Where there's Imbalance, there is no flow.

Modern medicine and TCM explain the occurrence of pain in different ways. Modern medical research has discovered the pain signals are transmitted by specialized nervous system cells called receptors, which are found throughout the skin and other body tissues. In 1997, the National Institutes of Health officially recognized TCM as an effective treatment for osteoarthritis, headaches, low back pain, fibromyalgia, menstrual cramps, tennis elbow, myofascial pain, neck pain, and carpal tunnel syndrome.

These cells respond to injury, inflammation or tissue damage. The signals travel by electrical and chemical means, from receptors through sensory neurons to the spinal cord and then through interneurons in the spinal cord to the brain, where they are finally interpreted as pain.

TCM takes a different view. This view is one of balance: a balance between the principles of Yin and Yang, and between Qi (pronounced "chee) and Blood. Qi and Blood travel through the body along well-defined pathways called channels or meridians. When there is not enough Qi and Blood or when they are stuck in an area, there is an imbalance between Yin and Yang. As a result of this imbalance, internal organs are not functioning optimally and illness and pain develop.

What Causes Pain?


According to TCM theory, pain can be caused by “Qi” and blood stagnation, dampness-cold obstruction in the meridians and kidney deficiency. A combination of Electronic acupuncture, acupressure and Infrared therapy can restore the above imbalances to promote natural healing.

The World Health Organisation recognises the use of TCM for more than 70 types of conditions, including acute spine pain, neck and back pain, rheumatoid arthritis, sciatica and temporo-mandibular joint dysfunction.

Where there's pain, there is no flow.

Pain is caused by the stagnation of energy or fluids. When flow is restrained or interrupted, pain occurs, alerting us to the problem. Three causes of pain are:

1. Obstruction (blocked flow - due to injury, swelling, oversupply or engorgement of qi or blood)
2. Constraint (restrained flow - due to emotional, psychic, or mental constraint),
3. Deficiency (weak flow - due to deficiency of qi or blood)

Pain in TCM is due to the non-free flow of qi and/or blood. When the qi and blood flow freely, there is no pain. Therefore, it is essential to keep our qi and blood full and moving freely for optimal health and well-being and especially for being pain free.
The flow of qi and blood can become inhibited in any and every area of the body: the internal organs, the muscles, the joints, and the low back.

The Chinese and Indians believe that ill-health is a result of imbalance in our body. Imbalance lowers our resistance to disease

For example, when we overeat and have acute indigestion with the accompanying sensations of abdominal fullness, bloating, and distention, these symptoms are due to the stagnation of stomach qi. In this case, the stomach qi cannot move freely through the excessive amount of food and drink in the stomach. Likewise, when we bruise ourselves and blood escapes from the blood vessels and then pools, we experience a mild form of blood stagnation. In both these cases the stagnation is not serious. We feel better within a short time and are free of symptoms when the qi and blood resume their proper functioning and are flowing freely.

The term painful menstruation (dysmenorrhea) refers to pain that occurs before, during, or after the menstruation. As many as half of menstruating women are affected by dysmenorrhea, and of these, about 10% have severe dysmenorrhea, which greatly limits activities for one to three days each month.

The pain may occur in the lower abdomen, lower back, and may extend down to the legs. In severe cases, there may be nausea and vomiting or even fainting. Some women describe cramps as being sharp throbbing pains that come and go while others describe them to be dull and constant. Some people may think that having cramps is just simply part of the unfortunate things that women go through; however, according to traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), it reveals that there is an imbalance occurring in the body which can be resolved.

Studies show that primary dysmenorrhea is associated with uterine hyper contractibility: during contractions endometrial blood flow is reduced, and there is a correlation between minimal blood flow and maximal colicky pain - thus confirming that ischemia (lack of blood supply) due to hyper contractibility causes primary dysmenorrhea. This ties in with the TCM perspective that Qi and blood flow is stagnated in most cases of women suffering with dysmenorrhea.

For a normal period to occur, blood must be abundant and move adequately. Proper movement of blood relies on the free flow of liver Qi (energy). If liver Qi is stagnant, it causes pain especially before the period. If liver-blood is stagnant, it causes pain during the period. Stagnation is the most important thing to treat when dealing with painful menstruation.

According to TCM, the sensations of pain due to qi stagnation or blood stasis are different. Qi stagnation causes a feeling of distention or soreness that fluctuates in intensity and location. Qi stagnation pain often occurs with strong emotional changes. Blood stasis, on the other hand, is characterized by painful swelling or stabbing, sharp pain at a specific, fixed location.

Qi stagnation over a long period of time (relative and different for each person but we are talking about many hours and days) is able to lead to a condition where the Qi cannot move the Blood and this causes the Blood to stagnate (pool) or congeal (coagulate). This pattern is most commonly seen in cases of Liver Qi Stagnation that is due to emotional and mental issues. If Blood becomes deficient in some way, this eventually will lead to Qi deficiency as Qi is said to move with Blood. Then, if the deficient Qi fails to move the Blood, Blood stasis ensues.

TCM Qi Stagnation - the clinical manifestations of Qi stagnation are:

Distension in the chest, epigastrium or abdomen
Distending pain that moves from place to place
Abdominal masses that appear and disappear
Abdominal distension and pain that is not relieved by a bowel movement
Premenstrual tension, dysmenorrhea
Mental depression, mood swings, a gloomy feeling, frequent sighing
Headache, irritability
Constipation with small round stools

Western Medicine has no concept of anything like Qi Stagnation as such.


TCM Blood Stasis - the clinical manifestations of Blood Stasis are:

Dull/dark complexion, purple lips, purple nails, purple petechiae, purple venules

Pain that has the quality of boring in, fixed and stabbing and may be worse at night

Abdominal masses that do not move
Bleeding with dark blood and dark clots

Pain and Imbalance

STUCK QI - Channel Pain - Flow No Go
There are at least ten separate flows of energy traversing the back. Much back pain is a sign of obstruction or constraint of qi in the channels. Old or new injuries, emotional constraint, anatomical obstructions, and other events can constrain the qi of the channels.

EXCESS QI - Upper Back Pain - Congested Heat
Upper back pain is commonly caused by interior heat which rises in the channels (heat rises) and lodges in the neck, shoulders, and head causing tension in the muscles.

WEAK QI - Lower Back Pain - Low Batteries
Energy is stored in the low back, keeping the back strong, and holding the spine erect. Depletion of this energy (kidney qi) will weaken the lower back enabling injuries to occur. Stress, injury, illness, overwork, excessive sex, drugs, and over stimulation of the brain, drain the kidney qi and weaken the lower back.

Quality of the Pain
Boring Pain - an excess condition, this is pain that feels as if the point of sharp implement is being pushed into the tissue at a fixed location. It may occur anywhere and it is due to Blood stasis .
Colicky Pain - an excess condition, this is pain that results from the spasmodic and cramping of smooth muscle in the intestinal tract and uterus. It is typical of BS or Cold.
Cutting Pain - an excess condition, this is very sharp pain that feels like a knife being drawn through the tissue. It usually occurs in the lower abdomen and is due to BS.
Distending Pain - an excess condition, this is pain that is accompanied by a sensation of distension (bloating) and is typical of QS Qi stagnation, especially of the Liver. This distension may be felt upon palpation when the area feels distended like a drum, especially on the abdomen.
Pushing Pain - an excess condition, this is pain accompanied by a feeling that something is pushing outwards in the epigastrium or hypochondrium that is due to severe QS Qi stagnation.
Spasmodic Pain - an excess or deficiency condition, this is pain accompanied by the sensation of voluntary (striated) muscle spasm in the limbs and tendons. It may be due to Liver QS Qi stagnation (excess) or Liver Blood deficiency (deficiency).

Pain of fibromyalgia, arthritis, and other chronic conditions have multiple roots. Obstruction, constraint, and deficiency are all combined in many cases of intractable chronic pain. Prolonged restrictions of flow eventually cause malnourishment and deficiency.

In many cases where the cause of pain is unknown, including most cases diagnosed as fibromyalgia, the true cause is rooted in a deficiency of Liver Blood or Liver Yin. In TCM the Liver governs flow, and the Liver Yin produces fluids that lubricate the joints and tendons. These Liver deficiencies do not indicate harm to the actual liver. Instead they produce painful conditions that can be variously diagnosed as fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, and functional pain. These conditions can have mild to severe pain of the joints and tendons and can appear and disappear. These chronic conditions require

Everyone has both Yin and Yang regardless if you are biologically male or female. Their interactions are complementary and mutually interdependent. Together they permeate all individual and collective evolution. Healthy Yin and healthy Yang are fully present within the reflections of each other. Neither can dominate. They balance each step in the evolution of our human species, all species, and all forms of being throughout Creation. Just as an individual's personal evolution invites but never attempts to dominate the collective evolution, healthy Yin and Yang welcome each other in harmony, neither haughty, but both are equally masterful in the fullness of being.

Balance Yin yang

Yin-yang influences our body, mind and emotions. When they are in balance, we experience good health,; if either one dominates the result is ill health.

Each of us literally chooses, by his way of attending to things, what sort of universe he shall appear to himself to inhabit.
William James

Yin and yang are two sides of a coin. The tail is yin, then the head is yang. They exist alongside one another. The head cannot exist without the tail, and the tail cannot exist without the head. The earth we live on is yin, and the sun that brings us warmth is yang. A woman is yin, and a man is yang. Sadness is yin, while joyfulness is yang

Let’s look at an example. Imagine that you are in a heated argument.

In most cases, we tend to become agitated when the other party begins to argue. This is quite natural. Unfortunately, the heated energy is yang. When you respond with agitation, it is also yang, and the whole situation will get off-balance.

Try doing something to avert the ‘yang-yang’ imbalance, and achieve the yin-yang balance.

Instead of rebuttal, stay silent for a moment.

See what happens! You are now introducing to the energy field a noticeable level of yin energy. In other words, you are now altering the state of the energy field by lowering the yang energy.

Out of Control Yang The Root of Cancer, Chaos and "Dis Ease" Cancer is a cellular identity problem in which the balancing regulatory gene, part of the cell's identification essence, has gone haywire, and causes it to "forget" its relationship as one cell within one whole body. This weak imbalanced Yin effect (the out of control creation of cells) is in proportion to uncontrolled weak Yang. Yin reacts and becomes weak in response to Yang's attempt to have unhealthy sole identity dominance. Yin, in its weakened state, over-expresses creation in some of the body's cells by having them make more copies of themselves than is necessary.

In essence, cancer cells have lost their identity, flow and purpose, just as weak Yang has. They no longer have a functioning regulatory gene that regulates their identity. Their identity, which includes their relationship with themselves and to the whole body, has been lost. Cancer (an out of control feminine aspect of creating cells) may be the result of blocking healthy Yin flow just as its male counterpart, weak Yang, blocks life flow
Dr. Pokea Source

Chinese Medicine, as a science, observes and supports the flow of Yin and Yang within the body. Yin energy, akin to the moon and Mother Earth, reflects the feminine and aspects of nature that are cool dark, quiet and solid. Yang energy, akin to the Sun, mirrors the masculine facets of nature that are boisterous, bright, and expansive. Yin and Yang's harmonious continuum of balance allows healthy Chi (life energy) to flow in the body and within all life. Chi keeps the body in the fullness of health through its balanced flow in the meridians of the body. Within Chinese Medicine the removal of barriers in the healthy flow of Chi turns the body from disease back to health.

In the human body as elsewhere, acidity and alkalinity are relative to each other(Yin and Yang), a relationship which is expressed as pH-value. In nature pH values range between 0 and 14, where 0 denotes Hydrochloric Acid and 14 Caustic Soda, both of which are clearly in the unhealthy range for our bodies, whereas pure water has a pH of around 7+, which then is considered pH-Balance.

"Once there was a young wife who tried to send her very wealthy but much older husband to an early grave so that she could marry her lover. This pretty, young woman was a wonderful cook and she was especially good at making fried rice- which her husband, Mr. Yang, loved. Therefore, he frequently ate fried rice. The wife ensured his diet was high in ‘yang’ foods. There were a lot of fried food and meat, nourishing herbal meat soups as well as sweet desserts in his diet. Before retiring each night, she gave her husband either herbal tonic wine or ginseng chicken soup to improve his vitality. [Wine, Korean ginseng and chicken are ‘heaty yang’ foods].

Gradually, her husband started to suffer from frequent sore throat, canker sores, fever and headache. Hot weather made him break out in heat rash. He became impatient, irritable and short tempered. His blood pressure rose, complexion became ruddy and often fell hot. His gums, swollen and tender, bled easily . sometimes, there were nosebleeds. His urine was dark, stools hard and he was often thirsty. Mr. Yang also could not sleep well. His sleep was often restless and troubled by unsettling dreams. he suffered from constipation, made worse by eating ‘obstructive’ or high-fiber food such as olives, guava and lotus root

Mr. Yang exhibited an excessively ‘yang’ constitution and ailments brought about by a lopsided, unbalanced ‘Yang’ diet.

Diet plays an important role in determining our state of health. To maintain good health, there should be a balance of yin and yang as well as neutral food in the diet.

Since Mr. Yang’s constitution was in a very yang state, he should eat more ‘yin’ food to restore balance. Yin foods are often low in calories. Lots of fruits, vegetables and legumes are often in this category. He should eat more raw, steamed and boiled food to dissipate excessive heat in his body. Boiled spinach for example, is cooling and moistens the body. Raw cucumber, melons, tofu and many types of lightly cooked leafy green vegetables are beneficial in his diet. Wheat dumplings which is damp and cooling is preferable to fried rice. American ginseng tea, which is cooling, is a good substitute for Korean ginseng" Source

A challenge for us in life is to use the tools available to naturaly balance the yin and yang in our health. The better we are in finding equilibrium, the more healthy we can be.

Pain problems and Imbalance can ruin anybody's day. It is disabling dis-ease highly prevalent in the Western World. The sad thing is people live with Imbalance through their daily life.
Running off to a conventional doctor, you'll be given a prescription for some type of drug like pain killer antacids etc which one has the possibility of developing a dependency. If you're going to go down the conventional road of surgery, it means cutting into your body and causing problems that were often not there to start with eg damaged muscles and tendons.

Some of us have tried less conventional protocols like massages .
Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is probably one of the oldest complementary therapies and continuously practiced systems of medicine in the world. This unique medical system is used to treat a wide range of diseases, and is widely known throughout the world to be especially useful in treating various kinds of pain

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