Bob Beck Protocol
by R. Webster Kehr,
Independent Cancer Research Foundation, Inc.

Important Note

This article is only a small part of the complete Bob Beck Protocol article. Do NOT use without reading the complete Bob Beck Protocol articles first:

Article #1: Blood Purifier or Blood Electrification
The purpose of the Blood Purifier/Blood Electrification is to attenuate (i.e. disable from multiplying) microbes which flow through the blood.

The Blood Purifier creates a small electrical current in the blood which will break off a key enzyme on the surface of all tested microbes. This prevents the microbe from attaching to human cells and multiplying. The microbes are then safely removed from the body.

Because of the vast number of microbes which cannot attach to human cells because of this device, it is almost certain that within the first few days of using the Blood Electrification device you will experience "flu-like symptoms" (this is called the "Herxheimer Reaction"). These symptoms are caused by the massive die-off of microbes and do not create any type of danger.

To prevent this symptom from being severe, it is important to drink copious amounts of water during the Bob Beck Protocol. This water includes the ozonated water.

The rule of thumb is to drink half your body weight (measured in pounds) in water (measured in ounces). For example, if your weight is 200 pounds, you would drink 100 ounces of water (1/2 of 200 is 100) per day, maybe more. This includes the ozonated water.

Because the Magnetic Pulser is generally used prior to the Blood Electrification treatment, it is important to understand when the water should be taken:
1) One hour before the Magnetic Pulser (for electrolytes to create an electric current), and
2) One-half hour before the Magnetic Pulser (i.e. thirty minutes after the first water)

You also might want to drink some water immediately after using the Magnetic Pulser and wait 15 to 30 minutes before starting this Blood Purifier treatment. This water is to detoxify (especially the ozonated water) the blood and lymph system.

In other words, the majority of the water you drink during the day should be at one of those three times. All three times are before the Blood Purifier. Most, if not all, of the water you take should be ozonated water.

VERY, VERY Important Note - Study Carefully!!!:
When placing the electrodes on your ulnar and radial arteries (on your wrist), you should place the electrodes directly on top of the arteries and at the location of strongest pulse. Once you get used to placing the electrodes you will memorize their location and be familiar with the amount of tingling of the electrical current.

When putting the electrodes on your wrist, each electrode should be placed inside of a cotton sleeve. The purpose of these cotton sleeves is to protect your skin and to provide better electrical conductivity between the electrodes and the skin. The sleeves need to have salt water dropped on them in order for the electricity to be transferred from the electrodes to the skin.

When keeping these sleeves wet, by putting a few drops of sea salt water on them every 20 to 60 minutes, it is possible that there will be a film of water on the surface of the wrist, and/or on the bottom of the velcrow strap, between the two cotton sleeves. Since electricity always takes the path of least resistance, it is possible the electricity will cross over the thin layer of water on your skin or the bottom of the rubber strap, instead of going through the skin and into the blood stream. You will know this happens because the tingling of the skin, caused by the electrical current, will stop after you put drops of salt water on the cotton sleeves.

It is critical to keep the skin between the two cotton sleeves, and the bottom of the velcrow strap, DRY. This is very important to check after each time you wet the cotton sleeves. You can use a Q-Tip, and/or a dry finger and/or blow air between the electrodes, until the area between the cotton sleeves is dry!! When the area between them is dry (including the top of the skin and the bottom of the velcrow strap), the tingling should return.


If you think you have large amounts of microbes in your body at the beginning of this treatment, which most people do have, you might want to start using the Blood Purifier for only 20 minutes a day, and build up by 20 minutes a day, until you are using the machine for two hours. You should use the machine for two hours a day for 4 weeks (this does NOT include the days where you use it less than two hours).

Likewise, after the four weeks is over, you might want to gradually taper off by 20 minutes a day.

Here is a sample protocol:

(Two days with none of the forbidden items listed above)
Day 1) 20 minutes
Day 2) 40 minutes
Day 3) 60 minutes
Day 4) 80 minutes
Day 5) 100 minutes

The 28 consecutive days of the official treatment
These are the days when the Magnetic Pulser time is also maximized
Days 6-33) 120 minutes every day

Day 34) 100 minutes
Day 35) 80 minutes
Day 36) 60 minutes
Day 37) 40 minutes
Day 38) 20 minutes

At no time during the 38 days of using the equipment (in this example), and the 2 days before you start, are you allowed to take any of the forbidden items.

As can be seen, including the build-up and taper-off, this is almost a 6 week treatment. But the benefits of this treatment make it worth the time and effort!

During the first half hour, every 5 or 10 minutes you need to turn it up slightly 2 or 3 times during this half hour. In other words, every 5 or 10 minutes you may be able to tolerate a little more tingling. If it is very uncomfortable then back off just a little bit.

Some people, perhaps most people, may not be able to tolerate the maximum setting. Just do the best you can without being too uncomfortable.

The bottom line is this, you should adjust the Blood Purifier to a "slightly uncomfortable" position. Do not adjust it to an uncomfortable position, just to a "slightly uncomfortable" position.

Third, the expert concluded that the method that Bob Beck endorses, using the two arteries on the wrist, was the best location of the electrodes. The reason, he stated, was that electricity will follow the path of least resistance, and by putting both electrodes on the same wrist, you get a much more predictable electrical current in the arteries, from person to person.

He stated that while other locations might give the microbes more exposure to the electrical current, because of the way electrical current will follow the path of least resistance, it is best to have a short distance the current has to flow, in order to better predict the electrical current in a specific artery.

For example, in going from ankle to ankle, there are many different paths the electricity can take, including paths that include the muscles and nerves. The total electrical current will be divided up between the different paths, and it will probably turn out that no single path will have the minimum amount of current required by the Kaali and Lyman discovery, which is 50 microamps.

In addition, each path has a different length. The greater the length of the path the more resistance. In addition, there are a lot of variables involved in the amount of resistance for each path. The electricity will actually be divided up based on the total resistance of each path (the less resistance the more current will flow in that path). Thus it would be difficult to know how many volts to use for each person to insure at least one artery will have the minimum electrical current.

In other words, if a long path is used (such as ankle to ankle), it would be difficult, if not impossible, to guarantee that any single path had enough current because it would be very difficult to measure the current in any given path for a specific person. A meter built into the device would not be able to detect the current in a given artery, for example. Furthermore, all of these variables will vary from person to person.

This is why he strongly endorsed putting both electrodes on the same wrist, to minimize the number of variables, even though he was aware of other options.