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The use of microcurrent stimulation to heal eye problems

Last year we sent out this newsletter on Reported frequencies for helping the eyes,,the response was amazing
With many people wanting to experiment with these frequencies but not wanting or Able to invest in a rife unit to play them,,we have developed a small portable unit with that uses these frequencies plus more,,and comes with the Eye mask to deliver Frequency Specific Microcurrent Stimulation to the area around the eye..please see Eyemate system near the bottom of this page,,

Hi there everyone,
Just a quick note to say "Thanks" for the Newsletters and to let you know about my experience. I have had the EyeMate for about a week and used it each day. Yesterday I jumped in the car and was halfway to the grocery store when I realised I did not have my glasses on! Felt no strain, wasn't squinting and everything was as clear as a bell! Will keep you updated.
Mrs J Barnnet Virginnia


We would also like to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Kondrot Drs. Leland Michael , Merrill Allen and Dr. Rossen.,, Dr. Halloran.for there amazing work in the field of Frequency Specific Microcurrent Stimulation and the eyes

Eye Dis-ease and Macular degeneration - an epidemic Macular Degeneration is an epidemic affecting over 13 million Americans and is the leading cause of blindness in developed countries. The Senate Appropriations Committee of the United States Congress has recognized ARMD with the following statement: "Age related macular degeneration is the leading cause of severe visual impairment and blindness in the United States. Most cases develop over the age of 65, but certain hereditary conditions may cause it to develop in younger individuals. Persons over the age of 75 have a 30% chance of developing ARMD; it rarely affects anyone younger than 55 years old.

New Testimonial

From my mum for you

i began using the eye mate with the express purpose of improving my eyesight to the point of ultimately disposing of wearing prescription specs at all. the journey is ongoing and easy! why i'm writing this review of the appliance is to share the most unexpected surprise i had one morning, maybe a month into using the e.m. i looked out on the countryside that is my world and everything i saw was brighter. that was a surprise to me as i hadn't even noticed that the colours of my world had lessened at all, yet thre they were gloriously bright and sharp. Wow! This improvement is a constant as the general level of my eyes continues to improve. Carol Ryan 29/12/15

Caucasians develop it more than persons of darker colored skin because they have less pigment in the retina, especially if they have blue, gray, or green eyes. It affects men and women equally. People who are nearsighted (myopic) have a greater chance of developing the condition as do people who work or spend a lot of time out of doors and are exposed to ultraviolet radiation from sunlight.

Early Warning Signs of ARMD
Early signs of deteriorating retinal health include blurred vision with close work, seeing straight lines as wavy, and diminishing color vision. The first change is a lessening of sight as they look straight at things, like print or faces or clocks. This may be a dimming, a blurring, or actual ‘holes’ or black spots in the vision. Extreme light sensitivity and poor night vision also precede ARMD in many cases. Light-to-dark adaptation, the ability to find a seat in a movie theatre is also apt to be very slow. ARMD rarely leads to total blindness. Instead, worsening symptoms include a loss of central vision and a diminished ability to see things straight ahead. Looking at a clock or a face becomes more and more difficult. People with ARMD come to rely more and more on peripheral vision. Sometimes, in the early stages, there are holes in vision, called scotoma. These are areas where you cannot see anything. Most people with ARMD become unable to drive and are eventually declared legally blind. Source Townsend Letter- Pages 65- 67, October 2002

"Macular degeneration is a disorder worth preventing. It’s a chronic and progressive disease leading to irreversible vision loss. There are a multitude of supplements on the market that provide nutritional protection to the eye, based on sound research, that can slow or prevent the disease. source

I want to tell you about something new. I recently spoke with obert, a 78-year-old male from Connecticut who has been under treatment with MicroCurrent Stimulation (MCS), since August 998. After one-and-a-half weeks treating acupuncture points on the skin around his eyes with an imperceptible current, he was able to read two additional lines on the eye chart.source

Back in 1998 Dr. Kondrot wrote a book entitled "Microcurrent Stimulation: Miracle Eye Cure" The use of microcurrent stimulation to heal eye problems

The equipment and treatment has evolved since this book was published and we hope this report will give you a better understanding.

Dear Altered States,
I have been using the EyeMate twice a day since I received it. I have resisted the urge to send this earlier as I wanted to be sure about the things I have to say. My eyesight has given me problems over a gradual period for the last 10 years or so. Since using the mask and unit I have noticed an improvement week by week in the clarity of vision and also I can use my eyes more(reading,knitting,sewing) for a longer time without feeling strained.
Joan Werner UK

The mechanism of microcurrent is felt to be the following; 1) !ncreases the circulation to the eye, 2) Stimulates the function of the retinal cells and 3) Reduces scar tissue. The effects of 10 to 500 microamps on the cellular level have been documented by Dr. Cheng to increase ATP production by 500%, increase protein synthesis by 70% and increase cell transport by 40%. The history of microcurrent can be devided into 3 distinct periods.

The data from this instrument was published in the book Microcurrent Stimulation Miracle Eye Cure 2001 and the Townscend Letter (a peer review journal) in October 2002. This machine only had one channel and only 4 frequencies. It was postulated that the 2 higher frequencies (292 HZ and 30 HZ) reduced inflammation and the two lower frequencies (9.1 HZ and 0.3HZ) improved cellular function. This machine delivered generic frequencies that were not specific to the eye but could be used anywhere in the body.

The Author had the pleasure of treating Sam Snead the late professional golfer with tmicrocurrent in Feb 2002. In exchange for 4 days of treatment Mr Snead gave me a few golf lessons. What else did he tell me about my swing? “Dr. Kondrot I would suggest cutting back over the next year and then QUIT!!”

The roots of Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM) date back to the early 1900’s from Dr. Albert Abrams, who was the first physician to use calibrated instruments capable of detecting the radiations of living tissue. Dr. Abrams concluded that all matter radiates electromagnetic energy and the characteristics of the radiation depends upon the unique molecular structure. Modern FSM utilizes hundreds of frequencies within the range of .01 to 999 Hz with varying intensities of 20 to 600 micro amps.

Each tissue in the body has an individualized frequencies for example the retina has a frequency of 95 Hz and macula 137 Hz. Each type of pathology also has a frequency. Hemorrhage has a frequency of 18 and edema is 14. FSM is “frequency specific” because the frequencies of the tissue and that of the pathology are “matched” with two frequencies. For example hemorrhage in the macula the FSM treatment would use 18 Hz and 137 Hz. This coupled frequencies then matches the exact abnormalities that are present in the damaged tissue. The desired effect is to neutralize those frequencies that are in disharmony.

Microcurrent has been used in the following !
Improves blood flow
Stimulates cellular activity
Removes scar tissue
Reduces inflammation
Neuro-protective Effect
Balance Autonomic Nervous system
Treat Neuropathies
Treat depression
Stimulate stem cells
Lower intra-ocular pressure
reverse macular degeneration
Facial rejuvenation
correct musulo- skeletal problems

Empowered people make smart decisions through understanding

Hi ,
Here is my experience as promised re our phone conversation, to let you know how I am finding the EyeMate. I make the time at the beginning of each day to use my unit. I find that at the end of the day the intense work I put into my study is no longer leaving my eyes tired and unfocused- even able to read a page or two without my glasses without my glasses :) or to enjoy reading for pleasure t night .
A.Bryan Delaware

Quick Test for Vision

If you are able to read without making any mistakes all of the letters top to the bottom of the chart with both eyes, this means that you have what is considered to be normal vision (maybe even better than that), so you have no reason to worry. If you are having trouble reading without a mistake not only the bottom line, but the 2-3 of the ones above it, then you probably have a near-normal vision which normally should not cause you problems, but it is still a good to check your eyes. The suggestion to go see a specialist is even more important if you have a difference of two or three lines from the chart that you have no trouble reading with one of your eyes and the other. If you are having trouble properly reading even higher lines in the chart or the difference between what you can read with your left eye is even bigger than with your right eye you must go and see a specialist to have your vision examined. Source

MicroCurrent Stimulation (MCS),

In 1985, two optometrists, Drs. Leland Michael and Merrill Allen of Rapid City, South Dakota and Purdue University in Indiana, heard about the work being done in California for pain and retinopathies. They attended a three- day MCS pain management seminar presented in San Francisco by Dr. Rossen. It was there that they met with Dr. Halloran. Following the Rossen seminar, the doctors visited the Center in Santa Rosa and spent several days studying Dr. Halloran's techniques. Soon after, they returned to the Midwest and, together, began a ten-year clinical study of the treatment of age-related macular degeneration (ARMD) using MCS. In this early study they found that MCS stabilized the degenerative process.. When Dr. Michael died of cancer in 1995, his work was taken over by another optometrist, Dr. John Jarding, who has done a considerable amount of additional research himself.

Dr. John Jarding continued the work of Dr. Michaels. He began to study a variety of Microcurrent frequencies and waveforms to determine which parameters would work best in regenerating the diseased macula. He presented data on 400 eyes treated with MCS. Seventy-eight percent of the eyes showed from one to nine lines improvement on the visual acuity chart, and over 50 percent improved from two to nine lines. In his study there were two patients with a vein occlusion and swelling of the macula. Both patients had a dramatic improvement in their vision.

"Dr. Merill Allen and Dr. Leland Michael published their preliminary study in 1993, on the rate of development of ARMD in people using nutritional supplements and simultaneous therapy with electronic stimulation. Dr. John Jarding reported his results in 1997 after treating thirty-five macular degeneration patients with a controlled electronic stimulation applied to eight points around the eye - all thirty-five patients reported an improvement in their vision. The Macular Degeneration Foundation in the USA has begun a national clinical trial to look at the effects of electronic stimulation and ARMD."


One patient improved from 20/50 vision to 20/15. The second patient, who could only see fingers at a distance of one foot, was able to read the 20/200 line. There was one patient in the study with a macular hemorrhage who showed a significant improvement of vision from being able only to count fingers to a vision of 20/100. Damon Miller, MD who is also a naturopath and acupucturist has reviewed his results using Microcurrent Stimulation in the treatment of Stargardt's Disease, retinitis pigmentosa and other degenerative retinal disease. His results indicate that of 120 patients treated, 83% showed improvement of greater then or equal to two lines of visual acuity in one or both eyes."

Lower frequencies of the Rife unit energize tissues like a trickle charger. Energy moves in slowly, not resulting in a discharge to surrounding tissues, but a recharging of the degenerated cells using the eye mask. If the cells can be recharged before they die, they can be restored to working capacity.

Here is an amazing figure. The macula contains 100 million times more pixels, per unit area,than a high-resolution computer monitor! Those cells (rods and cones) are working at breakneck speed sending electrical impulses to the brain. Each impulse reduces the charge on the cell membrane. If not recharged, the cell will lose its function, become disabled and eventually die. Imagine you’re running up a hill and breathing hard. If the hill gets steeper or the air thinner, it will take you longer between each step. The same recovery time applies to each cell doing a similar aerobic.

MCS delivers electricity in millionths of an ampere, the physiological current of the body. It can increase ATP (energy chemical of your cells) by 500%, protein synthesis by 70%, and cell transport of molecules by 40%. It’s a fantastic source of free electrons (energy) to your cells. Frequency Specific MicroCurrent Stimulation (FSMS) is an improvement that makes quantum leaps in MCS effectiveness.

MCS delivers a tiny current to a specific area. In biological systems, we often see that less is better. Over time, the current widens its path until the electrons of the current pass through the eyes in addition to the skin. All cells of the body must make and use an energy chemical named ATP, which stores and releases almost all the energy the cells need for life functions. Cell functions include making proteins, electrical transmission, maintaining the all important electrical charge on the cell membrane, and purging the cell itself of waste products.

“ATP fuels cellular garbage trucks,” says opthamologist Edward Kondrot, a designer and researcher of MCS. With free-radical processes of aging, UV energy, and additional assaults from improper nutrition, our eyes need protection. What is more, with aging, the ability of cells of the macula to manufacture ATP wanes. Cells conserve energy by maintaining only the most critical functions, like maintaining membrane integrity. (Think of patching up holes in your windows to keep the cold out.) The cellular garbage trucks, which are not critical for the cell to survive in the moment, become idle. Waste products accumulate and, over time, the cells can die.

Microcurrent Stimulation and Retinal Disease

"Grace Halloran was a pioneer in designing and conducting the first studies on the efficacy of Microcurrent Stimulation in reversing retinal damage. In 1983, one of her life dreams was realized, when with a grant from Dr. Joel Rossen's MicroStim Corp, she opened The Center for Eye Health Education in Sonoma County. The Center operated from 1983 to 1985. Here the first study to evaluate the effects of MCS on degenerative retinal disease was undertaken. Dr. Joel Rossen donated the equipment used in this first study on the effectiveness of Microcurrent Stimulation in treating serious eye disorders.

In her first study, one hundred fourteen patients were treated and independently monitored at the center for various retinal conditions. Dr. Halloran's clinic provided a number of therapies, and all patients received the MCS therapy that she had developed with Dr. Rossen. The results: Of the 114 patients that were treated, 18 patients had macular degeneration, and16 showed improvement. Seventy-eight patients had Retinitis Pigmentosa, and 62 showed improvement. The other 18 patients had various retinopathies and 16 improved.

Of the ones who did not demonstrate any improvement, 14 stayed the same, and 2 continued to lose visual acuity, although only slightly. An interesting point about the 14 patients who stayed the same is that all fourteen of those patients had been diagnosed with early retinopathies. None of them presented with any loss of visual acuity at the eginning of the study. Hence, they also showed normal visual acuity at the end of the two-year study at a time when many of them would be expected to lose vision."

A Belgian study demonstrated that MCS increases ATP concentrations in cells, and thus increased the ability of the cells to rid themselves of waste products. These observations led to very recent research into the effects of MCS on macular degeneration, the disease which, heretofore, had good but limited results with only nutritional therapy.

Hi Everyone,
I appreciate receiving my unit so quickly. I do not have any identified "problems" with my eyes. However the tiredness and the headaches were becoming more noticeable as my workload increased. I use the EyeMate during my lunch break and at the end of my work day do not feel as though I need to bathe my eyes with cold water to relieve the sensation of heat and tiredness. This has not only helped my eyes but also my general sense of well being . So i would just like to pass these comments onto you and say thanks.
G.van Haussen Netherland

In his book, Miracle Eye Cure, Dr. Kondrot reports he has seen impressive results and if the patients can see the big E on the eye chart (vision 20/400 or better), the prognosis for visual improvement is very good, with 70 percent of patients making improvement. Persons with worse starting vision will still see improvement, but it’s likely to be slower, and require more treatments.

How does MCA help those cells so effectively? Currently, there are several proposed mechanisms. It enhances glucose uptake for greater energy production. Nerve conduction velocity (speed of running) is increased. Arterial muscles are relaxed, allowing greater blood flow. Protein synthesis (cellular regeneration) is increased, and the recovery time for its “ exercise,” electrical impulses, is shortened. Analogy to physical exercise — you get a permanent “second wind” going up that hill.

Around 1993, Dr. John Jarding added 34 new patients to his original group that began in 1985, which had 25 patients. Each of these patients had dry macular degeneration. The sessions were performed several times per week. It is not known how many times a day. The results of these 34 dry stage macular degeneration patients was an 82% improvement by at least one line in at least one eye on a Snellen E Chart.

To date, Dr. Kondrot reports , anecdotal evidence is high for the effectiveness of MCS, manufacturers cannot make claims until proper “double-blind placebo controlled studies” are completed to the satisfaction of the FDA. Such studies are underway. However, because the machines are available and relatively inexpensive for
such a debilitating and preventable condition, you should know about it so that you need not risk further damage to your vision waiting for the FDA’s stamp of approval.

There is the possibility that MCS could help the age-related need for reading glasses (presbyopia). While little work has been done on that condition, it affects virtually everyone over 50 on some level. I am no exception and will be trying MCS for my documented presbyopia and will be reporting my progress back to you.

Mike from Aussie :) how are you both ?
Have been using my pinhole glasses religiously as you advised and there has definitely
been an improvement in my eyesight,,things were definitely starting to get darker.

i received my Eye mate 6 weeks ago ,, i don't know if its placebo :) and i don't care, the darkness is getting lighter and my headaches have completely disappeared,,so thanks guys,,will keep you informed

Mike Beacham,,, Queensland Australia

Frequency specific MicroCurrent Stimulation

When Dr. Kondrot was instructed on, and began using frequencies specifically targeting eye tissues (such
as arteries, nerves, etc.), his results took a quantum leap. My dad has macular degeneration. Right in front of me, last February, he was able to read three additional lines on the reading chart in just minutes.Source

Frequency Specific MicroCurrent Stimulation (FSMS)

How can Frequency Specific MicroCurrent Stimulation (FSMS) work so fast? Electrical medical pioneer Dr. Robert Becker explained in his book The Body Electric. Electricity flows through your body constantly. The nerves conduct an AC current. But the membrane around your nerves, called the perineurium, conducts a DC microcurrent. The perineurium’s electrical system transmits information throughout your body and creates healing. For instance, Becker found that in amphibians, a severed limb could regenerate if the perineurium were left intact (even if the nerve itself was severed)."

Treatment suggested by some of the Above Eye Drs on both eye;s using 4 frequency settings of

292 HZ, 30 Hz, 9.1 Hz and 0.3 Hz. 8 points were treated with each frequency for 12 seconds located along the periorbital area. 4 points above the eye and 4 points

Below,,these frequecies are very easy to use and the time simple to set using the latest Rife pro,,with the laterst Frequency Specific MicroCurrent eye contact mask

Patients were instructed to carefully monitor the current at each treatment point. The current was slowly turned up until a sensation was produced and then it was turned down until all sensation of electricity subsided. All treatments were conducted at this sub-threshold level.

After the initial 8 treatments using these frequencies, patients were instructed used the frequency protocol twice a day for 5/7 days a week.

Frequency Specific Microcurrent Stimulation Eye Mask


Frequency Specific Microcurrent Stimulator

Fully Rechargable
Intensity Control
Frequency Specific Microcurrent Stimulation Eye Mask

Frequencies INCLUDED :)

5Hz, 292 Hz,, 292.7Hz ,30 Hz, 30.7Hz,,9.1 Hz 9.8Hz and 0.3 Hz ,,10hz ,, 0.7 Hz,, 14Hz 1.5Hz, 3.6 Hz ,95hz 137 Hz, 18Hz 1.5hz, 3.6 hz 137Hz 1Hz

Each frequency will run for aprox 24 sec.

Frequency Specific Microcurrent Stimulation Eye Mask for use with Rife machines etc

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Frequency Specific Microcurrent Stimulation Eye Mask

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