Subtle Energies

Subtle Energies
The basic unit of life, the cell, exists only because it is held together by energy. The atoms and molecules that make up a cell also exist because a bond of energy holds their various parts together. Essentially, everything in the universe as we understand it is energy, manifesting in light and sound. Perhaps, as Einstein believed, there is only a single energy, “a unified field,” but if so, it has countless faces. Numerous cultures describe a matrix of subtle energies that support, shape, and animate the physical body.

Your body is made up of “energy fields” that form the foundation of your health. Modern medicine uses only “vitality” but has no concept of a circuit for this vitality.

Ukrainian quantum physicists, studying Giga-energy (billions of cycles per second) found:

· Human DNA vibrates at 52 - 78 Gigahertz

· Animals at 47 Gigahertz

· Plants at 42 Gigahertz

They believe that this subtle energy, at one-billionth of a watt per cm2, is the electromagnetic support system for “chi.” This chi correlates almost identically to what traditional Jewish sources refer to as the Nefesh level of soul within the body. According to the Chinese classics, the chi is called the “commander of the blood”, which is the life force of the body.

According to the Aurevedic medical system of India, your body has seven major centers of both electromagnetic activity and vital energy, called chakras, that are powerhouses of energy. Studies show that the electrical oscillations in the skin above the chakras range in frequencies up to 1,600 cycles per second – as contrasted with 0 to 100 in the brain, 225 in the muscles, and 250 in the heart. (Study by Dr. Valerie Hunt, professor emeritus at UCLA, summarized in Richard Gerber’s book Vibrational Medicine.)

Each chakra influences the organs, muscles, ligaments, veins, and all other systems within its energy field. Chakras also influence the endocrine system and so are strongly involved with your moods, personality, and overall health.

According to the theory of Chinese acupuncture, your body also consists of an “energy transportation system” known as meridians. These meridians not only feed vital energies to their related organs, they also reflect any pathological disturbance in those organs, thus providing physicians with a convenient and highly accurate tool for diagnosis as well as therapy.

The book Energy Medicine states that disturbances in meridian energies correlate with ill health. Because disrupted meridian energies often precede illness, meridian readings are sometimes used to predict health vulnerabilities and prevent disease. Some government employees in Japan, for instance, are routinely screened during their annual medical examinations by a machine that has twenty-eight electrodes attached to the meridian endpoints. Only people with abnormal meridian readouts are required to go through further diagnostic testing!

Dr. Candace Pert, a research professor in the Department of Physiology and Biophysics at Georgetown University Medical Center in Washington, D.C., believes that the meridians may be the pathways that are followed by immune cells as they move up and down an anatomical highway.

The body’s energy centers – meridians and chakras – bring vital life energy to every organ in your body. Keeping these energy fields balanced and removing blockages in the flow of this subtle energy plays a major role in determining your body’s health. Balance is the key concept within energy wellness, just as homeostasis is a key concept within biology. All systems move toward an energetic balance, a state of harmony with other energies


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