Magnetic Pulser

Magnetic Pulser

Dr Bob Beck obtained national attention during the 1990's for his health-expo lectures and public exposition of a healing protocol known as "bioelectrification" or "blood electrification", a simple electronic therapy that was discovered to stop the replication of the virus that causes AIDS. Subsequently, Bob discovered that many other serious health conditions, including malaria, responded favorably to blood electrification. Many thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands, of people, worldwide, have benefited enormously from the use of blood electrification due to the lecturing efforts of Robert C. Beck.

Bob Beck never had anything to sell and often titled his talk as "Take Back Your Power". He wanted to get the information out to the public that it was possible to cure yourself of serious, life threatening diseases without turning your life and wallet over to the drug medicine industry. He repeatedly averred that established medicine was more interested in "managing" your health problem, rather than curing it; although they paid ample lip service to the latter. 'Managing' health problems translated into a continuing stream of income for medical insurance companies, hospitals, and health care providers alike, while 'curing' a patient meant a lost customer. Today, many people agree with Bob's long held assessment of the myriad drawbacks to the allopathic health care system and have turned their attention towards alternative and natural health therapies such as colloidal silver or magnetic pulsing, which Bob Beck played a leading role in popularizing during the 1990's.

It follows Dr. Robert Beck’s cleansing principles. Dr. Beck says it disables all viruses, bacteria, fungi, microbes, germs, pathogens and parasites.

Pulsed Kilogauss Magnetic Fields: "... Externally applied magnetic resonance of lymph, spleen, kidney and liver which helps to neutralize germinating, latent alien invaders and thus blocks reinfection [Beck]."

Pulsed Kilogauss Magnetic Fields: Externally applied magnetic resonance of lymph, spleen, kidney & liver helps neutralize germinating, latent and incubating alien invaders blocking re-infection. This quickens disease elimination, restores the immune system and supports detoxification. Permanent magnets, no matter how strong, will not, nor can not, scavenge pathogens with induced back-emf currents. You must have a sharp time-varying magnetic impulse, never just a magnet. [Beck]

Pulsed Magnetic Fields (i.e. Magnetic Pulser)
The purpose of this treatment is to disable microbes that are not floating around in the bloodstream, but are "hiding" in root canals, the lymph system, the stomach area, etc. This is a very important part of the protocol for wellness.

Various “magnetic” therapies have existed for a number of years but the originator of the “magnetic pulser” is Dr. Robert C. Beck.

Dr Beck designed a magnetic pulser to treat infected lymph glands and other sites of infection, tumours and other parts of the body with poor blood supply. A strong but very short magnetic pulse (20 K Gauss or higher) induces a tiny current in the cells and body fluids up to 10 or 20 cm into the body. There is evidence that this is not only effective in eliminating microbes, parasites and tumor cells, but also to recharge and rejuvenate weak body cells. I found it useful for pain relief. Often there is a healing reaction or a series of healing reactions whereby old health problems flare up for a short period before final healing takes place. This is a hallmark of all true healing methods.


With any kind of disease or just to improve your health I recommend to use the pulser frequently or regularly on any area where you suspect an inflammation or infection, be it acute or chronic, swollen lymph glands, on the tonsils and any tooth or jawbone positions that are not obviously completely healthy, e.g. where a tooth has been extracted or where there is a filling or a root pocket or receding gum. In addition pulse all the lymph glands in the neck, armpits and groins. When pulsing directly on a tumour I suggest that this is done only with a strong pulser , especially if the tumour is not close to the surface.

"We encourage you to educate yourself before purchasing any of our units. When ill, it's easy to make a decision in desperation rather than based on information."

Magnetic fields and therefore induced currents penetrate ALL body cells, bones and tissues in proximity to coil and can theoretically neutralize electro-sensitive viruses such as herpes B, HIV, hepatitis, Epstein-Barr and possibly many others as yet undiscovered that can hide WITHIN nerve sheaths and are therefore untouchable via immune system, white cells, or injectables. This may account for the impossibility of curing many known chronic infections via pharmaceuticals, antibiotics, or any presently known conventional treatments other than electrotherapy. Use pulser on body sites daily concurrently with blood clearing. This pulser is considered safe to use anywhere on the head, chest, and body except with cardiac pacemaker users. SEE GRAY'S ANATOMY for lymph gland locations.

"The Magnetic Pulser I purchased some time ago . The quality is excellent. They have helped many people." Alexander McAllister, Brazil

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My Magnetic Pulser has been a great boon and I would be very unhappy if I did not have it. It has contributed greatly to my life. Keep up your great work! W.B., California, USA

What is "The Magnetic Pulser"?
The Magnetic Pulser is a professionally designed quality unit, thoroughly tested and guaranteed to operate as per the specifications. The Magnetic Pulser (MP) is designed to generate an intense , momentary (~2.5mS) pulsed DC magnetic field

Magnetic pulsing success with cancer were independently proven again in 1984 and described in US Patent #4,665,898 plus many other patents dating back to 1890!

*Magnetic flux intensity follows the inverse square rule - the further you are away from the magnetic core, the faster the Gauss intensity drops off.

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NOTE: Please do not confuse this unit with permanent/ceramic magnet therapies, or with the EMR (electro-magnetic radiation) producing units!

Through the principle of induction, this magnetic field creates eddy-currents (tiny electrical micro-currents) in living organic material that contain an electrolyte such as saline.

“My dietary changes helped but it was the Magnetic Pulser that really turned it around for me. ... Within days of using the Pulser, I noticed a difference.” Eve Matot, Colorado, USA

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