Medical literature indicates that magnetic fields
have many benefit

Historically, magnetism has been used for the treatment of such disorders as stress symptoms, rheumatism, and inflammation, since before the time of the ancient Chinese, Greek, and Egyptian civilizations. In those days, weak magnetic iron stones (lodestones) were used, while nowadays we have discovered more effective mixtures of natural elements such as Neodymium, Boron, Samarium, and Cobalt, which form non-metallic crystalline alloys. These new magnets are now capable of reaching deeper internal organs, such as the Kidney, Bladder, Pancreas, Gall Bladder, Colon, Thymus, Pylorus, Uterus, Pituitary, Hippocampus, Pineal gland, joints, muscles, nerves. and bones where they are able to exert their biophysical benefits.

Magnets have been traditionally applied with a stationary (static) attachment such as a bandage, or are moved in a hand-held fashion by the therapist, with acceptably good results. This simple technique elicits the Faraday-Effect, where a voltage is generated across a conductor, (in this case the body cells, mitochondria, DNA, telomeres and microtubules). However, when bipolar magnets (alternately North and South) are spinning at the correct velocity specific to each tissue or organ, not only is the Faraday-Effect greatly magnified, but other levels of energy vortices and standing waves are created.

Vibration has been used for centuries to improve local blood circulation, correcting tissue and lymphatic imbalances (such as Cellulite), and for pain relief. Unlike many vibrators on the market, which have a rate fixed at 60 Hertz, an ideal generator should have frequencies which can be tuned from 2 to 66 per second which corresponds to the range of brain-wave frequencies and body energy centres.

Lymphatic Drainage:

Most tissue swelling and abnormal engorgement is either caused by, or accompanied by lymph block.

According to the world-renowned "Textbook of Physiology" (chapter 31) by Dr Arthur C. Guyton M.D., proteins circulating in the blood stream such as albumin, globulin, fibrinogen, debris from bacteria and dead cells normally pass through the walls of the capillaries in small quantities up to 3.7 percent, to enter the tissues. They are normally removed by the lymphatic capillaries which drain the tissues of fluid and transport it back to the heart at 100 ml per hour. If this lymph system is blocked, the accumulated fluid and proteins can stagnate if not removed within a few hours. According to Dr Guyton "The only route by which the protein can be returned to the circulatory system is through the lymphatics". Stagnation of lymph results in a complex cascade of pathological consequences such as:

agglutination of protein into larger clusters which further exacerbate the block
diminishing of the normal electrical potential across cell membranes,
Sodium enters the cells and is toxic,
delayed healing of wounds,
prolongation of pain,
chronicity of inflammation, oedema and swelling,
Impaired oxygen availability to cells,
Increased susceptibility to bacterial and viral infections,
Tiredness, lethargy, chronic fatigue and depression,
Sudden "unexplained" death due to peripheral vascular failure (shock),
Veterinary: Animals respond just as favourably to Magnetic Field Therapy as humans. Race horses, for example, have been treated magnetically for many years in order to increase their vitality and to relieve injuries and fractures.

Disclaimer and Caution: Magnetic products are not a substitute for proper medical diagnosis and attention. Do not use in pregnancy or over tumours, pacemakers, artificial hearts and some fragile ferro-magnetic implants. Keep away from magnetic tapes, discs, credit cards and sensitive hospital equipment eg defibrillators, pumps, ventilators, incubators, oximeters, EKG monitors.


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