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Shiva Neural Stimulation Technology

Legal: Shiva Neural Stimulation signals are based on templates provided and licensed by Stan Koren and Dr. M.A. Persinger of Laurentian University's Neurosciences Program. Thanks are due to Dr. Michael Persinger for his extensive help in developing The Shiva Stimulation Device.

Shiva does not prevent, diagnose or treat any medical disorders.


Shiva is a an example of circumcerebral complex magnetic neural stimulation.
laboratory experiments,  circumcerebral stimulation was able to elicit psychic perceptions from ordinary people and enhance the psychic perceptions of a skilled remote viewer. In unpublished work, circumcerebral stimulation of this kind has been observed to enhance already existing esoteric skills.
It's eight pairs of magnetic coils circle magnetic signals around your head to dampen a specific neural function called "The Binding Factor for consciousness". The binding factor is understood to inhibit skills and senses which are ordinarily unavailable.
Shiva Neural Stimulation replicates the apparatus used in these studies, allowing you to work with this technology in your home.

Shiva specifically targets the right side of the brain; the side most implicated in psychic perception. It does it by moving the signals from back to front over the right side, and in the opposite direction over the left. The 'binding factor' is muffled on the right more than on the left.

The binding factor runs from front to back, repeating every 25 milliseconds (giving it a frequency of 40 hertz)

Shiva rotates the signals around your head in a counterclockwise direction, moving from one pair of coils to the next at around the same speed.

Shiva interferes with the binding factor over the right side much more than over the left.

The result is that inhibitions are removed from right hemispheric functions, including psychic perceptions.

The brain produces theta activity when the signals move from one pair of coils to the next at this speed. Unlike other mind machines that stimulate the brain with theta activity, Shiva nudges the brain into producing it on it's own theta activity, without direct theta input. Instead, Shiva relies on a mathematical observation made by Dr. M.A. Persinger, inventor of the first generation of this technology. That changes in frequency shifts in Theta (EEG) frequencies would involve specific increments of time - the ones used in his lab studies and also used in Shiva Neural Stimulation.

Circumcerebral stimulation is a specialized mind technology. It's designed specifically to produce effects associated with Theta activity. It's been laboratory tested and found to elicit psychic perceptions, but so far, other experiences related to
theta activity await testing. These include relaxation, meditation, trance, hypnosis, and the Athlete's state of being "in the zone". In principle, Shiva should be able to enhance these states though neither it nor it's predecessor have been tested for them so far.

Shiva has many possibilities waiting to be explored.

The signals Shiva uses are derived from specific brain parts and/or brain functions. Some of them have been tested with circumcerebral stimulation and others have not. All of them have been used before with other mind machines. Each signal is described in the software, and it's suggested that you examine the online software demo. Most of the signals from another complex magnetic signal technology have been imported into Shiva, and made available along with sessions to replicate the experiments the first generation of this technology, The Octopus, is famous for.
Shiva Neural Stimulation works in a new and different way - one never used in any commercially available mind machine before. To read more about it, go to the online software demo, where you will find several pages discussing it from a few different perspectives.
The online demo is the best way to learn about Shiva Neural Stimulation. There, you find a menu at the top that will take you to scientific information, as well as essays on how to develop psychic skills using Shiva, and instructions for setting up the Shiva hardware and software.
Shiva is not as easy to set up as many other computer devices. The software shows you how to do it in four stages, and once you learn how to do it, you'll be able to set up your Shiva hardware in just a few minutes. Shiva uses four identical USB sound devices to produce the 8 channel output, and they all use the same driver. Windows XP and 2000 recognize the devices automatically and a driver disk comes with your Shiva unit. Tech support is available in case you aren't sure of anything.


Shiva Neural technology can be used to get into altered states of consciousness, though the standard configurations are geared to produce one specific kind - the more introspective, calmer, detached kind. These are often called 'theta' states because the brain produces theta-rythm when these states of conscoiusness are going on. Trance and silent forms of meditation are associated with theta activity.

There are two ways to use Shiva for altered states. One is to do sessions in sensory deprivation and just relax as much as you can without falling asleep. The most important componant of sensory deprivation is silence - not just quiet. The batch sessions will put you through a set of different configurations, making for different effects in each section.

The 'simple signals' influence specific structures (unless indicated otherwise), and their success depends on your unique brain history. If a structure isn't very sensitive, then it won't respond to it's signals as well as another structure will respond to another signal, so personal experimentation, to find the signal that works for you, is a good way to use the simple signals.

The other way to use Shiva for altered states is to do Shiva sessions without sensory deprivation, and to work on your consciousness about an hour to 90 minutes after a Shiva session. Meditation, other mind machines (excepting other magnetic brain devices), trance work, or any other practice can 'bring out' Shiva effects, sometimes subtly and sometimes dramatically.

Shiva is based on an apparatus studied for its ability to induce psychic perceptions, and it hasn't been studied for altered states. However, given that psychic perceptions are commonly had while people who are in altered states, Shiva has great potential for inducing altered states of consciousness.

Online Shiva Software Demo 
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