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"As long as there is breath in my body
I will never ever cease to be a seeker after truth."

Todays thought

We are like a broken record, skipping over the same tune segment, seeking fulfillment from the same thought stories, always seeking the next object or experience to make us happy. We are hopelessly lost in this habit throughout the day, from the moment we wake up in the morning until we drift off into sleep at night, lost in our meandering thoughts. If we could simply stop and see that we are already the Love in which all this takes place, the delusion would be over. We would wake up. Unfortunately, most of us do not know how to just stop.
Tom Kurzka


Top scientist backs workout for the brain

MINDFIT Revisited
software turns your PC into a "fitness room" for your brain.

From The Sunday Times August 26, 2007
Top scientist backs workout for the brain
Baroness promotes computer games claimed to curb mental decline
By Jonathan Leake, Science Editor
Baroness Susan Greenfield, the neuroscientist, is to launch an exercise programme for the brain that she claims is proven to reverse the mental decline associated with ageing.
Greenfield, who is also director of the Royal Institution, maintains that Britain’s baby-boomers are discovering that concentrating on physical fitness is no longer sufficient preparation for old age.
" What concerns me is preserving the brain too,” she said. “There is now good scientific evidence to show that exercising the brain can slow, delay and protect against age-related decline."
Greenfield will launch MindFit, a PC-based software program, at the House of Lords next month, for the “worried but well” - people in their middle years who are healthy and want to stay that way.
Created by researchers in Israel and already on sale in America, it offers users inter-active puzzles and tasks that are claimed to stimulate the brain just as using a gym exercises the body’s muscles.
" There is evidence that such stimulation prompts brain cells to start branching out and form new connections with other cells," said Greenfield.
The baroness’s decision to lend her name to MindFit and to take a significant stake in Mind-Weavers, the company promoting it, could raise eyebrows among fellow scientists. Her high profile in the media has rankled with some and she was twice snubbed by the Royal Society.
The idea that the performance of the brain can be improved by exercises or potions has a long and controversial history.
There have also been scientific battles over the claims made for dietary supplements, especially fish oils, and so-called smart drugs. The latter have been shown to cause a short-term increase in IQ but the long-term secondary effects are unknown.
Greenfield’s decision to promote MindFit, which will retail for around £70, follows the release of new scientific research apparently showing clear benefits.
In the latest research, conducted at the Sourasky Medical Centre at Tel Aviv University in Israel, 121 volunteers aged over 50 were asked to spend 30 minutes, three times a week, on the computer, over a period of two years.
Half were assigned to use MindFit and the other half played sophisticated computer games. The results, released at a recent academic conference and due for formal publication shortly, showed that while all the volunteers benefited from using computer games, the MindFit users “experienced significantly greater improvement in short-term memory, visuo-spatial learning and focused attention”.
Greenfield, who also runs an Oxford University laboratory researching the causes of degenerative brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s, found out about MindFit through her extensive links with Israel and decided to bring it to Britain.
" It is clear that there is no drug on the horizon to treat Alzheimer’s or age-related mental decline so I have long been interested in seeing whether stimulating the brain might offer a way of Greenfield is launching a program designed in Israel. Kidman, left, is the new face of Nintendo, which already sells Brain Training games slowing down these changes," she said.
Other researchers are also convinced that people can rejuvenate their brain with exercise. Ryuta Kawashima, professor of neuroscience at Tohoku University in Japan, spent 15 years investigating how mental exertion helps the brain grow.
His work became the basis of the Brain Training and More Brain Training computer games, produced by Nintendo, the console manufacturer. Nicole Kidman, the actress, fronts its latest British advertising campaign.
Nintendo itself makes no formal scientific claims for the programs but Kawashima said in a recent book: “My brain exercises increase the delivery of oxygen, blood and various amino acids to the prefrontal cortex. The result is more neurons and neural connections, which are characteristics of a healthy brain.”
Other researchers accept such ideas in principle but warn that any system claiming to boost mental ability must prove itself in clinical trials.
Times Newspapers Ltd.


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New Study Released: MindFit -
Windows Software Systematically Trains Your Brain for Increased Mental Vitality

You're serious about exercising and keeping your body in top shape. You owe it to yourself to keep your brain healthy and vital as well. MindFit brain training software has been scientifically designed for the mature population, as well as for people of all ages, to help strengthen brain function and slow cognitive loss. Our software uses individually designed fun exercises that will help improve your short-term memory, reaction times, memory recall, eye-hand coordination and much more!
Thousands of users are using MindFit program to improve their brain health and their lives. You should too

Are You

Forgetting things much more often than you used to
Forgetting how to do things you've done many times before
Trouble learning new things
Repeating phrases or stories in the same conversation
Trouble making choices or handling money
Not being able to keep track of what happens each day
forgetting where you left things you use regularly, such as glasses or keys
forgetting names of acquaintances or figures in the news
occasionally forgetting an appointment
having trouble remembering what you just read
walking into a room and forgetting why you entered
forgetting the details of conversations
becoming easily distracted
not quite being able to retrieve information you have “on the tip of your tongue”
Blocking one memory with a similar one, such as calling a grandson by your son’s name

memory lapses are normal among older adults,,,
But you can improve your memory...

A great new brain-fitness program has just been released! MindFit software turns your PC into a "fitness room" for your brain. With just 20 minutes a day 3 times a week, you will experience increased mental vitality and enhanced abilities in many areas of thinking.

Mindfit begins by measuring your mental abilities on a wide range of important cognitive skills. Using the results as a baseline, the program creates a personalized training program designed to increase your brain power

The programming behind these personalized training programs was developed by an eminent psychologist and uses an innovative patented technology. Because no two people are alike, each training sessions is uniquely your own.

I was very apprehensive about the program. I was afraid it would be something of an IQ test and that I might feel really stupid. But the program is nothing like that at all. The exercises are fun. I've only completed the first one, and I'm anxious to start the second one. I'm confident that my memory and attention will improve. My mother has Alzheimer's. I'm hoping MindFit will prevent or, at the very least, delay a decline in my cognitive skills.
Peggy, 67

The results of the training program are increased mental vitality. Your brain gets enhanced in areas of mental ability which include visual search, time estimation, naming, categorization, visual short term memory, auditory short term memory, location memory, spatial orientation, planning, ability to inhibit planned action, speed of reaction and hand-eye coordination and many more.

Our impressions while using this software is that it is a system that "learns" about you through your performance, customizes your training schedule, and responds to your performance both during and at the end of your training.

Here is an excerpt from a report of the a new experimental study done with Mindfit:

NEW YORK and YOQNEAM, Israel, March 16- For the first time, a double-blind clinical trial has shown that computer-based training improves the cognitive functions of the 50-plus crowd. Against conventional wisdom, the computer training in MindFit cognitive skill assessment and training software, created by CogniFit, Ltd. was found to improve short-term memory, spatial relations and attention focus--all skills used in driving and other daily activities that maintain our independence as we age.

These research findings show unequivocally that MindFit, which requires no previous computer experience of users, keeps minds sharper than other computer games and software can," said Prof. Shlomo Breznitz, Ph.D., founder and president of CogniFit. "In fact, the same cognitive domains that MindFit keeps sharp are also central in most daily activities-including driving-that enable aging independently.

Breznitz continued, "These findings support CogniFit's belief that if you exercise your brain just as you do your muscles, you can build the speed and accuracy of your mental functions, significantly. 'Working out' with MindFit three times a week from the comfort of your home will yield similar results for your brain as exercising at the gym with that same frequency does for your muscles.
I'm not sure I have the words to express my appreciation for this program.
I am 45 years old and have dementia. I know what I was capable of doing almost 3 years ago and know that I cannot do a fraction of the same tasks now.

After doing the program's evaluation, I was shocked with the tasks that I was finding difficult to do. As I am doing my daily lessons, I can see how I did compared to the last time I did it.

To me, this program is invaluable! I am so grateful to have it. I can now do the lessons to keep my brain functioning, measure how I am doing and measure the rate at which my condition is worsening.

I would recommend this program to anyone to keep their mind more fit as well as to anyone and everyone with any type of dementia or brain injury.


Symptoms of Alzheimer's

Here are some three demos that feature a few of MindFits training programs>
The "Inside and Outside"

Task trains your ability to divide your attention between two or more visual stimuli. In daily life we normally manage several attention channels simultaneously. As we drive, for example, aside from handling the car, we pay attention to the road and traffic conditions, we usually also listen to the radio and talk with our companions (or on the mobile phone). When watching TV, we listen and watch, converse, think and react. The "Inside and Outside" task focuses on improving an individual’s divided attention skills Visit this link for the demo
"The "Two in One" Task trains your ability to perform two tasks simultaneously. In daily life we are often required to carry out more than one assignment at a time. A typist reads and types simultaneously and tries to do both tasks as accurately as possible. A driver needs to look in the mirror while driving backwards. We often answer the phone while we continue doing our ongoing duties. The 'Two In One' task exercises the ability to perform such tasks quickly and accurately.

The software is designed by a eminent psychologist to create individualized training programs covering a wide range of the most important cognitive skills. It is easy-to-use, mentally stimulating, and very effective. MindFit could turn out to be the key to your mental vitality-

The "Picasso" Task trains visual short term memory as well as synthesis ability- the ability to rebuild a pattern from given parts. In daily life, we often have separate elements that we need to combine into a pattern. For example, when we assemble a new device, cook something by following a recipe, or build something from a kit, we need to join different bits of information in a logical way. The “Picasso” task focuses on improving an individual’s ability to synthesize information.
I have now installed it and I really enjoy doing these exercises. They seem simple and yet difficult at the same time, but really keep you alert. I do enjoy them greatly.

MindFit's patented technology is based on the latest research into brain function.
Our software is enjoyable and fun!
MIndFit is easy to learn.
Your computer becomes your brain's fitness room - use it 20 minutes a day, 3 times a week.
Advanced software follows your learning curve. As you get better, the software evolves with more challenging brain exercises.
The only software in the world designed specifically for seniors - we use large fonts and make it easy for inexperienced computer users.
No two training sessions are alike.
Exercise your brain and you'll see it improve dramatically!
For less than the price of a gym membership, you can keep your mind fit and healthy for life!

1000 MHz Intel Pentium III processor or higher
Windows 2000 SP4, Windows XP SP2
RAM Memory: 256 MB RAM
Minimum screen resolution 800x600
CD Rom Drive
Sound Card: PCI 128 bit; speakers or headphones
Graphic Card: 16 MB (support 3D graphics)
Internet Connection: Recommended with Internet Explorer Ver. 5.5 and up
Free hard disk space: 500 MB for typical installation; 100 MB for compact installation

Currently unsupported at this time. Click here to give us your email so we can notify you when it's available,,mindfit for mac


$NZ169.95 aprox $US129.95

Holliday Special

$NZ133.95 aprox $US99.95
plus shipping (Courier shipping details in shopping cart check out) normal post $20.00