The origins of this remarkable symbol are shrouded in mystery. It is not known when or where it was first discovered that this two dimensional device produces the same energies as the Cheops pyramid in Egypt. For many decades people have used 3-D scale models of the pyramid for a vast range of energy experimentation. They have been shown to preserve foods, enhance plant growth, sharpen razor blades, act as a psionic amplifier and meditation enhancer. This flat plate design was used on several powerful psychotronic devices as energy generators and amplifiers.


Gizeh in Egypt, home of the Great Pyramid, is a place of wonder and astonishment. The three main pyramids reflect the stars of the belt of the constellation Orion, with the Nile being the Milky Way. Incorporating sacred geometry, geophysics and advanced astronomy, linking earth and heaven with the Tree of Life, the Great Pyramid is the ultimate psychotronic device. Hailed as a place of initiation in the Mystery Schools of ancient Egypt, there are those who hypothesize that it is the true Stargate. It is said that the initiate's soul would actually travel through space and time to experience the multidimensional nature of the universe. The uses of your psychotronix gear are only left to your imagination!

Now you can wear this suppressed psychotronic technology to raise your vibrational level, resonate with life, save the world, or just to look cool...


Warning: Our products may alter dimensional fields around the body.