Announcing the New Clarity AutoReset™ Meter--
no more resetting of the baseline range (TA) adjustment!

Now, using the Clearing Biomonitor is easier than ever!
  • Hands-off metering!
  • Ultra-sensitive!
  • Easy-to-see displays!
  • All the information you need about session progress!
  • Select "Fully Automatic" or "Reset on Demand"

    The AutoReset™ is a long-awaited development, in response to practitioners, students and teachers of biomonitor-guided Clearing, who have sought a meter that does not require manual resetting of the range (TA) adjustment to compensate for changes in baseline range.
  • New Clarity AutoReset™ Meter
    the New Clarity AutoReset™ Meter
    The Blessing of AutoReset™
    Normally, with a standard biomonitor, the professional or student practitioner must continuously fiddle with the range pointer-knob to bring the needle back onto the dial, so that its movements may continue to be observed. It takes considerable skill stay continuously alert to the position of the needle, and to make that adjustment quickly and smoothly, without causing a distraction to the client or taking one's attention away from the client at a crucial moment. This is especially true considering that the practitioner is also often working with written instructions, as well as taking notes!

    The AutoReset™ Meter Makes Training a Breeze!
    The development of this ability to keep the meter in adjustment can be especially daunting to a beginning practitioner, who typically over-compensates and may need to make several attempts to complete just one adjustment-often at the cost of disrupting the session. Selecting the correct sensitivity also becomes crucial, as too high a sensitivity makes over-adjusting nearly inevitable, and of course, too low a sensitivity can cause one to lose important response information from the needle. Learning to coordinate these skills can take days, weeks or months to develop!

    Having trained many new practitioners in workshops over the years, we've found that developing the skill to reset the range knob in an ongoing session without missing a beat is the greatest stumbling block and discouragement for many students.

    Finally, the answer is here. The new AutoReset™ Meter will reset the needle to the "Ready" mark on the dial-at any sensitivity--allowing the practitioner to give the client his or her full attention at all times. This new meter will make the range adjustment instantly, either on cue from the practitioner at the stroke of a button or the press of a pedal-or fully automatically whenever the needle moves to either end of the dial.

    Choice of Control
    For those who want more control, the fully automatic feature can be switched off, so that readjustment takes place only when the button or foot switch is activated by the user. This is recommended with clients who tend to let go of the sensors occasionally, in order to avoid incorrect Accumulated Range readings. On the other hand, for solo (self-administered) sessions, the fully automatic AutoReset™ mode makes a lot more sense.
    In either case, all self-adjusting needle motion is indicated by a red LED light, to clearly distinguish it from a client-generated needle read.

    Hands-Off Remote Reset Pedal
    The optional remote Reset Pedal, which plugs into the side of the meter, enables the practitioner to avoid any distracting hand movement that could unnecessarily call attention to the meter-an important point to many practitioners.

    Know Where You've Been!
    One objection that some more traditional practitioners have had to a digital range indicator (as opposed to the pointer knob and its printed scale) is that, when a change in range (TA) occurs, how do you know where it moved from? The exact amount of change in the baseline range (TA) position is important in clearing sessions--especially change in the downward direction. In other automatically resetting meters made in Europe, when a change in range is registered by the meter, the practitioner (whose attention has been primarily on the client, of course) may have no idea where the previous position was, and thus cannot tell the size of the adjustment that just occurred. The Clarity AutoReset™ Meter not only displays the current range value in the Current Range Window, but also has a Previous Range Window, allowing the practitioner to easily note the size of the change. The Previous Range Window is unique to the Clarity AutoReset™ Meter!

    There is also an Accumulated Range Window, shows is a total of all the downward range adjustments in the session, an important indication of session progress.

    Those in the business of training new Clearing practitioners will gladly welcome the Clarity AutoReset™ Meter. It is certain to make an enormous contribution to enthusiasm and morale, in the hands of both novices and experts.

    Functional Description
    The new Clarity? AutoReset™ Meter is identical in size to the standard Clarity Meter. It has the same easy-to-see large-format meter dial, ambidextrous upright configuration, and rugged metal enclosure to protect the delicate electronics and shield the circuitry from electronic interference. The small Sensitivity (gain) knob and its scale are the same, though their position has changed. The obvious difference is the lack of a Range pointer-knob, which is no longer needed. It is replaced with a single large, square Reset Button, centrally located to allow use of either hand to activate it.

    Another difference is the large LCD display. There are three windows (instead of the one Accumulated Range window on the older Clarity Meter). The important one is the left window, which is set off by itself somewhat, and displays the Current Range (sometimes known as "TA").

    The middle window shows the Previous Range value, and is unique to the Clarity AutoReset™ Meter. It allows the user, at a glance, to see where the range value was immediately before the last electronic adjustment. This is extremely important in enabling the practitioner to gauge the magnitude of that last change in Range, and thus its relative importance in the session. (This function is unique to the Clarity AutoReset™ Meter.)

    The extreme right-hand window displays the Accumulated Range, i.e., the total downward change of Range in the session. It is automatically updated whenever an electronic adjustment occurs in the session to bring the needle back onto the dial. Most practitioners find the Accumulated Range to be a valuable quantitative indication of the progress in the session.

    There is also a prominent slide switch on the left side of the front panel. This is the AutoReset™ On/Off switch. In the “On” position, the meter will reset itself automatically to the "Ready" position when the needle comes to either end of the dial, after a brief predetermined (and user-adjustable) moment, automatically displaying the new Range value in its window. The corrective needle movement is accompanied by a red LED light, so that the practitioner can easily distinguish this movement from a client-generated needle movement.

    When the AutoReset™ switch is in the "Off" position, the needle can only be reset by the user pushing the Reset Button, or alternatively, by activating an optional remote Reset Pedal. (The Reset Button and Reset Pedal are also operative when in the AutoReset "On" position, allowing manual resetting even in the automatic reset mode.)

    For those who want more control, the fully automatic feature can be switched off, so that readjustment takes place only when the button or foot switch is activated by the user. This is recommended with clients who tend to let go of the sensors occasionally, in order to avoid incorrect Accumulated Range readings. On the other hand, for solo (self-administered) sessions, the fully automatic AutoReset™ mode makes a lot more sense.
    There is a "Low Battery" LED indicator at the bottom of the panel.

    The meter dial and LCDs are large and clear, intended for easy recognition in the practitioner?s peripheral vision, slightly out of his or her line of sight with the client. All of the switches, LCD displays and LED lights are clearly labeled, making the learning curve for the Clarity AutoReset™ extremely simple.

    Special Advantages of the Clarity AutoReset
    There are a number of unique advantages to using the Clarity AutoReset™ Meter over the more traditional "standard" meter with range (TA) pointer-knob.

  • First, and most obvious, is that you do not have to split your attention between the client and the meter in order to keep the needle on the dial. The ability to bring the needle to the "ready"(or "set") mark, when it goes off the dial, without distracting the client can take a long time to develop. Some practitioners never get fully comfortable with this task. In an attempt to handle this difficulty, some people run the meter at a lower than optimum sensitivity, thus risking missing reads. The AutoReset™ function works accurately at any sensitivity, in either manual (push-button or pedal) mode or in fully automatic mode.
  • The AutoReset™ Meter does not have a delicate mechanical range (TA) potentiometer to wear out or malfunction. The range function is a fully solid-state integrated circuit. The sensitivity function is also solid state. The sensitivity knob is merely a selector, and the sensitivity circuit does not rely on a mechanical potentiometer.
  • The design and circuitry is unique, and does not look or function like units proprietary to any organization or church.
  • It works left-handed or right-handed-or no hands! The Clarity AutoReset™ can be operated by a quiet remote pedal, making it unnecessary to distract the client by calling attention to the meter with physical movement during the session.
  • The AutoReset™ Meter works with either common, easy-to-install AA akaline batteries, or with the supplied AC Adaptor. By the way, it works with the same adaptor as the standard non-automatic Clarity Meter.
  • There's a full one year warranty on parts and labor. If it goes bad due to a manufacturing defect, we'll fix or replace it immediately-for free!

    Once you try the Clarity AutoReset™ Meter, you won't want to go back to another!

    The Basic Package includes:
  • The new AutoReset™ Meter
  • Set of Regular (two handed) Sensors
  • Wire Leads for Sensors
  • AC Adaptor
  • Hard Protective Carrying Case
  • Training Video
  • Book of Experimental Procedures