Our Beliefs Create Our Reality?

"A human being is but the product of his thoughts what he thinks, he becomes."

"Your beliefs become your thoughts
Your thoughts become your words
Your words become your actions
Your actions become your habits
Your habits become your values
Your values become your destiny"

Mahatma Gandhi

You live with an ever-present companion-you! You spend more time with yourself then with anyone else. You spend all your time with yourself. This internal companion talks to you continuously, virtually nonstop even when you're sleeping! As a consequence, you have more influence over yourself and more ability to create your future than anyone else


This internal companon is you talking to you, inside your mind. You are the creator of your internal environment. You guide yourself, criticize yourself, give to or withhold from yourself, belittle or support yourself. The internal you feels like a distinctly different person speaking to you, but it is really you inside, talking to you.

Begin to pay attention to your self-talk. That's the constant stream of chatter that goes on in your head (and mine, and everyone else's, by the way).

Notice what you say to yourself and how you say it. Do you constantly criticise yourself inside your head ? Or do you constantly criticise others? Or complain about your life, your faults, or how life 'treats' you? Or internally rant about the injustices of life?

Do you constantly tell yourself you're at your wits end? Or that you can't cope with this much longer? Or that you'll fail at something? Or that you're going to have a panic attack?

Many will recognize these thoughts because you have heard them all your life; I'm not smart enough, something is wrong, I can't do it, I never finish anything, this is too hard, change takes too long, etc. You may have initially formed these negative ideas about yourself from things you heard initially from a parent, teacher or someone who was in authority over you or they were decisions you made in reaction to some event. Now, as an adult you have incorporated them into your own personality. In effect you don't need those people to tell you what to do anymore, they are living inside your own head!!!

These thoughts surface when you are faced with doing something that is counter to what your mind thinks you can do, or has a negative opinion about. Think back over some times that your own ideas or thoughts about what you could or could not accomplish got in the way of something you really wanted.

Can you imagine if you had someone following you about all day criticizing every single thing that you did? It would literally drive you crazy! Yet this is what we do to ourselves and more often than not we don’t even know we are doing it.

"Beautiful eyes are those that show the
beautiful thoughts that burn below."
~ Ellen Allerton ~

The power of self talk

Thoughts precede moods so if you think unhappy thoughts you feel unhappy. Self talk is your thoughts making themselves known to you. Hearing somebody else talking negatively is bad enough so imagine how much more hearing your own inner voice is. If you tell yourself you are a failure, guess what, you will be! If you tell yourself you can succeed then you have a much improved chance of succeeding.

Negative self talk can lead to low self esteem, no confidence or even depression and this leads to more negative thought. A vicious circle.

"I shouldn't have eaten that chocolate cake! I'm so stupid. I'm just a hopeless case. My family stresses me out and undermines my self-control. I'll never get down to a size 10. I should just give up! "

What is Self Talk?
Self talk is just what it sounds like: what you say to yourself in your mind. It can be positive, negative, or neutral, and it very strongly affects your relationships, self-esteem, job or athletic performance, mood, and health choices.

How does self talk affect you?
What we say to ourselves becomes what we believe about ourselves. Have you ever thought about something so much that you actually make it happen? ( a self-fulfilling prophecy.)

Negative self-talk can lead to low self-esteem, bad grades, unhappy relationships, and poor performance in sports or other activities.

Each of us is born a unique individual with a unique potential. Unfortunately, parents too often use their children to satisfy their own unmet childhood needs, and fail to help them develop their own potential. The nature of human consciousness is such that children can be conditioned to serve their parents, but at a great mental, emotional, and spiritual cost.
Dr. Jay Kantor, Ph.D

One way to deal with NST is to stop it before it starts. Begin by gaining an awareness of your negative thoughts and then use a cue (a word or a gesture) to stop it and to clear your mind. So, as soon as you notice a negative thought going through your mind, do something to change your train of thought. For example, you could say the word STOP, snap your fingers, or wear a rubber band on your wrist and snap it when you have a negative thought!

Our negative self-talk is pernicious and demoralising and debilitating. And because we are so used to it we don't consciously pay attention to it and therefore do not challenge it. It goes on and on in the background and the effect is that we are giving ourselves powerful hypnotic suggestions to feel bad!

What is negative self talk?

Focusing only on problems: This is the essence of complaining. We dwell on the problem, instead of solutions. Instead: Assume most problems have solutions, and ask "How do I want this situation to be different?"

Catastrophizing: Every bad thing that happens is a horrible disaster. Instead: Be realistic in your assessment and stop scaring yourself. Yes, bad things do happen, and many bad things are often inconveniences, mistakes, and foul-ups---not necessarily traumas, tragedies, or disasters.

Expecting the worst: "What if he doesn't like me?" "What if I don't pass the exam?" Expecting the worst does not encourage you to behave effectively. Expecting the worst only promotes anxiety. Instead: Ask questions that presuppose positive outcomes. "How can I make a favorable impression?" "How can I prepare for the exam?"

When you follow your bliss... doors will open where you would not have thought there would be doors; and where there wouldn't be a door for anyone else.
Joseph Campbell

Stereotyping: By putting others, and ourselves, into preconceived categories, we avoid thinking of people as unique individuals. This leads to strained relationships, and gives us an undeserved sense of superiority or inferiority. It also often deprives us of opportunities to know and understand the giftedness of those whom we stereotype. Instead: Remind yourself that we are all human beings, with unique personalities, each having qualities and shortcomings.

One evening an old Cherokee told his grandson about a battle that goes on inside people. He said, "My son, the battle is between two "wolves" inside us all. One is Evil. It is anger, envy, jealousy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority, and ego.
The other is Good. It is joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benebenevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion and faith."
The grandson thought about it for a minute, and then asked his grandfather: "Which wolf wins?"

The old Cherokee simply replied, "The one you feed."

Shoulds: Should, ought, must, have to... used carelessly, these words presuppose rules and standards for behavior that do not exist in reality. They imply a consequence for noncompliance, and often evoke quilt. For example, according to the law, we "should" obey posted speed limits, or pay a fine. Is it equally true that "I should be smarter than I am." or "I ought to be married by now."?--Of course not! Instead: Replace the words should, ought, or must with the word "COULD" and realize the gift of choices.

Thinking in Absolutes: We exaggerate reality with words like "always," "never," and "everyone," as in "I always eat too much--I will never be slim." Instead: Replace exaggeration with words that more accurately reflect reality. Example "I often eat more than I need, but I can change that."

How you react to a worrisome situation is largely determined by what you tell yourself about it. Through this internal dialogue, you make decisions, set goals, feel happy or sad, relaxed or anxious, hopeful or lost.

All or Nothing Thinking: We distort reality by thinking only in extremes. Our efforts become total failures or complete successes---with nothing in between. Example: "Either I lose two pounds by Sunday, or I quit exercising." Instead: Chunk down your perceptions to see the parts of the whole, which can be positive, negative, and in-between. Give yourself options or choices whenever possible. Example: "I want to lose two pounds by Sunday. Even one pound would indicate that exercise is helping. If my weight stays the same, I'll experiment with variations in nutrition and exercise until I reach my goal."

Negative labels: Negative labels are the tools we use to lower self-esteem in ourselves and others. Example: "I'm stupid," or "I'm fat." When we say phrases like these often, they become a part of our identity and we can begin to dislike who we are. Instead: Remember, people are not their faults or shortcomings. You may engage in stupid behavior occasionally, but that doesn't make you a stupid person. Change your negative "I-am" statement into a statement about behaviors. Example: "I make unhealthy choices when it comes to food." It's easier to change a behavior, than to change your identity.

Blaming: We assign guilt, instead of solving the problem. If we can blame others, then we can feel vindicated in a wrong-doing, and avoid responsibility. Instead: Focus on what YOU can do to promote a solution to the problem.

"Yes but..." Arguments: When someone offers a possible solution to our problems, we "yes but..." and list reasons why the proposed solution won't work. "Yes but..." says "I'm really not listening to you right now." Instead: Open up to new possibilities and consider alternatives. Really listen to advice and give it a fair hearing, before dismissing it so quickly.

Overgeneralizing: This is similar to stereotyping and thinking in absolutes. It means that we take a single instance or occurrence, and generalize it to numerous other situations. Example: "Joe is a nice man, and he doesn't want to date me. Therefore: No nice man will ever want to date me." When misused, this kind of generalizing can lead to illogical conclusions. Instead: Ask yourself whether there could be exceptions to your generalization. Does a single occurrence mean it will happen every time?

One of the more frequently faced challenges experienced by athletes is that of how to improve their performance. They express frustration that they often possess identical, if not superior, physical attributes to their competition, yet they're consistently being out performed by that competition. In many of these cases the factor that separates their performance from the competitions has been found to be rooted in their belief as to their ability to outperform the competition. In other words they are operating with a limiting belief as to their athletic ability and level of performance they are capable of achieving. Yet it is well documented that a individual's core beliefs in any given area of their life will ultimately determine the reality they draw into their life-positive, negative or stagnant.

Now you know what negative self-talk sounds like. Negative self-talk is usually a mixture of half-truths, poor logic, and distortions of reality that perpetuates negative emotions, such as pessimism, guilt, fear, and anxiety. It often occurs when in times of emotional turmoil, or when we are going through stress or a personal transition.

When you catch your negative self-talk, take a deep breath, relax, and remove yourself from the situation. Get up and stretch, or take a walk, or get a drink of water, in order to interrupt your train of thought and get out of the negative rut. Write down some of your negative thoughts and then ask yourself "Are the things I'm saying true? Are there other possibilities and meanings that I could get from these circumstances?" Then replace your negative thoughts with realistic, positive thoughts---and write those down too. Soon you'll stop that self-talk in mid-sentence.

It doesn't take a continual repetition of negative statements from our parents, peers, and others throughout our childhood to cause low self-image-self-esteem...fact is, once we get a couple in our head, we can use them over and over again. Again and again we take those false negatives and repeat them unconsciously (completely unaware). It's like having a constant heckler with you.

What the Research Shows

Author Adam Khan shares a story in his book Self Help Stuff That Works of how Randall Masciana, M.S., found out what kind of mental strategy most improved a person's performance when throwing darts. Masciana asked his dart-players to try everything from mental imagery (visualizing hitting the target) to Zen meditation (clearing the mind of extraneous thoughts). Masciana discovered that positive self-talk was the best technique for improving the dart thrower's ability to hit the target. This kind of positive self-talk is very simple -- it consists of talking to oneself in a confident, reassuring, positive, friendly way. Surprisingly, positive self-talk works better than anything else!

Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.
? Carl Gustav Jung

In her American Journal of Nursing article, "Making Self-Talk Positive", McGonicle defines "harmful" negativity as being "awfulistic" - where everything is viewed as being catastrophic, "absolutistic" - using "must," "always," "never", or "should-have" statements in one's self-talk. It's generally healthier to refrain from all-or-nothing thinking, discounting the positive, emotional reasoning, and personalization and blame.

Life is like a big swing, dangling between the depths of happiness and sadness. As soon as we descend down the slope of sadness, we accelerate over the ever-feel-good acclivity of happiness. At times of distress, when we are down we slip over an abyss of emotional trauma and frustrations. One who can rise above the occasion, is the architect of many wins over sorrows

In her book Your Body Believes Every Word You Say, Barbara Levine recommends that we examine our seed thoughts for signs of mindless cliches and other negative elements, so we can replace these thoughts with something more constructive. Regardless whether our thoughts are positive or negative, Levine suggests that we reflect upon how we are feeling when these kinds of self-talk statements arise. We can then discover which thoughts help us feel better, so we can pay more attention to those thoughts more often.

Positive self-talk has been associated with reduced stress, which has been shown in numerous health studies to affect our health. Both thoughts and self-talk are based on beliefs that we form early in life. As I've now witnessed first-hand, beliefs shape our self-talk, which in turn affects our self-esteem... and our quality of life.

How to help yourself

We need to replace negative self-talk with positive self-talk we're willing to let ourselves accept. You can't draw on a chalkboard if there's an eraser following close behind. That's what negative self-talk is....it erases the good, and replenishes it with bad.

Examine our seed thoughts

Human beings are conditioned from babies to behave in certain ways. Our parents, other family members, teachers, neighbors and others constantly gave us suggestions that influenced how we see the world. Some of it protected us from doing harmful things, but a lot of it led to negative and limiting beliefs that prevent us from living fully successful lives as adults.

Parents may mean well, but their own fears can often be conveyed to their children. For example, if they have had a bad experience with dogs they may impress their fear upon their children. Or if they had a scare swimming, they may give their children a fear of drowning. They can also impart beliefs that affect their children's ability to have a relationship by making comments such as "men are only after one thing" or "women just wants your money."

Our parents are not only our first teachers, they are our most powerful. When we are young we need to be guided by them for our own safety, however when we reach adulthood it is important to re-evaluate the beliefs we carry. Most of us are probably unaware of the limitations placed on our lives as a result of our beliefs. Our beliefs influence our attitudes towards life and our expectations which in turn affect our relationships, our financial security and the way we experience the world in general.

"Most of the shadows of this life are caused by standing in our own sunshine." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

For many of us, Because of this conditioning the desire for a happy and peaceful life remains unfulfilled. Instead of happiness, many of us find ourselves frequently disturbed by anger, fear or sadness, or the feeling of being disconnected and separate from life. We want love, but we cannot find love or cannot sustain the love we find.

There has been a lot written about human conditioning and the need to get beyond it. Many have heard from people who think in order to wake up we have to go beyond all conditioning. This idea can many to feel they just can't make it. I am sure there must be some, perhaps many, who just give up and think that living a happy life is just for those with super human control over their lives. This is not true.

The only real problem is that part of our conditioning that keeps us thinking we are somehow not special, or that we hate this person or that, this group or that, and all the other nonsense created by the social conditioning that has put us in this state of hypnosis . As we see this process clearly, we start to step out of its limited view of reality. We are objectifying that which has objectified everything else in our lives. When we become deeply aware , not just accept or come to a conclusion , we will no longer be caught in such mind games as false beliefs, racism, hatred, nationalism, etc. We become whole happy healthy human beings. We realize our wholeness with all Life,

Breaking down disabling mental-emotional-spiritual conditioning which imprisons our true potential

What if i was to tell you there is an amazing tool,simple to use, and very Accurate to measure the Damage Your "SELF TALK" is inflicting on your immune system, your nervous system and your overall health....

What if i was to tell this same unit can dig way down into your subconciouse and root out your latent fears,Your damaging self perpetuating conditioning,and help you free your self finally...

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But me telling you wont help, you need to invest in one of these amazing units and realise these truths for your self...

The amount of time saved and increase in effectiveness through the use of the Clarity Meter is hard to believe if you have never seen it in use. This is because the efficiency of your procedures are not only enhanced by the speed with which significant issues are found and brought to light but also by the substantial time saved by detecting when the emotional charge on a personal issue has been released! In other words, the Clarity Meter provides a useful indication that a personal issue which is being dealt with has indeed been handled, and that you or your client is now ready to deal with other issues.

Once you begin this life changing journey of personal transformation, you will find that it continues throughout your life. You will observe, without being critical, those who prefer the safety of their familiar lives. However, you will realize that you are choosing the more difficult but more rewarding path of inner change. This can be more challenging than any physical journey and require an enormous amount of courage and determination. Yet, the rewards are also enormous and once you receive them you would not wish to be back in your comfort zone.

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Laptop NOT included
Software, USB input device, USB cable Set of 2 standard (two-hands) sensors plus sensor cable 6 months of technical support Clarity Biomonitor Instructional DVD Free upgrades to the basic software for a period of 6 months
Solo (1-handed) sensor for self-Clearing

The optional Solo Sensor works with one hand only, leaving the other hand free to take notes, adjust the meter, etc. for solo work. It is also preferred by some clients who are more comfortable having one hand unrestricted--a must for clients who gesticulate a lot! (The wire leads are not included; it uses the same leads as the regular sensor set.)

AutoReset™ Footswitch
Designed especially to be used with the AutoReset™ meter, for those who prefer the manual reset mode to the fully automatic mode. This totally quiet footswitch allows you to reset the needle to the ready position, the same as the Reset button on the meter, without any chance of distracting the client. It easily plugs into the side of the meter. When plugged in, either the footswitch or the finger-operated Reset button can be used. Especially useful for solo sessions, where one hand holds the sensor and the other holds a pen.


Manual Trutester


More info

Digital TruTester Pro


More info

Bye bye Stress

BT Pro Multi system

Full LED screen

Built in frequencies

0.5 Hz
1.5 Hz
5.0 Hz
7.83 Hz
10 Hz
100.00 Hz

Plus the Full BT6-BT11 Beck Protocol 1000.00 Hz + 111.00 Hz
Over 500 Natural Harmonic frequencies

Fully Rechargeable Batteries/Charger (included),,and the charger is sent for the voltage of your country

Timer : 5 - 60 mins

Intensity Control

Very portable


High Quality Ear clips

LCD Screen

BT Pro Master Unit

"Homeostasis can be defined as the tendency for intrinsic balance within a system. Application of a range of CES appears to enhance the Balance of the biological central nervous system. A change in one system within the individual will have correlative effects upon other systems. Improvements in mood, cognitive function, self image, shift of Focus , control to oneself, and sense of well being can be measured. When CES works, it enhances one's ability to handle or deal with situations that were previously beyond the range of one's control."

Option Bio-feedback

There is a relationship between Stress and the Electrical conductivity of the skin. This is known as Galvanic Skin Response or GSR. . More

Free Option allows one to measure GSR

Skin conducts electric current like a Resistor. The resistance of Skin can vary from 25 Kilo Ohms to 2 Mega Ohms depending on the Emotional state (This varies from person to person ).This variation is due to the changes in the permeability of the skin. In a normal fully relaxed person, skin resistance will be around 2 Mega Ohms. This is due to the low permeability of the skin. Skin offers high resistance and restricts the current flow. But if the same person is in stress, his skin resistance reduces to 25 Kilo Ohms or less due to leakage of water from the blood vessels and subsequent sweating. This increases the electrical conductivity of the skin. Thus the electrical conductivity of the skin and Stress are directly related

Bonus with BT Pro Unit

Additional Add on Options.

Full Desriptions of ADD ON Options Below !

Mind Wave

Unlocking this Option gives you single frequencies

Gamma 40 hz 50hz 60 hz 70 hz 80 hz
Beta 14 hz 18hz 20hz 22hz 27hz 28hz 30hz
Alpha 9 hz 10 hz 11 hz 12 hz 13 hz
Theta 4 nz 4.5 hz 5 hz 6 hz 7 hz 7.83 hz 8.0hz
Delta 0.5hz 1 hz 2 hz 3 hz 3.9 hz

Unlock code

Add Mind Wave option

Note: For Btpro LCD V2 only

Magnastim Option

CEF (Cranial electromagnetic fields) Stimulator

Unlocking this Option gives you the full potential of the Magnastim

More Information here

Unlock code plus you will be sent these
Magnastim headset
Magnastim Driver
Now has 528 dna frequency

Add Magnastim option

Eye mate Option

The use of microcurrent stimulation to helpl eye problems

Frequency Specific Microcurrent Stimulator


5Hz, 292 Hz,, 292.7Hz ,30 Hz, 30.7Hz,,9.1 Hz 9.8Hz and 0.3 Hz ,,10hz ,, 0.7 Hz,, 14Hz 1.5Hz, 3.6 Hz ,95hz 137 Hz, 18Hz 1.5hz, 3.6 hz 137Hz 1Hz

Each frequency will run for aprox 24 sec.

Unlock code plus you will be sent
Eye mask with silicon carbon contacts

More information and pictures here

Add Eyemate option

Note: For Btpro LCD V2 only

TENS Option

• Pain - from migraine headaches . troubled feet ?
• Arthritis, Rheumatism, Muscle Spasms ?
• Backache - Sciatica, Neck and Shoulder complaints, trauma ?
• Circulatory System - peripheral circulation problems ?
• Respiratory disorders - Hay Fever, Sinusitis, Bronchial spasm, ?
• Inflammation - Burns, Bruising, Lesions, Bed Sores, Ankle Joint Swelling ?
• Tendonitis - R.S.I., bursitis, ligament and muscle strains, ?
• Sports Injuries - Acute, Cramps (relief of), also pre-sport and 'pre-exercise toning ?

Unlocking this Option gives you the full potential of the TENS

More information here

Unlock code plus you will be sent these:
Lead and two TENS pads
Lead and 4 TENS Pads

Add TENS option

Sacred harmony Option
Bring a little Miracle into your Life

There is a special sound and color of love according to Dr. Horowitz, a Harvard-trained award-winning investigator. Broadcasting the right frequency can help open your heart, prompt peace, and hasten healing. "We now know the love signal, 528 Hertz, is among the six core creative frequencies of the universe because math doesn't lie, the geometry of physical reality universally reflects this music


Unlocking this Option gives you the full potential of the Sacred Harmony functions

Built in Frequencies

396 Hz -Red- Liberating Guilt and Fear 417 Hz - Orange - Undoing Situations and Facilitating Change
528 Hz - Gold - Love Transformation and Miracles (DNA Repair)
639 Hz - Green - Connecting/Relationships
741 Hz - Blue - Awakening Intuition
852 Hz - Purple - Returning to Spiritual Order
Bonus plus the 7.83 hz - Schumann Resonance frequencie

Unlock code plus you will be sent these:
Sacred Harmony Coil and Lead
Sacred Harmony coil Driver

Each Sacred Harmony can be played individually or as a sweep of PEMF More Information Here

  Add Sacred Harmony option

Chakra balance Option

Which uses the powerful Magnetic fields of the Reiki Practitioner and the Vibrational frequencies of Crystal Therapies


7 Built in Chakra Frequencies
Powerful Pulsed Magnetic Fields
Run Chakra frequencies Individually or
Ramp the Seven for total Balance



Unlocking this Option gives you the full potential of the Chakra balance

Unlock code plus you will be sent these
Chakra balance Coil and Lead
Chakra balance Coil Driver

The chakra system functions as a map of one’s evolutionary challenges (Ballentine, 1999). Each chakra contains a spiritual life-lesson that we must master in our evolution towards higher consciousness.

More information here

Built in Frequencies

1st Root/Muladhara - 194.18 Hz
2nd Sacral/Svadhisthana -210.42 Hz
3rd Solar Plexus/Manipura 126.22 Hz
4th Heart/Anahata - 136.10 Hz ( OM )
5th Throat/Vishuddha - 141.27 Hz
6th Third Eye/Ajna - 221.23 Hz
7th Crown/Sahasrara - 172.06 Hz

Add Chakra balance option

Sleepmate Option

What would you do to feel good and get a better night’s sleep???????
Difficulty falling or staying asleep is a common problem. About half of Americans report sleep difficulty at least occasionally, according to National Sleep Foundation surveys. These woes - called insomnia by doctors - have far-reaching effects: a negative impact on concentration, productivity and mood. Most of us don't know much about sleep, not even our own and to make it worst ---- sleep problems have a profound effect on our sleeping and waking life.

Unlocking this Option gives you the full potential of the SleepMate

Unlock code plus you will be sent these:
Sleepmate Coil and Lead+
Sleepmate Driver

Catnap Takes you down into Delta holds you there for 10 mins then brings you back up
Sleep Takes you down to 5hz then lets your drop off naturally
Insomnia Takes you way down to 0.05 hz very low delta your body will do the rest
Wake up Feeling Drowsy need to wake up, become more alert

More information here

Add Sleepmate option

Bob Beck Zapper Option

Dr Bob Beck obtained national attention during the 1990's for his health-expo lectures and public exposition of a healing protocol known as "bioelectrification" or "blood electrification", a simple electronic therapy that was discovered to stop the replication of the virus that causes AIDS.


Unlocking this function gives you the full potential of the Bob Beck Blood Zapper

Unlock code plus you will be sent these:
Silver Contacs
Wrist strap, Cotton Sleves
Saline Bottle

Subsequently, Bob discovered that many other serious health conditions, including malaria, responded favorably to blood electrification. Many thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands, of people, worldwide, have benefited enormously from the use of blood electrification due to the lecturing efforts of Robert C. Beck.

Understanding Blood Electrification

Add Bob Beck Zapper option

Option Colloidal silver Generator

Pennies-per-gallon, self-made perfected colloids greatly assist in eliminating all known pathogens and preventing opportunistic infections. This has been known for a long time.

Reported Uses of Colloidal Silver

Unlocking this function gives you the full potential of the Colloidal Silver Gen

Unlock code, plus you will be sent these:
Pair of 99.9% silver wires plus leads
Scourer for cleaning silver rods

Home-made, pennies-per-gallon colloidal silver acts as a "second immune system" according to Bob Beck. It has been shown in numerous studies to be the only substance known to eliminate hundreds of viruses, bacteria, fungus, etc.,

Add colloidal silver option

Hulda Clark type Option: Fully Auto Super sweep frequency zapper


Unlocking this function gives you the full potential of the Hulda Clark type: Super sweep frequency zapper


 Unlock code plus you will be sent these:
 Copper Hand helds

Sweeps up and down the 26khz -34khz range,
Sweeps up and down the 2.3-2.7khz range
Can sweep both ranges separately
Can sweep both ranges consecutively, complete coverage
Auto-timer on Mode (7 minutes on, 20 minutes Pause, 7min on, 20min Pause,, 7min on,20min Pause, 7min on)
Copper Hand helds
Instructions for use

Add HC Zapper option

The Transend Broadcast Option

Send your Rife, Btpro, Earth or Sacred harmony
frequencies around your home or office.


Compatible with

Rife Pro all Models
Schumman Shield
Easy Plug & Play
AA Batteries (not included)

 More information

Instructions for use

Introductory Special Offer

BT Pro V2 and all add ons

BT Pro Main Master unit with all functions activated,
1 Bio feed back,
1 Sacred Harmony
1 Headset Driver and Power pack,
1 TENS Function,
1 Sleep mate,
1 Bob Beck Blood Zapper,
1 Chakra Balancer,
1 Magnastim,
1 Hulda Clark Zapper.
1 Colloidal Silver Gen
1 Eyemate
1 Mind Wave

All units use rechargable batteries (included),,and the charger is sent for the voltage of your country

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Frequency Comparison Chart

Fisher Wallace
Alpha Stim
Basic Frequncies
15 Hz
500 Hz
15,000 Hz
Plus Many more in the Add on options
15 Hz
500 Hz
15,000 Hz


Price $NZ379.95 @ $US258.54 $US699.00-$US799.00 $US1195.00
    while most people believe that the Fisher Wallace Stimulator® is FDA Approved, this is not the case. The Fisher Wallace Stimulator® is only FDA Cleared, which is quite different from approval.  
Power Source: Fully Rechargable Batteries 2 x AA Batteries 2 x AA Batteries


Diamond, John, M.D., Your Body Doesn’t Lie (Illustrated book on techniques of muscle testing)

Hawkins, David, M.D., Power vs. Force (Discussion of philosophical issues arising from muscle testing and this technique’s transformative potential for society)

Levy, Susan, D.C., Your Body Can Talk (Illustrated book on techniques of muscle testing)

Thie, John, D.C., Touch for Health (Illustrated book on techniques of muscle testing)


Judith E. Pearson, Ph.D
Kevin Sinclair