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With the advent of Quantum physics, scientists such as those on What the Bleep do we know, illustrate a new understanding of quantum energy - the central message is that: WE ARE WHOLE, we cannot separate the body, mind and soul.
Scientists tell us that everything is energy - even the things we can't see. Without energy nothing would exist. What makes the difference between different forms of matter (whether it is visible to us or not) is the speed at which energy vibrates.
We look in a mirror and see a single body - we don't see that we’re a community of 50 trillion living cells interacting with all quantum energy fields around us.

Acording to veteran cell biologist, Dr. Bruce Lipton, author of The Biology of Belief and The Wisdom of our Cells health comes about when their is harmony and cooperation within our cellular community. Disease happens when the community is fractured or in competition.

Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla brought breakthroughs in physics and free energy technologies 100 years ago, advanced Unified Field based inventions have been created. But not until now have they been released beyond the monopolization of the dark elite. Now companies are coming out with superconducting devices that restore the alignment, harmony, synchrony, and resonance between the Zero Point Field -- Universal Source -- and anything that they come near.

.Scalar energies makeup is tied closely to that of the earth's magnetic field. The waves it produces are five dimensional standing waves that are not linear as Hertzian waves are. It holds its integrity, and intensity as it moves through solid objects. While passing through solid objects, it implants its signature within them. Once this energy is fused it does not change. By wearing a Quantum Pendant, you are bringing scalar waves into proximity with your body. This energy is then transferred from the pendant to the cells, and the cellular activity is increased. With increased cellular activity nutrients are drawn into the cells, and waste is extracted at an increased rate of metabolism

These pendants strengthen the body's natural bio-fields of energy, and work to restore their weakened states. Once the energy levels are restored, you will begin to experience greater health and feelings of well being than ever before

If you are searching for Quantum levels of energy, then the Quantum Pendant is for you. This singular piece of jewelry originated in Japan; using their local source of lava and other natural mineral elements they used Quantum Science to fuse these elements along with scalar energy waves at the molecular level. It produces scalar energy that helps to enhance the body’s biofield. The Energy Pendant promotes positive flow of energy and helps to maintain energy balance. It helps to restore energy that has become weak in the body. By restoring the energy balance in the body this pendant helps one to maintain health and well-being.

Results include instant disappearance of pain -- even long-standing pain -- and restoration of the body's ability to heal itself of anything.

Tony Robbins Uses a Quantum Energy Pendant!

“As a speaker, I’m often on stage for 12 hours or more a day. Three-and-a-half years ago, Dr. Herb Ross found that the electromagnetic fields (EMF) emitted by my wireless headset were creating a physical weakness in my body. When I began utilizing the energy pendant, I noticed an immediate recovery in my muscle strength and a counteracting of the negative effects from the headset’s low frequency waves. I have certainly benefited from the energy pendant.”

Anthony Robbins, author of ‘Awaken the Giant Within’ and other books.

Quantum Energy Pendant Made up of special combination of minerals, processed using a proprietary Amized fusion Technology to resonate our body source in harmony with its universal life force energy, which our body needs.

What is Amized® Fusion Technology?

Amized® Fusion Technology is a resonance technology developed over a period of 15 years of research, applying the principles of Quantum Physics and Quantum Mechanics.

As in the Homeostatis condition (relatively stable condition), our body's Bio-energy field can automatically access the Zero-Point Life Force Energy from the environment and restore the deficiency bringing all aspects of our life into harmony (mental, emotional, physical and spiritual).

Your body's own natural intelligence knows best where to channel and howmuch life force energy. When administered for a period of time, it aids cell rejuvination, enhancing our inner vitality. It aids immunity by cleansing, charging and rejuvenating our body cells. This way, it aids in age reversal, promotes healthy cells and expels dis-eases.

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The human body is a network of different forms of energy. It is this system of energy that sustains the physical body. Each living cell in the body emits electromagnetic radiation. All life is energy. Every nerve impulse in your body is an electric current. Every cell in your body is a mini-battery pumping out 70-90 millivolts – when healthy.

Our human body is divided into 3 sections, namely Energetic system, Information system and Physical system. Bio-photons field or any living matter is first distorted by pollution, parasites, radiation, e-smog and free radicals. When Bio-photon distortion occurs, it brings about disturbance in the Information system which will result in physical deformations.

The distortion can be corrected by Amized® Fusion Technology products . Your body can be restored to its natural state and resonate Zero-Point Energy, which will have a tremendously positive effect on your body.

The Nature of Energy
All of the energy that we normally think of is characterized by both particle and wavelike properties. The waveform of all these energies can be graphed as a hertzian wave (either in the form of a sine wave or a step wave).We're talking about everything from electricity to magnetism, from light to sound. The only difference between all of these forms of energy is how fast the waves rise and fall (the frequency) and how intense those rises and falls are (their amplitude).

“Optimum Energy for Peak Performance with Scalar Energy”,
written by Dr. Siva Poobalasingam MD and Nisha Lakshmanan MA

Understand, scalar energy has always existed – since the beginning of time – however, it's only recently that scientists have discovered and begun to make use of it. The standard definition of scalar waves is that they are created by a pair of identical (or replicant) waves (usually called the wave and its antiwave) that are in phase spatially, but out of phase temporally. That is to say, the two waves are physically identical, but 180 0 out of phase in terms of time. The net result is that scalar waves are a whole different animal from normal hertzian waves. They even look different – like an infinitely projected mobius pattern on axis.

"From Roberta Ludlow: "I received my wand this last Wednesday & my husband Carl is the worst skeptic there is on things like this. He has had back pain for 40+ years due to a drunk driver rear ending him. He refused surgery and they told him you will have to learn to live with the pain. We have tried everything we could find but nothing worked. When the wand arrived last Wednesday, I immediately used it on his back for about 10 minutes. He has no more pain, None!! Talk about a happy camper. He is elated to say the least. I used it on my shoulder which has been hurting for about 3 years and the pain was gone in about 2 minutes. "


"So the layman will need to understand that there is a new kind of electromagnetic energy that is altogether different from what he knows, e.g. radio, TV, cell phones, etc. The ordinary EM waves that we have known about are called transverse EM waves, to distinguish them from the new longitudinal EM waves. These scalar waves do not actually exist in our "material" world, but exist only in the vacuum of empty space, or the time domain. And we must keep in mind that this vacuum of space we speak of exists all through everything. Even our bodies are mostly empty space between atoms and molecules. So the gateway to this seething ocean of energy can be there at every point in the universe. This seething ocean of energy is all around us and all through us."

"In recent years Harold Puthoff been popularising the zero point energy from the vacuum from his discoveries of quantum science. Although seemingly and revolutionary to modern science, this zero point energy has been discovered many times before and has been given many names such as Orgone energy (Wilhelm Reich) and Tachyon energy. This energy has been known to mankind since time memorial, the ancients called it ‘Chi’ (Chinese), ‘Ki’ (Japanese) or Prana (Indian). Modern day science is just catching up with ancient wisdom and rediscovering it as zero point energy. Let’s call it the energy of life, as Wilhelm Reich discovered it, it’s the energy that animates and gives life to every living specie on earth, whether it be plant, animal or human." source

" Fusion Technology is a proprietary process where any organic matter is energized
to resonate at Zero-Point Field."


The benefits of Quantum Energy Pendant

1. Quantum Energy Pendant expands capillaries It stimulates increased blood flow, regeneration, circulation and oxygenation.

2. Quantum Energy Pendant is excellent for detox. Scientists in Japan report that in the FIR treatment of clogged capillary vessels, heat expands the capillaries and then initiates the start of a process to dissolve hidden toxins. Far Infrared thereby promotes elimination of fats, chemicals and toxins from the blood: Poisons, carcinogenic heavy metals - toxic substances from food processing lactic acid, free fatty acids, and subcutaneous fat associated with aging and fatigue - excess sodium associated with hypertension - and uric acid which causes pain. Furthermore, if sebaceous glands are activated, accumulated cosmetics in pores can be eliminated through the skin (sweat and oil glands) rather than by the kidneys.

The Science and Technology undergirding the pendant
Scalar Energy Healing

3. Quantum Energy Pendant stimulates enzyme activity and metabolism. - One hour under the Hot House burns over 900 calories by raising the metabolism and body temperature. FIR heat also breaks down cellulite - trapped water, fat and waste.

4. Quantum Energy Pendant promotes the killing of many pathogenic (disease causing) bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites.


5. Quantum Energy Pendant promotes rebuilding of injured tissue by having a positive effect on the fibroblasts (connective tissue cells necessary for the repair of injury). Furthermore, it increases growth of cells, DNA syntheses, and protein synthesis all necessary during tissue repair and regeneration. Excellent for healing burns, scar tissue and skin problems.

6. Quantum Energy Pendant relieves nervous tension and relaxes autoneuro muscles thereby helping the body make the most of its intended healing abilities. FIR reduces soreness on nerve endings and muscle spasms, as muscle fibers are heated.

How to wear Quantum Energy Pendant ?

Wear it on a chain or maybe put in a handbag or your pockets. The scalar energy from the pendant works outwardly and within the body. Outwardly scalar energy enhances the body’s biofield. Inwardly it works to facilitate cell permeability and thereby enhances the many physiological functions of the cells in the body. The pendant should be worn so as to hang on the chest area. A Chain is supplied with the pendant but it can also be worn on any other chain. .

How many hours I can wear the pendant in one day ?

You can wear the pendant for the whole day .
But please do not wear it when you are sleeping . Because you need to let your body and mind rest and relax when you are sleeping.

What I should do when wearing the pendant ?

Please drink clean "Drinking Water" 1,5 liters to 2.0 liters a day when you wearing the pendants.

When you take the clean Drinking Water daily , its will help the “ Chi “ perform better or work faster the metabolism and detoxification processing in our body.

A Sacred Space enhanced by the use of spiritual images of saints, masters, avatars, sacred objects, energy vibrational mandalas, and the energy of minerals & crystals can be applied to your entire body or a special area such as an altar or shrine that you dedicate just for your own use.

The benefits of THE Quantum Energy Pendant

The natural and wellness values of the pendant have been identified and studied for optimum effect on the wearer. The benefits of wearing a scalar energy pendant have been bombarded with claims of, Quantum Pendant hoax and are they a scam. The list of their benefits below, coupled with the amazing amount of testimonials available from wearers of the pendant, will show that these claims of hoax and scam are not valid.

Benefits of Wearing a Quantum Energy Pendant

1. Improves blood circulation

2. Eliminates and or reduces inflammation of the joints

3. Migraines and headaches become a thing of the past

4. Enhances the Immune System

5. Increases Cellular activity

6. Opens up arteries for clearer flow

7. Improves strength and vitality

The transfer of health optimizing energy to every cell in your body is due to the energy flow frequencies across the cell membranes, increased by the scalar wave every cell becomes optimized for healthy living. The only way to prove something to yourself; would be to try it; this is especially true with the Quantum Pendant.
Source There are, many names for the Same product...

Zero Point Energy Wand More Here

The "Wand" looks very much like a pen. Through a highly guarded proprietary process, it is made up of a mixture of granulated minerals and created by a technology called AMized Fusion. This technology resonates at what is called zero point energy. Zero point energy reminds cells to return to source thus facilitating a natural state of homeostasis. When the body is exposed to zero point energy it has the ability to heal itself of many conditions.


Zero Point Wand
With free leather case

Zero Point Wand

Friends and Family Pack- 4 Wands


Nano Energy Water Flask

Nano Energy Water Flask

Nano Energy Water Flask

Family Pack 3 units

Replacement Cartridge Pair
This is the replacement cartridge that goes in the Water Flask, once the original wears out. The cartridge should last one year if directions are followed.

Nano Energy Water flask

Zone Alarm

Here's a unit that detects the Harmful Magnetic Zones and Immediatly Starts a 7.822Hz Schumann magnetic field Pulsing

It just Hangs around your Neck, listening sensing,,as soon as a strong magnetic field is sensed it starts to Pulse,,and not just some week feeble pulse,,have a look at this video clip

Your Zone Alarm unit senses the Magnetic fields aand then pulses for thirty seconds
If your are still in the Strong magnetic Zone,it will pulse again and again untill you are out of the Zone....

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