Bob Beck An Introduction to my Research

I Believe the amazing breakthrough you'll read about on this page is proving to be the most important health discovery in decades - or perhaps ever.

I Believe that anyone using this knowledge will be freed from sickness, infections, diseases and toxins, the third most common cause of all casualties in the US and the first cause of deaths in the third world.

I Believe this tested and true information can forever release anyone from doctors, pharmaceuticals, medicines of any description, hospitals, and incurable diseases presently known or undiscovered, plus biological warfare agents. Even Tumors disappears when interleuken and interferon are again produced by a restored immune system.

Yet experience shows that 85% of the population will ignore, disbelieve, or vigorously resist these data; they're too simple, cheap, effective and revolutionary. This also requires assuming responsibility for your own health. Medical "authorities" may never tell you this secret since it could ruin their incomes. You'll see why this dynamite truth must be suppressed to preserve medical profiteering and egos.

What is it? It's now scientifically established that mild, safe and simple electrification neutralizes all bacteria, germs, viruses, parasites, pathogens, fungi and other foreign invaders in blood. Results are rapid, dirt cheap, comfortable and without side effects. Medical "cures" once strove to match expensive antibiotics to the few germs they killed before many diseases evolved to strain-resistant. Today's new paradigm is harmless, infallible, and hasn't encountered any resistant micro-organism. Unlike antibiotics and vaccines and their targets, you don't even care what anything is called medically. Nothing known or unknown remains "incurable".

How? Average adults have eight pints of blood harboring trillions of hostile pathogens and viruses, plus their mutations - the progeny of thousands of invaders. Your blood normally circulates past a given point in under nine minutes. So when you attach electrodes directly outside arterial pulse points on one wrist, a gentle biphasic electric stimulus applied for a few hours induces a comfortable 50-100uA (microamperes) into your flowing blood without puncturing skin. This causes spontaneous remissions of any known, unknown or emerging diseases. Techniques developed since 1991 (Beck) have enabled hundreds of previously sick and dying subjects to experience sero-conversion of AIDS, regain health and become symptom-free as verified by before-and-after PCR and other tests. Previous sufferers from numerous other "incurable" conditions are now well again. Many had undergone every medical treatment known with no cures. Electrification, rediscovered and reported many times over the years, has been mentioned briefly in journals since the 1800's then suppressed or disbelieved. Electrification's most recent rediscovery was in 1990 at Einstein College of Medicine by Kaali and variations re-patented. (Example: US Patent #5, 188,738 in 1993).

Combined with Kilogauss magnetic pulsing of lymph and organs to induce back-e.m.f. which scavenges latent and germinating pathogens, and silver colloids to control secondary and opportunistic infections, plus rapid detoxifications with ozonated drinking water, this is proving to be the best Universal FIX-ALL ever known! It's YOURS. It's PERFECTED. It's here NOW.

Although not destined to be "politically correct" except in the underground, and generally doubted by sceptics who haven't tried it or are threatened, you can easily use this data secretly to heal yourself and your friends. It may never be approved by the FDA. But hundreds of fully recovered patients who've used electrification are today's living proof that IT WORKS!

This research is offered for Educational Research and Informational
purposed only . . . nor intended for Medical Advice!

April 8, 1998 by Dr. Robert C. Beck, D.S.C., USA

BECK Questions & Answers

What is this blood electrification technology basically about? It's about using small amounts of electric current to disable or kill virus, bacteria, and other pathogens (such as yeast and mycoplasmas) in the body.

Are there other devices which safely use electric current on the body? Yes. Muscle stimulators relieve pain, reduce spasms and edema, tonify weak muscles, and assist the healing process, run at from 1 to 130 Hz. TENS units are used to block pain run at about 80 to 90 Hz. Interferential Therapy units are a type of muscle stimulator run at 3000 to 4000 Hz. Bio Feedback instruments used to modify behavior and retrain the nervous and muscular systems, run from below 1Hz to about 40 Hz. Bone Growth Stimulators, used to heal broken bones, run at various frequencies. Deep Brain Stimulators, which use implanted electrodes to impart electrical pulses, run from between 120 and 160 Hz directly to the brain to control involuntary muscular tremors in Parkinson's disease. Heart Pacemakers use an electrical impulse to regulate the hearts ryhthm.

Is blood electrification and magnetic pulsing safe? Yes, blood electrification delivers less current than the AMA approved TENS units, and the Pulser delivers only momentary pulses of a magnetic strength that is less than that of MRI (Magnetic Nuclear Resonance Imaging) body scanners. Dr Steven Kaali, patent owner for 2 blood electrification devices, said that electricity itself has no toxic side effects. Of course, this depends on your not using them longer and more often than you should (producing too much cleansing reactions). Also, with low frequencies (4-10hz), it depends on you not taking herbs & medicines anytime other than right after doing blood electrification.

How long have these devices been available? Since 1991 when these were invented by Bob Beck (after reading news reports) as an alternative to the Medical Machines idea of only utilizing this technology on patients by extracting their blood, treating it electrically, and then re-injecting it (as a dialysis machine does). This, of course would be timely, costly, and painful. Also it would keep the technology out of the hands of the common man and in the control of the Medical System.

Is using electricity for health a new concept? The earliest recorded medical use of electricity is in 46A.D. when the Roman emperors physician recommended treatment with the electric torpedo fish for rheumatism and gout. Benjamin Franklin also used electricity to treat people with neurologic problems. For a complete history of medical electrical devices you could visit the Bakken Museum of ElectroMedicine in Minneapolis. Also, there's an article in Science & Vie Magazine revealing that one of the methods used by immune cells to kill bacteria and fungi is to shock them with a surge of enzyme triggered electricity. So actually electricity has been used for health ever since the first human existed!

How does Magnet Therapy compare to using a Magnetic Pulser? Magnets provide a constant force field, but a varying (non-constant on/off) magnetic field is needed to induce electric currents in your body. Electric current is essential for causing lymph flow and deactivating microbes. Magnetic Pulsers 'pulse' magnetism into the body which induces electric current therein. Magnets are good for some things (pain and inflamation) but not for creating electric current like a Pulser does.

How do you know this isn't just a well hyped scam? Because this bio-technology is based on reproducable laboratory research findings which prove the consistent negative effects that electric current has on microbes. It's science. Period. Also, this author and thousands others have gotten well from viral and bacterial diseases by using these devices. And there is a major medical device patent issued for the use of blood electrification technology. (click here for the patent).

Is the Beck Electrifiers electric current harmful to the blood at all? Yes and No. White blood cells (immune cells) that are weakened by infection can have their cell walls ruptured (a process called Lysing) which will cause their demise. The rate at which the weakened cells are destroyed by the electric current is dependent on the amount of time the person does blood electrification daily. This is why it is very unwise to use it any more daily than what the instructions recommend (especially for the first 3 weeks), especially if the persons immunity is already low. But this is ultimately good to have the infected blood cells destroyed so that the body will have the opportunity to make new replacements and have access to the viruses that were hiding inside so they can be eliminated. Lab tests on my blood have proved to me that healthy blood cells aren't negatively affected by this electric current. I had my blood tested for # of white blood cells (wbc) right after 6 weeks of blood electrification, and then a week after stopping blood electrification (which is enough time for the body to replace destroyed wbc's). The count wasn't higher in the second test which proves it doesn't destroy non-infected cells. Also, in the Biophysics Journal, Vol 58 Oct 1990, pages 897-903 the authors wrote that "Human erythrocytes treated with AC fields for hours were shown to have normal shape, volume, and permeabilities to potassium and sodium."

Is the electric current helpful to the blood? Yes, blood viewed under a microscope that has been treated electrically no longer displays the common problem of the red blood cells clumping together (which hinders the cells ability to absorb and release oxygen). Also it becomes so much more 'vital' that it will stay alive inside a sealed microscope slide 7 times longer than untreated blood will. It has been found that the electrical current recharges the energy level of the blood cells which results in an ATP energy production increase of as much as 500%! Read Effects of Electric Currents on ATP Generation in Rat Skin by Cheng & Nook, Clin Ortho and Rel Res. number 171, Nov-Dec 1982. This is why some people use these devices just for the extra energy they get as a result.

What is meant by 4 hz? The 'hz' stands for 'hertz' which is cycles per second. 4hz is a scientific abreviation that means the voltage output completes a cycle of its polarity from positive to negative and back to positive four times a second. 90hz is 90 cycles per second.

The Latest Multi pulser uses 10,20,or 30hz as this has been shown not to cause any reaction with herbs and minerals as the older units did

Is this type of treatment dependent on a specific frequency like Rife technology? No, this is dependent mostly on the amount of electricity applied to the arteries, although the lower frequencies are more effective. Click here to read more.

Do these devices produce a harmful 'EMF' (electro-magnetic field)? Blood electrification doesn't produce any EMF. The Pulser produces some but only for a hundredth of a second every time it pulses. EMF that is harmful is strong and continuous (such as what you get when living under a high voltage line or watching TV within 6 feet of it).

When doing low frequency blood electrification, why do I have to limit taking herbs and medicine to the time right after device usage? Because during electric current application (at low frequencies) blood cells more readily absorb chemicals that are in the bloodstream. (~20x more.) So it would be necessary to give the body plenty of time (22-23 hours) to expel the medicinal chemicals by only taking them after each session. (otherwise use 10-30hz which doesn't cause this effect). This high-absorption effect on blood cells exists only while the electric current is applied and is called 'transfection'.

The Latest Multi pulser uses 10,20,or 30hz as this has been shown not to cause any reaction with herbs and minerals as the older units did

What are your recommendations for making sure the body has eliminated all herbs & drugs within 23 hours? Drink plenty of liquids that are cleansing such as water, fruit juice, and vegetable juice. If one has poor kidney function then he/she should take one of these food diuretics; watermelon, cucumber, or parsley. Sweating is not advised because it is too dehydrating although it helps eliminate toxins from the skin. Rebounding is good because it keeps the lymph fluid moving.

Are there any patents for devices using the same kind of technology that the Pulser uses? Yes. Patent # 4683873 is about a device very similar to ours. It proposes its use for speading the healing of broken bones by using it 8-14 hours a day. To read the whole patent click here.

Should seasoning herbs and alcoholic drinks also be avoided except right after device usage (at 4 hz)? Seasoning usually isn't a problem but you should also avoid all minor medicines (including laxatives and headache medicine), high dosages of some vitamins (vitamin A, D, Beta Carotene, niacin), garlic, caffeine, nicotine, and recreational drugs. Salt and other minerals are needful for adequate current flow in the bloodstream though. It's advisable to use sea salt every meal. Salt is an essential nutrient and is especially needed by the adrenal glands for normal functioning. Sea salt used in moderation does not cause high blood pressure.

How do I know the devices are working for me? Unless you have considerable immune dysfunction you will get varying degrees of cleansing reactions such as headaches, stiff joints, nausea, sleepiness, weakness, foggy thinking, and dulled speech. Blood cell lysing and the immune system chemically attacking disabled viruses and bacteria causes the cleansing reactions. The intensity of the cleansing reactions is controllable by the length of time that you daily use the device. Longer usage time equals more cleansing reactions. Users limit the time according to how they feel the next day.

Do these devices disable the good bacteria in the intestines as well as the bad? The Pulser could possibly affect the good bacteria if used on the abdomen more than is recommended for assisting blood electrification (which doesn't affect the intestinal contents). It is advisable that one take a good (expensive) Acidophilus supplement for one month after stopping use of the Pulser if it was used much on the abdomenal area.

Is there any good bacteria in the body except in the intestines that I should be worried about killing? Not that I know of.

How important is the Magnetic Pulser? If you are fighting a systemic infection then you CAN NOT completely be rid of the bacteria or virus unless you are using BOTH the blood electrification unit and a Magnetic Pulser. The Pulser is necessary to stimulate lymph flow so that the microbe-destroying immune cells will have an unimpeded flow from the bone marrow (where they're created) to the bloodstream. Keep in mind that blood electrification only stops microbes reproduction and that it's the immune cells that kill them. Also if there are any stray viruses in the peripheral veins of the lymph system the increased circulation helps move them to the main lymph arteries so they can be destroyed by immune cells. The Pulser also breaks up electrical attractions between viruses and other cells that can keep viruses from freely circulating in the bloodstream which is necessary for them to be affected by blood electrification.

What is lymph fluid? Lymph is basically blood without the red blood cells. Fluid from the blood flows into the lymph system (leaving the red blood cells in the blood), flows into the lymph vessels and nodes, and then empties back again into the bloodstream close to the heart. But most everyones lymph flow is stagnant and moving too slow (due to lack of exercise, carnivorous diets, cheese, not enough water, etc) and especially needs the help of the Pulser to force some circulation of the lymph.

How important is it to continue treatment (blood electrification and magnetic pulsing) once it is started? Very important. Once electrical treatment is stopped (before microbes are all eliminated) then the microbes reproduce at a faster rate than phagocytic white blood cells (neutrophils, monocytes) can be resupplied into the blood to destroy them. This imbalance is in favor of the infecting microbe.

Why is it recommended that the negative side of the Pulsers coil be placed against the body when pulsing? The negative (-) side is magnetic North (north pole of a magnet). Bio-Magnetics people say that north pole energy arrests bacteria and growths, controls inflammations, reduces congestion, calms nerves, reduces pain, slows down overactive organs, attracts oxygen, increases alkalinity, contracts tissue, controls bleeding, and dissolves fat.

Are these devices safe to use on someone with electrical implants (such as a pacemaker)? A blood electrification unit delivers electric current into the bloodstream. This current, like all others follows the path of least resistance. When both electrodes are placed on the arteries of one wrist then the current makes a loop traveling along the arterial paths which are through the hand and also down the arm around where the elbow is and then back up to the wrist. So its effects basically don't extend past the elbow. As far as the Pulser goes, I wouldn't use it within 12" of any sensitive electrical implant.

What does it mean if someone gets better using these devices but still doesn't feel totally healthy? It means that he/she has gotten rid of the source of the problem but not the results of the problem. The results may be a congested liver, weakened adrenals, mineral imbalances, low thyroid output, lessened acidophilus count in the intestines, weakened cardiovascular system, kidney stones, gallbladder stones, systemic Candida, hard to kill intestinal bacteria and parasites, and countless other nusances. As a person corrects these remaining imbalances with the help of a Naturopath he/she will slowly regain his/her feeling of vitality. Also, even without other problems, sometimes it takes a while to recover as the immune system slowly replaces destroyed immune cells.

Is there anyone these devices can't help? Everyone is a carrier of multitudes of bacteria and viruses that these devices are said to help clear out. For instance, a book about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome states that 97% of adults carry the Epstein-Barr Virus. The immune system is constantly expending energy to keep bacteria and viruses from multiplying to harmful levels. If they were all eliminated then the body's energy could be redirected to avenues of healing and building instead of defense.

How do you explain why some people can do blood electrification without any good or bad effects? The electrification just keeps newly created viruses from entering other blood cells. That's stage one of the viral removal process. Stage two is if the immune system is working then the deactivated viruses are eaten or chemically dissolved and the person feels a 'cleansing reaction'. If it isn't working (such as in late stage AIDS or CFIDS) then the person is up a creek without a paddle unless they use a herbal product that increases immunity by 3-8 times. It's called MGN-3 and this site sells it: (click here)

What if someone uses 4hz 2 hours daily but still doesn't feel relief from a viral infection? I'd recommend they use it more hours a day. I once had a virus that I electrified for 2 hours a day for 3 months and it was still there until I used it for about 8 hours a day. The very next day I didn't feel the internal 'heat' I normally felt from my immune systems attack on this virus. 2 hours a day of 4hz is known to work for HIV and Epstein Barr, but there are many more types of viruses out there that may need much more treatment to get rid of. You have to experiment and find out what works for you.

If the Beck approach is so good why have we not seen more testimonials about the treatment and why has it not been popularized? This is a very good question. I helped a person get over AIDS but she wouldn't allow me to talk to her at all. (Her chiropractor was my go-between). I think people in general are ashamed of disease, especially sexually transmitted ones. Few people realize or care about the fact that their one healing testimony can lead the way for hundreds of others. So right now people have to enter the doorway of faith in order to try these products because there are so few testimonies and proof by lab tests. Maybe it's best that way also if this really is a gift from God. Who knows? I've stopped getting frustrated over it though. I know they work great though for anyone who uses them diligently.

Why doesn't Beck make more accessible the clinical studies on the effects of blood electrification against AIDS? Beck does in fact bring a stack of patient reports with him to the lecture table. However, in the interest of lecture time constraints, he does not invite every person from the audience to come up to the stage to handle the papers. This would cause chaos for a 45 minute lecture. He always invites any medically credentialed practitioner to the table to see the studies and verify them for the audience. Another reason he is reluctant to talk up the studies is due to the fact that they rely for their interpretation upon the results of the Kerry Mullis PCR testing for viral fragments. Of course, Dr. Mullis himself now disavows the diagnostic value of PCR due to the problem of cross-reactivity for the PCR test with dozens of other viruses and DNA fragments, making the test almost useless. So Beck doesn't really promote the studies too much, other than to say that the PCR counts were high and then were lowered for whatever significance that is. The bottom line is that the patients recovered and that's really Beck's message.

What if I already feel too toxic to use these devices? You can increase the detoxifying action of your kidneys by drinking the kidney cleansing tea (recommended later) and taking 50mg Silymarin (Milk Thistle extract which detoxes the liver) daily for 3 weeks previous to using the Pulser. Then use the following info.

How do I prevent getting toxic reactions? Eat light vegetarian meals for at least the preceeding 12 hours before device usage, and also for the first 3 days of use. Also drink lots of pure water (especially before device usage), and eat or juice cucumbers or watermelon (both are diuretics). You can also take 1 tsp of Barley Grass Powder in 2-3 oz of water 3 times per day (sip slowly). Barley Grass helps the liver from accumulating too many toxins (dead parasites) and is high in S.O.D., an enzyme which protects all cells from damage by toxins. Start slowly and daily increase the time of device usage for the first few days. If you wake up with a headache then you might want to use the device only 15 minutes that day. Drink 3 cups daily of Blood Purifying Tea for the first week of Pulser usage.Take psyllium husks stirred into liquid twice daily to prevent constipation (which can hinder detoxification). Take plant derived digestive enzymes with Protease which is really excellent for cleaning up trash in the blood stream because it is a protein digester.

What if I have bad digestion? Start taking a digestive enzyme capsule or acidophilus capsule with each meal to make up for the lack of acidophilus in the intestines due to use of the Pulser. If you take the acidophilus and you feel that the killing of it by the Pulser is leaving your digestion too weak, then stop pulsing your intestines and make sure you take an expensive acidophilus powder with water or fruit juice every morning at least 15 minutes before breakfast. (Also mentally relax while digesting food.)

How can I get tested for intestinal candida, parasitic infection, intestinal bacterial infection, leaky gut syndrome, and other maladies of the gastrointestinal tract? Your health care provider can order test kits from Great Smokies Diagnostic Labs in North Carolina for these problems and/or many others.

Should I be concerned about possible intestinal worms? Yes, everybody should who has ever played on dirt, eaten meat, or eaten raw vegetables. Most ancient cultures took something every year to kill intestinal parasites but we think we're too advanced for that nowadays. But guess what? We're not! Almost everybody has some unwanted critters inside them. And to be truly healthy we must be free of all parasites that rob us of needed nutrients and poison us with their wastes.

What is known to work for people with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome? For chronic fatigue of a viral type, Bob Beck recommends that users work up to using the blood electrifier 2 hours daily for 6 weeks along with using the Pulser on all areas of the body (but especially along the lymph routes). Then consult a Naturopath to help correct other remaining problems.

Can these devices help eliminate Candida? Blood electrification can eliminate it temporarily from the bloodstream but it also needs to be eliminated from the intestines (their home base) which has been accomplished with the frequency of 464 hz (via Rife devices).

What about AIDS? Bob Beck believes from his experiences with helping AIDS patients that anyone who uses the devices 100% as directed will definitely experience remission. He recommends getting a PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) test (which counts the # of retrovirus DNA/RNA fragments in the blood sample) before treatment and then 30 days after finishing the treatment (to give the body time to flush out all the deactivated viruses). This test typically costs $60. The standard HIV antibody test is worthless for determining the absence of HIV because once you get infected you will always have HIV antibodies. He says patients should expect their CD4 T-cell count to initially drop during treatment and then dramatically rise after a few months to over 200. This is because the virus damaged white blood cells will start to be removed from the system as the immune system will replace the removed ones. Beck claims that if these patients don't also use the Magnetic Pulser that after a few months or years detectable reinfection will occur as a result of the viruses that were in the lymph leaching back into the bloodstream. He also highly recommends using colloidal silver to help prevent opportunistic infections during the treatment period.

Is it true that AIDS patients get worse blood test results within 3 weeks of starting Beck therapy? Yes, after starting this therapy blood tests will show viral counts increasing and CD4 counts (immune cells) decreasing. That is due to lysing (cell wall rupture) of infected (and therefore weakened) immune cells (CD4 cells included) due to exposure to electricity. But those infected cells need to be replaced anyway since they are just viral baby factories. The viral count increases due to baby viruses escaping from within the immune cells as they rupture. But fortunately they are electrified as soon as they leave the ruptured cell and enter the blood plasma. That keeps them from being able to infect other immune cells. So what seems like a disaster is actually just part of the process that is necessary for success (usually within 2 months). Eventually the CD4 counts will be normal and viral counts zero.

Heavy Metals

If you still have a lot of fatigue after device usage then you might consider getting tested for presence of excess heavy metals in your body.


Pulsed Magnetic Fields (i.e. Magnetic Pulser)
The purpose of this treatment is to disable microbes that are not floating around in the bloodstream, but are "hiding" in root canals, the lymph system, the stomach area, etc. This is a very important part of the protocol for wellness.


Totally Solid State Design,
High Quality Capacitors
Variable speed from 1 pulse to 75 pulses a minute. .
Colloidal Silver Generator
Bob Beck Type blood zapper
Bob Beck type magnetic pulser 6500-7000 gauss at 7 pulses per min
1-60 min Timer
Intensity Control
Double the penetratioin of the sota pulser
You can hear the magnetic pulser pulse
Doesn't over heat after a short time

3 in 1 unit

More information here


Tripulser 9

Dr Beck claims that the combination of using a pulser and a zapper has enabled him to lose over 50 kg in a year without any change in diet or life-style. He says that many of his friends are using the instruments more or less daily and in the years since doing this, none of them ever had any cold or other infection. However, Dr Beck recommends combining the electric treatment with the use of colloidal silver and oxygen/ozone therapy.

3 in 1 unit

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Water Ozonator

Ideal for purifying air, cleaning fish tanks,
removing airborne dust, smoke, mold, and pet odors,
purifying drinking water, and enriching oils for skin therapy.

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Test your Body for Parasites

Kinesiology Muscle strength testing is based on the belief that changes in individual muscles reflect the general health of the body, and that it can therefore be used as a diagnostic tool. It is often presented as an holistic approach meaning that it relates to the overall body health, rather than the health of a specific organ.Muscle testing is an empowering energy technique that most anyone can use to better their health. Muscle testing functions as a subconscious lie-detector test and is used by challenging any muscle of the body.

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Messure your life Energy

Demonstrate and Measure: The strength of the human body field, the energy content of foods, water, liquids and soils, the vitality of plants, etc. The Experimental Life Energy Meter features greater stability of readings at high amplification.

Life Energy Meter


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