Experimental Procedures
Here's a book with lots of of simple, easy procedures for:
  • Learning to use a clearing biomonitor
  • Locate and identify stress!
  • Effectively and gently guiding clients to talk about important personal issues!
  • Learning to recognize the meter phenomena necessary to use it effectively
  • Actually using the biomonitor to identify and isolate specific "charged" thoughts!
  • Assessing for important issues to be handled!
  • Using the stored negative mental energy in the client?s body to locate charged issues!
  • Handling specific issues, including Upsets, Sadness, Guilt, Problems, Fear and Traumatic Incidents.
The author has researched and used GSR (galvanic skin response) biomonitors for over thirty years. Now, he shows you fast, simple ways that you can employ this remarkable tool to speed up and simplify your work of helping people to improve their lives. Originally written to familiarize therapists with the Clarity Meterô, the techniques in this book can be used with any biomonitor. Become more effective! This book will enhance and streamline your professional effectiveness. Your clients and friends will be amazed at how quickly you are able to guide them to the bottom of life-sabotaging issues and they will be grateful for the relief. Can also be used without the Biomonitor! Although the biomonitor enhances the speed and accuracy of these procedures, many of them can be done without it by those who prefer to work more intuitively.