Quietness of Mind

Quietness of Mind

"A quiet mind is all you need. All else will happen rightly, once your mind is quiet. As the sun on rising makes the world active, so does self-awareness affect changes in the mind. In the light of calm and steady self-awareness inner energies wake up and work miracles without any effort on your part."

Once upon a time there was a thought, and the thought was, “a quiet mind is all you need.” A quiet mind is all anyone needs to feel happy, peaceful, whole and complete. If your mind just stops and becomes still, what remains? It’s simple really and anyone can see this. What remains is quiet and quiet by its very nature is peaceful and peace is nice. Peace feels good, it feels serene, and who doesn’t like serene?

How can one achieve a quiet mind and feel peace, happiness and contentment most of the time?

The mind is constantly moving. And that’s a very good thing. In order to ensure our self-preservation, the mind must investigate the objects of the world, entertain memories of what it believes has happened in the past and imagine what might possibly occur in the future. This incessant activity of the mind––that leads to action, consequence and experience––is both vital and rewarding. However, when the presence of our detachment, discrimination and will power is missing from its deliberations, the mind operates like a powerful storm that can wreak havoc in our lives

It is not an undesirable thing for the mind to fall silent, to be free from thoughts and still—for it is oftenest when the mind falls silent that there is the full descent of a wide peace, and in that wide tranquillity the realisation of the silent Self , the mind spread out in the vastness everywhere. Only when there is the peace and the mental silence, the vital mind tries to rush in and occupy the place or else the mechanical mind tries to raise up for the same purpose its round of trivial habitual thoughts.

There's always a correlation between mind and body. Anything that happens in the body has a direct effect on what goes on in the mind, and vice versa. It's a two-way street. Quieting the body down is a way to bring some quietness to the mind. There is a relationship between keeping the body still or rhythmic that brings about a steadiness and quietness of mind.

A quiet mind does not mean that there will be no thoughts or mental movements at all, but that these will be on the surface and you will feel your true being within, separate from them, observing but not carried away, able to watch and judge them and reject all that has to be rejected and to accept and keep to all that is true consciousness and true experience.

Have ever felt like you were missing something truly amazing and magical in this world? Do you ever feel bored, or that everyday is basically the same and your life tends to be going no where special?

Most of us have been trapped in past programming from childhood, parents, society, and emotional experiences deeply embedded in the subconscious mind. When your mind falls quiet, a profound understanding of your entire life and the world comes through. You are no longer "dead" to the world. A bright, joyful, conscious awareness of every person, place, and thing around you shines through!

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Because of the New Agers, people don't seem to realise that awareness, quietness of mind, is something that lets your mind (It) work better, but in everyday life, all the time, not just when you're actually self-consciously being quiet, or meditating ("the pot's usefulness lies in its emptiness", although we'd say that as far as cannabis is concerned pot's uselessness lies in it's emptiness, but we're getting out of hand here:).

You can have
Full realization of your Infinite Nature
Complete mind & body healing
Dramatic increase in consciousness
Feeling whole, centered, and truly alive
An empowering state of being
Ability to manifest desires easier
Peace of Mind its not an urban myth


Throughout the ages humankind has searched for new means to reach higher levels of consciousness
and Peace of Mind . Most of this exploration has been shrouded in the occult and sought through spiritual or mystical experimentation. With the advent of the technological age science has joined the quest for the Holy Grail of expanded experience. This state of awareness has been sought in all cultures and described in the ancient eastern teachings as Nirvana, the state of bliss. The scientific exploration of this field has developed through psychology, studying human behavior and psyche, sensory deprivation with John Lily’s floatation tank, the psychedelic days with Tim Learny and friends, and finally to the most recent and technologically advanced form yet, electronic Nirvana.

Much research on brain and mind development has led to and been conducted on behalf of the development and use of transformational electronic devices. Included in the technology are tapes,Electrostimulation and light andsound tools that synchronize the left and right hemispheres of the brain...

In the practice of Electric Nirvarna, we observe that the mind is very, very busy. It's sometimes referred to as "monkey mind." It's all over the place like a monkey in a tree. And through the variety of the programs in light and sound machines, we eventually come to a place of slowing down, of becoming quieter, a little more focused, a little steadier.

Recent findings have revolutionized the theories surrounding brain science. The old model of the brain depicted its functions as limited in terms of growth. Intelligence was determined at birth and although knowledge could be attained, I.Q. remained the same throughout life. In addition it was previously believed that the brain would atrophy as life progressed and there was no way of thwarting the process of deterioration. While it was recognized that other cells in the body regenerated brain cells were thought of as incapable of this function. It was also believed that the brain fluctuated from the right and left hemisphere, dominated by the right when dealing with abstract thought intuition or creativity and the left hemisphere when thinking logically or analytically.

"For almost one hundred years, it has been a mantra of biology - brain cells do not regenerate. In a startling discovery that could have profound implications for treating brain disorders and injuries, researchers at Princeton University have discovered that new neurons are continually being added to the brains of adult monkeys. The neurons are added to the cerebral cortex of the brain"

The new model of the brain/mind based on modern experimentation presents an entirely different perspective. Intelligence as well as brain size can be increased through exercising or stimulating certain regions of the brain.

Quiet isn’t just the absence of sound. The stillness one finds in green parks or along quaint country roads streets is enough to calm the mind and lift the spirit. Says Michael Hunter, M.D., of the University of Sheffield´s Department of Neuroscience, “Tranquility is a state of calmness and reflection, which is restorative compared with the stressful effects of sustained attention in day-to-day life.”

Studies have proven that neurons can regenerate under the right circumstances. It has been discovered that dendrites, the tentacle-like nerve extensions that receive impulses from the axon or core of other nerve cells, when stimulated become stronger and naturally extended. Extended dendrites have greater capacity to receive impulses from the axon or core of other nerve cells, when stimulated becomes stronger and naturally extended. Extended dendrites have greater capacity to receive impulses, enhancing their propensity toward complex cell transmissions. This means intelligence is actually increased.

The new brain model also recognizes that certain mental states such as deep meditation or Peace of Mind which promote what is called synchrony or whole-brain thinking, which involves the synchronization of the right and left hemispheres. In such states human potential is heightened. Brainwave studies have shown that while or after being in such states, individuals can perform mental functions more effectively such as learning, memory recall or problem solving. Brain electrostimulation, light and sound devices and some audio-recorded sound tapes are designed to achieve synchrony,Deep Peace of Mind.

A Quiet mind, is a gateway to tranquility, healing and restoration, offers real physical benefits. It induces a mind-body connection that’s been demonstrated to relax muscles, lower anxiety and pain, and enhance one’s overall sense of control and well being.

Ours is an anxious world, and we our an anxious race.

According to Michael Hutchison “In addition to the physiological benefits many people report personal transformations. Some well-known musicians such as Pete Townsend, Eric Clapton and Keith Richards were treated with electrical stimulation of the brain for drug addiction. They as well as others report that not only were they able to get off drugs but they experienced a transformation. They no longer had addictive personalities.”

May the force be with you Luke

Silence is always good; but I do no mean by quietness of mind entire silence. I mean a mind free from disturbance and trouble, steady, light and glad so as to be open to the Force that will change the nature. The important thing is to get rid of the habit of the invasion of troubling thoughts, wrong feelings, confusion of ideas, unhappy movements. These disturb the nature and cloud it and make it difficult for Force to work; when the mind is quiet and at peace, the Force can work more easily. It should be possible to see things that have to be changed in you without being upset or depressed; the change is the more easily done.- Sri Aurobindo

Machines and tapes that synchronize and achieve different brainwave levels can also result in experiences of euphoria. Beta is the fastest level of brainwave function. It is associated with everyday brain awareness and moves at thirteen or more cycles per second. Alpha is the next slowest level at eight to thirteen cycles per second. This level indicates a relaxed yet alert state of mind. Theta waves at four to seven cycles per second produce greater insight, intuition and sometimes archetypical images. Delta is the slowest level ranging zero to four cycles per second. Delta is generally associated with deep sleep.
Perhaps the most important discovery that has come from new research is that not only can all these effects be obtained, but humans can learn to control their own mental states.

Yogis, Zen masters, and martial artists place great emphasis on breath control and the individual’s awareness of breathing and its effects. Deep belly breathing with slow, full, relaxed, and balanced inhalation and exhalation are seen as fundamental to any activity.

The user can then learn to produce the brainwave and state he or she wishes to experience. One of the most noteworthy accomplishments of the new technology is that the participation of sciences in extra-dimensional experience creates a new appreciation and the inevitable mass consensus that comes from pragmatic verification. More than ever before in history the benefits of mediation and energy exchange are being experienced by the many instead of just the few.

"There are powerful energies at work in the brain that help drive reactions and compulsions. It has long been known that stress plays a major role in all sorts of problems: overeating, anxiety, depressed mood, anger reactions, and even addictions. Stress will magnify your problem when it pushes you to react to a situation the same way, over and over again. Every time you reach for a snack to calm down, or let yourself dwell on your fears, you actually create and strengthen neural pathways in the brain. These pathways are kind of like ruts in a well-worn road. Once made, you can follow the tracks easily, but it is extremely difficult to pull out of them. So it becomes harder and harder to resist these unwanted urges or reactions. It becomes a vicious circle. Each time you react, the ruts just get deeper. Eventually your brain gets stuck in the “on” position and your unwanted habit becomes a constant nagging urge— and seems impossible to get rid of! "

According to Michael Hutchison, “People can learn to take control of their mental state. People tend to operate under the assumption that if they feel depressed they have to wait for their anger to be gone. The fact is that once you learn how, it is very easy to switch out of one brain state and into a higher or more beneficial one. As more and more people get into these higher states they will carry them into their lives and the world will be a better place. The whole point to brain technology is people learning to function in a high energy, high coherence and high efficiency brain state. We are talking about a momentous leap forward in human evolution.

“People are learning how to work their own software. Just like in computer work, you can use a particular program like Word Perfect as a typewriter. As you get deeper into the program you learn there are all sorts of hidden tricks you can use for different possibilities. As people get into their own personal software they are learning there are all kinds of hidden possibilities of which they weren’t even aware.”

“I hope that you will listen, but not with the memory of what you already know; and this is very difficult to do. You listen to something, and your mind immediately reacts with its knowledge, its conclusions, its opinions, its past memories. It listens, inquiring for a future understanding.

Just observe yourself, how you are listening, and you will see that this is what is taking place. Either you are listening with a conclusion, with knowledge, with certain memories, experiences, or you want an answer, and you are impatient. You want to know what it is all about, what life is all about, the extraordinary complexity of life. You are not actually listening at all.

You can only listen when the mind is quiet, when the mind doesn't react immediately, when there is an interval between your reaction and what is being said. Then, in that interval there is a quietness, there is a silence in which alone there is a comprehension which is not intellectual understanding.

If there is a gap between what is said and your own reaction to what is said, in that interval, whether you prolong it indefinitely, for a long period or for a few seconds - in that interval, if you observe, there comes clarity. It is the interval that is the new brain. The immediate reaction is the old brain, and the old brain functions in its own traditional, accepted, reactionary, animalistic sense.

When there is an abeyance of that, when the reaction is suspended, when there is an interval, then you will find that the new brain acts, and it is only the new brain that can understand, not the old brain”

A heart at peace gives life to the body,
Proverbs 14:30 New International Version

The Top 10 Ways to Tell If Your Mind Is Quiet

Quietness of mind is an essential prerequisite to clear thinking. Is your mind "quiet"?
Here are ten ways to tell.

1. You can sit quietly, breathe naturally, and not have your mind filled with extraneous thoughts.
For many people, sitting quietly is an oxymoron. Simply stilling the body does not in itself still one's mind. Quietness of mind is a function of diligent practice rather than accidental coincidence.

2. Your pulse is close to your resting heart rate.
How sensitive are you to your heart rate at any given moment? Many skilled athletes can sense their pulse rate within a beat or two. Just for the record, your resting heart rate is the speed of your heart in beats per minute just after you awake in the morning, but before you get out of bed. When you become still and calm, your heart rate slows, reflecting a measure of quietness.

3. You feel a sense of peace.
Sometimes called, "bliss", this feeling is described in the Bible as "the peace that passeth understanding". It's an inner calm that is not based on outer conditions, but one that radiates within oneself. You can't force it; you can only experience it.

4. Outside distractions appear remote and cease to distract.
One of the distinctions between mantric and breath forms of meditation is that, in mantric meditation, one tends to "tune out"--to become oblivious of external stimuli. In breath meditation, however, the effects are different. Instead of tuning out, noise becomes muted. Sounds are heard, but are not bothersome. This is an especially efficient way of relating from a quiet state. Again, to employ a Biblical metaphor, you are "in the world, but not of it"--a peaceful place to be.

5. You feel a sense of sharp clarity as though peering through a properly focused mircoscope.
The difference between this kind of clarity and that which is purely intellectual is that it is effortless. You might compare it to gazing at a Renoir or a Cezanne versus working out a math problem. It's in this state that insights, feelings and images appear spontaneously.

6. You encounter a time warp.
Many professional athletes have reported instances in which the scene in front of them suddenly shifts into slow motion and they feel as though they have all the time in the world to make the play, catch the ball, etc. This so-called "time shift" occurs most often when you are particularly quiet inside. It's not something you can practice; it just happens.

7. Insights and solutions to problems appear spontaneously.
A significant aspect of the creative process is a state of hopelessness or letting go of the problem, usually following and intense and sustained effort to analyze the problem. Often, it's in that narrow window opportunity when one gives up trying that the solution suddenly appears. This kind of spontaneous problem solving usually occurs only when one's mind is very quiet, at rest to observe and subtly process the information it has obtained.

8. Being non-judgmental becomes easy.
For most of us, being non-judgmental is an effort. For the truly quiet mind, it's simply an outcome. It's not that a discipline of holding back judgment has been imposed, but rather that your mind has been freed of the need to judge.

The book— Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation— by Dr. R.B. Smith (2007) reviews the results from over 100 studies involving over 4000 subjects and reports that CES is highly effective in the treatment of insomnia, anxiety, depression, drug abuse, anxiety and cognitive dysfunction with an average of 67% of patients reporting significant improvement in their symptoms.

CES has also been shown to improve sleep and memory consolidation during sleep (Born, et al. 2006; published in Nature).

9. Disparities become more apparent.
A truly quiet mind picks up discontinuities between speech and action, between what is and what appears to be.

10. People notice.
But usually, not for a while. People tend to think of you the way you were, long after you've changed. Sooner or later, however, the quiet mind shows through and people begin to observe and gravitate towards it. Quietness attracts. When your mind is really quiet, you attract others who find that being around you is restful and, at the same time, invigorating. (For specific guidance on how to quiet your mind, you may want to consult Top Ten List #64: "Top Ten Ways to Quiet Your Mind".)

This piece was originally submitted by Shale Paul, Executive Coach, who can be reached at shale@shalecoach.com, or visited on the web. Shale Paul wants you to know: I work with individuals who are committed to getting ahead, changing direction, or simply growing.". The original source is: Written by Shale Paul, Executive Coach. Copyright 1996, Coach University. May be reproduced or transmitted if done so in its entirety, including this copyright line

All the external noise pollution of cars, buses, planes, sirens and construction, combined the constant onslaught of daily stimulation: emails, phones and all manner of entertainment and distraction, the over-scheduling of our information age, is the main culprit. But we can learn to tune out—and in—and overwrite our self-destructive old habits with health-supportive new ones.

Looking for ways to Quieten your mind, boost your intellect, stave off mental aging, and maybe even live a longer life? You might be surprised to learn that not only do such strategies exist, but many are easily attainable by making simple tweaks here and there to your daily routine. Embracing the strategies that follow may give a hearty boost to your brainpower, help you keep mentally healthy and ultimately help the mind reach those amazing quiet states


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One study reported an average 92% increase in beta-endorphins in the CSF after only 20 minutes of a single CES treatment.
- Shealy CN, Cady RK, et al., Cerebrospinal Fluid and Plasma Neurochemicals: Response to Cranial Electrostimulation, J Neurol Orthop Med Surg, 1998, 18, pp 94-97

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