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".whoever wishes to foresee the future must consult the past; for human events resemble those of preceding times. This arises from the fact that they re produced by men who ever have been, and ever will be, animated by the same passions, and thus they necessarily have the same result."


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Personal Energetic Trainers
Pen Armor
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Pen Armor #710

Pen Armor #710
This is a device that seems to block the energetic effects of electrical interferences by working with the body’s aura.

We have found that almost everyone needs a Pen Armor. Anyone who is around florescent lights, computers, electrical equipment and machinery is bombarded with electrical interferences. Working in brick and steel buildings can also lead to interferences. Even just being near a radio, TV, or microwave tower can adversely affect the body’s auric fields. The effect of these interferences on the energetic body can greatly be reduced with the Pen Armor.


The Pen Armor is an energy device designed for today's society. All humans and animals are surrounded by many magnetic, radio, and electrical waves (i.e. overhead fluorescent lights, microwave ovens, appliances, power lines, computers, televisions, etc.). There are also indirect waves such as static and stray electricity, energy waves from power transformers, and high voltage power lines that affect us directly.

These radio and magnetic waves are known to alter the energy in the central nervous system causing cellular, tissue, and nerve disruption throughout the entire body. The Pen Armor is a multi-wave receiver that will receive many of the harmful radio and magnetic waves and redirect them away from the body.

GENERAL BODY: The Pen Armor seems to have positive effects on the following areas: Stress and stress related conditions, Balancing body chemistry, Balancing the organ systems, Balancing the immune system, Negativity release. It helps shield the body from the effects of grid lines, ley lines, vortex fields, solar activity, electromagnetic frequency waves (EMF), stray voltage, static electricity, extra low frequency waves (ELF), forms of radiation fallout, computers, and other appliances.

MERIDIANS: The Pen Armor seems to have a positive affect on balancing the meridian systems, the body energy fields, and the positive and negative balance of the body.

ELIMINATION ORGANS: The Pen Armor seems to have positive supportive effects on the major elimination organs and the secondary elimination organs of the body.

CHAKRAS: The Pen Armor seems to have positive effects on the balancing and aligning of the body chakras and their energy fields.

Once a Pen Armor worn for three hours or more, it begins to take on the characteristics of the owner. After three days it is married to you. In other words, you cannot transfer it from one animal or from one person to another. IT MUST STAY WITH THE ORIGINAL USER THAT IT IS SELF-PROGRAMMED TO. If several family members have one, color code the ends - Mom the green, Dad the red one, etc.


Made in the USA

The Latest Personal Energetic Trainers with revolutionatry new See through Case Design

Model: Stress:

• Helps to remove stress that we accumulate throughout our normal hectic day.
• Helps to remove the worry and mental turmoil from our daily routines.
• In most cases the Stress PET has been responsible for increase performance with our daily duties and activity.
• Many people find that they have a lack of stress and a feeling of calmness when they carry the unit.
• Helps to repel those negative effects that may cause stress against us.
• Has the effect to make negative people leave you alone so they do not draining you.
• Many user say they feel “almost 10 feet tall and bullet proof” it gives them a level of positive self confident that is un-matched by any thing else.


Personal Energetic Trainer

Model: Focus:

• Help to increase mental focus, clarity and memory recall ability.
• Many user tell us that there memory has improved and are able to retains and recalls facts clearer and in most cases quicker.
• Gives the user an additional sense of positive confidence and image that he or she may not normally have.
• Helps to quite the mind down.
• Works on keeping the mind and thoughts from splintering and going in many different directions at the same time.
• When dealing with young children. After reviewing the findings, we have found that mental focus and clarity improved greatly and in most cases the parents/teachers claims there was a “remarkable improvement” in the child.
• Over a period of time the Focus PET helps to stabilize the active high speed thought patterns of the user so they can complete the speech or mental process they are involved with.
• We have found that the Focus PET has a positive effect on mental mood swings over time. It helps to give the user a smoother ride compared to the sharp vertical ups and steep vertical downs in mood swings that they would normally have.


Directions: Carry in pocket during the day or place under bed at night, allow user to have 8 hours of rest time from device. Many user tell us that they feel the positive effects over the next few days, weeks. Remove cover to change speed setting fast (stronger) or slow (weaker) depending on user comfort level. Water resistance not water proof. If wet open and air dry may need to replace AAA if needed. Effective range 3 feet only. If lost look in laundry system.
Avoid placing in dryer, excessive heat will void warranty.

Personal Energetic Trainer

Model: Recovery
: Green

• The Recover PET was designed to help our energetic body to forget what injury or aliments that the cell memory may retain after the event. This negative memory can limit our recover time if not halt it all together.
• Helps to ease the stress that may slow down the recover process that is so important to get better.
• Helps to overcome the mental blocks or limitations associated to the mental injury or physical aliments we may have.
• Many top doctors and natural health professional believe that if we can get the body to forget the injury or aliment the subject will have a much quicker recover time then without the unit.
• Many people don’t realize that the body dose not remember a positive health state from one time to the next. If that is NOT the case then why doesn’t our elbow continue to hurt when we bumped it 10 years ago? See my point, if it forgets where a positive health point may be how are you going to get better??
• Helps to allow the energetic body to free up some of the trapped energy and increases the cellular recover state our body will naturally have.
• Sends an energetic pattern to the user system to reset the imbalances received by the damaged area.

Personal Energetic Trainer

Model: Performance

• The Performance PET is a specially designed for the sport minded athlete.
• Helps with increase the mental focus and clarity while having still larger over view of the game.
• In most cases the athlete says that the Performance PET give them a sharper edge over there competitor.
• Our finding tells us that the unit has increased the endurance and hand/eye coordination and function of the athlete by many times over. Of course this is a unique advantage over the competition.
• The number one complaint that most completive athlete experience, it’s not pain, running out of stream at the end of the game, or getting hurt. It’s the memory of making a bad play! Yes, that’s right most athletes are so in tune that they just miss 1 small play and it will screw the rest of the game for them. The Performance PET will NOT allow the user to dwell on the bad play. Rather increases you focus on the next play.
• Many users have missed (1) dive, puts, hit, runs or even baskets and caused them to lose the game. After using the Performance PET they played against tougher players and made the same shots that would have cost them the game previously. But rather then give up the Performance PET kicks in and blocks the memory replay pattern so the player can not dwell on the bad play. The player moves on and plays as if he/she was in the zone and in most cases they ace the other guy at the end of the game.
• Suitcase programming, this process was necessary because of the events and performance of the game. Example: Football if you are wearing the Performance PET and loose it while on the field I would not advise to ask the referee to stop the game to look for it. Instead we developed a process called Suit Case Programming (SCP). It operates much like traveling when you get there you going you open up the suitcase and use just what you want or need, Bingo! The SCP is the same way, during the off time you body is storing the pattern to win. You will leave the Performance PET in the locker, when you walk onto the field the stored patterns will turn on and the body can not tell the Performance PET is missing at all! And you have a great game.


The E. M. Pulse offers protection from harmful electro-magnetic fields generated by computers, battery backups, wireless telephones, wireless networks, household electrical wiring, and much more!

The E. M. Pulse will create a sub-carrier Electro-Magnetic Field (EMF) from the E. M. Pulse. This field can vary due to outside forces of EMF. The protective coverage range can vary from a 1/4 mile radius in the country to a 50 feet radius in the harsh city environment per unit. In the harshest settings, several units may be required to create a complete blanket coverage effect of the desired area.

The E. M. Pulse transmits a sub-carrier frequency that piggy backs onto the harmful EMF from our environment. This sub-carrier frequency tells the body to RESIST the harmful effect from these EMF exposures. Since it is impossible to block a EMF, we use a smart technology that can protect us and our families from such hazards as we are exposed to on a daily basis. Coverage includes the following items and more: cell phones, EMFs, power lines and sub-transformers, Ley lines, vortexes and other magnetic fields, computers, and AC devices.

The E. M. Pulse is an Intermittent Modulated Frequency (IMF) device. The E. M. Pulse is an old concept known by Europeans and North Americans but carried to a new idea.

Dowsers in Europe and North America use a device known as "Square G". This device is known to the quantum physic energies as a "Tuned Radiated Energy Deflector". It is fashioned into the shape of square "G" pattern measuring 5 x 5 x 5 x 3 x 3 inches. Geo-Magnetic paths called "Ley Line" can have the current of their magnetic flow changed when you place a Square G in its Geo-Magnetic path.>

For example: Think of a Ley Line as a laser that can cut through steel. You know that if you place a piece of paper in front of the laser that it will instantly burn though the paper, but if you place a De-Fracturing lens into the lasers path it would then cause the beam to be scattered and make it a weak and harmless beam pattern.

If our bodies lay, sit or work in Geo-Magnetic Ley Line paths, we are giving ourselves high levels of Geo-Magnetic Stress. Most Europeans are aware of Geo-Magnetic Ley Lines which they also call Geo-Magnetic Stress Zones. Areas in Europe where they have experienced many vehicle accidents have been clearly marked as Geo-Magnetic Stress Zones. These stress zones have a net frequency of 6.91-7.82 Hz (Hertz) or cycles per second.

European scientists have also found that when they placed one blood sample in the path of a Ley Line it turned cancerous in 48-72 hours. The sample placed outside of the Ley Line remained non-cancerous and still safe many hours after the experiment had been concluded.

If we subject our bodies to these subtle energy fields we will become very ill and death will finally come. By changing the frequency of the Ley Lines, your body will have less stress upon it and in turn you will be healthier and stronger.

Many scientists have found that by changing the operating frequencies of the Ley Lines you can prevent or reduce the BIO-hazardous effects caused by the earth's Geo-Magnetic Field.

The E. M. Pulse is an electronic expanded version of the "Square G". It is a tuned radiated energy device capable of re-tuning the Ley Line. The E. M. Pulse does this by creating an active subcarrier wave when placed on or near the Ley Line. When an active primary frequency is coupled with a second frequency the effect is called an Intermittence Modulated Frequency.
Made in the USA