Never Seem to Get Truly Well ?

In todays world where pollution is becoming rampant, our food is being Geneticaly engineered and poisioned with chemicals and additives, the air we breath has far less oxygen than 300 years ago and electromagnetic pollution is increasing expotentialy, our immune systems are taking a beating, more and more people are dying of heart disease and cancer...

Health is the ever-changing state of dynamic equilibrium our bodies try to maintain in this highly polluted and ever-changing environment in which we live. We all have to deal with stress from food because of pesticides, and added chemicals such as preservatives, artificial flavors and colors. There is stress from water because of the chemicals which are added to the water supply to make it safe for drinking. There is stress from the air we breathe because of the exhaust from automobiles and industrial pollution. We also may have added stress at the work place or home because of exposure to the variety chemicals used in these modern times. Many people today are also suffering from problems associated to allergies. As our bodies attempt to adapt to the environment around us, our self-regulating mechanisms can become overloaded or stressed out. With all these sources of stress it may become difficult to maintain a balanced healthy state and we may begin to lose our sense of well-being.

In contrast optimum health is the direct result of choices we make in our daily lives. We can choose to eat healthy by adding lost of organic fruits and vegetables to our diet, take nutritional supplements if necessary, eat more fiber, consume less processed foods and reduce our intake of simple sugars. Foods can be positive and health building or they can be negative and have no value for building health but simply taste good. Many choose to drink some sort of filtered or purified water. Others choose to get away from the cities and out into nature where there is lots of clean fresh air which is usually a good stress reliever. Choosing to exercise on a regular basis can have a valuable impact on health. Loosing weight and choosing not to smoke are also positive steps toward healthy living. The more choices we make which are health building the more resistant we become to the stress around us.

Allergies are very common and affect about one in three at some time in their lives. There are many different causes of allergy, and symptoms range from very mild to potentially life threatening. Allergy is one of the major factors associated with the cause of and persistence of asthma.

"Destroy a man's mind, his reasoning ability, his imagination, and neither gold, silver, mansions, freedom, love nor anything else will matter to him. This is EASILY ACCOMPLISHED, is BEING ACCOMPLISHED by simple means: the creation of disease in his body by Toxic substances in his food; shattering his nervous system, hardening his muscles, and deteriorating his mind; making of man, the godly human, a sub-human creature, a lesser animal, a vegetation, Soulless"- The Crime Against Humanity. R. S. Clymer, M.D., 1945

An allergy occurs when a person’s immune system over-reacts to substances — called an allergen — in the environment. These allergens are found in house dust mites, pets, pollen, foods, drugs, insect stings, latex and moulds. An allergen for one person may not be a problem for another person, and everyone reacts differently.

Do you get recurring problems like joint and muscle pains, restless legs, fatigue, headaches, tics, rashes, depression, anxiety, tinnitus . Do you feel tired after a full night's sleep Do you feel as if you've never totally been yourself.Do you frequently have stomach problems - wind, indigestion, constipation and/or diarrhea?. Have you had bouts of anxiety, nervousness or depression
for no apparent reason?

Has a doctor, more than once, told you he can find nothing wrong or that there's nothing to worry about saying that the rash, pain, (or whatever) will go away even though you've told him it recurs, or suggested your problem is stress related when you know it isn't?

The more questions you have answered YES to, the greater the likelihood that something you are eating or in your enviroment is Giving you allergic reactions..

Now you can test your foods etc,,,

Mold Alergies
One of the factors that make diagnosing a mold allergy problematic is that mold can affect your body in a number of different ways. Some start having memory problems, while another may be experiencing a sudden change in disposition, such as agitation, anger, panic, or aggression. Headaches are common but don't affect everyone exposed to mold. Other symptoms can include:

•Coughing and wheezing
• Sinus problems and post-nasal drip
• Itchy rashes
• Joint pain

Dr. Rapp has a video on her website showing how just one drop of mold extract on a patient's arm causes her to have trouble walking. Within minutes, the woman's joints and sinuses swell up.

"Most people don't realize that some people can be very, very sensitive," Dr. Rapp says. "… The most astounding thing in relation to mold that I've noticed is the changes that it can affect and in your behavior. Children can't write. If you look at any of my books on my website, you'll see that they're writing is fine and I put a drop of mold allergy extract in their arm and they write upside down. They put their pencil on the paper and rip it in half.

They write very, very tiny. They write real large. They're all over the place.

Teachers don't know this. If a youngster is going to a moldy school for example, you may find that a child is fine at home but at school, they can't learn a thing. They can't remember a thing. They can't write. They can't draw. They can't walk. Any area of the body can be affected. The teachers, educators are not aware of the fact that molds -- and in fact, dust and chemicals and pollens and foods can affect any area of the body.

I don't know how to get this message out, but those of you that are listening, if you're fine or your child is fine and suddenly something is wrong… Whatever it is, ask yourself,

What did they eat?

What did they touch?

What did they smell?

Most allergies occur within 15 minutes to an hour. Some reactions—the food related ones that cause colitis or bed wetting—can cause trouble right away."

Dr. Rapp shares an interesting fact about your body's inherent intelligence—a "silent alarm system" that you can tap into simply by checking your pulse.

"Put your wrist in your palm and put your fingers along the edge of your wrist and you can easily feel your pulse.

Is it regular?... Is it irregular?... If it's irregular or abnormally fast… it's frequently an internal warning and your body is [saying] 'my goodness what did this individual get into? … [T]he body is going to get sick so I have to get the blood rushing around in a hurry to try to take care of this problem.'

If people get into a moldy place, their pulse can suddenly increase.

Instant Test for Allergies

Kill mould amd Parasites in your blood

Electrical potential measurements in human breast cancer and benign lesions.
Marino AA, Morris DM, Schwalke MA, Iliev IG, Rogers S.

Department of Orthopedic Surgery, Louisiana State University Medical Center, Shreveport 71130-3932.

Electrical potentials were measured on the breast and at other sites in 110 women with palpable breast masses. The tumor site was significantly electropositive compared with control sites only when the tumor was a cancer, as determined by a subsequent biopsy; the electrical potentials were not influenced by age or menstrual cycle. The results indicate that, on average, altered electrical potentials detected by a noninvasive measurement on the skin reflect the presence of transformed cells in patients with breast cancer. Previous in vitro studies of breast tissue and breast epithelial cells suggest that the observed effect was due to a change in interstitial K+ concentration that arose from alterations in the activity of K+ channels. Electrical potentials may be suitable for diagnosis of individual patients if refinements are made in the measurement technique.


Test Your Health

Your Approx Health Status in one Minute with this Hi-Tech Quantum Resonance Magnetic Analyzer

Getting an indication of health problems is often the first step in yoiur welness program,,any adverse readings can alert you to the possible need to visit your Doctor or health care professional

Multiple indicators of your health can be obtained within minutes. This analysis method is designed to save your time and energy. The database of the analysis system has been established with scientific method, strict health statistic treatment and demonstration of a large number of clinical cases, leading thus to analysis.

Applications :

Who Benefits From it?
1. Health practitioners: doctors, acupuncturists, nutritional therapists, reflexologists, alternative, naturopathic and holistic practitioners, etc.
2. Members of the Spa and Wellness Industry.
3. Corporations and communities who would like to have a general health assessment of their employees or members without the need to expensive work ups (even before they become grossly ill and in need of hospitalization or expensive medications).
4. Companies that produce or sell health products.
5. Families who want to monitor the health condition of their members.

Learn more about the Quantum Magnetic Analyser

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Treat Yourself with Radionics

Vibrational medicine or Radionics as it is sometimes termed, is a healing art originated from the research of the distinguished American physicians Dr. Albert Abrams. He was born in San Francisco in 1863 and became one of the most highly qualified specialists of his day. A graduate of the University of California, he wrote several medical text books and eventually won for himself a national reputation as a specialist in diseases of the nervous system.

Not surprisingly, certain elements of the medical and scientific community attacked Abrams' work and sought to discredit him. In 1924, the year of Abram' death, a committee of the Royal Society of Medicine under the Chairmanship of Sir Thomas (later Lord) Horder investigated his claims. To the astonishment of medicine and science, the committee, after exhaustive tests, has to admit that Abrams' claim was proven

The Advanced Bio-Photon Analyzer is on the cutting edge of technology in the field of Natural Health. As researchers pursue the investigation of subtle energies and informational fields, they are continually learning how to use this emerging science to benefit the world around us. This equipment brings state of the art technologies into our homes and daily lives. Everyone interested in this endeavor now has the ability to contribute to the new discoveries being made in this field. The equipment is easy to use. It only takes time and common sense to successfully operate. As we experiment with the multitude of health challenges we all face, we hope to find and share simple ways to achieve and maintain a state of natural health and well-being. We each have to take responsibility for our own health. Although this is a very useful tool that can aid in achieving wellness,

Functional health can be a hard thing to maintain in this day and age. The overload of stress can become overwhelming and hard to manage. Some may look to the advancement of today's technology for extra support. This is where the state of the art technology of the Advanced Bio-Photon Analyzer can help those trying to obtain success in managing stress to achieve a healthy edge for a healthy future!


Electronic homeopathy

The Most Powerful Fully Automatic Intrinsic Data Field System We Have Ever Used

Nicholas Tesla, Georges Lakhovsky and Royal Rife viewed disease or illness as a battle of vibrations between the cells of the body versus viruses and bacteria. If the pathogenic organisms won this vibrational contest, the cells would become energetically weakened and more susceptible to disease. According to Lakhovsky, the way to counter this vibrational attack was to introduce a broad spectrum of RF (radio frequency) harmonic energies into the system and then, through the principle of sympathetic resonance, each cell would pick out exactly the proper frequency needed to reinforce its own internal vibration and the healthy cell would be more resistant to vibrational attack from virus and bacteria.

Tesla argued that by going back to our base physical components, it can be safely said that the physical body is built from multitudes of particles held together by electrical bonds. Electrical forces are what hold atoms and molecules together. Chemical bonds and reactions depend on these electrical forces. Therefore, all chemical reactions are, in essence, reorganizations of electrical forces, which continue to be vital at body levels, i.e., tissues and organs. When this is all taken into account, a living organism is shown to be an extremely intricate electrical system (Gibson and Gibson 1987).

Immune System

Electrical Potential of the Cell

Death in the cell occurs when the electrical potential of the cell membrane is reduced to zero. This was effectively demonstrated by Dr. Crile. An amoeba (a one celled animal) and an auto synthetic cell was used to demonstrate the vital function of electrical potential in all living cells. When an equal and opposite electrical charge to that of the amoeba reduced the electrical potential of its cell membrane to zero and astonishing change occurred comparable to death. Amoeboid movement was arrested and the amoeba became spherical in form. The outer cell membrane then ruptured and granules could be seen floating out into the surrounding fluid.

Before the tears in the membrane became too excessive, the researchers reversed the process and restored the electrical potential of the cell membrane again to normal. They then witnessed a remarkable demonstration of the vital role of electrical potential in all living cells. The amoeba's form was reconstructed to a viable, living organism and it again became active and healthy. Reestablishing the cell's normal electrical potential had given life where death and disintegration would otherwise have occurred.

BOOST YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM Raise the Electropotential of your cells

What Lakhovsky discovered was simply mind boggling: He postulated that all living cells (plants, people, bacteria, parasites, etc.) possess attributes which normally are associated with electronic circuits. These cellular attributes include resistance, capacitance, and inductance. These 3 electrical properties, when properly configured, will cause the recurrent generation or oscillation of high frequency sine waves when sustained by a small, steady supply of outside energy of the right frequency.

He viewed disease or illness as a battle of vibrations between the cells of the body versus viruses and bacteria. If the pathogenic organisms won this vibrational contest, the cells would become energetically weakened and more susceptible to disease. According to Lakhovsky, the way to counter this vibrational attack was to introduce a broad spectrum of RF (radio frequency) harmonic energies into the system and then, through the principle of sympathetic resonance, each cell would pick out exactly the proper frequency needed to reinforce its own internal vibration and the healthy cell would be more resistant to vibrational attack from virus and bacteria. His method of achieving this was by means of his invention that is known today as the MWO

According to Nobel Prize winner Otto Warburg, healthy cells have voltages of 70 to 90 millivolts. Due to stress, toxins and aging, cellvoltage can drop. If it drops to 50 mv, a person may experience chronic fatigue and a weakened immune system. If it drops to 15, the cell often becomes cancerous.

“The remedy in my opinion, is not to kill the microbes in contact with the healthy cells but to reinforce the oscillations of the cell either directly by reinforcing the radio activity of the blood or in producing on the cells a direct action by means of the proper rays.” Lakhovsky’s Radio-Cellulo-Oscillator (RCO) produced low frequency ELF all the way through gigahertz radiowaves with lots of “extremely short harmonics.” He
favored such a wide bandwidth device so that, “The cells with very weak vibrations, when placed in the field of multiple vibrations, finds its own frequency and starts again to oscillate normally through the phenomenon of resonance.” As a result, Lakhovsky’s RCO is now more often called MWO (multiple wave oscillator) for these reasons. The MWO uses a Tesla coil and special antenna with concentric rings that induce multiple sparks between them

What is a Multi-Wave-Oscillator
and What can it do for me ?

Disclaimer: To comply with FDA requirements we need to inform you the fact that a lot of people have had tremendous results does not guarantee that you will have the same results. Also, if you have a serious medical condition, this use of these technologies should not replace any competent medical advice you are currently receiving. Our experiences have been that most people will use this technology while continuing to visit their usual/normal medical professionals.


According to the World Health Organization, 3.5 billion people suffer from some type of parasitic infection. Not all of these people live in third world countries; many in the developed world have any number of parasitic infections, some of which are so highly contagious that extremely casual contact with something that has been handled by an infected person can infect another person.

Parasites the silent invasion, what you should know about parasite infestation.

Get to know your parasite enemies:

According to Dr. Ross Anderson, parasites are one of the most undiagnosed health challenges in the U.S. -- a statement based on his 20 years of experience with over 20,000 patients.

Hulda Clark, Ph.D., N.D. states in her book, "The Cure for All Diseases" that all illness comes from only two causes - parasites and pollutants. And that parasites are as rampant as pollutants in today's modern society.

Immature forms of a worm called

What are the symptoms of parasites?

Listed below are the most common symptoms of parasites. Some of these symptoms may be indicative of other ailments. But these symptoms, as listed in "The Medical Advisor" (Time/Life Books, Alexandria, Virginia) can be a strong indication of parasites. They can include any combination of the following:

chronic diarrhea
chronic diarrhea or/alternating with constipation
intestinal cramps
changes in appetite
fowl-smelling gas
multiple food allergies
loss of appetite
weakness and fatigue
itching around the anus - especially at night (indicating pinworms)
restlessness and difficulty sleeping
sore and aching intestines
weight loss (although not necessarily)
itching on the soles of the feet - sometimes accompanied by a rash
coughing bloody sputum in some cases
fever followed by loss of appetite
palpitations (indicating hookworms)
muscle pain
facial swelling around the eyes (indicating trichinosis)
Wheezing and coughing, followed by vomiting, stomach pain and bloating (suggesting ascariasis or threadworms).

Bob Beck Claimed and, was backed up by hundreds of clients and Scientific studies ,his Protocol worked, on eliminating Parasites,Fungi, Candida and Bacteria,,so

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Multifunctional High Potential Therapeutic Apparatus

Scientific practice suggests that the appropriate strength of the electric field will have a beneficial impact on each part of the body cells. The high potential therapy is based on the biomedical theory putting the body in a high-voltage alternating low-frequency electric field; then the cells, body liquid and nerves, which are affected by the synthesized functional silent discharge of the Electric field, flowing of the air ions and ozone etc, keep the anion cation balance according to the action of an electric dipole field.

Multifunctional High Potential Therapeutic Apparatus can produce -6000V to -9000V electrical feild around the body by using high voltage static electricticity which makes the output terminal discharge silently. Thus they produces negative ions which make the indoor air fresh and regulate the blood circulation, nervous system, endocrine system, digestion and metabolism of the whole body.

After negative ions enter the human body, they help excellent regulation and recovery of the nervous system of the whole body and gradually adjust the acidized morbid state to an alkaline state.

Balance PH-value purify the blood, activate the cell, tone the automatic nerve, supply the static energy needed by the human body.Helps keep the body in balanced vigorous.state

This high potential therapy is the most advanced therapeutic products in the world at present. It is integrated with heat therapy, negative therapy and optical therapy. While during the treatment, you feel like have taken a refreshing walk in a beautiful forest.

It can activate cells and accelerate metabolism. The negative ions generated by negative high potential electrostatic fields can activate the ATP enzyme of the cell membrane. The generation and increase of ATP enzyme improve the selectivity and permeability of the ion of inner and outer cells, stimulate the energy of the cells, accelerate metabolism, delay organic aging, and help various metabolic diseases, such as diabetes and high blood lipid. Secondly, it can purify blood and make the acidic blood become alkalescence. The increase of acidic matters in the blood will cause the rise of blood lipid, increase in viscosity of the blood, and deterioration of permeability of the blood vessel.

More on the Multifunctional High Potential Therapeutic Apparatus here



Rife discovered that every virus, bacterium, parasite and other pathogen is particularly sensitive to a specific "frequency" of sound and can be destroyed by intensifying that frequency until it literally explodes - like an intense musical note that can shatter a wine glass! To "disintegrate" the microbes, Rife invented a Beam Ray machine (now known as a Rife machine

Every species of life has its own electromagnetic "signature", a pattern of oscillation based on its individual genetic blueprint. It's different for all. This instrument is based on Royal Raymond Rife's quest to study the unique electromagnetic "signature" of Viruses, Bacteria, Parasites, Fungi and Cancer; and experimenting with special frequencies to DESTROY them.

Can Rife help you?

If the medical system continues to advance, one day Royal Rife will be acknowledged as one of histories greatest medical geniuses

Mainstream Science Finally Validates RIFE

Rife focused on refining his method of destroying viruses. He used the same principle to kill them, which made them visible - resonance. By increasing the intensity of a frequency which resonated naturally with these microbes, Rife increased their natural oscillations until they distorted and disintegrated from structural stresses. Rife called this frequency the mortal oscillatory rate, or MOR. Importantly noted is the fact that MOR did not harm the surrounding tissues.

To better understand this principle, think about how a wine glass can be shattered by an intense musical note, while other breakables near the glass are not affected. Every material has a natural frequency at which it vibrates, called a resonant frequency. If you put energy into the substance at its resonant frequency, you will force it to vibrate or resonate. Some singers can sing a note equal to the natural resonant frequency of the wine glass and cause it to shatter. Since everything else has a different resonant frequency, nothing but the glass is destroyed.


Dr Mercola