What can a Clarity meter do for me?

Among the amazing capabilities of the human mind is its power to influence the course of healing. You can consciously direct blood to a specific part of your body, reduce muscle tension, raise your temperature, decrease your heart rate and alter your brain rhythms--in essence, you can "think" yourself to good health.

Biofeedback is a self-regulatory therapeutic practice that taps into this mind-body link. It's a non-invasive approach to wellness that trains you to manage your physical and mental processes to attain optimal health. And, unlike many alternative therapies, biofeedback is widely accepted by medical professionals as a valid technique. .

Chances are you have used biofeedback yourself. You've used it if you have ever taken your temperature or stepped on a scale. The thermometer tells you whether you're running a fever, the scale whether you've gained weight. Both devices "feed back" information about your body's condition. Armed with this information, you can take steps you've learned to improve the condition. When you're running a fever, you go to bed and drink plenty of fluids. When you've gained weight, you resolve to eat less and sometimes you do

A German Professor named Tarchanoff first discovered skin conductivity around 1888. In the early 1900's Dr. Carl Jung established that GSR measurements could track physiological arousal or stress in the body. In the 1930’s Dr. Hans Selye began to uncover the importance of understanding stress and what information it could tell us about the body. These discoveries have led to the creation of many common devices, such as the polygraph test. Later in the 20th century, Dr. Reinholt Voll and others identified further uses for GSR, including the monitoring of acupuncture points to determine the condition of the body's energy meridians.

The biofeedback machine acts as a kind of sixth sense which allows you to " see" or "hear" activity inside our bodies. One commonly used type of machine, for example, picks up electrical signals in the skin. It translates these signals into a form that we can detect: It triggers a flashing light bulb, perhaps, or activates a beeper every time we grow more tense. If we want to relax tense muscles, they try to slow down the flashing or beeping.

Like a pitcher learning to throw a ball across a home plate, the biofeedback trainee, in an attempt to improve a skill, monitors the performance. When a pitch is off the mark, the ballplayer adjusts the delivery so that he performs better the next time he tries. When the light flashes or the beeper beeps too often, the biofeedback trainee makes internal adjustments which alter the signals.

The Galvanic skin response equipment measures electrical conductance in the skin, associated with the activity of the sweat glands. A very slight electrical current runs through the skin and the GSR machine measures changes in the salt and water in the sweat gland ducts. More emotionally aroused persons will have more active sweat glands and greater electrical conductivity of skin

Uses of Galvanic Skin Response: At times, GSR techniques help cure phobias, anxiety attacks, excessive sweating and stuttering, since these emotions affect the skin’s conductivity as well. The more popular use is as a lie detection test but even the world of sports has significant use of it. Athletes use this technique to prepare games as the use of a GSR machine helps ensure that they are not too nervous with pre-game jitters.

How Does Biofeedback Work?

Scientists cannot yet explain how biofeedback works. Most patients who benefit from biofeedback are trained to relax and modify their behavior. Most scientists believe that relaxation is a key component in biofeedback treatment of many disorders, particularly those brought on or made worse by stress. Their reasoning is based on what is known about the effects of stress on the body. In brief, the argument goes like this: Stressful events produce strong emotions, which arouse certain physical responses. Many of these responses are controlled by the sympathetic nervous system, the network of nerve tissues that helps prepare the body to meet emergencies by "flight or fight."

Medical doctors, psychiatrists, and scientists are just now beginning to unravel the complex design of the human brain, and new research specifically points to the close relationship between neurological connections formed through lived experiences and one's overall physiological health. Biofeedback proponents recognize this important connection and are developing techniques and technologies that will utilize ongoing neurological research in the manner most beneficial to patients. As opposed to methods in which the patient is treated merely as a collection of symptoms to be "fixed,"

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The typical pattern of response to emergencies probably emerged during the time when all humans faced mostly physical threats. Although the "threats" we now live with are seldom physical, the body reacts as if they were: The pupils dilate to let in more light. Sweat pours out, reducing the chance of skin cuts. Blood vessels near the skin contract to reduce bleeding, while those in the brain and muscles dilate to increase the oxygen supply. The gastrointestinal tract, including the stomach and intestines, slows down to reduce the energy expensed in digestion. The heart beats faster, and blood pressure rises. Normally, people calm down when a stressful event is over especially if they have done something to cope with it

For instance, imagine your own reactions if you're walking down a dark street and hear someone running toward you. You get scared. Your body p repared you to ward off an attacker or run fast enough to get away. When you do escape, you gradually relax.

Biofeedback essentially "teaches" people to manage their physiological responses to environmental or internally received stimuli (such as stressors or physical pain). By providing patients with split-second information via devices designed to track brain signals, the therapy makes them conscious of connections between their thoughts, behavior, and emotional state which they previously may have ignored.

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If you get angry at your boss, it's a different matter. Your body may prepare to fight. But since you want to keep your job, you try to ignore the angry feelings. Similarly, if on the way home you get stalled in traffic, there's nothing you can do to get away. These situations can literally may you sick. Your body has prepared for action, but you cannot act. Individuals differ in the way they respond to stress. In some, one function, such as blood pressure, becomes more active while others remain normal. Many experts believe that these individual physical responses to stress can become habitual. When the body is repeatedly aroused, one or more functions may become permanently overactive. Actual damage to bodily tissues may eventually result.

•Children with attention deficit disorder show improvement in symptoms after undergoing EEG biofeedback. These findings were evidenced in several studies on EEG/neurofeedback. One such study was conducted by Michael Linden, Ph.D., director of ADD Treatment Centers located in Southern California who reported that children who received EEG biofeedback exhibited significant increases in IQ as well as significant decreases in inattentive behavior.

Biofeedback is often aimed at changing habitual reactions to stress that can cause pain or disease. Many clinicians believe that some of their patients and clients have forgotten how to relax. Feedback of physical responses such as skin temperature and muscle tension provides information to help patients recognize a relaxed state. The feedback signal may also act as a kind of reward for reducing tension. It's like a piano teacher whose frown turns to a smile when a young musician finally plays a tune properly.

Just as it is possible to have a file (data) in the computer of which the operator cannot bring up on the monitor, it is possible to have a thought, idea or belief of which one is not aware. Furthermore, it is possible to have things come up on the monitor which one cannot delete—analogous to a persisting thought or fear which one cannot seem to get rid of. So, one idea fundamental to the various versions of Clearing practice is that our lives and behavior are effected by thoughts, beliefs, memories and decisions which exist but of which we are consciously unaware.

While commonly thought of in conjunction with relaxation training, Biofeedback is used in the treatment of:

Headaches/ Migraine & Muscle contraction
Hypertension (High Blood Pressure)
Neck & Back pain
Food Allergies
Stroke/neuromuscular re-education
Other muscular and vascular complaints

Clarity Meter is effective in stress management and in the treatment of stress-related ailments. It can be used preventively to protect your health from the effects of stress. For headaches, migraines, insomnia, high blood pressure, digestive disorders and other stress-triggered illnesses, biofeedback alleviates the intensity and reduces the need for medication.

The benefits of biofeedback extend beyond providing relief from physical symptoms. It is a therapy that promotes self-reliance by equipping us with specialized mind-body skills that can be applied to gain an overall sense of well being in everyday living

The Biofeedback-Meter is one of the simplest and most effective tools in modem psychological research, but historically it was also one of the first. Its development and use has grown from its first beginnings in 1888, when Tarchinoff discovered the phenomenon of skin resistance. He found that a person's resistance to the passage of a tiny electric current through hand held electrodes would vary according to the subject's emotional state. The simple psychogalvonometer he invented to investigate this phenomenon was one of the earliest tools of psychological research.

“I have found the new Clarity Meter an invaluable tool in my practice as a counselor of some 25 years. It is wonderful to know exactly what is happening with my client, to have the certainty to know we are addressing the correct item—and when that item has been cleared. My clients love the meter and look foward to the process of discovery that the meter provides us.”
— Aerial Long
Personal Growth and Trauma Counselor
Beaverton, OR

A basic axiom of psychoanalysis as originated by Freud is that we are restricted from realizing more than a fraction of our full potential, because of the repressed negative content of the unconscious mind: negative fears, resentments, motivations and dislikes. When the content is made conscious and confronted by the adult mind, it dissolves and loses its power to restrain thought and action, and there is release of positive creative energy

In many modern types of Biofeed back one could use Jung's type method of presenting a list of words in conjunction with the Meter. He/She would take hold of the meter electrodes, then would read this list of words. Without fail, some of these words would trigger a response on the meter, sometimes violently. When this happened, one would know that these words were associated with violent and negative fear or resentment, that had its origin in various unconscious thought complexes in the mind.

In a session one would record all words that produced erratic meter readings, then think about them. As the mind discovers associations with a "charged" word, the meter would gradually become less erratic and settle down to a normal reading.

There are many activities specifically embarked upon for the purpose of personal transformation and self-actualization. These include hypnotism, psychotherapy, meditation, fire-walking, all sorts of healing practices, religious rituals—and yes, drugs. To what extent (and under what circumstances) can the term “Clearing” be extended to these practices without stretching the definition of Clearing so much as to make it useless?

According to Clearing practitioner and author Homer Smith, Clearing technology is “a growing collection of experimental and established therapeutic techniques designed to help people locate, contact, confront, relive and release otherwise hidden moments of suppressed anguish, pain, anger, fear, sorrow and apathy resulting from loss, deaths, departure, reversal and other trauma in their lives. The result of this activity is the healing of body, heart, mind and soul from psycho-traumatic conditions created by the being to deal with the trauma.”

Once the locked-up energy has been discharged, the meter no longer responds to the word or concept under discussion. The complex or block had discharged, rather like discharging a car battery

Emotions have a large impact on our physiology.
Often we are unaware of how emotions aroused during
everyday events can affect our health.

Why Do We Need Biofeedback?
When we are confronted with different stressful situations - anything from a sudden stop in traffic to being interviewed for a job - our bodies respond in much the same way, with the "fight or flight response." We automatically prepare either to fight the stressor or to run from it: Our heart rate increases, muscles tense, breathing becomes more shallow, we start to sweat, our minds race, etc. But this ancient, unconscious pattern, which once provided human beings with the responses necessary for self-protection in a challenging physical environment, is today the root of many stress-related illnesses and a reduced quality of life. Throughout our lives, as we confront the various stressors that occur every day, we respond by constantly tensing and relaxing. Eventually, after each instance of tensing, we cease to return to our original level of physiological relaxation. Thus, through the years we establish a stair-step pattern: We adapt to increasing levels of physiological activity. In so doing, we lose familiarity with deeper levels of relaxation and get used to greater levels of tension as the norm. This habituation to unnecessary physiological activity has a wearing effect and can cause such conditions as high blood pressure, headaches, digestive problems, and other illnesses.

“The meter safely arrived on Friday. I've had an opportunity to work with it a bit and I really like it so far. The needle reaction is really smooth and a pleasure to watch. Very nice meter!” — Scott Paschall

Thus, biofeedback training has long-range implications that go beyond the notion of "fixing what ails you." While the training is beneficial for a wide range of complaints and provides relief from many conditions in a gentle and completely noninvasive way, it inevitably provides more than that. It awakens the realization that we have the power to make lasting changes in our bodies and minds, and the accompanying opportunity to direct these changes for life-enhancing benefits.

For 15 years, Clarity Meters have been the standard of quality and reliability in Clearing biomonitors.
Now, the PC-based Virtual Clarity Meter is available!

The Clarity Meter is a revolutionary new bio-monitor for use in the various modern processes of personal transformation. It is used for discovering and handling suppressed or repressed thoughts, memories and impressions which impact upon one's behavior and feeling of well-being. The utilization of the Clarity Meter can significantly enhance the speed and effectiveness of many kinds of developmental therapies, regression techniques and meditation procedures. Furthermore, its usefulness and versatility in the experimental exploration of the human thought process is unparalleled.

The amount of time saved and increase in effectiveness through the use of the Clarity Meter is hard to believe if you have never seen it in use. This is because the efficiency of your procedures are not only enhanced by the speed with which significant issues are found and brought to light but also by the substantial time saved by detecting when the emotional charge on a personal issue has been released! In other words, the Clarity Meter provides a useful indication that a personal issue which is being dealt with has indeed been handled, and that the client is now ready to deal with other issues.


AutoReset function with analogue readibility! Records session audio, needle movement and range position for easy playback!
Previous range" readout tracks blowdown sizes!
For XP, Vista (32 & 64) & Windows 7!
Works with all popular operating platforms!
Works on Macs with Intel processors utilizing VM Fusion or Parallels software!
Easy to use!
It packs the same high sensitivity and response as the Clarity Classic and AutoReset meters, and in a format that"s easily understood by anyone who has used either of those Clarity meters — or any modern biomonitor, for that matter.

Our subconscious mind is always working, distilling the information it receives into impressions and feelings that our conscious, thinking mind isn't aware of. Sometimes, in extreme situations, these impressions may register so strongly on the conscious mind that we are aware of them, even if we can't explain them. Our ancestors called this instinct, and it was a necessary part of survival.

Fully automatic reset, inboard reset button or remote footswitch!
Like the AutoReset, the Virtual Clarity Meter incorporates a choice of either fully automatic resetting of the needle when it goes off the dial, or semi-automatic resetting in which the operator resets the needle with either inboard reset button or optional remote footswitch. "Previous range" window readout!
It also incorporates the"previous range" window readout that tells you at a glance where the most recent blowdown originated from, allowing you to see its exact size (a problem with other automatic resetting devices).

Digital and analog Range (TA) readout! Moreover, the Range (TA) readout is not only digital, but analogue as well — displayed on standard dial calibrated from 0.5 to 6.5!

Easy to install! This new software is a breeze to install—an enormous improvement over previous attempts to computerize the biomonitor. Furthermore, the graphics are both realistic and attractive.

“ I received both packages yesterday. Four of us watched the video. Nice work! Seeing the meter in action... makes a difference! It provides a level of discrimination that I didn't get from verbal descriptions and static pictures ten years ago.”
— Chuck Davis ,, Tallahassee, FL

NEW! Record and playback sessions! A really amazing component of the new Virtual Meter is its ability to record and play back your sessions—including session audio, needle movements and range (TA or baseline) positions and movements, fully synchronized! This means that playing back a session will fully recreate the session with needle and range instantaneous responses— invaluable for studying not only your individual sessions (which are kept in an archive), but for studying biomonitor-guided Clearing in general!

NEW! Pre-recorded training sessions! Pre-recorded sessions will shortly be available for the purpose of learning needle-read recognition, as well as recordings of entire procedures for both student use and professional training!

Emotions have a large impact on our physiology.
Often we are unaware of how emotions aroused during everyday events can affect our health.

Additional Features:

AutoReset function with analogue readability Records session audio, needle movement and range position for easy playback "Previous Range" readout tracks blowdown sizes For XP, Vista (32 & 64) & Windows 7 Works on Macs with Intel processors utilizing VM Fusion or Parallels software Optional Items Include:

Solo (1-handed) sensor for self-Clearing Remote footswitch for hands-free control The Price of The Virtual Meter Includes:

The amount of time saved and increase in effectiveness through the use of the Clarity Meter is hard to believe if you have never seen it in use. This is because the efficiency of your procedures are not only enhanced by the speed with which significant issues are found and brought to light but also by the substantial time saved by detecting when the emotional charge on a personal issue has been released! In other words, the Clarity Meter provides a useful indication that a personal issue which is being dealt with has indeed been handled, and that you or your client is now ready to deal with other issues.

Working with the Clarity meter you can more effectively locate areas of concern and work on resolving them. A Clarity meter can also be used to help himself improve one's state of mind.

The meter reacts when areas of mental stress are brought up. It gives an indication of how well one is doing on resolving issues, and it shows improvements in one's relation to the issue.


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Solo (1-handed) sensor for self-Clearing

The optional Solo Sensor works with one hand only, leaving the other hand free to take notes, adjust the meter, etc. for solo work. It is also preferred by some clients who are more comfortable having one hand unrestricted--a must for clients who gesticulate a lot! (The wire leads are not included; it uses the same leads as the regular sensor set.)

AutoReset™ Footswitch
Designed especially to be used with the AutoReset™ meter, for those who prefer the manual reset mode to the fully automatic mode. This totally quiet footswitch allows you to reset the needle to the ready position, the same as the Reset button on the meter, without any chance of distracting the client. It easily plugs into the side of the meter. When plugged in, either the footswitch or the finger-operated Reset button can be used. Especially useful for solo sessions, where one hand holds the sensor and the other holds a pen.