Psychic Powers

Have you ever wanted to learn to tap your inner wisdom, read other peoples thoughts and emotions, fine-tune your intuition, interpret dreams, foresee future trends and events, contact departed loved ones, see what's happening in distant locales? Thats just the tip of the Ice berg

Perhaps Good and evil in maters of phychic powers and developement are quality judgments, just like hot and cold, light and dark, and near and far are quality judgments. Quality judgments are evaluations that we humans make relative to our own experience as human beings. Hot is what is hot to us. Far is what is far to us. Good is what is good to us. Evil is what is bad to us. Good and evil are quality judgments that we make relative to ourselves and our experiences here on Earth. But if good and evil are quality judgments, what's the quantity being judged? And what's the phenomena being quantified?

Of course, the psychic being with its psychic power eventually can grow into a most powerful and most fulfilling being. Since the psychic being evolves, the gradual increase of psychic power is not only possible, but also inevitable. The manifestation of psychic power is a subtle, delicate, soft and lucid way of the divine manifestation in fairly advanced seekers.

With psychic power an individual can perform miracles. With this power one acquires the capacity to identify oneself with, and thereby see, the present, past and future of others, as well as one's own. Although it is a manifestation of divine power, psychic power has tremendous beauty, like the beauty of a flower or the beauty of the moon. This psychic beauty, in itself, is a tangible power.

Follow the way of love and eagerly desire spiritual gifts, especially the gift of prophecy. For anyone who speaks in a tongue does not speak to men but to God. Indeed, no one understands him: he utters mysteries with his spirit. But everyone who prophesizes speaks to men for their strengthening, encouragement and comfort.

Corinthians 14:1-5:

Roughly speaking, psychic power is the power of a child, although this power can become boundless through its most intimate oneness with the Source. Spiritual power is the power of a grown man, although he may not use it wisely all the time. Occult power is the power of a restless or dynamic youth. Spiritual power is the power of a calm and quiet sea. Occult power is the power of a sudden mighty wave. Spiritual power is all.

The Drive to obtain psychic powers, so apparent today, is nothing new. Nor is the appearance of such powers a recent evolutionary development. The literature of every people is full of references, historical as well as fictional, to certain individuals who can do things of a "magical" character, which the laws of physical science, known today, do not explain.

Such persons may be able to talk with "spirits": they hear voices and see visions, and often they are guided by angelic beings. They may be able to see visions of the past, or of things happening at a distance, or they can foretell the future. Sometimes they are able to override the normal laws of nature by handling red-hot coals and similar things without being burned. Sometimes they are able under trance to draw and write things that are ordinarily quite beyond their capacities. Others may have the power of exerting a sort of enchantment or fascination over their fellows and of making these latter do their bidding; or they can heal the sick by the "laying on of hands," and in other ways.

The Greeks sometimes called this part of us the psyche, and it is from this root that words such as psychic, psychism, and psychology have been formed. The use of this Greek root is accurate because the studies with which these words are associated all deal with the nature of the psyche: its relation to the body-part of man and to his spiritual nature, as well as to the world about him,

It is noted that in the presence of a certain type of such individuals unusual happenings take place. "Raps" and other sounds may be heard that are caused by no known agency; or there are the ringing of bells and sounds of musical instruments. Furniture perhaps moves of itself, and other household objects become disarranged. There may appear in the air what seem to be human hands and faces and ultimately complete figures.

The above examples, and many others that might be enumerated, are all included under the general category of psychic powers. In their essential nature these powers are not evil, though they vary widely in quality, ranging from those which are closely associated with our physical nature to those which work more closely with our spiritual nature.

Then, too, religious belief and custom has always profoundly affected the status of such powers, and it seems likely that their development along lower or higher lines has run parallel with, and has been a fundamental part of, the growth and influence of religion among the people. For instance, at a time when the Mysteries were still influencing the life of ancient Greece, a high type of clairvoyant was used in the sacred oracles, the priestess on the tripod being considered holy, and cherished and protected from contamination of any sort. The temples of Aesculapius in Greece, where the art of healing was highly developed, and where the most remarkable cures were performed, were a recognized part of the Mysteries themselves.

On the other hand, during the Dark Ages in Europe most "unwholesome" types of "psychic epidemics" occurred, connected in some cases with sorcery. And as late as the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries psychics were still believed to be witches and were put to death by the Church.

There are, in fact, certain cyclic periods in history when there occur unusual outcroppings of these psychic manifestations. At such times the numbers of these individuals increase. Others through curiosity and the element of wonder are carried along on the psychic wave..

The present cycle started in the middle of last century with the rise of modern Spiritualism. The movement spread like an epidemic, first through America and later to some extent in the European countries. About this time there had been a growing interest in cures effected by means of hypnotism, and combined with new possibilities these experiments suggested, the spiritualistic movement was welcomed as a new revelation. Reputed clairvoyants developed into mediums, "spirit circles" were formed in many families, and it was obvious that a great many people were entering into experimentation and practices..

Her purpose (H. P. Blavatsky) herself in this was to show the skeptics that beyond their circumscribed sphere of physical matter was an invisible world operating under its own unerring laws which, for one who understood them, could be made to act with definite and demonstrable results. Further, as W. Q. Judge says, she exhibited these marvelous feats

The Occult World by A. P. Sinnett

The psychic waves that sweep over portions of the earth at cyclic times are caused, we are told, when through certain stresses and tensions in the earth's constitution, the protecting veils between the two planes grow thin, and contact with these finer substances is more easily made by individuals.

Man, like the universe, has an inner nature ranging from the
purely astral to the highest spiritual

Never were the phenomena presented in any other character than that of instances of a power over perfectly natural though unrecognised forces, and incidentally over matter, possessed by certain individuals who have attained to a larger and higher knowledge of the Universe than has been reached by scientists and theologians, or can ever be reached by them, by the roads they are now respectively pursuing. Yet this power is latent in all men, and could, in time, be wielded by anyone who would cultivate the knowledge and conform to the conditions necessary for its development.

The portion of the universe that we call visible is merely that aspect of it for which we have developed organs of perception: the eye, the ear, and so on. Those aspects of the universe that we cannot perceive with our senses are not far away, in some distant stretches of space, but are right with us here and now, interpenetrating our physical sphere and impinging upon our inner selves at every moment of the day and night
It is a mistake to suppose that invisibility necessarily implies spirituality. Assuredly spiritual energies have their source in the unseen realms of nature, but other energies do likewise. The physical world is like a great arena for the enactment of the pageant of life, which we as human beings are at one and the same time taking part in and beholding.

Our spiritual nature provides us with the power to develop and express in ever greater degree our latent faculties. The ordinary person is to a certain extent imprisoned within his body.

The fact is that for every one of our physical senses we have an psychic counterpart which is the true center of sense perception. It is through these psychic centers that the ego within really hears, sees, tastes, and touches. Without them, the physical senses would be useless. But at present these psychic sense-centers are in their turn dependent upon their physical replicas. We cannot use them consciously and independently as yet. This will come in the future as a further stage of development. When that time comes it will be natural for us to use these psichic senses at will, and then we shall know at first hand a great deal about the inner aspects of the universe which are now hidden from us. We must wait, however, until "the inner man has grown to maturity," as W. Q. Judge expresses it (Culture of Concentration).

This sort of thing fascinates the average person; but there is nothing more magical about it than the fact that now we can look into the heavens at night and catch with our physical eye the light that started from the stars perhaps millions of years ago -- a marvel truly!

The teaching of the ancient wisdom is that there is indeed more to the universe than can be measured by our physical senses -- or by our laboratory researches, which are but an extension of the powers of our sensory perceptions. Our physical universe is but a reflection of a vast and invisible realm, filled full with many grades of conscious living beings. It is their combined activities which bring about what we call the laws of nature.

It is necessary to study the subject of "psychic" in order to put the matter entirely on a rational basis. Too often the word "psychic" is veiled in a sort of mysterious atmosphere which enhances its attractions. People speak of having psychic experiences as though they were set apart from the ordinary run of mortals in some special, favored way. Or they have a dread of the very mention of the word, saying that it conjures up in their minds a host of vague terrors. Neither of these attitudes is desirable.

As a matter of fact, when we speak of the psychic world, we simply mean that invisible realm where our mind naturally functions (subconscious). Here our psychic nature is active all the time; and it is this very psychic nature that provides us the means by which we can act on this physical plane. To be sure it is the seat of temptation and desire, of mental and emotional illusion; but it can also, when trained and controlled, be the transmitter of the vitality of the spiritual self into active expression in daily life
Helen Savage

Clairvoyance and Occult Powers
by S Panchadasi
Written by Swami Panchadasi, and originally published back in 1916, "Clairvoyance and Occult Powers" is a great introduction into the world of occultism and gives you an authentic look into a phenomenon that will keep you both spellbound and charmed! Even if you’re one of those that feels the practices mentioned below are dangerous, do consider the fact that knowledge is power. The more you know, the safer you are!

Swami Panchadasi (aka Walker Atkinson), December 5, 1862 to November 22, 1932, was a very important and influential American figure in the early days of the New Thought Movement. He was an attorney, merchant, author, as well as being an occultist and an American pioneer of New Thought, which is in fact the title of a magazine he edited at one time.

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Table Rapping and Automatic Writing
by Alexander Verner
"If a man dies, shall he live again?" Does death end all - or is it merely "the gate of life"? If there be a next world, can we communicate with those that are in it?

These are questions that have agitated the minds of millions. "Table Rapping and Automatic Writing" answers the questions. It also does more, it shows you how you can answer them. It shows you how to prove there is another life, and how to open up communication with those who dwell therein. To the Materialist it says: "Belief is unnecessary. You demand evidence - here it is."

"Table Rapping and Automatic Writing" gives full instructions on how to form a Circle for receiving messages from spirit friends - How to enable spirits to make themselves visible to ordinary sight - How to get written messages, drawings, etc., from those who have "passed over," and more.
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How to Converse with Spirit Friends
by Alexander Verner
A medium is a person whose presence is necessary before a spirit can communicate. "How to Converse with Spirit Friends" tells you how you may develop mediumistic powers, so as to be able to receive messages from the other side when sitting alone.

The book also tells you about different kinds of spirits, including apparitions (ghosts) and spirit guides (the spirit friends that are constantly with each of us); about spirit control (how spirits work through the organisms of mediums); and about spirit given premonitions, warnings, death-signs, etc. The work, moreover, gives other interesting and valuable matter related to communication with spirits. This work is calculated to "comfort those that mourn."

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