The Development of MFT and Its Applications

Below you will find a little more information about the history and developments within Magnetic Field Therapy.

The Concept of MFT

Firstly we would like to clarify the terms Magnetic Field Therapy and Magnetic Resonance Stimulation Therapy

The term Magnetic Field Therapy is a generic term which covers everything where magnets are used. This also includes for example solid magnets with an intensity of approximately 750 Gauss (earth's magnetic field = approx. 0.5 Gauss) whose effects are not medically demonstrable and therefore do not conform to medical product law.

The term Magnetic Resonance Stimulation Therapy refers to pulsating magnetic fields of a low frequency with a maximum intensity of 5 Gauss (equivalent to 10 times the strength of the earth's magnetic field). Our experiences in the practice and the following reports refer to Magnetic Resonance Stimulation Therapy.
However on this website we use the generic term Magnetic Field Therapy mostly because this term is more familiar to readers.

Old knowledge - newly discovered

Magnetic Field Therapy (MFT) is one of the world's oldest forms of healing. The first documented references to MFT in medicine were made over 6000 years ago and make MFT one of the most traditional methods of medical treatment.

MFT was used widely for healing by the ancient Greeks, Romans and in particular the Egyptians as well as the highly advanced cultures of Central America. It was central to the medical models of Paracelsius and Messmer.

MFT declined during the Industrial Revolution and the further advancements in chemistry and along with it went many other natural health practices (herbal medicine, acupuncture etc). They were displaced by the developments in the Pharmaceutical industry and some therapies have disappeared into oblivion.

It was in the 60s and 70s that pioneers like for example Professors Lechner and Ascherl dared to unite traditional knowledge of MFT with modern technology and produced medical reports on MFT's effects. They discovered the phenomenon of electrical bio magnetism in medicine. These first steps in the science of MFT marked the beginning of decades of research.

The progresses in this technology are reflected in continued medical successes. MFT progressed through many stages from the use of natural magnets in primitive times to today's widely employed technical devices and further advancements in the scope of MFT are still being made.


Electromagnetic fields are the basis of all life. The earth possesses a magnetic field which is the prerequisite for the survival of all life forms. The human body, like every other organism, functions by way of a finely co-ordinated network of electromagnetic fields and forces. These regulate most bodily functions and keep them in their natural equilibrium.

Knowledge of the healing properties of natural magnetic fields is nearly as old as the history of medicine itself. However the benefits of MFT were nearly lost to us following the development of pharmaceutics. Medicine only rediscovered MFT as an effective and complementary treatment method in the last few years and they have adapted it with the help of modern technology to today's requirements.

Through actual research MFT has gradually succeeded in emerging out of the shadows to where it was so wrongly banished and into the spotlight.

Principles of MFT

Magnetic fields are the basis of all life.

The natural magnetic field of the earth is dipolar with a strength of 0.5 Gauss or 50 micro Tesla (µT). Although we do not actually feel this magnetic field, it influences the daily lives of humankind and nature in a decided way. We know for example that very many animals are dependent on the earth's magnetic field for their sense of direction (bees, termites, ants, beetles, migratory birds, storks, sharks, skate, turtles, whales etc).

In 1998 the University of Frankfurt provided sensational proof for the first time that pigeons oriented themselves by using the earth's magnetic field. Their outstanding sense of direction can be accredited to small magnetic crystals in their bills (carrier pigeons).The same natural magnetic crystals can also be found in the brains of humans.

In principle all functions of the human body are based on electro-chemical-magnetic phenomena. The Nobel Prize winner "von Klitzing" describes the magnetic component of the body as the most effective one.

At the University of Giessen scientists successfully proved that even magnetic fields of the lowest intensity (in the picotesla range) have an undeniable effect on the well-being of humans. Similarly, the natural phenomenon of weather systems is an example of the effects of even low intensity magnetic fields.

Basis of Magnetic Field Therapy

In the last few years, MFT has crossed the line from alternative therapy to a popular, widely used treatment. Why is pulsed electromagnetic field therapy so versatile? How does it simultaneously bring about long lasting health in the bones, skin, nervous system and other areas in such a gentle yet effective way? At first sight it may seem impossible but we know that the treatment supports the natural functions of each individual cell. Each cell in the human body needs food and oxygen and after metabolising them excretes its own waste materials, as does the human body as a whole.

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy in the correct dosage (ie. In the right field strength, frequency and modulation, in each case dependent on the circadian rhythm and condition of the patient) can return each individual cell of the body to its intended state. The therapy treats the whole body and can affect nearly all illnesses. This is why MFT can positively support and assist the body in healing itself from such a wide range of illnesses and conditions. Further positive effects of MFT are derived from the way it improves blood circulation and oxygen levels, influences nerve paths and so reduces pain and many others.

The Field of Magnetic Field Therapy

In principle a magnetic field works by way of three components:

- The electromagnetic effect which depends on the flux density (strength of the magnetic field).
- The information content, which is transmitted to the human body through specific pulses and oscillation frequencies
- Resonance

The Impact of Magnetic Field Therapy

Due to their physical characteristics, magnetic fields can penetrate the human body almost unhindered and can thereby transfer their energy or rather their information to the deepest cell in the body. This is a characteristic unique to MFT as other therapies have a limited ability to penetrate the body and therefore only affect the surface of the body.

The oscillations and resonance produced by MFT therefore perform an essential role: by resonance we mean an oscillation phenomenon that arises when an oscillation of a certain frequency comes across a receiver with the same oscillations and basic frequency and this in turn strengthens the original oscillation. The following two examples help to explain how resonance works.

Example 1: The resonance phenomenon is best compared to an enormous orchestra in which all the instruments have been tuned to the same musical note and are therefore in resonance. This makes the vibrations greater and the sound noticeably louder.

Example 2: Resonance can also be represented by the transmission of signals to radios. Only if the correct frequency is chosen is the signal picked up. This underlines the importance of choosing the right frequency to bring about the desired reactions and resonances in our bodies. These selected frequencies are responsible for the resonance.

Magnetic resonance stimulation systems operate at the optimum frequencies for the body. Magnetic frequencies above or below these levels are not effective.

It is important to note that with magnetic fields it does not hold true that the higher the dose, the better the effect. With MFT the right level is dependent on the individual's constitution. Unlike the symptomatic treatment of illnesses where everyone is given the same dose, here less can often be more with the weakest dose producing the greatest results.

It is a matter of course that the strength of the magnetic field (flow density=dose) must lie within a certain range for all body types. This range in which the magnetic field strength causes specific reactions in the body is called the amplitude window. The range in which the frequency and the strength of the magnetic field together achieve the desired results is called the biological window (comparable to the therapeutic spread of pharmaceuticals).

Humans Are Magnetic Beings

Many people can hardly believe that MFT can have a positive effect on such a wide range of illnesses. A non-invasive, painless and inconspicuous form of treatment that alleviates joint pain, fractures, sleeplessness, skin problems and many others all at the same time - it sounds too good to be true!

On closer investigation it becomes clearer just how comprehensive and fundamental the workings and effects of magnetism are on the body. Some of the most important and basic mechanisms of our bodies are dependent on bioelectric and biomagnetic processes. Magnetism is the lubricant, the neurological messenger and the provider of nutrients to the cells of the complicated machine which is our body. Let us consider some of the most important areas where magnetic fields are essential to the functioning of our bodies.

The Cell - Function and Nutrition

The body consists of organs which consist of cells. Altogether the body of the average human being has 70 trillion cells (that is 70 million millions!) The cells' type and property depends on the purpose they serve within the body. However all cells have a uniform structure (the same is true for plants and animals).

As the entire body needs nourishment, so each cell must also be nourished and oxygen must be taken in and waste matter taken out. Sick cells lead to sick organs. If there is a low level of energy in the cell the electrochemical potential between the inside and the outside of the cell falls. This drop affects the cell's ability to fulfil its role in the body and it can only function at a reduced 'emergency' level as a means of self-preservation. Pulsating magnetic fields of the right dosage (frequency and strength) adjust the electrochemical potential between the cell and the cell space to its normal levels and the cell can return to its proper role in maintaining the health of the organ of which it is a part.

This is the most important effect of MFT and has the most comprehensive influence on our health. This explains the versatility of this type of therapy and why it is so effective in health care.

Bone Growth

It is very interesting to look at the mechanics of bone growth in the body: if bones are worked through movement or use a weak electric potential develops on the surface. These can lead to increased metabolism and cell division of the bone cells. Thus bones can grow "as required"!
You can obtain the same stimulation on the mechanism of bone growth by the application of electromagnetic fields, e.g. with patients suffering from osteoporosis or broken bones and who have restricted mobility.
This effect is relatively simple to reconstruct; MFT was documented as being used for the first time in the treatment of difficult bone fractures in the seventies by the pioneers of this therapy (Lechner and Ascherl in Germany, Bassett in the USA). The very strict American Health Authority (FDA) first licensed MFT for the treatment of fractures in 1978.

The Vegetative Nervous System

Nerve cells do not merely react to electromagnetic fields, but they also generate them. Above all else it is this that makes the nervous system particularly susceptible to electromagnetic fields. The benefits of MFT can be seen in both its pain-alleviating qualities (by raising the pain threshold) and its calming and soothing effects which often improve sleep.

Blood Circulation and Oxygen Supply

During their first treatment many patients report that their backs feel warm after a few minutes of therapy. This is not because of the direct flow of magnetic fields or electric current. Modern MFT devices deliver infinitesimally small quantities of energy which cannot warm our bodies by even a fraction of a degree Celsius.

The warmth we feel is generated by ourselves: it is the result of improved blood circulation within a very short time of having MFT. The arterioles dilate; these are small arteries which flow into the capillaries whose main role is the regulation of blood pressure in the autonomous nervous system. There is also an improvement in circulation in the blood vessels.

The fluidity (viscosity) of the blood is improved by, among other things, the so-called "Hall Effect".
The oxygen supply to the body also improves as can be assessed through the measurement of the oxygen partial pressure. This is one of the best indicators of MFT's effectiveness.

Harmful Environmental Influences

In the healthy human, the internal and external functions are in harmony. These healthy bodily functions rest in a natural equilibrium which is subject, however, to many interference factors. Magnetic field therapy (MFT) helps to maintain these internal automatic controls or rather to re-establish harmony within them. There are many causes of disturbance in these control centres of the human body:

External Interference Factors

- household and environmental pollutants with unavoidable impacts on our food, air and drinking water
- electromagnetic smog, geopathic interference from electrical power plants, high voltage transmission lines, neon tubes, hairdryers, computers, televisions, radio alarm clocks, mobile phones, water pipes etc.
- toxins in the home (formaldehyde)
- jewellery, clocks, piercing, discos, motors, fine dust particles from combustion processes of all types, polycyclic hydrocarbons, fertilisers
- heavy metals
- pesticides
- food additives, preservatives, colour-and-flavouring agents (e-numbers)
- plastics, canned goods
- microbal toxins: aflatoxin? , botulism
- detergents, household cleaners, toiletries

Internal Interference Factors

This covers all chronic inflammations like those of the sinuses, prostate, teeth and tonsillitis as well as scars of all kinds, dysbiosis and nutritional deficiencies etc.

Hidden Interference Factors

Psyche (family, work, socio cultural etc)

Further Interference Factors

Interference fields caused by a physician: 50% of all interference fields are scars!

Electromagnetic Interactions - The Basis of All Life

The turn of the century saw a revolution in biological sciences. It is becoming increasingly clear that electromagnetic forces are of fundamental importance to all living systems. Consideration of the body as a self-regulating, complex system with its own communication and control capabilities is leading to an ever deeper understanding of life and the development of completely new therapeutic approaches. Life is characterized by metabolism, growth and reproduction.

In the meantime it is common knowledge that the metabolism is controlled via electromagnetic processes. So, for example ions are "pumped" against a concentration gradient via electrical potentials at the cell membrane (active metabolism). The importance of the water and electrolyte balance in the body is a well-known fact. Electrical stimulation (ES) controls communication with the external world, transmission of information, the activities and co-ordination of the internal organs and each muscle contraction, including that of the heart muscle (Electrocardiogram). Similarly, higher nerve functions and the faculties of the brain are based on bioelectricity (EEG).

Bioeletromagnetic Phenomena

The vita life eMRS system generates magnetic fields which affect changes within the body and these counter changes caused by movement. It therefore supports normal biological sequences. The electromagnetic alternating field generated by the system contrives the following biological effects
- Electromagnetic effect of the field on the ion streams in the body (eg. Sodium and potassium pumps, calcium cascade)
- Magneto-mechanical effect of the magnetic field on the oscillation amplitude of cells and organs (resonance)
- Ionic-cyclotronic resonance of anions and cations in body fluids strengthen one's intrinsic impulses
- Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR)
- Electric Spin Resonance (ESR)

Biophysiological Effects

The bioelectrical effect normalises cell membranes. In pathological cases, the potential drops following penetration of plus ions into the interior of the cell, eg. from Na+. The cell requires energy to reverse this process which it draws from ATP hydrolysis.
The biochemical effect is based on raising the enzyme activity and activating the oxioreductive processes linked to ATP. The effective ion, in this case, is Ca++ created from the calcium cascade.
The bioenergetic effect represents the factor that stimulates nutrition and cell growth. This effect controls the intracellular processes that lead to the regeneration of the body.

What is Magnet Resonance Stimulation?

MRS is the abbreviation for "Magnet Resonance Stimulation". In principle MRS can be regarded as a further advancement on the conventional magnetic field therapy.

By applying a specified repeated sawtooth wave the maximum effect on the organism is achieved with the minimal use of energy.
To compare, a static magnet has a typical field intensity of 2000 Gauss, an MFT device with sine waves has a typical top performance of from 60 to 100 Gauss and an MRS system needs only one peak value of from 2 to 4 Gauss (G).

Using a very complex model of the division of signals into impulse packages, it is possible for the whole bundle of impulses to be transformed into therapeutically effective frequencies; this "frequency cocktail" can be adjusted at any time depending upon the time of day; in the morning emphasising the more tonifying or activating frequencies whilst in the evenings using sedative or relaxing components.