduction of population counts from >1 billion to undetectable in two minutes.Source

Dr. Victor Marcial-Vega is a board-certified oncologist and the director of Health Horizons Rejuvenation Clinic in Coral Gables, Florida.

And we have the prestigious Health Sciences Institute (HSI) to thank for bringing this to our attention.

You see, HSI addressed this very topic in an e-alert to their members, back in October 2001, shortly after the 9-11 terrorist attacks and subsequent anthrax attacks on our nation.

As the HSI pointed out at the time, one of their well-known health symposium panelists, Dr. Marcial-Vega, had discovered while dealing with pneumonia patients the fact that colloidal silver can be quickly and easily carried into the human blood stream and from there into the body's cells and tissues, simply by nebulizing it.

Nonetheless, in each model, the SCC1 aerosol decreased the lung bacterial burden, indicating that it had a beneficial antibacterial effect.

Nebulizing is a process by which colloidal silver is run through a small medical device called a nebulizer which turns the colloidal silver solution into a fine mist. Th is fine mist can easily be breathed into the lungs as its produced by the machine. And from the lungs the body can efficiently and effectively distribute the colloidal silver straight into the blood stream, cells and tissues.

Here's what the Health Sciences Institute told their members:

"Based on his experience treating other types of bacterial lung infections, Dr. Marcial-Vega believes he has discovered a way to prevent anthrax from developing even if you've already been exposed.

Dr. Marcial-Vega says there are no concerns about using this treatment because colloidal silver has no toxicity and no side effects if used intelligently. He has used the colloidal silver nebulizer treatments on infants, the elderly, and AIDS patients with pneumonia and has seen great results. All have responded quickly to the treatment even when no other approach seemed to help - and no one reported any adverse reactions.

Nebulizers are widely used to treat asthma, and are readily available at stores nationwide. The cost generally runs between $69 and $120 for the machine. Each member of the family should have their own mask, and both adult and pediatric sizes are available for a few dollars each. But the entire family can share the nebulizer machine and the tubing.

He's currently talking with government health authorities about testing his hypothesis on live anthrax spores, but asked us bring this information directly to you now.

Just in his last decade of medical practice, Dr. Marcial-Vega has treated hundreds of people with a variety of viral, fungal, and bacterial pneumonias. And of all the available treatments, he has seen the greatest success with nebulizer treatments using a colloidal silver preparation.

The revived Rosemary Jacobs story (Blue Lady) brought on more pharmaceutical empire directed speeches and media interviews. Here again the MOST IMPORTANT FACT THAT SHE TURNED BLUE USING SILVER NITRATE UNDER THE DIRECTION OF HER PHYSICIAN was conveniently left out. This was not colloidal silver but colloidal silver is being blamed as the blue agent by the pharmaceutical empire.


As single celled creatures called bacteria use a common type enzyme or 'chemical lung" for their oxygen metabolism, the presence of colloidal silver cripples the enzyme, therefore causing the organism to suffocate. Any and all bacteria are therefore killed within the 6-minute time frame, without causing any adverse effect on the surrounding tissue cells. Dr Becker also states in his book: "Positive Silver kills all types of bacteria". This is exiting, because no other single antibiotic works against all types of bacteria. Colloidal silver, however, offers several advantages over previous forms. There are no ions besides silver to burden tissues. It works against all types of bacteria and viruses, even killing antibiotic resistant strains as well as all fungal /yeast infections.


A single virus will invade a living cell within the body tissue. Then the insidious pathogen will take over the nucleus of the cell and alter it's production and reproduction chanism to replicate the irus instead of the enzyme, hormone, or other chemical that the body would normally have produced for itself within that cell. Later, the newly produced virus will be released from that cell and into the blood stream. However, another very interesting thing takes place. As the virus affects the cell for its own purposes, part of the response of that living cell is that it reverts back to a more primitive form of cell structure and chemistry. The oxygen metabolising enzyme, or chemical lung in the cell wall, reverts as well. This more primitive form of enzyme is vulnerable to the effects of colloidal silver. The catalyst effect of the colloidal silver simply being in close proximity to the enzyme of this cell results in the enzyme becoming permanently disabled. It cannot function to bring oxygen into the cell, and the virus producing cell dies by suffocation.

"I have a friend who has suffered for years from chronic pneumonitis, caused by Pseudomonas. Sputum cultures were consistently positive, despite massive doses of horribly expensive antibiotics. Then colloidal silver was suggested, and taken. Sputum cultures since have been negative, and the patient's general health and vitality greatly improved. Her internist can't deny the improvement, but won't attribute it to the silver, of course! It would have occurred anyway; the silver just happened to come on the scene at the right time. Uh-huh." -- Dr. Paul Hine, M.D. (retired ophthalmologist)

In the above case, pneumonitis caused by Pseudomonas infection was apparently easily cured by colloidal silver, even after "massive doses" of prescription antibiotics had failed.

I'm a big fan of nebulizing colloidal silver. It gets the silver directly into the bloodstream via the lungs, bypassing the stomach.

Nebulizers are an excellent way to deliver potentially life saving medication directly into the bloodstream via the lungs, eliminating the need for a drug to be metabolized via the digestive system.

Many people have used a simple nebulizer to aerosolize colloidal silver and inhale it into the lungs in order to stop serious upper respiratory infections dead in their tracks. And while the practice has yielded some astonishing results according to the online testimonials of those who have used this process (including myself), there has been little to no medical research validating it.

Microorganisms depend on a specific enzyme to breathe. Silver particles disable these enzymes and as a result the pathogens die. An ordinary antibiotic kills perhaps a half dozen different disease organisms; silver is known to disable more than 650 illness-causing microorganisms. Pathogens cannot develop a tolerance to it, making it a remarkable product for helping in the fight againstColds Flu,pneumonia and bronchitis.

But a study conducted last year by the Washington University School of Medicine may well pave the way for increased research into this astonishingly successful technique for healing colds, flu, pneumonia and other upper respiratory infections users have also found a nebulizing silver effect for reducing symptoms of allergies and in some cases, asthma

Silver-based nanoparticles may prove the most effective method yet of delivering pneumonia medications, according to a study conducted by researchers from the Washington University School of Medicine and the University of Akron, Ohio, and presented at the 105th International Conference of the American Thoracic Society.

is becoming all to clear that drugs are limited in effectiveness when it comes to fighting flu's,pneumonia or bronchitis. Antibiotics are usually administered as the first line of defense. But when a virus is causing the problem, antibiotics won't help you much. To make matters worse, far too many bacteria are becoming drug resistant super bacteria that antibiotics just can't stop. So what can you do?


Fortunately, there is a safe, effective and inexpensive natural product that will help you quickly obtain relief from colds flues , pneumonia and bronchitis. It doesn't matter whether these is caused by mycoplasma, super bacteria or viruses. This works on virtually any pathogen.

It is very puzzling to me that we can fearlessly drink tap water with loads of chlorine, fluoride, iron, copper, and other metals and minerals we know nothing about and haven't measured, but a little silver worries us! (Eddy Kasper)

Getting a blood volume ppm level:
The problem is one of absorption efficiency. Simply drinking CS only puts around 20% of the silver into the blood stream. That means that if we wanted to achieve a blood silver concentration of 5ppm, we would have to drink a liter containing 5ppm x 5 x 5=125ppm.

Fortunately, there is a way to get colloidal silver into the bloodstream and the body's cells and tissues quickly and easily

Delivering colloidal silver directly into the lungs, and thus into the lung tissues and bloodstream, is a highly effective way to use colloidal silver. By bypassing the digestive system, some believe that a greater amount of colloidal silver can be delivered into the body. Furthermore, by using a nebulizer, one can be relatively certain than only the smallest particles ( and ions ) reach the lungs.

Nebulizer & silver: I've been kind of nervous to try this, but I had a bad flu that caused a lung infection. I was coughing up lots of green. I have my own colloidal silver generator, but for this I felt it was important to get the purest and best quality I could get. I've come to believe that this is sovereign silver.

The oral silver was not working, though I continued to take it orally (the sovereign silver as well as my home made silver). I've read that you need to get the silver to make contact with the area of infection. I had bought a nebulizer at a medical supply shop. I put a couple of droppers full of the sovereign silver in the nebulizer, and did 3 minutes of deep diaphram breathing. I had read that shallow breathing doesn't get it down there.

To do this I pushed all the air out till I couldn't get anymore out. I inhaled drawing the air down, imagining it fill up my belly first, then the top portion of my lungs. Shallow breathing seemed to make my lungs irritated, but I felt fine with the deep breathing.

I did this every hour for maybe 3-4 hours, then a couple of more times that evening. The next day I was doing somewhat better. I did this for a couple more days, and the infection is gone - Thank God!!! My doctor just took a listen to my lungs and said they are clear. I continued a day past the last signs of infection, tapering down as the infection tapered down.

Quite honestly, I don't know if there are any long term issues. However I feel I did better than my hubby who went on zithromax at the first sign of infection. I got sick after him by almost a week, and my lungs were better before his. Source

What is a nebulizer?
A nebulizer changes liquid (medicine) into fine droplets (in aerosol or mist form) that are inhaled through a mouthpiece or mask. Nebulizers can be used to deliver bronchodilator (airway-opening) medicines such as albuterol (Ventolin, Proventil or Airet) or ipratropium bromide (Atrovent). ( Stop reading if you ever used any of those. ) Nebulizers are also an excellent delivery method for introducing Colloidal Silver directly into the nose and lungs. A nebulizer may be used instead of a spray bottle or nasal inhaler. It is powered by a compressed air machine and plugs into an electrical outlet.

The amount of colloidal silver to use on a daily dose basis is undetermined. Tentatively, one full dose is 1/2 to 1 fluid ounce. However, this dose in some cases is spread throughout the day, or might even last a few days, depending on the need. In other cases, as in lung infections which are not severe yet have become chronic, a dosage philosophy might vary. The following examples illustrate different ideas:

Two minutes of nebulizer use every fifteen minutes for four hours.
Five minutes of nebulizer use every hour.
One complete dose of colloidal silver once to four times daily.
One Half dose of colloidal silver once to four times daily.
Always err on the side of caution!

But First

Carefully measure the CS exactly as you have been instructed. Use a clean measuring device or the maximum fill line in the nebulizer cup.
If you overfill the cup, the nebulizer may not produce a mist.

Sit up straight on a comfortable chair. (Relax and get comfortable.). If you are using a mask, position it comfortably and securely
on your face. The cup will not spill when tilted 45 degrees, but may drip at greater angles.

If you are using a mouthpiece, place it between your teeth and seal your lips around it.

Take slow, deep breaths through your mouth. If using a mask for sinus problems, breathe in through your nose, if possible.

Take slow, deep breaths through your mouth. Hold each breath for two to three seconds before breathing out. This allows the C.S. to settle into the airways. When dealing with things like pneumonia, try and breathe from the bottom of your stomach in order to get the vapor as deeply down into the lungs as possible. If breathing is already difficult, this may cause you to cough. Be persistent…the CS is your friend, especially at times like this.

Nebulizer & glutathione: I have found nebulized glutathione to be incredible for my lungs. I have been doing glutathione IV's for mopping up toxins from lyme disease. I started doing nebulized glutathione to get it in my blood between IV's. I recently had a cold and in the past it always caused a severe lung infection and bronchitis. It would take months to get back to normal. With the glutathione inhalation, there was much less sign of lung infection, and the bronchitis was so minimal, I was back to normal in 2-3 weeks instead of months. Source

With a serious lung infection, using a colloidal silver nebulizer can be quite painful at first. Since many infections either start or remain in the far reaches ( bottom ) of the lung's lobes, it can be difficult to breath deeply enough to deliver the colloidal silver to the infection site. However, for the treatment to be as successful as possible, it is imperative that the fine mist reach the actual location of the infection. As in all colloidal silver use,

Proper breathing is an excellent step toward successful nebulizer use. Breathing in slowly allows the colloidal silver to coat the lungs with enough left over to travel into the deeper reaches of the lungs. Breathing from the diaphragm allows one to both completely fill and completely empty the lungs.

The greatest benefit of using cayenne pepper in natural medicine comes from cayenne's ability to rapidly stimulate the circulatory system and deliver fresh blood, oxygen and nutrients to the heart and other organs in the body. When used properly, cayenne "opens up" capillaries allowing vitalized blood to reach areas that it may not normally reach due to poor circulation.

Clinical and anecdotal evidence strongly suggests that cayenne pepper can be utilized to carry other substances, such as herbs and other nutrients, into the bloodstream - and sometimes within seconds. Extensive clinical studies conducted with cayenne pepper and Ginkgo Biloba demonstrate that Ginkgo is 75% more effective when used with cayenne.

It is unknown exactly how effective cayenne pepper is in delivering colloidal silver to the bloodstream or organs of the body. Our experiments centered around utilizing cayenne pepper orally for use with stubborn lung infections that were resistant to other treatment.

In addition to stimulating the circulatory system, cayenne loosens the mucus in the lungs associated with infections. Within only a few minutes of using cayenne orally, the mucus begins to break up, and the lungs begin a process of clearing. This treatment is ideal when nebulizing with colloidal silver. Since any colloidal silver is most effective in areas it can directly reach, utilizing cayenne in this manner can greatly increase the infection fighting properties of colloidal silver as used in the lungs.

We have always chosen to use the nebulizer first to deliver colloidal silver into the lung tissues ( see the section on oxygen nebulizer use ). Then, having mixed one teaspoon of cayenne powder in a glass of warm water, one takes a partial mouthful of the mixture, and holds it under the tongue for as long as possible before swallowing ( at least 30 seconds ). The discomfort is temporary, and is best done when the stomach is not empty. One waits three to five minutes ( or until comfortable ) before using the nebulizer again.

This treatment should be tailored according to the situation and the tolerance/condition of the person in question. Definitive results should become quite evident within 72 hours even with chronic conditions.

It is always wise to use cayenne pepper sparingly when the body is not adjusted to use. To do so, adjust the frequency of use and not the individual dose level. The critical part of the treatment is delivering as much of cayenne's "heat" to the body at one time as is safely possible.

The full potential of cayenne as used with colloidal silver is unexplored. Considering the known benefits of cayenne and its proven safety in culinary use, it is undoubtedly an excellent addition to any health regime.


The Herald of Provo Utah, February 2, 1992, ran an article on Pg. D1, in which a member of the administrative staff of Brigham Young University by the name of Daryl Tichy has been successfully experimenting with colloidal silver in the treatment of AIDS, along with warts and parvo virus in a dog. "Tichy said he had the material [colloidal silver] tested at two different labs; results showed the solution killed a variety of pathogens, including the HIV virus." Tichy then states, "I don't have a doubt in my mind." He says he has not been able to obtain funds to continue his research. this should not be a surprise, considering what other researchers have been telling us. There is much more evidence to support Tichy's conclusion. Extensive evidence points to the fact that colloidal silver destroys all types of virii including the AIDS virus and greatly enhances the immune system in general.

Small and very portable

Optimum digestion
Place 5ml of colloidal silver, or as determined by titration, into a beverage of your choice accompanying your meal. As the food is digested, the presence of colloidal silver will keep the food from putrefying in the digestive tract, while killing all germs ingested with the food. There will be no flatulence with this method. Parasitic infections By ingesting the correct quantities of colloidal silver, is to preclude parasitic diseases caused by the tiny worm like parasites that can burrow through particular organs. In all cases, these parasites reproduce by laying eggs. These eggs have the same characteristics as do the oxygen metabolizing enzyme of the single cells bacteria. These eggs are unable to hatch when in the presence of colloidal silver. and are subsequently destroyed and eliminated by the immune system.

Colloidal Silver supports the T-cells in their fight against foreign organisms in the blood. It virtually forms a second immune system, actually protecting and defending the T-cells, as well as doing their work for them. It is strongly suggested by research scientists such as Dr. Gary Smith and others that silver ions are essential to the immune system. In "Use of Colloids in Health and Disease", author Dr. Henry Crooks says colloidal silver is highly anti-viral. In laboratory tests he found that "all fungus, virii, bacterium, streptococcus, staphylococcus, and other pathogenic organisms are killed in three or four minutes.

In fact, there is no microbe known that is not killed by colloidal silver in six minutes or less in a dilution as little as ve parts per million." Dr. Crooks tells us there are no serious side effects whatsoever from high concentrations. Research scientist Dr. Gary Smith reports that he has noticed a correlation between low silver levels, sickness and immune deficiency. He found people who have low silver levels tend to be frequently sick and to have innumerable colds, flu's, fevers, and other illnesses. The research of Dr. Gary Smith would seem to support the belief that colloidal silver is an entirely natural healing agent.

Colloidal Silver, Cystic Fibrosis and Lung Disease
In the excerpts below from a medical study published in the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine (2008: 101: S51–S52. DOI 10.1258/jrsm.2008.s18012)we see some very strong evidence indicating that colloidal silver may turn out to be a successful treatment for the debilitating chronic lung infections associated with Cystic Fibrosis (CF).Source


Silver has long been known for its anti-bacterial properties,
and the nebulizer allows the mineral to reach the Blood stream and kill harmful bacteria.

Three years ago, Dr. Marx poineered the use of the nebulizer with colloidal silver. Since then this procedure has become widely accepted for use with virtually every respiratory problem. After nearly three years of clinical applications on a multitude of patients, from the very young to the very elderly, and feedback from customers who have purchased their own nebulizers for personal use, results have ranged from excellent to 'near miraculous'!

The toxicology of silver: Silver causes so few clinically significant problems. (12, 18). Silver has been described to stimulate the respiratory burst in neutrophils (19), which may enhance bacterial clearance

Fraser, J. F., L. Cuttle, M. Kempf, and R. M. Kimble. 2004. Cytotoxicity of topical antimicrobial agents used in burn wounds in Australasia. Aust. N. Z. J. Surg. 74:139-142.

Hussain, S., R. M. Anner, and B. M. Anner. 1992. Cysteine protects Na, K-ATPase and isolated human lymphocytes from silver toxicity. Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun. 189:1444-1449. [PubMed]

Since the lungs have about 750 square feet of surface area, finely interlaced with pulmonary capilaries circulating blood at about 9 liters per minute, and less than 1 micron of tissue barrier, nebulizing is the fastest and most effective method of getting CS into the system.

Seasons are changing Be Prepared

Hay fever
Sinus Problems
Respiratory Issues

Latest Model
Portable Mesh Ultrasonic Atomized Nebuliser

Quiet treatment
Compact and portable
Lightweight (under 0.5kg)
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Easy to Use

Advanced technology offering fine mist at <5µm (MMAD) with evenly distributed particle sizes.
Virtually silent operation and continuous vaporization at various angles.
Tubing-Free handy design that weigh only 138g, it is ideal for use anywhere.
Vaporize until the last drop to avoid any wasted treatment.
Enable vaporization at turbo speed for in-depth cleaning.
Medical cup can be easily removed by 1-click & thoroughly cleaned with hot water.

Portable Nebulizer with Mesh Technology

Mesh Portable Nebulizer is an innovative, lightweight nebulizer combines the best of everything you want-small size, virtually silent, easy to use, and fine particle size that runs and operates anywhere! It is an ideal for use in children and it may “Put Easy Respiratory in your Hands Anytime”.

Hygienic medical cup with easy removal and resistant to hot water cleaning.
Tubing free design with silent operation and effective drug delivery.
Include 1 mouthpiece, 1 adult mask and 1 pediatric mask.
Include 1 carrying bag for easy storage and hand carry.

Portable Ultrasonic Mesh Atomized Nebuliser

Portable Ultrasonic Mesh Atomized Nebuliser and
Colloidal Silver Generator

Portable Ultrasonic Mesh Atomized Nebuliser and
Heavy Duty Colloidal Silver Generator

Portable Ultrasonic Mesh Atomized Nebuliser
Colloidal Silver Generator/Beck Blood Zapper


Healthcare CompMist Nebulizer.

Effective CS delivery
Efficient and dependable
Very convenient and easy to use
Includes Length of Tubing, Medication Cup, Mouthpiece and 5 Air Filters

The CompMist Nebulizer is an effective, efficient Compressor. It is very easy to use and easy to clean. At 4 lbs., while it is not one of the smallest nebulizers available, it is still small and light enough to carry around and even to take while traveling. Efficient and dependable with built-in storage department. For people looking for a straightforward, simple, effective nebulizer at a good price, the Mabis Healtcare CompMist Nebulizer is a good choice

Comes with 220v-240v plus 110v-120v converter for USA clients


Colloidal Silver Generator

more information here Colloidal Silver Generator


Heavy Duty Colloidal Silver Generator


More information here Heavy Duty Colloidal Silver Generator

Use Negative ions with your Nebulizer More

Portable nebuliser and Colloidal Silver Generator/Beck Blood Zap


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