Pulsed electromagnetic therapy can be used for the recovery of almost all diseases. This when used with other medicines, the quantum of medicines and duration of treatment can be reduced. This being a correction treatment the cure or remission obtained lasts long.
Unlike other treatment this is a non-invasive form of treatment and can be given for all. No side effects reported so far. Some effects like reduction of blood sugar level, blood cholesterol level etc,

will help in the prevention of Diabetes, Hypertension and Heart Attack.


Diabetes mellitus: Blood sugar level in diabetes slowly reduce when treated with Pulsed Electromagnetic Field. The reduction in blood sugar level can be brought to a near normal or normal stage.

This reduction is mostly because of increased metabolism of glucose in the tissues and increase in the production of insulin in the pancreas and its utilization at the receptor level. Gastro-intestinal conditions in which PEMF Therapy is effective are GASTRITIS, PEPTIC ULCER, ULCERATIVE COLITIS, IRRITABLE COLON, HEMORRHOIDS etc.

Bronchial Asthma: In this condition the obstruction in the bronchioles are reduced gradually. Liquefies the sputum and facilitates to come out spontaneously. The anti-inflammatory action of PEMF helps in increasing the space inside the bronchioles and there by free air movement takes place. In those patients who have undergone this treatment the Forced Vital Capacity, Forced Expiratory Volume and Peak Expiratory Flow Rate of the lung has been found increased by 27% and 33% respectively. In case of PEFR the increase was 40%.

At the end of treatment there was no wheezing and dyspnea in almost all cases, other respiratory conditions in which this treatment is effective are COMMON COLD, TONSILLITIS, SINUSITIS, CH.BRONCHITIS, BRONCHIECTASIS etc.

Cardio Vascular Diseases: Let us see how PEMF can be used for the prevention of Heart Attack. In hypertensive people the blood cholesterol level is reduced. Centrally mediated vascular dilatation also helps in the reduction of blood pressure. Increases the circulation of blood in all the blood vessels. This helps to increase the supply of nutrition to all the tissues of the body and also prevents platelet aggregation. Some studies conducted in Russia shows that the thickening of the blood vessels can be reduced in atherosclerotic condition due to the disintegration of plaques. PEMF has a peculiar property of blocking the oxygen free radicals which are responsible for cadic cell damage. All this contribute to prevention of block in coronary arteries which supplies blood to heart, and there by prevents heart attack. Other vascular conditions in which PEMF is effective are PHLEBITIS, ENDARTERITIS, VARICOSE VEIN etc.

Bone and Joint Disorders: The metabolic errors in the connective tissue around the diseased joint is corrected. Hydrozyprolin, hezosamine, creatinine, uronic acid etc are found in increased amount in the urine of these patients. PEMF corrects the metabolic activity in the cells and there by reduction in these abnormal products in urine results. Along with reduction in pain and swelling of the joint, there is an increase in the mobility of the joint. SPEEDY FRACTURE HEALING is an important aspect to be mentioned. Union of the fractured bones takes place almost within half the time required for normal healing. This treatment is effective in OSTEO AND RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS, CERVICAL SPONDYLOSIS, LOW BACK PAIN including disc displacement, OSTIOMYLITIS and ARTHRITIS of varying etiology.

Brain and Mind Disorders: Keeping the patient in a specific controlled PEMF, with the help of EEG, it has been found out that pre-eminent Alpha Waves are formed in the brain indicating enhanced brain electrical activity suggestive of clam, inward directed restful alertness.

PEMF send into the brain through the skull, by inductive cuppling, will induce a current in the area and it stimulates the brain cells. The PEMF also enhance the higher brain functions such as better learning capacity, memory, creative thinking etc. So this is a possible modality of therapy for brain–mind disorders like DEPRESSION, AGGRESSION, ANXIETY, STRESS etc, and conditions like PARKINSONISM, EPILEPSY, MIGRAINE, STROKE, ALZHEIMER'S DISEASE, DEGENERATIVE CONDITIONS OF BRAIN etc.

In children CEREBRAL PALSY, MENTAL RETARDATION, HYPERACTIVITY, LEARNING DISABILITIES ETC can be improved to a better and higher degree of activity by stimulation of PEMF on the Central Nervous System.

Geneto Urinary Conditions: In females conditions like MENSTRUATION IRREGULARITIES, STERILITY, ENDOMETRITIS, ENDOMETRIOSIS etc and in males conditions like ORCHITIS, PROSTATITIS, OLIGOSPERMIA etc can be treated successfully with PEMF.

Skin Diseases and other Conditions: This treatment gives a better result in chronic ulcers and delayed wound healing than any other mode of treatment. In conditions of trauma and physical break down of athletes this therapy will give complete relief. For ECZEMA, NEURODERMATITIS BURNS and such other skin conditions this treatment is very useful.


One sentence answer is by increasing the efficiency of brain cells in synthesizing the neuro-chemicals required for the transmission of impulses or commands at the synaptic level and by improving the electrical activity of these cells. Brain is a neuro-chemical complex. The efficiency of the brain or intellectual capacity of the brain depends upon the efficient performance of the brain cells and production of the chemicals that are called neurotransmitters.

Too much of dopamine can make you hyperactive, while too little it causes or results in uncoordinated movements of limbs (parkinsonism). Less acetlycholine, a neuro-chemical, in the brain is the reason for Dementia especially Alzheimer’s type. If the cells are stimulated repeatedly, after showing inhibition, they rebound and become more active than before. Since PEMF has the ability to stabilise the Genes and prevent the activity of oxygen free radicals formed in the cells, it helps to retard the aging process.

PEMF THERAPY IS VERY EFFECTIVE in almost all acute and chronic diseases. Along with medicines, PEMF therapy go a long way in reducing the duration of treatment and cost of medicines. Since it will reduce the blood cholesterol level, help in the disintegration of etheroma of arteries and increase circulation, this therapy can even be use for the prevention of heart attack.