Bob Beck Protocol
by R. Webster Kehr,
Independent Cancer Research Foundation, Inc.

Important Note

This article is only a small part of the complete Bob Beck Protocol article.

Article #2: Pulsed Kilogauss Magnetic Fields (i.e. Magnetic Pulser)
WARNING: Do NOT remove the plastic case covering the head of any pulser. The plastic case is to prevent a strong electrical shock.

The purpose of the magnetic pulser is to attenuate (i.e. disable from multiplying) microbes which do not flow through the blood. These are microbes which are "hiding" in the lymph nodes, stomach, or other places in the body.

Because this device is a portable magnetic device it can safely be pointed at any part of your body, with a few exceptions (e.g. testicles or eyes, if you have had eye surgery).

While the magnetic pulse itself is harmless to human cells (the pulse is not even strong enough to kill a microbe), the coil itself can cause a strong shock (that is why it has a plastic case around it).

The purpose of the magnetic pulser is to create a small electrical current in the blood which will break off a key enzyme on the surface of all microbes. Since the magnetic field penetrates the skin and bones, it can reach microbes anywhere in your body. Its range is about 9 to 12 inches, but it should always be placed just above the skin or on the skin.

You may want to gradually build-up to the amount of time you spend with this device every day. There is no set amount of time you use this device on a daily basis, but a rule of thumb would be to build up to an hour a day (this hour does not include the time the unit is turned off to cool down).

Generally, because the unit gets hot, it is used only twenty minutes at a time. There should be a twenty minute cool down period. Thus, it would generally be used for twenty minutes, then turned off for twenty minutes, then used again for twenty minutes. A second cool down and third twenty minutes of use can also be done.

The more important issue is to make sure you have covered every area of the body you need to cover. There are four basic areas of the body you need to make sure are pulsed by the device.

First, are the lymph nodes and organs. The lymph nodes are near your spine, but also cover from the top of your head to your knees. It helps to have someone else handle the equipment while the lymph nodes are being pulsed because most of them are on your back, near your spine. While the magnetic pulse penetrates about 9 inches (meaning most people could pulse the lymph nodes from the front), the closer you can get to a target the better.

The organs, especially the stomach, should also be pulsed.

Second, are any areas of the body where there is inflammation, swelling or congestion. This is a very good anti-inflammatory device; and for a persons, there are likely to be a lot of microbes and/or cancer cells in those kinds of areas.

Third, are any areas of known cancer cells, and especially areas where there are dense concentrations of cancer cells.

Fourth, the liver. The liver is the organ in the body most responsible for getting toxins out of the body. Many cancer patients die because their liver is overburdened.

One thing a person should do who is on a strong cancer treatment or this treatment is point the magnetic pulser directly at their liver for a few minutes every day. This should be done to stimulate and protect the liver.

Root Canals
Most people have root canals in their mouth. It is best to have them removed by a biological dentist or holistic dentist, but if they have not been removed, you have a problem to deal with. When the Magnetic Pulser is pointed towards your teeth, small amounts of toxic mercury may be released from your dental amalgam, if you have any. Thus, it is best NOT to point the magnetic pulser directly at your teeth.

The best way to deal with mercury (e.g. dental amalgam) is to use 3% food grade hydrogen peroxide. Put the 3% food grade hydrogen in your mouth and leave it there for a couple of minutes. Do this every day. Use Google to find 3% food grade hydrogen peroxide. You cannot buy food grade hyrdogen peroxide at stores.

It might be thought that there are not enough microbes in the root canals to affect the immune system. That is not the issue. The issue is that the microbes come out of the root canals and breed in the body.

This is also critical for patients with microbe diseases. Because microbes in root canals come out of the root canals and reinfect the person; for microbe diseases such as AIDS, Hepatitis C, etc. the hydrogen peroxide protocol is critical because it is necessary to get rid of all microbes in the body.

Other Issues
Some people will start the magnetic pulser by using this product for 5 minutes a day, and build up by 5 minutes a day. Others will start at 10 minutes a day and build up by 10 minutes a day. The important thing is that your maximum daily treatment using this device will probably be between 40 and 60 minutes a day (not counting cool down time). Every 20 minutes the device will probably need to be turned off (or it will turn itself off) because of heat buildup. It should be turned off for about 20 minutes.

Because this part of the treatment is designed to clean the lymph system, it would also be advisable to do as much exercise as is reasonable. Exercise (i.e. muscle movement) is the "pump" for the lymph system. If you cannot jog, then lift small weights (even books) to pump the lymph.

You should take large amounts of water one hour before using the Magnetic Pulser and take additional water one-half hour before using the Magnetic Pulser. This is because the electrolytes in the water are what generate the current that disables the microbes.

Another purpose for so much water is to detoxify the lymph system.

Do not point the device at any jewelry that is attracted to magnets (i.e. remove all jewelry that is attracted to magnets). You can wear your clothes, but not things that have metal on them, such as belt buckles.

If you have had eye surgery, especially if there is an implant, do not point it directly at your eyes.

Also, any man with prostate cancer (or any type of cancer) may feel serious burning if they point it directly at the testicles.

Do not point it at open wounds.


The Power of Various Magnetic Pulsers [VERY IMPORTANT]
There are many versions of the Beck Magnetic Pulser. Does it matter how powerful the Magnetic Pulser is? That is actually a critical question. Bob Beck made it perfectly clear that the electrical current in the blood that disables microbes (i.e. eliminates them) is between 50 to 100 microamps (i.e. millionths of an amp). Note that Bob Beck DID NOT SAY: "Greater than or equal to 50 microamps!!"

However, it should also be noted that Kaali and Lyman, who did the original AIDS study, did not study any electrical currents above 100 microamps!! Thus, it is unknown whether the enzymes on the surface of microbes are broken off above 100 microamps. They probably are.