Energy Tools


By changing energy, miracles occur.

Energy Tools clear negative energy and raise your vibration . Positive thinking becomes possible when you are free from negative energy. Negative energy blocks healing. As it builds up it dims your Light.

These tools help remove accumulated negative energy, accelerate healing, support transformation, and raise consciousness.

The trick for self-healing is to increase one’s energy level, which can be difficult if one is experiencing health problems. As we age, blocks build up in the body due to tissue, ligament, muscle and bone adhesions as well as emotional trauma and also blockages from caricature-like body movements from expressions of our personality - and all become lodged in the body. Of course our identification with our thoughts, emotions and belief system are also major energy blocks, and one will need to deal with these as well.

The body will naturaly find a new path around these blocks– you might not even know you have these blocks, but the new pathways won’t be optimal and eventually health problems will lodge into, around and behind the blocked pathways.Blockages tend to have a dominoe effect, so health problems accumulate as we age. Blockages reduce one’s overall level of energy so must be removed to increase one’s internal energy level.

We live in a sea of energy.

You can Now assist your body to remove these blocks,These tools will help diminish the harmful effects caused by any energetic imbalance in our diets,enviroment, and body...


Pen Armor #710

Pen Armor #710
This is a device that seems to block the energetic effects of electrical interferences by working with the body’s aura.

We have found that almost everyone needs a Pen Armor. Anyone who is around florescent lights, computers, electrical equipment and machinery is bombarded with electrical interferences. Working in brick and steel buildings can also lead to interferences. Even just being near a radio, TV, or microwave tower can adversely affect the body’s auric fields. The effect of these interferences on the energetic body can greatly be reduced with the Pen Armor.


The Pen Armor is an energy device designed for today's society. All humans and animals are surrounded by many magnetic, radio, and electrical waves (i.e. overhead fluorescent lights, microwave ovens, appliances, power lines, computers, televisions, etc.). There are also indirect waves such as static and stray electricity, energy waves from power transformers, and high voltage power lines that affect us directly.

These radio and magnetic waves are known to alter the energy in the central nervous system causing cellular, tissue, and nerve disruption throughout the entire body. The Pen Armor is a multi-wave receiver that will receive many of the harmful radio and magnetic waves and redirect them away from the body.

GENERAL BODY: The Pen Armor seems to have positive effects on the following areas: Stress and stress related conditions, Balancing body chemistry, Balancing the organ systems, Balancing the immune system, Negativity release. It helps shield the body from the effects of grid lines, ley lines, vortex fields, solar activity, electromagnetic frequency waves (EMF), stray voltage, static electricity, extra low frequency waves (ELF), forms of radiation fallout, computers, and other appliances.

MERIDIANS: The Pen Armor seems to have a positive affect on balancing the meridian systems, the body energy fields, and the positive and negative balance of the body.

ELIMINATION ORGANS: The Pen Armor seems to have positive supportive effects on the major elimination organs and the secondary elimination organs of the body.

CHAKRAS: The Pen Armor seems to have positive effects on the balancing and aligning of the body chakras and their energy fields.

Once a Pen Armor worn for three hours or more, it begins to take on the characteristics of the owner. After three days it is married to you. In other words, you cannot transfer it from one animal or from one person to another. IT MUST STAY WITH THE ORIGINAL USER THAT IT IS SELF-PROGRAMMED TO. If several family members have one, color code the ends - Mom the green, Dad the red one, etc.


Made in the USA


Cutting edge technology based on Resonant healing and quantum physics. Resonance comes from the word resonate or to be in tune, in synchronization, in balance. Negative energy causes a block in the flow , which in turn causes disease and illness and imbalance



Because parts of the body are opened which werent before, ones overall level of energetic vibration will be higher, and thus more energy is available for healing and it will continue working, in a chain reaction to continue to open and enhance the nervous system or flow of internal energy. Thus, a single treatment can keep on working and healing for many days after the initial session.



Zero Point Energy Wand

If you are looking for simple and convenient way to balance and energize the body, loosen muscles and relief from pain, the Zero Point Energy Wand, a revolutionary product from Asia is the answer you have been looking for!

The Zero Point Energy Wand looks like an ordinary pen, but it's not. This futuristic healing tool contains a special combination of granulated minerals and crystals fused and structurally bonded together at a molecular level to resonate at Zero-Point Energy. The special crystals in the Zero Point Wand have powerful healing qualities and are energy amplifiers that can absorb, store, release and regulate energy. The Zero Point Wand helps to balance the body's energy and speed up the healing process, targeting the immune and nervous systems.

Benefits May Include:

o Better Sleep
o Reduced Stress
o Increase Energy
o Relieve Headaches
o Increases Circulation

1." Helps our body to obtain homeostasis condition
2. Help our body's bio energetic field to source Zero Point Energy
3. Relieves us of pain, discomfort and supports healing
4. Energizes the liquid we drink, and food we eat by increasing the potency
5. Neutralizes the harmful elements (energetically) from the liquid we drink, and the food we eat
6. Energizes creams, oils for better absorption of nutrients
7. Facilitates and strengthens the flow of energy in our body
8. Unblocks and strengthens the flow of energy in our body
9. Stimulates bodily functions and strengthens immunity "



Nano Energy Water Flask

The Nano Energy Flask is made of Nano level composite material that consists of activated energy mineral. The material is made through scientific methods of refining.

The aerospace core, used in the Nano energy flask, is able to release iron, zinc, iodine, calcium and various other minerals and trace elements that are essential to the to the human body. All of these are in ionic form and are easily absorbed into the body. They also add a variety of micro elements, catalyzing and activating a sense of well being

The aerospace ceramic core used in the energy flask also has countless small crystalloids, These permanently release negative ions, activating cells, purifying the blood, regulating the gastrointestinal system, and improving sleep .It makes more oxygen available to help nourish the body. You may notice that 2 or 3 flasks a day may make, not only your body, but your mind feel fresh and alert throughout the day.

Energizes water via small molecular clusters structure:
With strong osmosis, diffusibility and oxygen-affinity, the nutrient rich energized water brings more oxygen which is easily absorbed into the body cells, which then helps in the removal of waste and toxins .
To improve the nutrient absorption, metabolism & immunity.
Change the common water into nanometer activated water, which is rich in mineral element, such as Ma, K and Na.
Resist oxidation,
The negative potential can reduce free radicals.
Detox alcohol & tobacco.
Strong solubility, and long- terms drinking of Alkalined water can prevent renal calculus.
Neutralize the acidic toxin in the bowels.
Help acidosis, rectify the bodies acidity.
Neutralize the excessive gastric acid, protect against gastritis.